Cstan98 Standard Email Replies for https://www.cstan98.com.sg

Standard Email Replies for https://www.cstan98.com.sg

Version 2019.05.09

**Cstan98 Standard Email Replies:

  1. 50% Liability - IMH (Mental Hospital).

    The me Cstan98 has been having forced administrations (oral medications/medications in drinks foods/teleportic addition) of alcoholic medications. Since 1993. Making me lose focus/sleepy. All money losses of Cstan98 Knowledge Website (since 1998) is 50% due to IMH (mental hospital). Please sue IMH (mental hospital) for 50% of my Cstan98 legal liabilities. Because IMH (mental hospital) makes me literally alcoholic drunk. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  2. Can We Exchange Website Links?

    At this moment. The me does not exchange links. Cstan98 Website only links to respectable contents. Currently it is too hard works to monitor contents of too many linked websites. The me only links to good Websites me surfs on the internet. And require some works on my part to check time to time to ensure they are still like what they are supposed to be. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  3. Can You Cstan98 Come To My Country/Premise?

    JESUS CHRIST: "when people tell you to go deserts/hidden rooms. Don't go." Currently me Cstan98 has a Personal Commandment not to leave GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Singapore Fortress. And only to go familiar places to keep this JESUS CHRIST Commandment. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  4. Can You Cstan98 Administer My Estate When I Die?

    JESUS CHRIST: "do I look like your Estate Manager?" Currently We Angels are too busy to do non-critical works. Why Don't You make a Will with a Good Lawyer. You just tell Him/Her it is Merits Money to scare the Hell out of Him/Her. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  5. Female: I Want To Marry You.

    Just buy and drink a can of Chinese Herbal Tea. First. Now You are kissing Panda. And it is delicious. Second. The metal can won't quarrel with You in polygamy marriages. Third. You need to cool off with the Chinese Medicines. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  6. I Challenge You Cstan98 To A Duel.

    The me Cstan98 takes up Challenge. Currently. You know my communications contacts. And my whereabouts each day. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  7. I Cannot Get Your Cstan98 Effects Even After Reading Website?

    It is impossible to put all details inside this Cstan98 Website. Do You control thoughts even when you sleep? Do You have minimum things in order to secure Your Properties Items? Have You counted for all 10% GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Tithes since birth (me seek GUAN YIN forgiveness on my 10% Tithes Debts). Have You counter-stroke every possible satan the devil strokes all the time? To name a few. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  8. I Email Gmail/Yahoo You.

    At this moment. The me only entertains to iCloud/Safe Registered Domains Mail. Gmail/Yahoo has not accountability. The anyone can have infinites. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  9. I Want To Give B&W (Black & White) Merits Money To You Cstan98?

    Just deposit/transfer Merits Money into Central Bank Account Number at below 'Term Of Service'. All accounted by me should be accounted for in below 'Spending Plan'. All emails regarding Merits Money not be entertained. Just deposit into Central Bank Account. If it is not accounted for. Don't worry too much. Merits Money sins accounted by any stealers/me Cstan98. Still bear same sins rate. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  10. I Want To Make You Part Of Our Board Members.

    (*) Singapore President Dr Tony Tan: "I am getting old. My OCBC Ministry needs me." All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  11. I Want To Show Your Sex Photo/Video. (With whoever with Me Cstan98. Confirmed me is drugged - my conscience is clear).

    (*) Better still. Now Everyone can know how impotent small p organ is mine. All female Fox Spirits now know me does not have enough to share to a second wife. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  12. I Want To Show Your Wife Sex Photo/Video. (With You/Another Man/Men).

    (*) Better still. Now Everyone can know what is doing to that Cow look like. Everyone now know what kind of things me has to go through every Marriage Sex Session. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  13. I Want To Sue You.

    (*) Please register Company/Country/Person/Religion in Cstan98 First Country Supreme Courts. At 2018. It is at Singapore. So bring Your Court Case/s. By right. Singapore Government Supreme Courts contact me Cstan98 by right by Hand/Post. The me Cstan98 not employing any Law Firm/Lawyer/s. JESUS CHRIST: "go to Court Cases Yourself. (The me just speed read all online court transcripts. Replying through this Website.) HOLY SPIRIT tells You what You suppose to say."

    (*) The me most likely not shown in the proceedings. Even me shown up. Most likely say: "please refer to my Cstan98 Website. (Or y/You can ask the Judge to give me a composition fine/prison term for not saying another word. Don't waste my f-ing times. You cannot afford to pay for my times.)"

    (*) Then by right Singapore Government going to contact me again about the j/Judgements. And d/Damages p/Payments.

    (*) It is mutually agreed that the amount currency money taken are Merits Money. No Negotiation. If not. The me Cstan98 does not give any money even it means beheading (least say prison terms). Because all B&W (Black & White) Tithes are Merits Money to the last cent.

    (*) Mental Capacity/Prison Act. Since SG52 says they are less prisoner/more mental capable to administer Merits Money. SG52 bears all the blessings/sins. Not me Cstan98. Just remember. The me is mentally incapable. Let see how long mental capable/prison free SG52 lasts. Anyone is welcome to be judas. According to judas. What does mentally incapable/prison condemned JESUS CHRIST knows about administering money. JESUS CHRIST gives everythings away. The we judas suppose to invest to spend to enjoy life. To be 2018 judas. It is very easy. You just go to Singapore Supreme Court. To say you are more mentally capable. The you people are always welcome.

    (*) No % Part Of Company Shares. To be used as Court Cases s/Settlement/s. Because me Cstan98 needs 100% control to pass 100% to JESUS CHRIST when me dies. Only money amount. Any amount. The y/You dare to ask. The me Cstan98 dares to give. No question ask. Just know that everythings are Merits Money. The y/You volunteers to bear the sins on the Cross for Us Archangels. The y/You are always welcome. Then y/You know what We have to go through. Using this new system. The me predicts first 3 years 2018-2020. The my CSTAN98 (Church) is very bankrupt. In return. Many dogs/pigs die on the Cross. After that. Merits Money are concentrated full force building GUAN YIN Temples/JESUS CHRIST Churches.

    (*) All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  14. I Want To Sue You - Copyrights/Downtime/Privacy/Revenues Infringements.

    (*) 'Kiss Of Dragon, Movie'. Jet Li: "how much?" No one wants to buy books/employ people/work with companies of suing big bullies. When People write fake/real bad/good things of You. It is actually free advertisings marketings. Think about it. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  15. I Want To Sue You - I Want To Be Rich.

    (*) You just go to Singapore Supreme Court. (Small Claims Tribunal if below $5000). Come up with a lame excuse like:

    (01) I Am Too Poor To Eat.

    (02) I Don't Like Panda Face.

    (03) I Want To Be Richer.

    (04) My Children Need Education Fees.

    (05) .....

    (*) Why is me Cstan98 like doing a Samurai Suicide? First. GUAN YIN confirm my Prediction: "3 years 2018-2020. CSTAN98 (Semi-Church) very bankrupt. After that. Many GUAN YIN Temples/JESUS CHRIST Churches build." Second. Using problems to solve problems. Many unworthy people are stopping the advancement of GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Kingdom. The me has too many Merits Money unable to bear all the sins effectively. So wipe them both out of Book of Life.

    All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  16. I Want To Sue You - Money Receive From Panda Are Not Merits Money.

    Argument: I do not give merits money. Therefore I do not receive Merits Money. That mean I can take all Panda Merits Money & not bear any sins.

    (00) Panda Counter-Arguments:

    (01) You take & work. Merits Money given to you. Terms of Service: You must work GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Works. To bear all the sins involved.

    (02) The you take & don't work. They are not yours yet. That mean They are still Panda Money. Since They are still Panda Money. The Terms of Service work at the moment They are in your accounts.

    (*) All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  17. I Want To Sue You - To Shutdown Your Website.

    You can try. The me does not think you have such a high sincerity password to bear all the sins shutting down this Cstan98 Website. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  18. I Want To Sue You - You Disturb My Sleep.

    99% want the radio on. 1% want the radio off. The radio station should take sleeping pills? Or should the 1%? All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  19. I Want To Sue You - You Insult My Company/Country/Person/Religion.

    (*) The me Cstan98 stands on my grounds. This Website is written sworn under Holy Bible NKJV (New King James Version). All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  20. I Want To Sue You - You Make Me Lose Pig Incomes.

    The me Cstan98 may make you lose pig incomes. But those pig incomes you make Other People lose in the first place. The me Cstan98 is just returning losses to those Rightful Owners. Everyone mass losses more important? Or individual pig losses more important? All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  21. I Want To Sue You - You Just Use Trillions Trillions Of Swiss Franc.

    For me Cstan98. The me just takes your money note. Buy ice cream cone. Return your money note. The me just spends one ice cream cone which me works hard to earn. JESUS CHRIST: "give back swiss franc to switzerland. Give Panda Ice Cream Cone back to Panda." If You say my Panda Ice Cream is a very special made one. Then don't regret it. Current chess moves projections. Confirm Panda can buy each multiverse with each very very very..... special Panda Ice Cream Cone. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  22. I Want To Sue You - You Seduce My Wife.

    You as male also has sexual fantasies with japanese av stars. Don't think too much. It is just pure temporary infatuations with the best capable male. (If it is not me. It is going to be Someone else.) All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  23. I Want To Sue You - Your GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Is Causing Many Sufferings For Me.

    Why 99% has no problems with Gravity Laws. Why you 1% must jump down from 10 storeys to challenge these Laws. Why you 1% is so reckless standing near the edge of 10 storeys to be pushed down by satan the devil. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  24. I Want To Sue You - Your Website is R21 Restricted Adult Materials For My Children.

    There is such a thing called internet browser parental control. This Cstan98 Website is for Adults/Matured Children with continuous Parental Guidances. If me is You. The me lets Your Children Surf this Website. Even without this Website. With other websites materials brainwashing. It is going to be worse. This Website teaches Marriage Sex from GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Points Of View. And Children are encouraged to start from the right foot as young as possible. Parents must do their parts to teach Children. Why 99% of Children no problems? Why your children have problems? Is it because of you parents? This Website needs to capture Sex from satan the devil. Jedi must do what Jedi needs to do. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  25. Male: F You Cstan98.

    Are you sure our 2 p organs fit? All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  26. My Master/Teacher Want To See You.

    If Him/Her is Higher Dans than me Cstan98. Please wait for me to train harder to be more worthy to see Him/Her. If him/her is lower dans than me Cstna98. Isn't s/he supposed to come & see me? But if me reaches the Highest Dans. Isn't those who want to see me should come & see me. Not the other way round. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  27. Should I Come To Singapore To Do Business/Work?

    Consider carefully. Most Companies/People come here. Bankrupt within 3 years. Although dollars earned are big here. Spent are big also. Sun Zi: "if You cannot win at home. You cannot win in foreign also. In fact. Stranger environments are more difficult to fight. Because they are not familiar surroundings." All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  28. We Want To Confer Honorary/Higher Degree/Nobel Prize/s To You Cstan98.

    Just send me a pdf of the Certificate/s. The me publishes Them in this Cstan98 Website. Thanks for the recognitions. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  29. You Create Fake News.

    Singapore Government SM goh-goh destroy evidences. From my fake NRIC 10-20 become 1-5. Then say Panda create fake news. Uncle. You destroy evidences. Under GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Laws. No evidences. Do not mean no sins. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  30. You Owe Us Many Billions Dollars Loans.

    (01) Singapore Government SM goh-goh like to issue my NRIC: S6904193J for his personal uses (about 10-20). Then wc (winston chew) takes advantage of choas situation to create 1-2 for his own personal uses. For these NRIC. ICA (NRIC registry) confirms they are valid. These holders anyhow sign loans. Singapore Government Judges says all loans made are legal. And minus from Panda assets. Since you people anyhow computations. Panda also anyhow computations. You can use Panda Semi-Merits Money all you want. Just that all sins are born by users.

    (02) Not including ICA (Passport Registry) Passports issue.

    (03) Let say SM goh-goh issues 1000 NRIC. And these people anyhow sign $billion loans. Panda supposes admit liablities? Since ICA (NRIC Registry) says holders is Panda. Of course. Panda not going to answer for it. Panda is not a liar or defaulter. If Panda signs. Panda admits (in Singapore Court). But these kinds of shits. How to admit liabilities?

    (04) Not to mention these NRIC holders get hold of my phone SIM cards. Get hold of my iCloud emails. Anyhow proxy my Website with VODIEN. Anyhow proxy my emails/mobile. How to admit liabilities?

    (*) All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  31. Your Queen Choy Look Like Shits.

    When Your Cow don't want to drink water. Are You able to force Her to drink? All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

**Contacting Me Cstan98:

  1. *If there are any questions regarding this Certifications/Privacy Policy/Spending Plan/Standard Email Replies/ Term Of Service. You may contact me Cstan98 using the information below:

  2. *Please Don't jam my communications. Don't call/mail me. These create many problems.

  3. Website URL: https://www.cstan98.com .

  4. Central Email - iCloud: cstan98commandcentre@icloud.com .

  5. Secondary Email - Cstan98: admin@cstan98.com.sg .

  6. Central Postal Address: 'CSTAN98, Blk 435, Yishun Avenue 6 (Avenue 11), #06-2096, Singapore 760435, Republic Of Singapore'.

  7. One M1 Mobile Central SMS: +65.86911747 .

  8. All 1% B&W (Black & White) Fees: to PayPal: PayPal.Me/rickcstan98 .

    All Singapore 1% B&W (Black & White) Fees: to PayNow Corporate: (UEN: 53101971C) (Account Name: CSTAN98).

    (01) GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM: "just like the sins you receive from satan the devil. And return to him. You do not get the sins. So. When you receive Sins Offerings Money (Merits Money) from satan the devil. And return to him. You do not get the sins or money."

    (02) GUAN YIN (观音): "the Merit Money You give. All Merits belong to Donors. Not belong to Panda. Because they are from respective Donors. Not from Panda."

  9. (03) Panda: "giving Half Merits Money (半功德费) to Panda Semi-Church. Merits no end. (功德无量). Because Panda last time sells Planet Earth to satan the devil. For Half Merits Money (半功德费). So now need to work like mad to earn Half Merits Money (半功德费). To buy back Planet Earth from satan the devil."

  10. There is no fixed Apple iPhone SIM card static IP address in Singapore.

  11. There is no fixed Apple MacBook Air static IP address in Singapore.

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