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Wisdom Zen Stories.

Zen Stories to increase Your wisdom.

  1. 1 Mouth 2 Ears/Eyes.

    Chinese Wiseman. Why Humans have 2 ears/eyes but only 1 mouth? Answer: "so that We hear more see more. Talk less."

    (*Panda: "can me help it in stop talking. My thinkings are talkings. It seems me have become new Archangel of Airwaves.")

  2. 3 Axes.

    Fairy Tale. Woodcutter accidentally drops his wooden axe into lake. Appear Goddess. Take out copper axe: "is this your axe?" Answer: "no." Take out silver axe: "is this your axe?" Answer: "no." Take out gold axe: "is this your axe? Answer: "no." Goddess: "since You are so honest. I give you back your wooden axe. Plus these 3 new axes."

    (*it pays to be honesty.)

  3. 12 Years Words.

    Fairy Tale. A Prince is under a sorcerer curse. He becomes mute. He can only say 1 word per year. After 12 years. If He is not married. He dies. His Girlfriend. A beautiful Princess is with Him everyday. On the 12th year. He: "I love You very much please try can you must marry me?" Answer: "huh? What You say?"

    (*should go for straight for kill right? Every 2 years: "marry me?")

  4. 17 Ducks.

    Greek. A dead Father leaves behind 17 ducks. Suppose to leave half to eldest son (17 indivisible by 2). Suppose to leave 1/3 to second son (17 indivisible by 3). Suppose to leave 1/6 to third son (17 indivisible by 6). So they approach a Wiseman for help. Wiseman adds a duck from His assets. Give 9 to eldest son (18 divide by 2). Give 6 to second son (18 divide by 3). Give 3 to third son (18 divide by 6).

    (*some problems are insolvable. Until a Worthy Person makes a Sacrifice.)

  5. 1000 Arabian Nights.

    Middle East. An arabian king does not trust queens any more. Because his last beloved queen commits adultery. So he kills every beautiful virgin after honeymoon sex. Then a very Wise Female Virgin tells a Story every night. To hear Her next Story. She must live to tomorrow. That where We get the 1000 Arabian Nights Stories. After 1000 Nights. That king makes Her Permanent Queen.

    (*You guess what Panda is doing with this Cstan98 Website. The me has nothing better to do? To think/write c everyday with new Daily Version? Or else this planet gets kills actually. Then the Universe.)

  6. Adultery/Faithful Wife.

    China. An old man has 2 w/Wives. One Faithful. One adultery. A playboys fails to seduce the Faithful One. The adultery one seduces him back. When the old man dies. The everyone asks him who he wants to marry. Answer: "If it is mistress. I prefer adultery one. But if it is Wife. I prefer the Faithful One."

    (*from this Understanding. Every playboy wants to play adultery females. But don't want to marry them.)

  7. Aesop - Big Luggage.

    Aseop. This Wiseman is sold as Slave. Travelling with group of s/Slaves. The e/Everyone is asked to carry a luggage. He chooses biggest. All the slaves call Him stupid. That piece turns out to contain foods for the group. Each day. Become smaller & smaller. Until no need to carry.

    (*JESUS CHRIST: "the bullied/humble/meek inherits Planet Earth.")

  8. Aesop - Nothing To Display.

    Aseop. This Wiseman is sold as Slave. When the famous good Slaves Employer shown up. Every slave displays all they can to get bought. Aesop just sits at a corner. When ask why he is so quiet. Answer: "nothing to display. All have been displayed by others." He is bought by best Employer. For His Wisdom.

    (*Panda: "going to display a bit a day. Until We get Our GOD Kingdom.")

  9. Burial Decorations.

    Science. Most deep sea treasure hunters. What they find most in shipwrecks/747wrecks? At least 1 dead body hugging his box/luggage of gold bars. What good about having many treasures? Is you can hug them forever & ever. Even after death. As ghosts. Until you are free.

    (*JESUS CHRIST: "do not keep treasures on earth. But keep treasures in Heaven.")

  10. Chinese - Bad/Good Dreams.

    Chinese. An bad employer gives lots of hard works to an Old Worker everyday. Because bad employer is too free at day. Every night. The he dreams he is working as a slave. Because Old Worker is too tired at day. Every night. The He dreams He is an Emperor enjoying Life.

    (*Dreams/Good Sleep are from GOD.)

  11. Chinese - Eat Male Chicken Egg.

    Chinese. A Grandfather Prime Minister comes home very worried. His Grandson asks why? Answer: "emperor wants to eat a male chicken egg." Grandson says tomorrow. He goes on behalf to emperor morning imperial session. Next morning. The emperor: "where is Your Grandfather?" Answer: "at home. Giving birth to a baby." The emperor: "how can a male gives birth?" Answer: "then how can a male chicken gives an egg?" The emperor is impressed & does not want to eat anymore.

    (*Cstan98 See Stroke Copycat Stroke. Faster & faster. On spot & more on spot.)

  12. Cstan98 - Sell Zen Air.

    Cstan98. In 2008 (cannot remember exact). The me asks Google Adsense Forum why views are so low. Answer: "your Website look like a 1990 Apple 2 Program. Should upgrade renovation theme." Counter-Answer: "me is trying to sell Zen Air. Not porsche cars."

    (*You need Air every second. But you do not need car every second.)

  13. Elephant Blindmen.

    Chinese Proverb. 5 blindmen want to know how an Elephant looks like. 1 touch body: "like a house." 1 touch leg: "like a tree." 1 touch nose: "like a big snake." 1 touch tail: "like a rope." 1 touch tusk: "like a spear."

    (*that why all of Us are arguing what GOD Kingdom should be like. Some say there are meat to eat. Some say there are polygamy females to play. Because We are all too blind at this moment. For me. I think GOD Kingdom looks like ... based on all Scriptures/Textbooks.

  14. Feng Shui - Old Lychee Tree.

    China. Old Man just acquires a land with a house & old lychee tree. Someone advises Him to employ Feng Shui Master to see whether that old lychee tree needs to be cut down. So Old Man employs Hong Kong Feng Shui Master. On the way driving Feng Shui Master. He jams brake when kid dashes through the road. Wait for another 5 minutes. Saying another Kid sure follows. When reaching that Old House. Old Man sees birds flies away from his backyard. Tell Feng Shui Master to wait awhile. Old Man says confirmed some kids are plucking His Old Lychee Tree of lychees. If enter now. These kids may have a shock and fall off tree. Feng Shui Master: "no need to see. You are Man of Virtues. Confirmed whatever properties you buy. Turn auspicious in Feng Shui."

    (*Man decides Feng Shui. Not Feng Shui decides man.)

  15. Greek Diogenes - Advise Alexander.

    Roman. After Alexander The Great invades a country. The first thing He does is to consult that country famous Wiseman Diogenes: "what advices You have for Me?" Answer: "your shadow please don't block my sunlights." His Men: "He is so rude. Should We kill Him?" Answer: "if I am not Alexander The Great. I want to be like Him."

    (*an Emperor who can almost conquer the world. Basic thing is able to understand others/self.)

  16. Greek Diogenes - Look For Good Men.

    Roman. Diogenes is seen taking a lantern in daylight. When ask what is he doing? Answer: "I am looking for good Men."

    (*this Cstan98 Website is also looking for good Men/Women.)

  17. Greek Socrates - Small House.

    Greek. Socrates daily have many visitors to His small house. In fact. Too many to crowd in. When ask why He does not want to change into a bigger house? Answer: "it is too big to put in True Friends."

    (*small house already cannot take it. Do you want a bigger house?)

  18. Jewish - In Your Hand.

    Jewish. A kid comes to test a Wiseman. The kid puts a bird in his fist: "bird is alive? Or dead?" Wiseman: "if I say alive. You squeeze it dead. If I say dead. You release it alive. So I say it is in your hand."

    (*some answers to questions. Depend on the p/Persons who ask.)

  19. King - 3 Questions.

    Unknown Kingdom. The k/King setups very high incomes taxes: "whoever can answer my 3 questions. I lower the taxes. If cannot answer. The person is executed." Many have died. Until a Person. Question1: "what I want to eat?" Answer: "You Sir eat what You want to eat." Question2: "what I want to wear?" Answer: "You Sir wear what You want to wear." Question3: "what am I thinking now?" The Person thinks for awhile. Answer: "I do not know what You Sir are thinking. But I know You should rethink Your high taxes policies. Because the People cannot take them." Impressed. Incomes Taxes are lowered.

    (*answer based on just as it is.)

  20. Kingdom Of Heaven.

    Persian. A Prince visits a foreign land. See group of Children. Give them fruits ask: "these belong to which Kingdom?" Children Answer: "Kingdom of Fruits." Give them golds ask: "these belong to which Kingdom?" Children Answer: "Kingdom of Metals." Then ask: "You Children guess which Kingdom I come from?" There is silence for a moment. Finally 1 Girl: "You are so nice. So You are from Kingdom of Heaven." (*You guess which Kingdom me Cstan98 comes from = Kingdom of Panda.)

  21. Knight - Examination 1 Dragon Scale.

    England. When a knight son reaches adulthood. He is told to be a true Knight. The he is supposed to go Dragon Mountain to get a Dragon scale. So with his armour/shield/sword. The he goes. Scare like hell. To his surprise. It is a Friendly Dragon. Suppose to beat in Chess. Then is given. The his last Ancestors 10 generations. All like that.

    (*Knighthood examinations/trainings suppose to make Us fight enemies. Not Friends.)

  22. Knight - Examination 2 All Out Wars.

    England. But that knight son. To prove he is more worthy. Behead that Friendly Dragon. And brings head back. This starts back all out wars between Dragons/Humans. The delicate Balance of Harmony between 2 Races are broken. Because of him.

    (*which is more important. The self glory? Or Prosperity/Survival of own Race? No one scolds these kinds of sons. Only scold teaching grand/fathers. On Dragon Race side. Should always expect worst enemies again. Even there is peace for last 10 generations.)

  23. Lose 1 Finger.

    Unknown Kingdom. A King goes hunting with His Slave. Accident lose 1 finger. Slave: "GOD allows for a good Reason." Angry. King sends Slave to Prison. Next hunting. He is captured by tribe who wants to eat him. But He has no 1 finger. Too imperfect according to their god. So let Him come back alive. King release Slave. Answer: "GOD let me into Prison. Also for a good Reason. Or else I am One suppose to be eaten."

    (*change turn thinkings. Think on bright side. Think positive. All different Schools. Same Teaching. You much happier Person.)

  24. Roman General - You Are Only Mortal.

    Roman. Whenever a Roman General comes back from war victorious. All the Citizens suppose to line up to cheer Him. One Condition. A Slave keeps on whispering to His ear: "You are only mortal."

    (*no country. How to be general.)

  25. Roman Alexander - Round 1 Eat Gold.

    Roman. Alexander The Great invades a country. That country is ruled by a wise king. At dinner. The king serves plates of gold instead of foods. Alexander The Great: "do you people eat gold here?" The king: "You people come for gold. Right?"

    (*if you are such a wise king then. You should have trained Your Armed Forces 100/1000 times harder & govern very well at the same time. So that Your Country is unbreakable. Or you just want to talk c when it happens.)

  26. Roman Alexander - Round 2 Wild Beasts.

    Roman. Then 2 Citizens come in to consult the wise king. A: "B sells his land to me. I discover gold inside his land. I want to return the gold. But He says land already sell. What to do with the gold?" The wise king: "you 2 choose one of your Daughter/Son to get marry. Give the gold to Them." Alexander The Great: "if it is me. I confiscate the gold to fund my war operations." The wise king: "Heaven gives rains & sunshines to you wild beasts. Why you wild beasts don't give back?"

    (*why now stupid beasts talk c? When they now see wild beasts in their country. Before it is too late. Train Your Armed Forces 100/1000 times harder to defend. Just in case.)

  27. Silent Sounds.

    India. Prince is being readied to govern Kingdom. His Teacher asks Him to know listen to all sounds in forest. 1 year later. Tell all sounds of animals/birds/rivers/... Teacher: "not enough." Prince does not understand what other sounds Teacher is talking about. 1 year later. Enlightened. Prince: "You are talking about silent sounds of moon/plants/rocks/sun/... Teacher: "now You are ready to govern. Because King needs to hear silent sufferings sounds of His People."

    (*do You hear sounds of all beings. In Earth/Heaven/Hell.)

  28. Solomon - Bee Flower.

    King Solomon. Southern Queen comes to test Him. Ask to differentiate between her fake/real flowers. He is unable to. So open the window. A Bee flies straight to the real one.

    (*if You cannot solve the problem/s. Seek Expert/s.)

  29. Solomon - m/Mother.

    King Solomon. 2 m/Mother each says Kid is h/Her. He is unable to tell belong to Who. So ask t/Them to pull each one hand of Child. Whoever win is the Mother. When Real Mother sees how painful it is. Let go. Answer: "She is the real One."

    (*Art Of War - Solomon: You must define a Test accurately to know Answer of a Problem Question.)

  30. Stream Cleaner.

    United States. A town council is checking workers payrolls. Discover there is a Stream Cleaner Post of monthly $1,200 . The Job is to remove blockages of the town rivers. Cannot contact Him in person. So erase Him from payroll. First month. The rivers streams start to get dirty. Second month. Start to stink. Third month. The town cannot drink from her water supply. Quickly put the payroll back.

    (*do not look down on a Small Angel Post.)

  31. Stupid Land - Bring Door.

    England. An Official visits a stupid land. He sees a man carrying a door with him. Ask why? The man: "I have gold inside my house. It is safer to carry the door with me." Answer: "Thieves get the gold faster without the door. Why waste time?" The he: "I never think of that."

    (*don't overprotect your assets. It may become worse. Trust Your tomorrow Daily Foods & Drinks to GOD. Not to a bank saving account door.)

  32. Stupid Land - Stone Uphill.

    England. An Official visits a stupid land. He sees men pushing a stone uphill. Ask why? The man: "so that the sun can sunset." Answer: "sunset nothing to do with your stone. Why waste time?" The they: "we never think of that."

    (*We give Merits Money. Those supposed to bear the sins take them. Don't push unnecessary court cases stones uphill. The sun rises & sets naturally. We just enjoy watch the shows.)

  33. Stupid Land - Walling Bird.

    England. An Official visits a stupid land. He sees men making a brick wall around a bird. Ask why? The they: "so that the bird cannot fly away." Answer: "it is going to fly away anyway. Why waste time?" The they: "we never think of that."

    (*are we not the same? We are trying to protect our money savings. But all these birds are going to fly away anyway. Before by bankruptcy. After by dead men estate. So why not make use of them effectively/efficiently before that.)

  34. Tobacco On Fire.

    England. When the first British brings back American Indian tobacco. He puts up the first smoke pipe. Everyone pours water on Him. Thinking He is on fire.

    (*when y/You first one to do unknown t/Thing. Be prepared for unexpected reactions.)

  35. Treasure - Peep Mirror.

    China. A person digs up a mirror treasure which can trap image from wherever. So he gets picture of current unmarried Virgin Princess. So beautiful. The he goes around showing off. Until the King sends him to prison. For tarnishing Her Daughter reputation.

    (*treasures are to help Empire/People. Not to create self troubles.)

  36. Treasures - 3 Brothers.

    Persian. Princess is critically sick. So King announces whoever cure Her. Marry Her. No one in Country can. In a far far away land. 3 Brothers with 3 Treasures. First sees His Mirror knows about the case. Second uses His Carpet to fly 3 of Them to Palace. Third uses His Apple to cure. But cannot marry all of Them. Then how? Wise Officers: "2 Treasures are used but still there. But Apple eaten is gone. So should marry Him."

    (*when You solve Problems. Be like Anglican Perfect Christians. Based on Reasonings/Scriptures/Traditions.)

  37. Years Of Locusts Stories.

    Unknown Kingdom. A king says: "whoever can keep telling me Stories. I give Princess in marriage. But if h/He stop telling. The h/He is executed." Many people come & all get killed. One day. A Storyteller comes from East: "I can tell forever. But You promise must everyday listen." So begin: "there are many corns seeds in the imperial treasury barn storage. A locust comes finds a hole in the wall. Wiggle in wiggle in wiggle in... (for 1 hour). Then. Wiggle out wiggle out wiggle out...(for 1 hour) with one seed." This go on for weeks everyday. Finally king: "how long Your locust going to wiggle." Answer: "there are tons tons of seeds. And they are always being filled. I think it is going to take forever." The king: "please don't. You can marry my Daughter."

    (*to get marry in a satanic planet. You must use Wisdom/Wits.)

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