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No Adultery Zen Stories.

  1. 2 Military Generals.

    During same wars time, the Good General issues orders not allowed to raping of female civilians. The bad general let his men rape & kill. At old age, the bad general dies at age 30 years old & his children become beggars. The Good General Children are well versed in Classics & become very Good & Capable Generals also.

  2. 20 Years Old Sickness.

    A male learns to find prostitutes & masturbation in army. So serious depletion of his body energies & infect with diseases. At age 20 years old, his left arm drops off & suffers liver, kidneys organs failure. Hospitalize for years in bed with all the needles poking him to keep him alive. Die at age 29 years old.

  3. 300 Years Revenge.

    A Wiseman comes to see the mental illness of a male. The revenging ghost: "when he is an official he rapes my wife & kills me." The Wiseman teaches not to kill to the revenging ghost. The ghost: "I let him off for Your Sake. But there are hundreds more ghosts behind me who do not forgive him." The male soon dies.

  4. Destroying Adultery Books & Reading Classics.

    One Person who spends many money destroying adultery books, His Fate becomes very good. One Person who repents after reading Classics decides to turn from adultery lifestyles. Their Fates change & are blessed with many Capable Offsprings.

  5. Do Not Advantage Female.

    A Rich Man sees 2 male servants want to drown a young beautiful female. It is said she has committed adultery. The rich man gives some money to let her go & also do not take advantage of her asking that she leads a Redeemed life. He dreams of a Chinese god who says He is blessed with Generations of Filial & Capable Children.

  6. Dreaming Playboy.

    A playboy scholar likes adultery books & poems. During his examination, he dreamily writes adultery poems in his exam papers. Examiner put in public his poems: "talented but stupid scholar writes such adultery things in examination." He is public humiliated for years.

  7. Drunk Good General.

    A Good General wins a city recently. He is drunk. His subordinates capture 3 Young Beautiful Females to be with him. The Good General to the Females: "No need scare. Although You People are beautiful. But You are as young as My Daughters. I not do such a thing." Lock Them up in a bedroom, & send Them home next morning.

  8. Evil Praying At Temple.

    A teacher asks his student to pray to Chinese god to help him get that next room female. That night, Chinese god in a dream, sentences to wipe off all scholar fate from that student & to seriously punish that teacher for misleading students. The teacher dies that night. The student although bright, but all those years unable to pass examinations.

  9. Find Lost Son.

    In end Dynasty Ming war time. A Rich Man loses his son. So He decides to buy a Poor Female to give him offsprings. But discover the Poor Female wants to commit suicide because she cannot bear forget Her Old Husband. So He let Her return to Her Husband & gives her some money. To return the Gratitude, She buys a Handsome Boy to give to Him, who turns out to be His Lost Son.

  10. Good Prison Officer.

    A shop owner is innocently sent to prison. The Good Prison Officer knows his innocence, helps him gets free. The shop owner out of gratitude, wants to give his daughter as a second wife to the Officer. Officer rejects. Many years later. The new Official Wife arrives, who turns out to be the shop owner daughter. The Officer is then promoted to Prison Main Officer.

  11. House Collapse Fate.

    A Wiseman says a Man dies in few months time. So the Man gives up His business & travels around. On a boat, He hears a female committing suicide in the river. Save her and give her money to help her desperate family. The female & her husband come to the Man house to say thank you. When He goes & opens the door, the roof collapses on His empty bed.

  12. Lose High Official Fate.

    A Wiseman predicts a person to become a High Official. When he marries a second wife, he neglect his first wife & cause her to die in grief. The same Wiseman: "you done something greatly wrong, as your fate changes & is going to die terribly." 10 days later, he is killed by subordinate with his stomach cut out.

  13. Marry Betrothed Blind Wife.

    A Young Scholar Prearranged Wife goes blind & wants to cancel the marriage. He says: "how can I forsake you at this time. Especially it is already arranged & marry someone better" & marry her. He concentrates in His Study & 20 years old reaches Scholar Official.

  14. No-Sex Dates.

    A Man reads Classic & wants to respect the dates of no sex & to restrain from sexual conducts to concentrate on Rites (Virtue Laws) & Cultivations written in Classics. His Wife agrees. Set a good Culture in the village. He lives to Old Age & all His Children are well-respected & become High Officials.

  15. No Adultery Old Age.

    No Adultery Old People are "I am 90 years old healthy, already no adultery for 30 years", "I am 70 years old but feel very young, Classics No Adultery are right", "I am 88 years old, My secret to young looks is for 50 years alone sleeping", "I am 90 years old intelligent, just restriction talks & actions only", "90-100 years old walk like young, is because No Adultery at very young".

  16. No Adultery Printing.

    A Printing Company Boss follows Rules like: "no printing of adultery materials" & "no adultery entertainment with clients to get business." His other competitors all have problems with their business. But this Boss business becomes better & better each year.

  17. No Adultery Rule.

    An inn widow comes & seduces a Male Guest at night. Guest: "a Wiseman tells I have Fate to become Scholar Official. But I must not do sex adultery. I have been keeping that Vow Rule all these years." The widow feels shameful & retreats. Later. That Widow has kept her Widowhood & earns merits by the Local Official.

  18. Not Enter House Door.

    1 rainy night going home, a Gentleman discovers the Neighbour Daughter is with His Wife. He tells His Wife not to open door & stays out whole night. 2 Lights enter His House that night. Next year, His Wife bears 2 Sons who become Scholar Officials.

  19. Not Marry Young Female.

    An Old Couple is not able to have children at old age. So the wife gets a neighbour daughter home as second wife. The Male: "I see this Young Female grows up from a Child, you wants me to spoil Her Happiness just to have offsprings." The wife sends the female back. Next year. They have a Son who gets First Place in Scholar Examination.

  20. Not Marry Widow Sister-In-Law.

    A Young Scholar parents want to marry his dead elder brother young wife to him. That Wife: "I want to be widow." Scholar: "never hear brother marries his Sister-In-Law." GOD bless him with a Good & Virtuous Wife, Official Title & Virtuous Offsprings.

  21. Not Remarry Male Widow.

    A Wife dies. Leaving 2 children. Husband refuses to remarry & not to indulge in male-female relationships. A rich widow wants to marry him. He scolds her off. His Reputation grows. Many rich families want to marry their daughters to him. All get rejected. He is awarded an Official Post.

  22. Not See Beautiful Female.

    An Official is childless at old age. His old wife decides to bring in a second wife to give Him a son. He asks the beautiful female to see Him. The beautiful female: "what Book you are reading." The Official: "Book Scripture" & continues reading without even looking at the beautiful female.

  23. Official Post & $50,000 .

    A Good Doctor cures a poor man for no money. The poor man asks his wife to have a night with the Doctor to repay. The Doctor rejects. That night, dreams of a Chinese god: "because you are a Good Doctor & never takes advantage of female. You are given an Official Post & $50,000 ." Later, He is invited to the Palace to cure the Empress, & the Dream comes through.

  24. Old Get Son.

    An Old Man is unable to have any child. He helps a Poor Farmer to escape prison term by paying His debts. The Poor Farmer wants to give His Daughter as second wife to Him to bear children. The Old Man: "taking advantage = Not Ren (humanity). Force female = Not Righteousness." The next year, GOD lets His Wife bears a Son at Their age.

  25. Play Cousin Bad Fate.

    A handsome & talented scholar make his female cousin pregnant. The female cousin commits suicide. The scholar has a dream from a Chinese god: "you are sentenced to Hell boiling Punishments & strike off your examination scoring fate." Awaken, the scholar lower body starts rotting & unable to concentrate in his studies.

  26. Prostitute House Offsprings.

    Everyone knows adultery businesses are easy businesses. But do you know what happens to their offsprings. Let trace 1 grandfather prostitutes house. The his father generation, 7 die of accidents. His generation has retarded brothers, incest, in-laws commit suicide. Then 1 offspring has rotten body illness, realize GOD Punishments.

  27. Reject Emperor Princess.

    Dynasty Tang Founder Emperor wants to marry off His Young Daughter to His Loyal Official as second wife. The Loyal Official rejects at the spot. The Emperor is not angry, but admire this Loyal Official Loyalty & Integrity not to add royal relationships in marriage. He is given more Official Duties.

  28. Rich Daughter Seduction.

    A Poor Handsome Scholar is living temporarily at a rich man house. The rich family daughter comes & seduces Him at night. The Scholar tells her off even she is from a rich family. Saying: "a female should protect virginity until marriage." Next day, leave. Become High Official at Old Age.

  29. Saving Own Wife.

    During town mass robbery, 2 m/Males hide inside a cave. A Beautiful Female also comes in. The Good Male knowing His friend may do something stupid adultery, keep talking to His friend to keep him occupied. The female leaves next morning. When the Good Male marries His Wife months later. His wife turns out to be that Cave Female wanting to marrying him & She is rich too.

  30. Teacher Score In Examination.

    A Teacher in household is sick. The student takes his mother blanket to him, mistakenly taken his mother slipper. The student father sees the slipper & suspects his wife has an affair with Teacher. Ask his wife to ask the Teacher to the bedroom at night to prove his wife innocence. Teacher: "how can I do that" many times. The Teacher resigns, next year score in Examination.

  31. Twin Brothers.

    2 twin b/Brothers have the same capabilities & looks until 31 years old. The younger brother plays with a seducing widow, not listening to his Elder Brother Warnings. The Elder Brother later scores at Examination, the younger brother gets nothing & makes the widow commits suicide as he promises to come for her. 30 years later, the Elder Brother becomes better, the younger brother becomes worse.

  32. Wang Xiao Xiao.

    A corrupted official adultery & steals from the people. A house servant hears voice in the garden 1 day: "childless is too heavy", "fire is too light" & "wang xiao xiao, ok right?" The wang xiao xiao turns out be a prostitute who turns his family to total destruction.

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