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(01) Cstan98: below Teachings Platforms. Can claim 10000000SGD for mentioned Teachings platform (one time irregardless of how many books/videos/apps). Platforms can claim this higher amount. Because they are multiple knowledges branches.

(02) Cstan98: below Teachers like Authors of Books/Videos/Apps. Can claim 100000SGD for mentioned Teachings (one time irregardless of how many books/videos/apps). Persons can only claim this lower amount. Because they are single knowledges branch.

(03) Cstan98: if you claim more than that. Our legal courts deposits will be freezed forever & ever increasingly. All freezed Sins Offerings Money (mine & yours) amounts you 100% liable.

(04) Cstan98: treat these Cstan98 Legal Money Paid as a sort of Nobel Prize Grant. For mass/simple internet public education recognitions. Because according to Internet Usages Laws. You give your contents in those Platforms freely.

(05) Cstan98: understand that mentioned money sums are TEMPLE ASSETS (Sins Offerings Money). That means equivalent work done value must done for each cent. To harvest equivalent Merits for mentioned money sums.

**Cstan98 Monk - Platforms Summary.

(*) Platform Teacher: Singapore Government.

(*) Platform Teacher: Google.

(*) Platform Teacher: Wikipedia.

(*) Platform Teacher: Gushiwen.

(*) Platform Teacher: YouTube.

(*) Platform Teacher: Howcast.

(*) Platform Teacher: Baidu.

(*) Platform Teacher: FreeCodeCamp.

(*) Platform Teacher: iTunes.

(*) Platform Teacher: Liaotuo.

(*) Platform Teacher: Hillsong Worship.

(*) Platform Teacher: Japanese AV Movies Website (you know which one).

(*) Platform Teacher: Flipboard.

(*) Platform Teacher: Facebook.

(*) Platform Teacher: LinkedIn.

**Cstan98 Monk - Teachers Summary.

(*) Buddha Teacher: GUAN YIN.

(*) Buddha Teacher: JESUS CHRIST.

(*) Temple Teacher: GUAN YIN Temple - Singapore Middle Road.

(*) Temple Teacher: Shaolin Temple.

(*) Monk Teacher: 圣严法师..

(*) Christian Teacher: Wife Choy. Asshole/Nice Helper.

(*) Christian Teacher: Senior Pastor Caleb How. His Glorious Church.

(*) Christian Teacher: Vicar William Chee. Anglican Church - Yishun.

(*) Christian Teacher: Senior Pastor Joseph Prince. New Creation Church.

(*) Christian Teacher: Senior Pastor Rony Tan. Lighthouse Church.

(*) Gushiwen Teacher: 释迦摩尼佛.

(*) Gushiwen Teacher: 老子.

(*) Gushiwen Teacher: 孙子.

(*) Gushiwen Teacher: 孔子.

(*) Gushiwen Teacher: 孟子.

(*) Gushiwen Teacher: 曾子.

(*) Gushiwen Teacher: 子思.

(*) Wikipedia BBA Teacher: BCG (Bolton Consulting Group): BBA Strategies/Analysis.

(*) Wikipedia Book Teacher: Dave Ramsey: The Total Money Makeover.

(*) Wikipedia BBA Teacher: McKinsey: BBA Strategies/Analysis.

(*) Wikipedia BBA Teacher: Porter: BBA Strategies/Analysis.

(*) Wikipedia Book Teacher: Benjamin Graham: The Intelligent Investor.

(*) Wikipedia Book Teacher: Charles F. Haanel: The Master Key System.

(*) Wikipedia Book Teacher: David Allen: Getting Things Done.

(*) Wikipedia Book Teacher: George S. Clason: The Richest Man In Babylon.

(*) Wikipedia Book Teacher: Maxwell Maltz: Psycho-Cynertics.

(*) Wikipedia Book Teacher: Myers Briggs: MBIT (Myers-Briggs Traits Indicators).

(*) Wikipedia Book Teacher: Napoleon Hill: Think & Grow Rich.

(*) Wikipedia Book Teacher: Niccolo Machiavelli: The Prince.

(*) Wikipedia Book Teacher: Peters Waterman: In Search Of Excellence.

(*) Wikipedia Book Teacher: Plato: Republic.

(*) Wikipedia Book Teacher: Rhonda Bryne: The Secret.

(*) Wikipedia Book Teacher: Robert Hagsrtrom: The Warren Buffett Way.

(*) Wikipedia Book Teacher: Robert Kiyosaki: Rich Dad Poor Dad.

(*) Wikipedia Book Teacher: Stephen Covey: The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People.

(*) Wikipedia Book Teacher: Timothy Ferriss: 4-Hour Workweek.

(*) Wikipedia Book Teacher: Wallace D. Wattles: The Science Of Getting Rich.

(*) YouTube Teacher: 8world. Singapore Channel 8 TV Series. Summarize Guest Speakers.

(*) YouTube Teacher: ABC Everyday. Simple insights everyday.

(*) YouTube Teacher: Be Inspired. Revolutionary insights.

(*) YouTube Teacher: Benjamin Franklin. Productivity Master.

(*) YouTube Teacher: Bob Procter. Life Coach.

(*) YouTube Teacher: Brian Tracy (Brian Tracy). Success Teacher.

(*) YouTube Teacher: BRIGHT SIDE. Simple useful tips.

(*) YouTube Teacher: Bruce Lee. Martial Arts Master.

(*) YouTube Teacher: Business Insider.

(*) YouTube Teacher: Calisthenticmovement (https://www.calimove.com). Advance Calisthentics Teacher.

(*) YouTube Teacher: Chew Gek Khim. Singapore Female Millionaire.

(*) YouTube Teacher: CYNS on Forex (CYNS on Forex). Forex Tradings Teacher.

(*) YouTube Teacher: Data Trader (Data Trader). Forex Tradings Teacher.

(*) YouTube Teacher: Day Trading Addict. Simple Tradings Teacher.

(*) YouTube Teacher: Eisenhower. Productivity Master.

(*) YouTube Teacher: Elon Musk. Productivity Master.

(*) YouTube Teacher: HEALTH 2.0. Taiwan TV Series. Chinese male sex Teacher.

(*) YouTube Teacher: Improvement Pill. Improvement Teacher.

(*) YouTube Teacher: Jeremy Ethier (https://builtwithscience.com). Foods science.

(*) YouTube Teacher: Jim Kwik (Jim Kwik). Use many XYZ (mind/unconscious/left/right/brain foods) to fast learn.

(*) YouTube Teacher: LANGANG. Chinese male sex Teacher.

(*) YouTube Teacher: mercyforanimal (https://chooseveg.com).

(*) YouTube Teacher: Michelle Kenway. Physiotherapy biological methods.

(*) YouTube Teacher: Mike Dane (freeCodeCamp.org). Simple python programming Teacher.

(*) YouTube Teacher: nydia Barone Labensart. Mediation, mindfulness & qigong.

(*) YouTube Teacher: Oxygen Advantage (Patrick McKeown). Use light nasal breathings.

(*) YouTube Teacher: Precision Strike. Boxing techniques.

(*) YouTube Teacher: Rowan Row (Rowan Row). Simple HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Teacher.

(*) YouTube Teacher: Sadhguru (Sadhguru). Solid/well-spread Teachings Yogi Teacher.

(*) YouTube Teacher: SuyinOng. StashAway investment platform Teacher.

(*) YouTube Teacher: Therapy in a Nutshell (Emma McAdam). Therapy Teacher.

(*) YouTube Teacher: Thomas DeLauer (Thomas Delauer). Technical HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Teacher.

(*) YouTube Teacher: Thomas Frank (Thomas Frank). Productivity Teacher.

(*) YouTube Teacher: Warren Buffet. Investment Master.

(*) YouTube Teacher: Wim Hof (Wim Hof). Use cold + breathing + commitment.

(*) YouTube Teacher: YK (CS Dojo). Technical python programming Teacher.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: Adobe.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: Apalon Apps.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: App Studio Australia Pty Ltd.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: Apple.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: Bloom Built.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: ComfortDelGro.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: DBS Bank Ltd.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: Denys Yevenko.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: Evernote.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: Facebook, Inc.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: Flipboard Inc.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: Google Inc.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: Headspace Inc.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: https://www.jetbrains.com.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: https://www.kajabi.com.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: https://www.python.org.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: https://www.screamingfrog.co.uk.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: i2e Consulting LLC.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: IG Group.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: Interactive Brokers LLC.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: LinkedIn Corporation.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: M1.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: Microsoft.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: monday.com Ltd.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: MoneyBudgie

(*) App Productivity Teacher: moomoo inc.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: Nanyang Tuition.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: OCBC.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: Omni.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: OANDA Corporation.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: Singtel.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: StaySorted Limited.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: Stashaway.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: Stripe, Inc.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: Success Wizard, Inc.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: Xpt.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: WhatsApp.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: WonderApps.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: Wunderlist.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: Zipmex.

(*) App Productivity Teacher: Zoom.

(*) App Games Teacher: ABI PTE. LTD.

(*) App Games Teacher: Candivore LTD.

(*) App Games Teacher: Chess.com.

(*) App Games Teacher: CHUANG COOL GAM.

(*) App Games Teacher: Come2Play.

(*) App Games Teacher: Electronic Arts.

(*) App Games Teacher: Empire Studio Inc.

(*) App Games Teacher: Goat Co. Ltd.

(*) App Games Teacher: Itchigoo.

(*) App Games Teacher: Kiragames Co, Ltd.

(*) App Games Teacher: Lion Studio.

(*) App Games Teacher: Longo Games.

(*) App Games Teacher: MASUKACHI, K.K.

(*) App Games Teacher: MY COM.

(*) App Games Teacher: NEOWIZ.

(*) App Games Teacher: Pixonic Games LTD.

(*) App Games Teacher: Playgendary Limited.

(*) App Games Teacher: Popcore GmbH.



(*) App Games Teacher: Simple Machine, LLC.

(*) App Games Teacher: Smart Go, Inc.

(*) App Games Teacher: Space Ape Ltd.

(*) App Games Teacher: TAP4FUN (HONGKONG) LIMITED.

(*) App Games Teacher: Voodoo.

(*) App Games Teacher: XL Software Solutions.

(*) App Games Teacher: Warner Bros.

(*) App Games Teacher: Wildlife Studios.

(*) App Games Teacher: Yasushi Tanase.

(*) Website Teacher: AAOS (American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons).

(*) Flipboard Teacher: Japanese AV (Porn). (You know which one).

(*) Flipboard Teacher: chen tim1. Chinese male sex Teacher.

(*) Facebook Teacher: 王凤儿. Facebook Sex Medicines Expert.

(*) Facebook Teacher: Yu Ting Wang. Facebook Taiwanese Sexy Females Photo.

(*) Facebook Teacher: Sam Choo. Facebook Expert.

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