Cstan98 Spending Plans for https://www.cstan98.com.sg

Spending Plans for https://www.cstan98.com.sg

Version 2018.11.28

**CSTAN98 Specific Spending Steps:

  1. JESUS CHRIST Pay 4 Times Rob. Because they say need not Archangel Panda to do tithes/taxes/legal accountings. The they say they are higher than God.

  2. GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM 10% Tithes.

  3. Government Taxes & Dues.

  4. Legal Court Cases Liabilities.

  5. Personal/Family Expenses.

  6. JESUS CHRIST Extra Miles.

  7. Everyone = Reserve divides by UN (United Nations) Registered Populations Numbers. All Citizens can ask their Governments for each individual (in country lump sums).

**CSTAN98 General Spending Plans:

  1. Cstan98 Church.

  2. Cstan98 Company.

  3. Cstan98 Consultancy.

  4. Cstan98 Country.

  5. Cstan98 Cry.

  6. Cstan98 Library.

  7. Cstan98 University.

  8. Cstan98 Website.

**Cstan98 Certifications - Education Plans:

  1. ACCA.

  2. CIMA.

  3. GCE 'A' Level - Geography.

  4. GCE 'A' Level - History.

  5. PfMP (Portfolio Management Professional).

  6. PgMP (Program Management Professional).

  7. PMI-PBA (Business Analysis).

  8. PMI-RMP (Risk Management).

  9. PMI-SP (Scheduling Professional).

  10. PMP (Project Management).

**Cstan98 Certifications - Physical Plans:

  1. Aikido - Black Belt.

  2. Boxing - Black Belt.

  3. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - Black Belt.

  4. Jeet Kune Do - Black Belt.

  5. Judo - Black Belt.

  6. Karate - Black Belt.

  7. Kendo - Black Belt.

  8. Kickboxing - Black Belt.

  9. Krav Maga - Black Belt.

  10. Marine Corps Martial Arts Program - Black Belt.

  11. Mixed Martial Arts - Black Belt.

  12. Muay Thai - Black Belt.

  13. Ninjutsu - Black Belt.

  14. Shaolin - Black Belt.

  15. Tae Kwon Do - Black Belt.

  16. Tai Chi - Black Belt.

  17. Wing Chu - Black Belt.

**Cstan98 Certifications - Sex Plans:

  1. Husband Balls (Testis) - G Size.

  2. Husband P Organ - G Size.

  3. Wife Breasts - G Cup.

**Cstan98 Certifications - Strategy Plans:

  1. Chess - 2500 Dan Grandmaster.

  2. Go Weiqi - Pro Dan.

**Contacting Me Cstan98:

  1. *If there are any questions regarding this Certifications/Privacy Policy/Spending Plan/Standard Email Replies/ Term Of Service. You may contact me Cstan98 using the information below:

  2. *Please Don't jam my communications. Don't call/mail me. These create many problems.

  3. Website URL: https://www.cstan98.com .

  4. Central Email - iCloud: cstan98commandcentre@icloud.com .

  5. Secondary Email - Cstan98: admin@cstan98.com.sg .

  6. Central Postal Address: 'CSTAN98, Blk 435, Yishun Avenue 6 (Avenue 11), #06-2096, Singapore 760435, Republic Of Singapore'.

  7. One M1 Mobile Central SMS: +65.86911747 .

  8. All 1% B&W (Black & White) Fees: to PayPal: PayPal.Me/rickcstan98 .

    All Singapore 1% B&W (Black & White) Fees: to PayNow Corporate: (UEN: 53101971C) (Account Name: CSTAN98).

    (01) GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM: "just like the sins you receive from satan the devil. And return to him. You do not get the sins. So. When you receive Sins Offerings Money (Merits Money) from satan the devil. And return to him. You do not get the sins or money."

    (02) GUAN YIN (观音): "the Merit Money You give. All Merits belong to Donors. Not belong to Panda. Because they are from respective Donors. Not from Panda."

  9. (03) Panda: "giving Half Merits Money (半功德费) to Panda Semi-Church. Merits no end. (功德无量). Because Panda last time sells Planet Earth to satan the devil. For Half Merits Money (半功德费). So now need to work like mad to earn Half Merits Money (半功德费). To buy back Planet Earth from satan the devil."

  10. There is no fixed Apple iPhone SIM card static IP address in Singapore.

  11. There is no fixed Apple MacBook Air static IP address in Singapore.

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