Cstan98 Zen Stories - My Life


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**Source: Cstan98 + Zen Teachers.

My Cstan98 Life Zen Stories.

If you are interested to know how me become who me is. Read on. We are defined by Our Zen Stories.

  1. K1/2 - Repeat Year.

    K1/K2 (Closed down kindergarten at Tamah Jurong). Those time. Kids only need 1 year at K. But my singapore blue father wants me to have 2 years. So me goes in 1 year earlier. When first year me graduates. Thinking me going to primary school with my K classamtes. To discover me is repeating everythings again with strangers. I become very quiet anti-social. What use of making Friends? You lose Them anyway.

    (*don't fail year examinations. You stay back 1 more year. With strangers. Same everythings all over again.)

  2. Primary - Colour Pencils.

    Jurong Town Primary School. The my singapore mother buys me 36 pieces colour pencils. Which me is very proud of. Day finally comes to use it. Colouring homework. Poor indian female classmate who cannot afford colour pencils. Request to use mine. Of course no problem right? The me expects Her to use all colours each a bit. To my surprise. She sharpeners/uses 75% of 1 colour. The me scold Her until She cries. The me feels so guilty up to current adult.

    (*helping poor people may have bad side effects.)

  3. Primary - Dental Lie.

    Jurong Town Primary School. We have dental care in School. Which me is very scare of. Because pain like hell. Problem is me doesn't know how to brush teeth properly. So me lies 3 times. That Teacher wants me back for class. When Dental Nurse discovers. Want to bring me to Principal for lying. The me breakdown in tear. Since then to now adult. Never dare to tell any single lie.

    (*Children need to be scare scold from young. Not to lie for example.)

  4. Primary - First Love.

    Jurong Town Primary School. The me is tickled to admit me falls for female Classmate sitting beside in class. That male friend stupid idiot then goes & writes: "Cstan98 loves XYZ name." in blackboard. That female complains to Teacher. Say me causes Her unable to concentrate in study. The me is put sit beside very black indian female for rest of year.

    (*BGR - boy girl relationship at primary 4.)

  5. Primary - White Horse Prince.

    Jurong Town Primary School. The me is thin light weight. So my short burst runnings are very fast. We enjoy 1 primary school sport. Where 1 group sends each time 1 person hopping in 1 leg. To catch all other group (together) on basketball court. The me always runs very fast round & round. Until all top players become exhausted. Because me is fairer Japanese skin. And run very fast like horse. They call me White Horse Prince (白马王子). Soon enemies knows first thing hoping is to take me first. But me is very weak hoping one-leg taking out enemies. One time. My Group Leader: "when out. Very fast go straight for other Group Leader." That Group Leader is totally taken out of surprise.

    (*You need not have iPhone to have good childhood funs.)

  6. Secondary - Crash Course.

    The Chinese High School. The me Cstan98 is down with chicken pox for 2 weeks. Extra physics lesson. My female physics Teacher teaches me whole GCE 'O' level syllabus in just less than hour. Realize when studying for examinations. It is not indiviudal chapters. But whole overview of syllabus. And GCE 'O' level physics syllabus can be revised in 1 hour.

    (*study smart. Not hard.)

  7. Secondary - Not All Knowing.

    The Chinese High School. One time. The me Cstan98 tests my good Friend random physics question. Discover He does not know. Come back with answer 1 day later. Say because it is not examination/test time. And He is grade A-B in physics. And me is F. Realize good Students only have peak knowledge at examination time. Good Students are not that all knowing.

    (*You just need to have peak knowledge/performance at examination times.)

  8. Secondary - Programming Competition.

    The Chinese High School. Computer Club requests all members to submit entry. We 3 members Team finish in 30 minutes. To concentrate on normal schooling studies. And get consolation prize. The top prize needs 6-8 months to complete. Don't know whether he (one member team) fails GCE 'O' Level or not. For not concentrating on normal schooling studies.

    (*BBA - business degree = it is all about rate of returns in everythings.)

  9. HJC - 6th In 200m Dash.

    HJC (Hwa Chong Junior College). How Panda ends up top 6th in 200m dash (not trained in Track & Field). First. My Class Monitor (track & field trained) asks Us to sign up for every event. Second. At qualifying rounds. He teaches me how to do pre 1 hour warm up. The me Cstan98 runs very fast in first round. Then weird weird rain comes. And slow down all others in 2nd-3rd rounds. Don't know why me ends up in final some other day. 1-5th runners = all about 15 seconds. 6th me runner = about 60 seconds. And me mastubration & pornography night before some more.

    (*some old half-virgin Male has all the lucks actually.)

  10. HJC - Army Prom.

    Classmates. At Chinese High (my all boy Secondary School) Union. How Classmate finds His Girlfriend. He completes Army NCO (Non-Commission Officer) Course. At prom. Suppose to get Female dance partner. So He starts from HJC (Hwa Chong Junior College) class list from bottom upwards. To His surprise. The bottomest Female fails Her GCE 'A' Level. And is unable to go University. She is now undergoing Primary School Teacher Training. She is crying & very depressed. The 2 get hook-up.

    (*if You are single. Have You ever try calling Your Old Classmates. May be She is crying every night.)

  11. HJC - Banana Ghost.

    Cstan98. The me to Classmates: "do You know? It is rumoured that if You tie red string from banana tree to Your bed. You get beautiful banana female ghost wife." Female Classmates: "You want to tie. Right?" Answer: "(my old home.) The me lives in 8th storey HDB (singapore public housing). How to tie?"

    (*luckily me unable to tie. Or else. Confirm sex exhausted killed by that female ghost. Unable to talk c at age 49.)

  12. HJC - Photographic Slave.

    HJC (Hwa Chong Junior College). The me Cstan98 needs ECA (extra-curriculum) records. Photography sounds like funs. So why not run for president. The me makes such good election speech. Elected president by first/second year Students with highest votes. But last President later finds me to be such stupid idiot. Let an unelected female member becomes president. The me works as lowest committee member slave for 2 years. The worst thing is at end of 2 years. That female president: "should have known better right? (早知如此.何必当初)."

    (*this influences my CEO leadership style a lots. Why National Service - Army Conscription. The me Cstan98 does not fight for OCS - Officership/NCO - Corporalship? Because even You get post. If You are not that capable. Also no use. So me stress on improving on command capabilities. Not empty branding.)

  13. HJC - Test - Practical Exam Copy.

    HJC (Hwa Chong Junior College). GCE 'A' Level Biology/Chemistry/Physics practical exams. Suppose to be open book. All along. The me thinks can compare/copy answers with Classmates. Because are open books. In fact. All 3 subjects Teachers during trainings. Never say cannot. On actual GCE 'A' Level chemistry practical exam. Examiner gives me/Friend Helper cheat red remarks on Our exam answers. The me has shocks of my Life. Never dare to copy answers anymore.

    (*Classmate Robin. Panda still feels sorry for sabotaging your GCE 'A' Level grades.)

  14. Money - Test - Apple II Mother Board.

    Money. My father buys me a clone Apple II. Soon spoils. Then that shop which sells me close down also. The me goes repair shop. Repairman likes me a lots. Say replace faulty mother board with a original Apple II mother board. Later. Tell me is $250 to $300 . The me thinks is only $100 . Argue with Repairman.

    (*first concept with money.)

  15. Money - Test - Sound Blaster.

    Money. My father buys sign sticker cutter. The Salesman likes me a lots. The me tells Him I always wants additional Creative Sound Blaster. To have sound in playing games. He says install for me. Later. Tell me is $480 . The me scolds him me only wants the basic old $148 type.

    (*second concept with money.)

  16. Money - Test - Production Line Hourly Pay.

    Money. My first job Burger King 1 week pay. The me says don't want. Because done lousy work performance. The me thinks second job Production Line hourly pay is a lots. But turn out only very little. Because lunch break hour don't count. Reach early at factory hours don't count.

    (*third concept with money.)

  17. Money - Test - Swensen 10% + 7%.

    Money. Try to be independent from taking foster parents money. The me monthly budget. Can afford Swensen banana split at 12.90 . The bill comes with additional 10% service charge + 7% GST (goods services taxes). The me scolds Swensen crews.

    (*fourth concept with money.)

  18. NS - Rank/Name/Pze

    NS (National Service). The me is CPL Tan Chun Siong. Uses to be in SAF - sissy armed forces. Now Pze F - out of service. So me is not bound by SAF (sissy armed forces) Official Secret Acts. At least not after Pze F. The things reveal here is to make SAF (sissy armed forces) better. Not worse. Do You know PAF (Panda Armed Forces) is just not/doing what SAF (sissy armed forces) done wrong/right.

    (*it is rumoured that in time of war. All Pze F suppose to be activated. Push to frontline. To delay enemies forces. So that Pze A-B can be activated to be ready.)

  19. NS - BG (1 Star General) - Salute All Officers.

    NS (National Service). The me Cstan98 is combat Signaller. Highest rank Officer me attaches to is a BG (1 star General). He only gives one Order: "salute all o/Officers." My whole 2 weeks combat training exercise is just spend keep on saluting o/Officers.

    (*when You salute Officers. They keep/remind to be in command. This push up Everyone command levels.)

  20. NS - BG (1 Star General) - Lonely.

    NS (National Service). Why I don't sign on SAF (civil service/sissy armed forces). Because after that 2 weeks combat training exercise with that BG (1 star General). The me is allowed to sit in His Land Rover 1. Right behind Him. For being best Man. His military powers may be very great. But 30 minutes on the way back to camp. The journey He just keeps quiet. Very lonely.

    (*when You see highest level of Officership You can go. In SAF - civil service/sissy armed forces. Not interested. Because You may gain a star. But you also gain cold loneliness. Losing all friends.)

  21. NS - BG (1 Star General) - Relieve My Command.

    NS (National Service). For 2 weeks combat training exercise. The me Cstan98 is able to raise to become Land Rover 1 best Man. Because BG (1 star General) gives standing order to be in full combat attire. With helmet/M16/SBO (ammo holder). The me completely follow through. Inside Land Rover 1 first seat. But in presence of BG (1 star General) Then WO (warrant Officer) keeps on relieving each of item my helmet/M16/SBO (ammo holder). Since BG (1 star General) is there/does not say anything. The me follows through each step. The me is relieved/sent to Land Rover 2.

    (*how many NS - national service men can be under BG - 1 star General?)

  22. NS - Test - ITD (Basic Training) - Earliest Execute Orders/Fall-in.

    NS (National Service). The me throughout 2.5 years NS (national service) is always among first 1-5 to execute orders/fall-in. For each order/fall-in. And me drinks raw sleepy tap water throughout 2.5 years.

    (*first to move is ECS - emperor cadet school. Next is GCS - general cadet school. Next next are men corporals. Sub-Clause = you must survive every move to live to be in command. So timings are everythings.)

  23. NS - Test - ITD (Basic Training) - Buddy Water.

    NS (National Service). 2 weeks field patrol. My not good intentioned buddy runs out of water. Ask for my water. Stupid me gives. Become very thirsty. But what that buddy does not know. Is me puts singapore tap water into all my 2.5 years of water bottles. After buddy drinks. The he become very dizzy. Unable to accomplish mission.

    (*when under BG - 1 star General. The me drinks His solid quality ice rose syrup drinks. This explain why my performances shoot up so high. Stupid SAF - sissy armed forces never inform Us that singapore tap water are drugged.)

  24. NS - Test - ITD (Basic Training) - Buddy Trench.

    NS (National Service). 2 weeks trench digging. My not good intentioned buddy asks me to help dig his trench. So he goes around duty officer-ing to go OCS - (officer school). The stupid me always help fellow buddy. In end. Get scolding for having own worst trench. While my buddy has good trench and good officer-ing performance. And he keeps quiet about my help. When Platoon Corporal asks why my trench so bad.

    (*you sometimes need to be sabo - sabotage. To know that some of your friends. Are not really your Friends.)

  25. NS - Test - ITD (Basic Training) - Use Old Trench.

    NS (National Service). 2 weeks trench digging. Everyone goes for pre-dig trench ground. But me always don't cheat. Dig on fresh ground. That's why army operations performances always so bad.

    (*actually in time of wars. It may be fresh ground. No pre-dig trench ground.)

  26. NS - Test - ITD (Basic Training) - Bathing.

    NS (National Service). We are ordered to bath in 1 minute. The me wants to put soap. My from other good Section Mate: "You still want to put soap?" So me rinse with water. In bed within 1 minute.

    (*your performances are decided by Your Mentor/Teacher.)

  27. NS - Test - ITD (Basic Training) - Red Ants.

    NS (National Service). 8km road march. The me Cstan98 really march with full battle order. 16km road march. Is allowed to off go guard duty. Because never cheat idle. Suppose to pass out at 24km road march. Path to go NCO (non-commissioning officer). Previous night. Suppose to sit watch basketball match. The me lonely sit at only place. Later discover legs many biten by red ants. Send by assault boat to Changi Hospital. (Quite an experience.) Given 2 days MC. Sleep 5 out of 7 days in bunker. WO (Warrant Officer) wants to charge me for A (absentee) War. For not reporting in Morning Parade. Lose my chance to go NCO (non-commissioning officer).

    (*my Parents consult gods why the red ants? Divinations: "higher gods arrange with greater purposes.")

  28. NS - Test - ITD (Basic Training) - Mimosa.

    NS (National Service). We are being selected for Combat Signaller. The me Cstan98 is first alert to salute WO (Warrant Officer). Ask to find mimosa on field. The me cannot find nearby. Go far end. Get 3 mimosas. Large group returning mimosa. So last Person to give 3 mimosas. The largest count. Actually that WO (Warrant Officer) at first thinks me is a loser. But remember me saluting first. And last to come back. Then select as Combat Signaller.

    (*every dog has her lucks.)

  29. NS - Test - Signals Training - Fall-in In Front Of Dog.

    NS (National Service). The female Training senior NCO orders Us to fall-in in front of a dog. So whole platoon goes. The dog gets scare. So dog runs away. Then me really wants to follow the dog with some Platoon Mates. Until male Platoon senior NCO calls order off.

    (*correct orders follow. Wrong orders don't follow. Following a dog. Is more correct than following some platoon senior NCO - non-commission officer.)

  30. NS - Test - Driving Training - Don't Know Right Turn.

    NS (National Service). How me Cstan98 pass SAF (Army) Land Rover driving test. Without knowing how to right turn at traffic lights. First of all. The me makes too fast U-turn at first instruction. Keep on u-turnings instructions. Pass examination. But in real life. Always block traffic at traffic junctions. Every time doing a right turn.

    (*every dog has her lucks.)

  31. NS - Test - Driving Training - Don't Like Repeat.

    NS (National Service). Suppose to recite Defensive Driving orally. Examiner asks me keeps on reciting. To hit/teach failure Students. The me heart points middle finger. Stop at 3 times. (Because at that time sleepy with raw tap water.) Another Student uses my answers. Keeps on reciting. Become best Trainee.

    (*when Panda points middle finger. Actually mean just ignore. Don't do anythings.)

  32. NS - Test - Field Officer - Bathing.

    NS (National Service). My attached Air Force Officer. Ask me to go officership field bathing to bath. Ask me to wear PT attire (short/t-shirt). So no one knows me is not officer rank. But it turns out to be OCS - officer field examination. Suppose to finish in 3 minutes. Most o/Officers need 10-15 minutes. The me breaks all time record of 1 minute. Because t/They need to untie t/Their boots. Put down name/rank/unit - CPL Tan Chun Siong - 3SG BN.

    (*that's why me finds SAF - sissy armed forces so sissy. The they needs 10 minutes. The me can finish in 1 minute.)

  33. NS - Test - Guard Duty Firing.

    NS (National Service). At 3SG BN. We need to do many guard duties. With live ammo. One Duty Officer is famous for ordering Soldiers to cock M16. And irritate Soldiers to really shoot at him. Some Company Mates really fire at Him. For me. The me just aim gun sight at him all the time. He never plays with gunsight on Him Soldier. And He is impressed me never even cock M16. Just shutting bang-bang-bang.

    (*do You shoot Your Officers? Even He is an asshole.)

  34. NS - Test - ROD - Release Signatures.

    NS (National Service). At ROD (release from national service). We are supposed to get Officers-in-charge signatures. For no liabilities clearance. To pass out. The me Cstan98 dutifully gets all signatures. One NCO (non-commission officer) sleeps in bunker. Himself forge all signatures. It is reported. The he gets into troubles later after university. Cannot find any good jobs. In Singapore. Every c/Companies are controlled by SAF (Army)/SPF (Police).

    (*if you want to play punk like Panda. At least. Follow their chess regulations/rules.)

  35. NS - Taiwan - Lost & Found M16.

    NS (National Service). In Taiwan exercise. A NCO (Non-Commission Officer) while taking map to lead His Men. Put His M16 on the ground. Forget to take it along. The whole exercise. His Officer asks Him to go back around looking back. In the end. Taiwan Farmer reports to Police finds a M16.

    (*please sling your M16.)

  36. NS - Taiwan - Artillery Kill Citizen.

    NS (National Service). In Taiwan exercise. In convoy vehicles movements. We are supposed to move in fast tight formation. A village drug addict crosses the road sleepily. The he is rolled off by Our 155mm artillery gun. That indian corporal men artillery Driver spends whole exercise in Taiwan police station. The whole village wants to beat Him up. Worse thing. He is indian. And does not speak chinese.

    (*please drive carefully.)

  37. NS - Unit - Airfield Security.

    NS (National Service). Have Airfield Security Officer Friend. In NUS (business university). You need also to talk make friend with Cleaners. Because every friendly forces count.

    (*free 2.5 years NS - national service Airfield Security Officer trainings for You.)

  38. NS - Unit - Ammo Dump.

    NS (National Service). When you forklift ammo. Must be very careful. Cannot tell you where are ammo dumps.

    (*free 2.5 years NS - national service Ammo Dump trainings for You.)

  39. NS - Unit - Armour.

    NS (National Service). Some armour cadets not allow to mercy examination pass. Because may lead armour divisions into dangers.

    (*free 2.5 years NS - national service Armour trainings for You.)

  40. NS - Unit - Armour Trooper.

    NS (National Service). When select as Best Man. CO (Commanding Officer) let You go His firing ranges. To try out all weapons. At night.

    (*free 2.5 years NS - national service Armour Trooper trainings for You.)

  41. NS - Unit - Commando.

    NS (National Service). Have Commando Friend. Signals attachment to Them. They cut tree bushes for campfires. You listen to Their conversations. You scare. Normal red beret Commando conversations: "really feel like slitting a knife at those green berets." Panda: "I am blue beret. I am blue beret."

    (*free 2.5 years NS - national service Commando trainings for You.)

  42. NS - Unit - Bomb Squad.

    NS (National Service). Have Bomb Squad Friend. Bomb Squad: "You can actually mix normal detergent to make C4. But is classified for You. When checking SIA - Singapore Airlines for bombs. Hurray. Can look at pretty SIA Stewardess. When checking india airlines. What is that curry smells."

    (*free 2.5 years NS - national service Bomb Squad trainings for You.)

  43. NS - Unit - Combat Engineers.

    NS (National Service). Have Combat Engineers Friend. After NS - national service. Everyone has back problems. For carrying very heavy bridges components. Combat Engineer: "really feel like C4 explosive one of MRT track pillar."

    (*free 2.5 years NS - national service Combat Engineers trainings for You.)

  44. NS - Unit - Guards.

    NS (National Service). Have Guards - Heliborne Troopers Friend. Guards are simply half paid Commando. Everythings need to solve. Send in Guards.

    (*free 2.5 years NS - national service Guards - Heliborne Troopers trainings for You.)

  45. NS - Unit - MP (Military Police).

    NS (National Service). Have MP (Military Police) Friend. Summarize His 2.5 years of army conscription service. First. You salute that SAF (sissy armed forces) officer. Then. Ask him to extinguish that cigarette in uniform. If don't. You no choice have to call for backup to copy his F11B (ID). Most officers legs shake later. But You must first salute his officer rank first. Or else. The they later complain you never salute them. To make You call off that MP (Military Police) discipline action.

    (*free 2.5 years NS - national service MP - military police trainings for You.)

  46. NS - Unit - Navy.

    NS (National Service). Navy has all sorts of child abuse/gays/lesbians/sm/... av movies on board their vessels. All sex crimes sinners may be originated from navy.

    (*free 2.5 years NS - national service Navy trainings for You.)

  47. NS - Unit - Pilot.

    NS (National Service). Have A4 Bomber Pilot Friend. Tell him United States Air Forces uses A4 for missile targets practices. He is very angry. Have F5 Trainee Pilot. Purposely crash noise the landing gears during exam. Not to sign on. Now They have F15SG/F16.

    (*free 2.5 years NS - national service Air Pilot trainings for You.)

  48. NS - Unit - Police Driver.

    NS (National Service). Must be able to handle class 2A-5 vehicles. Drive aggressively/defensively. May ride Air/Army/Navy/Police Officer/s to work. Female/Male.

    (*free 2.5 years NS - national service Police Driver trainings for You.)

  49. NS - Unit - Police Station Manager.

    NS (National Service). We Police are just doing Our jobs. We just to fulfill Our duties when assign. If not assign. Try not to care. Because sometimes ask to look into small petty crimes. To sabo (sabotage) Panda.

    (*free 2.5 years NS - national service Police Station Manager trainings for You.)

  50. NS - Unit - Rear Police.

    NS (National Service). Not really true you can sleep whole day. You do day shift to protect army camps. And different units come to challenge each other army camps. With commando knives/martial arts.

    (*free 2.5 years NS - national service Rear Police trainings for You.)

  51. NS - Unit - Sniper.

    NS (National Service). Have Sniper Friend. Sniper: "I can at right eye. Or left eye. Which one You want? The sniper combat attire actually is very comfortable from inside."

    (*free 2.5 years NS - national service Sniper trainings for You.)

  52. NS - Unit - SAM (Surface To Air Missile).

    NS (National Service). Train to able ID aircrafts types from distance.

    (*Panda is trained even to know a Apache is hovering around missile-sight/recon on me. Silently. Silently. Panda does not know. Panda does not know.)

  53. NS - Unit - SOF (Special Operations Force).

    NS (National Service). Commandos suppose to take out terrorists. SOF (special operations force) suppose to take out rogue Commandos. After seeing both their trainings levels. 'Commando, movie': "no chance."

    (*because SOF - special operations force all basically all green/others berets.)

  54. Temporary Job - Burger King - Crew.

    Burger King. Time = 1 week. My first duty. Throw away 5 burgers. Because mustard/tomato sauces. Cannot get 3 turns perfectly correct. Shift Manager/Supervisor finds me stupid idiot. Put me in french fries station.

    (*if can. School holiday. Work part-time/temp. To know how difficult to earn money.)

  55. Temporary Job - Electronic Production Line - Production Crew.

    Electronic production line. Time = 2 months. Electric screwing station = fastest. Running production line = most missed components crew of month.

    (*production lines are more suitable for not talking robots. Than for sociable Panda.)

  56. Temporary Job - Beauty Salon Chain - Sales Officer.

    Beauty Salon Chain. Time = 1 week. Advise CEO not to indulge in females adultery sex. To have company good lucks. Get fired for disciplining CEO. Permanent post not confirm.

    (*do You say right things. To save Company?)

  57. Temporary Job - Chinese Construction Company - Admin Officer.

    Chinese Construction Company. Time = 1 week. 7 days politics wars in senior management. Self tendered because cannot take job stresses.

    (*best to get out of jobs politics - negative works. To do results for better of Company - positive works.)

  58. Temporary Job - Kumon Tuition Centre - Admin Assistant.

    Kumon Tuition Centre. Time = 1 week. They are basically MacDonald selling pieces of tuition fastfoods. With individual work stations. Self-tendered because low money salary to buy foods.

    (*pay sucks. But operations concepts very interesting.)

  59. Temporary Job - Tuition Centre - Tutor.

    Tuition Centre. Time = 1 week. The me teaches whole textbook in 1 session. Senior Teachers do not like my fast correct teaching styles. And transport too far. Self-tendered.

    (*most of times. I do my boring job out of that job. The jobs should not be there in first place.)

  60. Temporary Job - Home Tuition - Tutors.

    Home Tuition. Time = various 1-8 weeks. Same thing. Students learn everythings. Don't want me anymore. Always get fired.

    (*me Cstan98 finishes K1-university education program. Without tuition tutors. So Panda never really believes in tuition works.)

  61. Temporary Job - Cleaning Company - School Cleaner.

    School Cleaner. Time = 1 month. In Girls School. Suspect 1 always missing in action cleaner. Always in toilet with female student. Need to keep moving tables downstairs/upstairs. That is before country wide cleaner minimum salary = $1,000 . My salary at that time monthly $650 . Monthly rental room = $550 . Then is fired to mixed-sex School. Self tendered because run out of cashflows bankruptcy.

    (*first job. After living outside of singapore blue parents house.)

  62. Temporary Job - Giant - Retail Assistant.

    Retail Assistant. Time = 1 week. CEO/Founder calibre really not suitable for labour-intensive jobs. But me has a good times learning real retail knowledge on the ground field.

    (*look for each job that can add values.)

  63. Temporary Job - GUAN YIN Divination Explainer.

    Divination Teacher. Time = 1 week. Because me loves to work regarding GUAN YIN Temple. So me Cstan98 works as GUAN YIN f/Fortune t/Teller trainee. Outside GUAN YIN Temple. After NLP 1 week graduation. Leave with 20 cents salary per day.

    (*sometimes 3000 stars General are solid. But Her 3 bars officer captain is asshole. Because hide not willing to teach.)

  64. Training Program - AIA/Manulife - Insurance Agent.

    Insurance Agent. Time = few days. Not interested to be cat husband to a insurance agent wife. Because understand to meet sales quota. Sometimes she needs to do stupid things.

    (*also. Not interested to sell unnecessary products. When CPF - singapore endowment funds are enough for all housing/education/medical/retirement needs. And CPF is more honest/safer some more. Provided singapore government does not go down.)

  65. Training Program - Gay/Lesbian Company - Solicit.

    Gay Solicit. Time = 1 day. Not willing to obey instruction = immediate termination. Cause loss of a beautiful female product = also immediate termination.

    (*a song: "why make things so complicated?" What wrong with good honest money farming company activities. To mix match all Employees in 1-to-1 monogamy Marriages.)

  66. Interview - CEO Teacher.

    Apply for payroll job. CEO to me Cstan98: "you are over qualified. Why don't You be your own Founder & CEO. And expand Your family business. (You just lack confidence.)"

    (*me Cstan98 is not interested in my family business. So CSTAN98 management consultancy Company is borned/foundered.)

  67. Job - South-West Signcraft Service - Family Business.

    Engraving/Signcraft/Stencil Making. Time = 20 years (on-off). CEO = parents. The blue singapore father: "need not scare of other big businesses. Each/We has/have their own customers." Shop very small. So expenses very little.

    (*me Cstan98 uses to small expenses setup.)

  68. Job - Hwa Tat Lee Leather (S) Pte Ltd - Operations Assistant.

    Sofa Leather Tanning Company. Time = 1.5 years. CEO = female. First day in job. Seniors (suppose to be my subordinates) asks me better don't just sit there. Should read all filing files. My Operations Executive post demotes to Operations Assistant. Company rehires ex-SIA (Singapore Airlines) female Operations Executive Julie. Who become my Supervisor. She is so solid. The me wants to become Officer (Executive) like Her. Make mistake tender resignation. Before finding Job me wants.

    (*We become. Is because of good Role Models.)

  69. Job - Maintainer (S) Pte Ltd - Admin Officer.

    Container Office Fabrication Company. Time = 1.5 years. CEO = male. Learn from ex-Japanese Company CFO (Chief Finanical Officer) who is Finance Manager. About payroll controls. Learn from ex-Public Service Lawyer who is Human Resource/Legal Manager. About fighting law suits. Learn from ex-Black & Decker Human Resource Director who is Human Resource Manager. About Human Resources Practices. Learn from ex-Singtel who is Sales Manager. See his sales methods. Learn from PE (Professional Engineering) who is Engineering Manager. Complete company website by outsourcing. Complete company ISO 9001 manual data entry by outsourcing. Don't agree that company to grow. Must employ expensive high fliers. Soon company cashflows get into trouble. Sayings among Employees: "today may be peacock (managers). Tomorrow a feather duster (fired)." The me wants to become Manager (Executive) like all my Mentors. Make mistake tender resignation. Before finding Job me wants.

    (*We become. Is because We have great Teachers.)

  70. Job - SATO KOGYO CO., LTD. - Administrative Manager.

    Japanese Infrastructures/Roads Construction Company. Time = 2 years. CEO = male - Japanese. Because of payroll fraud. (Still very blur.) By right. Salary = $7000 . Actual drawing = $2050 . Fired because email sabotage by catholic friend. Who ask to get job there.

    (*Japanese Working System is better. Every staffs have Job Descriptions. Know job duties/scopes. If You salute Japanese Officers. Confirm nothing happens to You.)

  71. Job - CPK Contractor Pte Ltd - Admin Officer (CEO 2IC).

    Local Cleaning/Grasscutting Company. Time = 1 year. CEO = male - primary school. Help secure lifelines of $5millions grassing contract (5 years). And many total $2millions cleaning contracts (2 years each). Key man of CEO running the company. Because know Accounting/Administrative/Operations of running a company. Self tendered because email sabotage by catholic friend. Who ask to get job there.

    (*You work for People. Most likely You want to be own Boss. Someday right? Why not? Step by step get to Your Business Goal.)

  72. Job - CSTAN98 (Company) - Founder & CEO.

    Knowledge Website. Time = since 1998. CEO = self - male BBA (business degree). NTUC (singapore social agency) Job Profiling female PhD: "You very suitable for IT (programming) job." The me Cstan98: "me is BBA (business) trained. Not IT (programming) trained. How to find this kind of job?" Next thing. Start-up Knowledge Website 'https://www.cstan98.com'. Enjoying job ever since.

    (*every dog has his lucks.)

  73. Weaknesses To Make Founder & CEO.

    What drives me Cstan98 to be Founder & CEO. Precisely. Because have serious acne. Weak in speaking chinese/english. Want to commit suicide during teenager. Because no Girlfriend. Honour degree dropout. Addiction in masturbation/pornography. Impotent small p organ. Poor homeless. ECS (emperor cadet school) LKY wants me dead. When You totally have no place to back escape to survive. This is when You take last chance to step forward. You just need to turn all weaknesses to strengths. Like without a pimple is handsome face. Solid in writing chinese/english. Know what is honour program about. Superhuman once get married. The p organ is impossible to get any smaller. A bed/table to sleep/work is enough to setup a Company. If can survive all combined hitmen attacks. What is any things left more to scare?

    (*if me Cstan98 can. So can You. )

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