First Church for

Version2 2020.03.28

**Cstan98 First Church = CSTAN98 (Semi-Church).

Derive from United States President Air Force One concept. Cstan98 First Church is where Cstan98 is stationed (of Western Front Religion).


2019. Quickly build up CSTAN98 Consultancy (Church/Company/Country) Incomes Revenues capabilities to build JESUS CHRIST Operations.

**Church Deployments/Trainings:

Why most Ministries cannot beat Panda Ministry? Most church building = $5million/building. Panda website hosting = $120/year.

  1. First Church. His Glorious Church. 5 years. Senior Pastor = Caleb How. Assembly of GOD trained. Chinatown drug addicts/prison Ministry. Contacted Catholic/Central Church.

  2. Second Church. Lighthouse. 3 months. Senior Pastor = Rony Tan. Pentecostal trained.

  3. Third Church. Anglican. 1 year. Vicar = William Chee. Anglican trained. Mrs Vicar = Methodist trained. Contacted Catholic/Central Church/Presbyterian/Satanism order.

  4. Fourth Church. Hope Church. 6 weeks. Senior Pastor = Jeffrey Chong. Evangelism Presbyterian trained. Contacted SAF (Singapore Armed Forces).

  5. Fifth Church. New Creation Church. Senior Pastor = Joseph Prince. Charismatic trained. There contacted many reformed demons. Who are now very good Christians. Gospel of Grace. Only public complaints are it may be a money-making prosperity cult. And Members there are non-judgemental. That means They not ask You of your backgrounds like my Zen trainings. It also has the most solid Church System. The me has ever seemed in Singapore. Very regret have to leave (chased out by them because cough during Sermons pandemics times). Their Zen Medicine very low dan. It is reported they shutdown their GV (Golden Village) - Yishun cinema premises after me left.

**CSTAN98 (Semi-Church) Rick Church Group (WhatsApp):

**Semi-Pastor = Panda.

**Mrs Semi-Pastor = Wife Choy.

Below are my own Cstan98 study notes. Not mean to replace actual course.

  1. 2018.10.22 Whole Earth Planet Has Become Only Eternal Hell Of Universe.

    (01) All Heaven Planets rotating Starfleets to defend holdline this Earth Planet.

    (02) The me Cstan98 remembers when mother satan (at God position then) wants to send me down to Eternal Hell.

    (03) The me opens Eternal Hell & let loose all things inside free.

    (04) One Condition for them to remain free. Is to be good. No any evil.

    (05) Once GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM is created into God Position.

    (06) He understands that mother satan anyhow send things down to Eternal Hell.

    (06) Not all things in Eternal Hell are evil.

    (07) So He traps all these things in Earth Planet to re-judge.

    (08) But He disable my Sincerity Password to set free Eternal Hell again around first half 2018.

    (09) GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM currently traps unrepentance demons inside Eternal Hell.

    (10) Only GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM has password to release these Eternal Hell demons.

  2. 2018.10.23 My Wife Hamster is 70% Loving Others.

    (01) The me Panda is only 50% Loving Others.

    (02) What is y/Your %?

**Why U-Turn Back To JESUS CHRIST:

Why Panda goes from 观音 to 观音 & JESUS CHRIST to 观音 alone then to JESUS CHRIST alone.

  1. 观音 & Archangel Panda not effective to reduce sins. Just using 功德费 to remove sins. The best Way to remove all beings is via JESUS CHRIST. Don't take Panda words for it. Test them Yourself.

  2. The me Cstan98 interprets 观音 wrongly. 观音 is asking me to go to JESUS CHRIST. Not just introducing JESUS CHRIST to me. Because 观音 & Archangel Panda both together have difficulties bearing all beings sins via 功德费. It is best via JESUS CHRIST. My practical Testings have proven it. Don't take Panda words for it. Test them Yourself.

**Counter Christians Questions:

Can christians/churches/pastors be like Christians/Churches/Pastors?

  1. Blindmen. The me Cstan98 may be half blinded (only with 1 eye). Or me should be lead according to what you say. By you who is more blind. Are you GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM/JESUS CHRIST/HOLY SPIRIT? Why should me listen to blindmen reciting JESUS CHRIST Scripture blindly. Saying they see better.

  2. Last Time Biggest. The catholic order is biggest church. So their ceo is known as pope. So now Panda Ministry is biggest Semi-Church. Their CEO is known as what?

**Last Heaven Level Death-Starred:

  1. According to Jehovah Witness Prophecy.

    Once satan the devil falls from Heaven. All hell breaks lose on earth. As he tries to bring as much people down as possible. Jedi Do What Seem Fit Stroke.

  2. Change Of Guard.

    There is a change of Panda Heaven Imperial Starfleets Guard on planet earth every Singapore Monday 07:00am (daybreak). Jedi Do What Seem Fit Stroke.


    The me Archangel Panda has been unable to confirm a JESUS CHRIST since 1998. 03/07/2017. A jesus is contacted outside on a Heaven Planet. The he has 144,000 virgin angels with him. Is he JESUS CHRIST? 18/07/2017. Panda: We are not going back to the old systems. GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM is now a Program. Just as GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM chooses confirms me to be HOLY SPIRIT - Panda. The real JESUS CHRIST has to be chosen proved by GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM to be HOLY SPIRIT - JESUS CHRIST. According to Holy Bible. This JESUS CHRIST is the only begotten SON of GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM. Jedi Do What Seem Fit Stroke.

  4. JESUS CHRIST - 2.

    (00) 23/07/2017. This mentioned jesus is a meat eater & polygamy god. Don't take my Archangel Panda words for it. Do a live 24 hours live tv on him to confirm Yourself. The me Cstan98 thinks demons have gone back in time to displace born as jesus. The he is not the real JESUS CHRIST. But me finds the Name of JESUS CHRIST still as powerful. So there is a future good JESUS CHRIST.

    (*) Jedi Do What Seem Fit Stroke.

  5. Left Heaven Level.

    The last Archangel Michael has already left last Heaven Level. (There is not much left to fight for.) We bascially cannot leave an empty fortress level to satan the devil. This last heaven level is to be death-starred Singapore Tuesday 04/07/2017 - 07:00am (daybreak). Jedi Do What Seem Fit Stroke.

**Panda Imperial Instructions Recommendations:

  1. At Least 1 Old-Buddha Couple In Each Heaven Planet.

    The Emperorship of each Heaven Planet must be the Best Old-Buddha Couple to coach more Old-Buddha Couples. 罗汉古佛道只是能用罗汉五戒来精通无边无量卦阵而已。 Jedi Do What Seem Fit Stroke.

  2. At Least 50% Stalemate.

    The me Cstan98 wants stalemate in all p/Planets. Each p/Planet. We must control at least 50% of Earth Pane. Jedi Do What Seem Fit Stroke.

  3. Central Blackbox & Firebox.

    There is only one Central Blackbox/Firebox in the Universe (which is to be on Planet Earth). Those who are weird weird is put here on Planet Earth for further Judgement into Blackbox/Firebox. Only GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM is fit to judge for Blackbox/Firebox cases. *Note: once Blackbox is ineffective, change to Firebox = Eternal Lakes of Fire + only way to get out is to surrender all your powers to burn to ashes to reborn. Jedi Do What Seem Fit Stroke.

  4. Current Syntax Error.

    Is either darkness never Hell Blackbox before or too long. Jedi Do What Seem Fit Stroke.

  5. Give Your Position To Better Not Worse Not Same.

    Give Your Position only to Better (make Solutions better). Not to worse (make solutions worse). Not to same (since it is same. The new chaos situation going to make solutions worse). Jedi Do What Seem Fit Stroke.

  6. Give Your Sub-Positions To The Best.

    Give Your lower Sub-Positions to the Best (make Solutions better). But if it is not broken. Don't fix it. Jedi Do What Seem Fit Stroke.

  7. Heaven.

    According to 6th Zen Master. The Ultimate Heaven means there is no birth & no death. No creation & no destruction. You just exist. Jedi Do What Seem Fit Stroke.

  8. Protect America+3C+Asia.

    We need to secure both past & present of at least 3C(Israel+South-Africa+United-Kingdom)+Amercia+Asia. Jedi Do What Seem Fit Stroke.

  9. Protect Past Golden Ages.

    When Present is secured 50%. Secure 50% of Past Golden Age Kingdoms. When Present is secured 100%. Then secure 100%. Move GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Populations to These Times to survive live. JESUS CHRIST: "let tomorrow take care of itself." We Perfect Christians are told not to secure the future. Only to secure the Past & Present. *Note: You can time travel to the future when it is actually your present time flow. Jedi Do What Seem Fit Stroke.

**Final Rapture Sequences:

  1. Archive - 9% (???) = % of Soul ID inside planet earth.

    Some are fallen angels, innocent civilians, PAF (Panda Armed Forces) Humans, satan the devil commands, sinners ex-convicts, sit on the fence people, Stationing Guardian Angels, ... Jedi Do What Seem Fit Stroke.

  2. Archive - 91% (???) = % of Soul ID that are outside planet earth.

    Securing the Heaven Planets. Every one week. 10% of this 91% (???) is rotated to Tour of Duty on planet earth. Once this last line of defence = planet earth is breached. All hell break loose on all Heaven Planets. Jedi Do What Seem Fit Stroke.

  3. Archive - Old Stroke - 6 Months To 01/01/2018.

    We PAF (Panda Armed Forces) are given 6 months to save 50% of 9%. If We just concentrate trainings on Our 91%. We should discover 8.99% out of the 9% are gone. We need at the same time. While training Our 91%. Need to train 50% of the 9%. Jedi Do What Seem Fit Stroke.

  4. Archive - Old Stroke - Likely.

    (00) If You are PAF (Panda Armed Forces) Side. 50% of 9% that is supposed to rapture. You are most likely:

    (01) Likely Jedi Do Not Kill - Vegetarian. Do We trust you if you still KFC (eating meat chicken)? All Heaven Planets are full of innocent cute-cute animals. Let say you still eat meat on planet earth. You go Heaven Planet. After 3, 10, 20, 30, ... years. Do You see cute-cute hamsters running around or do you see KFC (meat) drumsticks? You confirm eat kill of those Heaven Animals & send back to planet earth.

    (02) Likely Jedi Do Not Steal - Accounted For 10% GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Tithes. Either Self-administered or given to a JESUS CHRIST Church.

    (03) Likely Jedi Do Not Steal - Accounted For All Free Things. Most likely accounted for all values of free things.

    (04) Likely Jedi Do Not Steal - Accounted For All Satan The Devil Taxes & Dues. Most likely accounted for all taxes like bills, CPF (government obligations), GST (Goods Taxes), IRAS (taxes), ...

    (05) Likely Jedi Do Not Steal - Daily Money Accounting. Most likely You do Daily Money Accounting. So that satan the devil unable to hack your mind.

    (06) Likely Jedi Do Not Steal - Have a GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Job. Most likely You work without sins for Your foods & drinks. So that You do not bow down to satan the devil for 666 money for foods & drinks.

    (07) Likely Jedi Do Not Steal - Not A Judas. You follow JESUS CHRIST Example. We are Kings & Queens living like Citizens. Not like judas. Are citizens living like kings & queens.

    (08) Likely Jedi Do Not Steal - Work For Merits Money. We work hard for every penny of Merits Money. We don't beg for Our Daily Foods & Drinks.

    (09) Likely Jedi Do Not Adultery - Monogamy Single Partner. Most likely You have/intend to have only one monogamy marriage sexual partner.

    (10) Likely Jedi Do Not Adultery - No Pornography. Because if you see pornograhy. You become unworthy to use Merits Money. Even you earned them.

    (11) Likely Jedi Do Not Adultery - Paired Up 1-To-1. Only Paired 1-To-1 Couple can leave planet earth. Because most single person who leave planet earth. Especially males. Come back again. Because Heaven Planets People find her/him ugly (both at heart & body). No one wants to marry her/him. Become very angry. Bomb here & there. Send back to planet earth. If You happily attached/married. You Two have more chance leaving planet earth.

    (12) Likely Jedi Do Not Lie - Don't Get Lied To Get Trap In Trapped Room. Once you get trapped in rooms. Most likely you bow to satan the devil 666 mark after days 3, 7, 14, 21, ...

    (13) Likely Jedi Do Not Problem - Correct Orders Follow Wrong Orders Die-Die Not Follow. Willing to be beheaded. Than to follow orders that are wrong. Jedi Do What Seem Fit Stroke.

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