Cstan98 Terms Of Service for https://www.cstan98.com.sg

Terms Of Service for https://www.cstan98.com.sg

Version 2019.03.03

**Cstan98 Terms Of Service.

This Cstan98 Website is free to surf.

If You Want to pay. It is 1% B&W (Black & White) Fees.

**1% B&W (Black & White) Fees.

  1. 1% B&W (Black & White) Fees Belong To GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM.

    This 1% B&W (Black & White) Fees belongs to GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM.

  2. 1% Is Peanuts.

    Let's say. You live a $3000 standard of living. 1% of $3000 = $30. $30 is peanuts nothing.

  3. Calculations - Apple Numbers.

    Recommend You use Apple Numbers to administer calculate your monthly 1% B&W (Black & White) Fees.

  4. Calculations - Computation.

    1% B&W (Black & White) Fees calculations are based on your black & white official accounting. This by right should be same calculations methods for GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM 10% Tithes. For me Cstan98. Everythings into transactions of my OCBC (Singapore red bank) Business Account are subjected to GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM 10% Tithes/GUAN YIN 10% Gold Tithes/1% B&W (Black & White) Fees.

  5. Own Administration.

    If You administer this 1% B&W (Black & White) Fees yourself. This is between you & GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM.

  6. Sins Bearing.

    1% B&W (Black & White) Fees are Sins Offerings Money to be bear by Users. If me Cstan98 uses. The me bears. If GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM uses. GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM bears.

    Refunds Of Sins Offerings Money. Let say you donate $10 million. You feel relief of sins. Then after few months. You want to ask for a refund. My Cstan98 mutual understanding. Refunds are given once register at Singapore Legal Courts. But once Sins Offerings Money are returned. The new Users must bear a same new sins sum back.

  7. Uses.

    Must be use in godly things. Like your iPhone iTunes Card (no pornography). Like buy toys to your Little Children. Do not give back this extra 1% back to Church. Do not treat GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM like a beggar. He just needs 10% Tithes. No more. No less.

  8. ***Objective: Force You Administer Your Money Better.

    You notice when you do money accounting by end of day. You feel more energized. Because satan the devil uses free money gifts to drain people. You notice after you budget 10% GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Tithes & 1% B&W (Black & White) Fees. You more able to manage your money affairs. This is the whole Objective of 1% B&W (Black & White) Fees. Force you to administer your money better.

**PayPal Fees For Services.

Because of Singapore Laws. CSTAN98 (Company) can accept Fees For Services. Cannot accept Donations. Please specify Services that are done for You. Any refutes. That amount is budgeted into CSTAN98 Legal Reserves. If you want a refund. So long Singapore legal courts register a Case. That amounts are to be paid. No questions ask.

**When Me Cstan98 Die/Rapture.

CSTAN98 (Company) is 100% owned by me Cstan98. When me dies/raptures from. All my Assets belong to GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM.

**My CSTAN98 (Company) Authorised Officer:

Currently me Cstan98 is the only employee of CSTAN98 (Company ACRA: 53101971C). Founder & CEO - Tan Chun Siong (NRIC: S6904193J). No other person is authorized to accept money/open-transfer banks-investment accounts/ sell CSTAN98 Company shares/sign contracts-loans/..... Please be careful of fake officers. Currently CSTAN98 (Company) is 100% Sole-Proprietor owned.

**My ID Data:

  1. If You have anythings. Please contact me Cstan98 by Central Apple iCloud Email/Central Postal Address/Central Telepathic Voice in below Cstan98 Term Of Service. The me Cstan98 has:

  2. One Birth Certificate (inaccurate birth data because of hospital baby swapping).

  3. One Singapore Company ID (CSTAN98, ACRA: 53101971C).

  4. One Singapore CorpPass ID (CSTAN98).

  5. One Singapore Citizen NRIC (TAN CHUN SIONG, S6904193J).

  6. One Singapore Passsport (TAN CHUN SIONG, S6904193J, Passport No: E4977913C).

  7. One Singapore SingPass ID (S6904193J).

  8. One Singapore OCBC (Bank) Business Bank Account.

  9. *Careful of fake accounts.

**Contacting Me Cstan98:

  1. *If there are any questions regarding this Certifications/Privacy Policy/Spending Plan/Standard Email Replies/ Term Of Service. You may contact me Cstan98 using the information below:

  2. *Please Don't jam my communications. Don't call/mail me. These create many problems.

  3. Website URL: https://www.cstan98.com .

  4. Central Email - iCloud: cstan98commandcentre@icloud.com .

  5. Secondary Email - Cstan98: admin@cstan98.com.sg .

  6. Central Postal Address: 'CSTAN98, Blk 435, Yishun Avenue 6 (Avenue 11), #06-2096, Singapore 760435, Republic Of Singapore'.

  7. One M1 Mobile Central SMS: +65.86911747 .

  8. All 1% B&W (Black & White) Fees: to PayPal: PayPal.Me/rickcstan98 .

    All Singapore 1% B&W (Black & White) Fees: to PayNow Corporate: (UEN: 53101971C) (Account Name: CSTAN98).

    (01) GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM: "just like the sins you receive from satan the devil. And return to him. You do not get the sins. So. When you receive Sins Offerings Money (Merits Money) from satan the devil. And return to him. You do not get the sins or money."

    (02) GUAN YIN (观音): "the Merit Money You give. All Merits belong to Donors. Not belong to Panda. Because they are from respective Donors. Not from Panda."

  9. (03) Panda: "giving Half Merits Money (半功德费) to Panda Semi-Church. Merits no end. (功德无量). Because Panda last time sells Planet Earth to satan the devil. For Half Merits Money (半功德费). So now need to work like mad to earn Half Merits Money (半功德费). To buy back Planet Earth from satan the devil."

  10. There is no fixed Apple iPhone SIM card static IP address in Singapore.

  11. There is no fixed Apple MacBook Air static IP address in Singapore.

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