Cstan98 Zen Stories - Singapore


Version4 2020.12.00

**Source: Life in Singapore.

Singapore Zen Stories.

It is a sissy little country. But We call it Home.

  1. 35 Years Class Monitor.

    Encounters. Some 35 years prefer each year to remain at secondary 4. Always big brother/class monitor. Can play virgin 16 years old females. Bully fight 16 years old males. What they don't know. All these Classmates when They become 35 Years Old. They have solid big sister Wife with Children. Work with solid big Sister co-Workers in MNC (Multi-National Companies).

    (*that class bully may be a 35 years old uncle.)

  2. Baby In Carpark.

    Newspaper. Everyday husband drives to work. Wife is at home looking at Baby. One day. Suppose to fetch Wife to somewhere. Then Baby to Parents home. Then to work. Wife leaves car reminding Baby is back seat. Husband forgets. Drive to work. Leave Baby behind at backseat in carpark. After work. Discover Baby is dead heat stroke.

    (*when playing chess. Always most important stroke first. Other strokes can wait.)

  3. Hotel Fall.

    News. During Honeymoon in Singapore hotel. The smoker husband wants pre-act puff. To escape smoke detectors. Go into staircase to smoke. Unknown to him. It is one way lock emergency system = mean you can exit but cannot re-enter back. Desperately to go back to see his Wife for 3-5 hours. Finally is found dead falling to ground level trying to climb back. Wife commits suicide 1 year later.

    (*do not smoke in hotel. Try drinking Redbull - cooked vegetables cigarettes juices.)

  4. Kid - Call People Mother.

    News. Working Parents put 8 years old Son inside care home with many children. All those children are taught to call woman-in-charge mother. Son goes back home. Say Mother is not real Mother. No choice. Have to stop working. To save win back Son.

    (*working salaries suppose to help secure Your Children. Or don't know why working salaries. And lose Your Children.)

  5. Kid - China Kidnap.

    News. The parents brings family to china great wall to see the world. A kidnap group just graps runs their 8 years son. The mother stays at same place. Knowing her lost son is smart enough to come back to meet there. 5 years later. A broken-leg limp 13 years old boy shows up. And cry mother. So thin/ugly. Don't know is him or not?

    (*if it is You. What You do? For me Cstan98. 5 years ago Family die die also don't leave GOD Singapore Fortress.)

  6. Kid - Crush Head Bus.

    Relatives/Friends. A mother wants to teach her 8 years old kid how to unboard a singapore bus. The she makes a mistake to alight first. Let him slowly takes time to climb down. First. The driver cannot see short child from rear mirror. Second. The driver waits too long. Finally. Close door & move off. Tire go over something. Come down to see bus has crushed kid head. Too terrified run into nearby police station.

    (*some tasks are possible for little Children. Some tasks are too dangerous impossible. Parents should know limits. By right. Bus Driver should go behind see what happens. And scold mother it is too dangerous. Explaining why.)

  7. Kid - Crush Mother Car.

    News. Expat CEO-suite Couple comes to work in Singapore. Have landed properties with private car parking area. Mother drives home everyday at 4pm. Unknown to Her. This time. 8 years old Kid runs towards the car. The maid inside cooking. Mother car unable to see the Kid. Reverse into the Kid. Neighbours screams like mad. Mother cries so badly. Family leaves Singapore to forget about this bad memories place.

    (*Mother should horn for Kid everyday. Kid should sits inside car. Before Mother parks reverses the car. Or see Kid in Maid hands. Do understand that Your Kid confirms runs towards the car one day. Because the Kid wants Daddy/Mommy badly whole day.)

  8. Kid - Grandmother Lost How.

    Encounter. If Your Kid runs very fast away. Most People just tell Him/Her: "wait You get lost." But me Cstan98 meets this Grandmother to Grand-Daughter: "don't run so fast. Wait Grandmother lost how?" The me gains Zen Enlightenment then. She is teaching 2 strokes at same time:

    (01) Don't Get Lost.

    (02) Concern responsible For other Person like Grandmother.

    (*as Zen Masters guiding Children students. Are You able to teach higher & higher levels?)

  9. Kid - Traffic Run.

    Relatives/Friends. Mother lets her 8 years old kid cross traffic junction first time. Expect him to wait for green light. Out of Everyone surprise. The he dashes through at red light. Taxi Driver has to do emergency stop. Scare hell out of Everyone.

    (*before real combat situations. Enough trainings need to be coached. Like how/what/when/which/why.)

  10. Maid - Burn Throat/Cook Fish/Wash Baby.

    (01) News. A maid needs to do cook/housework/laundry/take care 4 children/... The eldest son creates so much troubles. Finally maid cannot endure. Pour down bleaching agent down that kid throat. The kid grows up unable to talk. The maid return home country. After 2-3 weeks prison.

    (02) News. Man buys x2 $100 live Chinese Jedi Fishes (罗汉鱼) to put in fish tank (to rear). Go to maid: "take care of them." Next thing. Find them cooked on dinner table that night.

    (03) News. A maid finds cleaning baby daily too tedious. Reasons washing machine can clean baby also right? Next thing. After the wash+rinse+spin cycle. Dead baby.

    (*now humans are creating AI - artifical intelligence housekeepers robots. GOD helps Us.)

  11. Old Children.

    Words Of Mouth. Singapore has unique social problems. The parents are 60 years old working like mad. Their children are 40 years old single at home not working. Depending on their old age parents to feed them. These old children say they are incapable to work.

    (*for your information. These uncles & aunties. Someday your parents die. Who suppose to look after you? Panda? The me gives you M16 on your back. And farming equipments in front to farm. Apostle Paul: "you don't work. The you don't eat.")

  12. Police Haobao.

    Words Of Mouth. Every Chinese New Year. In Malaysia. Everyone must remember to give police haobao red packets to get out of troubles. In Singapore. Everyone must remember not to give Police haobao red packets to not get into troubles.

    (*Chinese Saying: "Singaporeans. Do not in Blessings. Not know in Blessings.")

  13. Prison - Where Are Your Brothers Now?

    Ex-offenders. A yellow ribbon tries to sell me Cstan98 a keychain for $10 . Not much business. The me is His only business. So me has a chat with Him. The me Cstan98: "LKY gives you chance in prison right? He offers you to study educations while in prison right?" Answer: "but my brothers tell me why I should join LKY side?" The me Cstan98: "then. Where are those so-called brothers to help you now?" Answer: "I understand what you mean."

    (*my BG - 1 star General Commanding Officer: "salute all sides of Officers.")

  14. Repeat Loan Shark.

    Words Of Mouth. A person borrow $200 from loan shark. After many months of harassments. Finally clear final sum of $2,500 . 6 months later. The loan shark calls: "do you want another loan?" Tell them repeat many loud no. Few days later. Another $200 is deposited into bank account.

    (*once you start nightmares. The they always come back to you.")

  15. Queen - Accident Death.

    Indonesia. Know Millionaire CEO. At His peak. He has Empire/Queen/porsche/... You name them. He has them. He makes tactical mistake. Driving his porsche slightly drunk. With His Queen no seat belt on. When She dies in fatal accident. Become very dazzled. Unable to concentrate. His whole empire collapses. Remain single unmarried waiting to go Heaven to meet His Wife. His only meaning in Life is to bring up Their Daughter. But He feels deeply responsible for killing His Wife all these years. The Person He loves so much.

    (*do not porsche. What wrong with best taxi services? You can talk to Your Wife time to time. And extra spare of eyes for that taxi.)

  16. Queen - OG.

    Singapore. CEO spends most of years in Career. When He is 40-45 years old. He reasons it is time to get marry/settle down. So He decides to go look for a Queen. At that time. There is only OG (Shopping Mall). So He goes straight to cosmetics department. Recruit most beautiful/capable Female as His Queen.

    (*smart/wise King gets smart/wise Queen. You either spend early life with Queen Girlfriend together in career. Or only concentrate on career. Then use HR - human resource screening/selection to get best candidate. Whichever way. The objective is if without Marriage. Career/success is empty void.)

  17. Salutation.

    Encounters. The singapore secondary students address LHL as lee hsien loong. Address LKY as mr lee kuan yew. The me Panda is much much longer = look like f eat shits why don't you die stupid idiot big fat ... Panda.

    (*Jedi ECS - Emperor Cadet School has to do what Jedi ECS - Emperor Cadet School has to do.)

  18. Sex Drug - Disco Horny.

    National Service. The me Cstan98 knows some bad males put sex drugs into disco drinks. Once the females drink. The they feel so horny. And don't know why they lose their virginity. But they have difficulties giving to Japanese female tourists.

    (*if you females don't know why you do it to that male. The you may have been sex drugged.)

  19. Sex Drug - Doctor Injection.

    News. A clinic doctor always injects beautiful female patients with sleeping drugs saying it is necessary. The she knocks out for 1-2 hours. Then he does all he wants in video recordings. No problems for years. Until female Patient files a police report that her underwear turns inside out after the 2 hours visit. Police & clinic female Nurse become suspicious. Find years of video clips in his computer.

    (*you may run for years. But you cannot escape. It just depends who is Main Tao Programmer.)

  20. Sex Drug - Gay Obedience.

    University Years. A male classmate gains Your trust. Invite You to his home. Give You spiked drink. Expect to video-tape doing everythings he commands. Except my determination willpower is so strong. The he needs to give me same 2-6 drinks. Then me cannot really remember what happens after. 3 hours memory loss.

    (*you still believe you are borned gay? Ask your gay 1 not give you any drinks/foods. Then see whether you give him one black eye or not.)

  21. Sex Drug - Movie Yeo Pack.

    News. You female goes to first movie date with male. The male gives you Yeo (singapore cupboard drinks) pack. Unknown to you. It has been needle injected with sleeping drugs (injection hole covered with wax). The you knock out. Then he molests you like f.

    (*welcome to 2018. Where every place is test. Every step is trap.)

  22. Sex Ransom - Chicken Leg.

    Hong Kong. The gang knows you are famous millionaire/billionaire. And you call hookers. So arrange meeting. While in acts. Come into the hotel room. Start taking photo. If you don't keep on paying ransoms. Going to put them in your facebook page/YouTube.

    (*should have known better right?)

  23. Sex Ransom - Kidnap Trap.

    Malaysia. Kidnap female from shopping mall. Ask female to do everythings they say. Or they disfigure knife face. The female keeps giving sex/transferring all her money to them. Finally her dead body is buried at the countryside. The police cannot find her. The gang repeats stroke on next female victim.

    (*should have known better right?)

  24. Sex Ransom - Live Video.

    United States. A female tells you to strip in front of live online video. In return she strips. Nothing happen after you strip. Few days later. Email you your naked photo/video. If you don't keep on paying ransoms. Going to put them in your facebook page/YouTube.

    (*should have known better right?)

  25. Sex Ransom - Rental Obedience.

    Hong Kong. Your teenager comes alone to study in Singapore. Rent room. The rental lady plays pornographic films in living room everyday. Then she gives him free sex. Next round. Videotape him raping her. Then ransoms him more & more. The he becoming unable to concentrate in studies.

    (*what wrong with ok University near your home country town? It is Person making University famous. Not university making person famous.)

  26. SIA (Singapore Airlines) - 2 Air Stewardess.

    Words Of Mouth. SIA (Singapore Airlines) Air Stewardess has about $5000 per month. And has job expiry date. Because You need to look good. One leads a high life. Buy credit cards/condominium/porsche on loans. Drive to free parties all the time. Because of installments. Eat instant noodles at home when not flying. Eat good foods when flying. Another One. Reasons that someday salary going to get reduced. Go to studies when off flights on ground. You guess what happens to 2 in the end?

    (*LQ - Look Quotient are not everythings. You still need to be good at everythings.)

  27. SIA (Singapore Airlines) - Millionaire Makeup.

    Words Of Mouth. An indonesian millionaire likes SIA (Singapore Airlines) Stewardess so much. They get married. After 1 week home living. The he requests Her to put on SIA (Singapore Airlines) makeup 24 hours a day.

    (*if you depend on LQ - Look Quotient too much. Are you sure your husband falls for you? Or your makeup?)

  28. SIA (Singapore Airlines) - Resume.

    Cstan98. It is said. It is very difficult to get SIA (Singapore Airlines) HR (Human Resource) Interview. Here how me almost gets one. My first working company Operations Executive Mentor is from there. And She always say Your postal envelope must have return address. So me puts return address: "nearest rubbish bin." Then inside: only one cover letter: "I have worked under Your Operations Executive Ms Julie. She is so solid. Your Company must be so also. I am BBA (Business Administration) Degree Graduate. Major in Operations Management... Please call my HP Mobile: XXXX-XXXX." To my surprise. They really call me. Is just that I live in Singapore West. Need to work at East Changi Airport. And can only be Operations Assistant. Operations Executive is only for Honour Graduate. (I am looking for Officer Level.) So I reject Interview.

    (*to be screened successfully by good solid Company. You must project Yourself to be good solid. Like Them.)

  29. Smoker - Sick Babies.

    Singapore. Out of my Wife Choy s/Siblings = 4 Daughters/4 Sons. She is only one with childhood asthma (breathing difficulties) & eczema (serious rashes). To cure. Have to inject steroids turning Her into ugly male-like body. Why? Her m/Mother is smoking while pregnant carrying Her.

    (*let not smoking inter-generational sins come to Our Babies. *for me Cstan98. Although Wife Choy is not very female sexy. The me still loves Her. Because have been looking for this Hamster Wife for 12 Creations. But what if all Mothers don't smoke? What happens to Their Children?)

  30. Sotong-ing - Golden Village.

    Encounters. GV (Golden Village) upgrades ticketing system to DIY (do it yourself) Machine. The me Cstan98 decides to start using cash. Insert $10 note 10 times. Everytime get rejected. Until Customer Ambassador comes tells me: "You need to wait for machine cash reader to roll finish green light then insert." Luckily He comes. Or else confirmed me loses my 2 Nobel Certificates for trying to strangle a machine.

    (*Panda: "just another my sotong day.")

  31. Sotong-ing - Gongcha.

    (01) Encounters. As usual. The me Cstan98 goes Gongcha (tea chainstore) orders: "1 large gongcha." The me wonders why the confused face. That order is like going to MacDonald: "1 large macdonald." Go KFC (fried chicken): "1 large kfc."

    (02) Encounters. The me Cstan98 goes sees how Wife Choy orders at Gongcha (tea chainstore): "green tea with plum juice." Actually should be plum green tea. Is like going Swensen to order banana split as ice cream with banana.

    (*Panda: "just another my sotong day.")

  32. (*Panda: "in Gongcha. Use Gongcha codes. In MacDonald. Use MacDonald codes.")

  33. Sotong-ing - MacDonald.

    (00) Encounters. MacDonald Customer Service Ambassador to Kid: "hello Sir/Madam. What is Your order?" Answer: "1 durian (ice cream) cone."

    (01) Ambassador: "sorry. We don't have durian. Can I give You sweet corn?" Answer: "when can durian?"

    (02) Ambassador: "not for time being. (Because I also don't know.)" Answer: "(hold back tears)..."

    (03) Ambassador: "please don't cry. In front of Everyone... (I think must tell CEO to ISA/ISD internal security acts this Panda for all His MacDonald durian cones jokes. I really cannot take all these Kids cryings.)"

    (*Panda: MacDonald durian cones are the best.)

  34. Sotong-ing - Maxi-Cash/Money Max (Singapore Pawn Shop.)

    (00) Encounters. Maxi-Cash/Money Max Customer Service Ambassador to man with wheelchaired mother: "how can I help You?"

    (01) The man: "I want to sell my mother. The she has some gold-filled teeth. Confirm worth something."

    (*public nuisance = to country. *house nuisance = to family.)

  35. Sotong-ing - OCBC (Singapore Red Bank).

    (00) Encounters. OCBC: "how can I help You?" Answer: "(dialect Hokkien.) I want my old Mother (I want to open OCBC Account for My Mother). "

    (01) OCBC: "... (That stupid Panda is turning Us high-end OCBC into low-end POSB people blue bank.)"

    (*Panda: me can bring in all the business for You People. How You make Them come back as repeat Customers depend on Your CEO.)

  36. Sotong-ing - SK (Singapore Jewelery).

    (00) Encounters. SK Staff to Customer: "why You come everyday? Not buying anything."

    (01) Customer: "I come to see my gold. It is safer not to buy. To keep all of them in SK."

    (02) SK Staff: "..."

    (*Panda: why don't You People sell diamonds/gold/... tour. Like aquarium/butterfly/zoo/... tour.)

  37. Sotong-ing - SMRT (Singapore Electric Train).

    (00) Encounters. Mother is trying to teach no foods in MRT (electric trains).

    (01) 8 years old Daughter points to Her 1 year old brother baby sucking milk bottle.

    (*let not be too extremist like jews. They cannot press lift button work on sunday. Wait Everyone cannot swallow saliva in MRT - electric trains.)

  38. Sotong-ing - Subway.

    (00) Wife Choy. She decides to use discount coupon to buy Subway egg mayo sandwich.

    (01) Crew: "bread (that mean which type like honey oats/italian/...)?" Answer: "egg mayo."

    (02) Crew: "bread!" Answer: "egg mayo!"

    (03) Crew: "I say bread!!" Answer: "I say egg mayo!!"

    (04) Crew: "How many times I tell you. Bread!!!" Answer: "How many times I tell you. Egg mayo!!!"

    (05) Crew: "you just read label (on food freezer window)." Answer: "it is too small (referring to coupon fine print)."

    (*Panda: just another day for me observing what sotongs are doing in the aquarium zoo.)

  39. Sotong-ing - Timezone (Singapore Children Arcade).

    (00) Encounters. Parents are trying to teach Little Children how to Simpson Soccer.

    (01) Suppose to be no hand. Only foot to kick football to goal.

    (02) But 50% of Children use hands to position start football. Even see Kid uses hands to throw football to goal.

    (*these Kids grow up to be potential FIFA Football Cup top shooters. It is rumoured. The they use body to cover referee video camera. Use fast hand for difficult goal.)

  40. Singapore Widow - Phase 1 - 3 Graduates.

    News. During President Ong (No Portfolio Minister then) times. There is this Singapore Widow. Non-graduate. With 3 Children. She works 3 part-time jobs. Finally bring Them up to become university graduates.

    (*it is possible. With good Sage-King/Minister Government conditions around. The me Cstan98 is trying very hard to bring back President Ong era singapore effects. Those who lives It. Know what me talks about.)

  41. Singapore Widow - Phase 2 - Chicken Drumstick.

    News. After 3 Children become graduates. At widow Mother birthday. They bring Her to dinner. Central dish is many chicken feet. Why? Because it is Her favourite dish. But She just cries & not eat. Why? Mother explains. To bring Them up. She always gives chicken good parts like drumsticks to them children. When ask why She only takes chicken feet. She lies saying She likes them. They Children now understand Her sacrifices. And cry hug together.

    (*note: after President Ong - Minister then dies. In 2017. No matter how many chicken feet Widow eats. Cannot even get 1 Children to University.)

  42. Taxi - Drunk Vomits.

    Taxi Uncle. Night shift. Many indian workers wave very hard for taxi. When innocent taxi uncle stops. The they bring in their lying on the ground drunken friend. Then next thing is to spend 1 hour cleaning the taxi of drunk vomits.

    (*alcohols do not solve problems. Instead create more problems for Others.)

  43. Taxi - Ghost.

    Taxi Uncle. Night shift. Beautiful female wants to go to deserted area. There is no street lights there. Only green lamps. Female: "thank You. (And left behind weird-weird flower.)" Since then. That Taxi Uncle picks up passengers follow by passengers. There is no downtime. He then understands that is how Ghosts pay taxi fares. After 2 weeks. His catholic priest says he is possessed. After deliverance. Good incomes dash stops.

    (*don't know if You don't do Deliverance. What happens?)

  44. Taxi - Pet Storm.

    Taxi Uncle. Pet owner waits for public taxi at roadside for hours. Beg to send her sick dog to vet. The innocent taxi uncle sends them. After that. To find all furs flying inside the car. Need to be professionally vacuumed for $100 .

    (*do you know there is such thing called 24 hours pet taxi. Let not give hardworking uncles headaches.)

  45. Taxi - Topless Bar Girl.

    Taxi Uncle. Night shift. Beautiful bar girl enters taxi. Insist want to sit in front seat. Say is so hot. Taking off all her clothes. Left only panty underwear.

    (*now You know what hardworking uncles have to go through. The headaches/temptations/ugly. And you say driving taxi are boring. Wait till You become a Jedi Taxi Uncle.)

  46. Testing - SIA (Singapore Airline).

    Life Encounters. The me Cstan98 has NS (military service) millionaire Friend. His father asks him to abuse test SIA (Singapore Airlines) Female Stewardesses. To show how well trained They are. For me. The me does Natural Testings. One of my SIA (Singapore Airlines) Flight. The me pre-orders vegetarian in-flight meal. My next seat old Lady sees mine. Request same also. What She does not understand is that You need to pre-order this kind of special set. So Gentleman me says give it to Her. Stewardess is so happy with my help. Give me Ice Coke (a special kind of privilege).

    (*don't take my words for it. Natural testings that CSTAN98 Corp is what the f. MacDonald Foods are very efficient. Subway Foods are fresh...)

  47. Turning Point - Beauty Queen.

    Word Of Mouth. Male Teenager is in his depression stage. Unsuccessful with girls basically. The he somehow meet that year adult beauty queen Miss Singapore. That beautiful Sister talks to Him. And coach Him. That has been a huge turning point. It is reported it is because of Her. He becomes what He is today. CEO & happily married.

    (*one of my Cstan98 turning points for my heavily acned teenager years. Is when my older beautiful female Cousin tells jokes with me. And loans me Her funny comics. If You are higher dan. Why don't You be Someone turning point? Just like some other opposite sex higher dan is also Your Turning Point.)

  48. Turning Point - Bus Flirting.

    Cstan98. My male teenager schooling is spent in all males elite secondary school - Chinese High (now known as Hwa Chong Institution). It is very depressing for me. Because although not much bullying. But feel like stupid idiot. When Classmates are all so handsomer/richer/smarter. And one thing = simply no female Classmates to courtship. Simply no purpose in life. Then one day when me going back home from school in bus as usual. Same age Female other neighbourhood school with Her gang of younger females/males Friends. Flirt with me by telling Them pointing to me: "He is from good School. Confirm very smart. (Too bad not in same school.)" The me is really very flattered.

    (*so me Return Stroke. One day while movie outing - after semester examination. With my males Classmates in bus. The me tells Them pointing to neighbourhood School uniformed same age Female: "anyone of You. Want to know Her?" My male Gang: "Chun Siong. You are very cute." But that low self-esteem - not beautiful but enough for me Girl seems very flattered.)

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