First Company for

Version2 2019.10.27

**Cstan98 First Company = CSTAN98 (Connsultancy):

Derive from United States President Air Force One concept. Cstan98 First Company is where Cstan98 is stationed (Company).


  1. Active at CSTAN98 (Company) = Current GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Panda Farming Fortress. We Jedi try to fight as an Unified Commands to take out satan the devil commands in switzerland.

  2. Outsource as much Company Operations out. So that can concentrate on other CSTAN98 Consultancy (Church/Company/Country) Operations.


2019. Quickly build up CSTAN98 Consultancy (Church/Company/Country) Incomes Revenues capabilities to fund GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Empire aggressively.

**VODIEN (Hosting) Teachers:

**IT (Information Technology) Teachers like TutorialsPoints Website:

Below are my own Cstan98 study notes. Not mean to replace actual course.

  1. 2018.10.16 VODIEN You Want To Go Back To SSL Certificate For More Secured Website?

    (01) Panda: "my Wife Sponsor even want to stop even my $300/year WebGuard Plan."

    (02) Panda: "so how can me ask Her for additional more $60/year SSL Certificate Plan."

  2. 2018.10.17 Intend To Open OCBC (Singapore Red Bank) Business Growth Account.

    (01) Just need $500 initial deposit. Plus monthly $35 monthly service fees.

  3. 2018.10.18 Intend To Factory Reset Apple MacBook Air In NLB (Public Library) Free Wifi.

    (01) Just need to enter Your Mobile Number. And Follow Through.

  4. 2018.10.19 Intend To Secure iCloud/Google ID.

  5. 2018.10.22 MoneyBudgie Money Makeover Email Course - 1/6.

    (01) MoneyBudgie Money Makeover: "control back your money."

    (02) Without intelligence data. You are unable to control the battlefield.

    (03) Buy iPhone (MoneyBudgie) Spending Log Pro App to track money data.

    (04) To keep data entry simple. Keep your life expenses simple. To simplify accounts.

  6. 2018.10.23 May contact A Google Specialist For Google Ads Credit $150 .

    (01) In 2012. Cstan98 Website is valued at 3.42 billion united states dollars.

    (02) Just like even if Timezone says all softtoys in machines are officially mine.

    (03) If Panda is unable to grip those softtoys. And drop into rewards box out.

    (04) It is still officially not Panda softtoys.

  7. 2018.10.24 Changing Cstan98.Com Domain Registrant Email Address.

    (01) In process of changing Google Account ID also.

  8. 2018.10.26 WHOIS Registrant 3 Emails Confirm Change to .

    (01) Use .

    (02) Google Adsense logout because of another linked disabled Google Account ID.

  9. 2018.10.27 After Consolidating Email With VODIEN.

    (01) Checking with VODIEN: Google Webmasters crawling of sitemap anomaly.

    (02) Checking with VODIEN: why 2012 website worth = 3.54 billion. But now daily visitors = 20-50.

    (03) VODIEN divert support questions.

    (04) Most likely WHOIS with VODIEN. When buy new original non-bluetooth Macbook & iPhone.

**Current CSTAN98 Security Status:

  1. ID - ACRA. Secured. CorpPass/SingPass.

  2. ID - Address. Secured. Stairs.

  3. ID - Apple iPhone. Secured. Apple Store.

  4. ID - Apple MacBookAir. Semi-Secured. Epicentre.

  5. ID - Banks. All deactivated.

  6. ID - CPF. Semi-Secured. Semi-Secured SingPass.

  7. ID - CSTAN98 - Company. Secured. ACRA.

  8. ID - CSTAN98 - Website. Secured. GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM.

  9. ID - EZ Money Card. Secured. EZ Card.

  10. ID - Facebook. Unable to secure.

  11. ID - Flipboard. Secured. No 2FA.


  13. ID - Google. Semi-Secured. 2FA.

  14. ID - Google Adsense. Activated. Google.

  15. ID - Google Analytics. Activated. Google.

  16. ID - Google Gmail. Activated. 2FA.


  18. ID - iCloud. 1/3 Secured. 2FA.

  19. ID - iCloud. 2/3 Semi-Secured. 2FA.


  21. ID - M1. Secured. 2FA.

  22. ID - M1 +65.86911747. Secured. SIM.

  23. ID - SG53. Control by mother satan. Don't care.

  24. ID - SG53 - CorpPass. Semi-Secured. Semi-Secured iCloud./p>

  25. ID - SG53 - NRIC. Secured. Issue date.

  26. ID - SG53 - SingPass. Semi-Secured. Semi-Secured iCloud.

  27. ID - VODIEN - Account Manager. Semi-Secured. Semi-Secured iCloud ID.

  28. ID - VODIEN - CPanel. Semi-Secured. Semi-Secured iCloud ID.

  29. ID - Wife Choy. Secured. JESUS CHRIST.

  30. ID - WHOIS - Secured. VODIEN.

  31. ID - Yahoo. Secured. 2FA.

  32. ID Security. Once SG53 issue duplicate NRIC. M1 SIM down. iCloud down. Everythings down.

  33. Currently. Look alike panda clones humans detected.

  34. Currently. No active emails.

  35. May start new URL. Continue with current/new Website. By me Cstan98. If lose all rights to this URL Website.

  36. No Favicon. For now.

  37. No longer interested in earth planet money. The money systems are too bankrupt. Aiming for other more important meanings in life.

  38. There seems to be 2 NRIC S6904193J living in Singapore. One in 435 #06-2096 (Avenue 6/11). One in 435 #06-2086 (Avenue 6/6). Fake panda may be in control of same CSTAN98 ACRA, CorpPass, NRIC, SingPass, +65.86911747, . The me Cstan98 let you have everythings. The Deal is you people must bear all the sins me is supposed to bear. If SG53 don't interfere in PG53 Operations. PG53 don't interfere in SG53 operations. But if you play with Panda. Panda plays with you.

***Panda Business Areas:

  1. Church. CSTAN98 (Semi-Church).

    Currently collecting 1% B&W (Black & White) Tithes to further GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Panda Empire. Please see below Terms Of Service.

  2. Consultancy. CSTAN98 (Company).

    Cstan98 Consultancy Services. Rick Tan Chun Siong. Founder & CEO. CSTAN98. NUS BBA (Business Administration) Degree Holder. HJC (Hwa Chong Junior College) GCE A Level Pure Science. Build Company from scratch since 1998 (incorporated 2007).

    Only do Coaching on this Knowledge Website. Current earth planet money systems are too bankrupt. To offer working money salaries.

    (00) Subjects able to Coach:

    (01) BBA (Business Administration Degree).

    (02) Biology.

    (03) Chemistry.

    (04) Coaching Business/Love/Money/Motivation/Studies.

    (05) Counselling - Addictions.

    (06) Counselling - Depression.

    (07) Counselling - Life Crisis.

    (08) Counselling - Marriage/Single Crisis.

    (09) Counselling - Mental Illness.

    (10) Counselling - Teenager Crisis.

    (11) Elementary Mathematics.

    (12) Economies.

    (13) General Paper (English).

    (14) Geography.

    (15) History.

    (16) IT Apple Keynote, Numbers, Pages.

    (17) IT BASIC Programming.

    (18) IT HTML Programming.

    (19) IT Microsoft Office.

    (20) IT SEO (Search Engine Opitmization).

    (21) Management.

    (22) Physics.

    (23) Psychology.

    (23) Skills - Business Startup.

    (25) Skills - Career Planning.

    (26) Skills - CEO Skills.

    (27) Skills - Financial Planning.

    (28) Skills - General Exam Studies.

    (29) Sociology.

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