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Confucius 24 Filial Zen Stories. 孔子二十四孝故事.

  1. 孝感动天. Filial Piety Touch Heaven.

    Sage-King Shun Filial Piety is so Pure. That whenever He farms (before becoming Sage-King) all Forest Animals come & help Him.

    (*is Your Filial Piety able to touch Heaven & Animals?)

  2. 亲尝汤药. Personally Taste Medicine.

    When Han Dynasty Emperor Wen Mother is illed. He personally taste all the medicines before giving to His Mother. Without asking servant or taking off His Emperor Robe.

    (*is Your Filial Piety able to touch Your Kingdom?)

  3. 齿指心痛. Bite Finger Heart Pain.

    Zeng Zi Widowed Mother is alone at home. When a male guest comes, His Widowed Mother bites Her Finger. Zen Zi on the hilltop picking firewoods can feel His Widowed Mother pains. And go home quickly.

    (*is Your Filial Piety able to connect to Your Mother?)

  4. 单衣順母. Single Clothing Get Mother.

    Min Zi Qian Father remarries an evil step-mother. During winter. The evil step-mother gives Min Zi Qian cold-winter-flowers winter clothings. While the evil stepmother gives 2 step-brothers warm-cotton winter clothings. Min Zi Qian does not tell His Father to keep His step-mother for His 2 step-brothers.

    (*is Your Filial Piety able to touch Your Step-Mother heart?)

  5. 负米养母. Carry Rice Feed Parent.

    Before Zi Lu becomes an Official. Every month, He carries a Bag of Rice in a cart for 100 miles to feed His Parents. After His Parents die. Zi Lu: "I rather My Parents are alive, than now that I am an Official without Them alive."

    (*do You Filial Piety Your Parents enough when They are alive?)

  6. 卖身葬父. Sell Self Bury Father.

    Dong Yong in order to bury His Dead Father, sell Himself as Slave. A Female Heaven Angel marries Him & produces 300 yards of Clothes to redeem Him.

    (*is Your Filial Piety able to touch Female Heaven Angel?)

  7. 鹿乳养亲. Deer Milk Rear Parent.

    Tan Zi Parents have gone blind. Tan Zi cannot afford deer milk as medicines. So everyday He dresses with deer skin, goes & milks Mother Deers. When a Hunter finds out, catches Him a Mother Deer to keep.

    (*is Your Filial Piety able to touch Others?)

  8. 行佣供母. Become Servant Rear Mother.

    Jiang Ge carries His Mother to escape war. When meeting robbers, beg robbers to spare Him as He has a Mother to feed. When safe. Become Servant to feed His Mother.

    (*do You still do Filial Piety even in times of wars?)

  9. 怀梨给亲. Hide Pear Give Mother.

    6 Years Old Lu Ji is caught hiding & taking Pears out of a dinner party. When question, He says He is taking to His Mother who likes Pears.

    (*are You Filial Piety even at very Young Age?)

  10. 乳姑不怠. Milk Great-Daughter-In-Law Non Stop.

    Lady Tang Great-Grandmother-In-Law has no teeth to bite foods. So Lady Tang breasts milk feed Her until She dies.

    (*does Your Filial Piety involve Your In-Laws?)

  11. 滋蚊饱血. Feed Mosquito Full Blood.

    8 Years Old Wu Meng house is infected with mosquitoes & too poor to afford mosquito net. So every summer night. Wu Meng feed the mosquitoes before His Father goes to sleep.

    (*are You Filial Piety to bear pains?)

  12. 卧冰求鲤. Lay Ice Seek Fish.

    Wang Xiang Mother wants to eat Li Fish in winter. He out of desperation takes out his shirt to warm near a hole in winter ground. Out jump 2 Li Fishes.

    (*does Your Filial Piety touch Fishes?)

  13. 为母埋儿. For Mother Bury Son.

    Guo Ji & His Wife decide to bury Their Son, to save money to feed Their Old Mother. When digging ground, They hit a Chest of Gold saying "Heaven gives Filial Guo Ji Couple gold."

    (*does Your Filial Piety touch Heaven to give You gold?)

  14. 抓虎救父. Grasp Tiger Save Father.

    When 14 Years Old Yang Xiang & Father are farming. A tiger bites His Father away. Out of desperation. Yang Xiang grasps the neck of the tiger & the tiger lets go, saving His Father.

    (*does Your Filial Piety mean risking Your Life?)

  15. 弃官寻母. Surrender Post Look Mother.

    Official Zhu Shou has lost His Mother for 50 Years. Hearing the news of His Mother. He gives up His Official Post to look for His Mother.

    (*does Your Filial Piety mean giving up Your High Pay Job?)

  16. 尝粪忧心. Taste Shit Worry Heart.

    When Geng Qian Lou Father is sick, He tastes His Father shits everyday. When bad sweet, He is worried. When good bitter, He is happy.

    (*does Your Filial Piety mean tasting shits?)

  17. 戏彩娱亲. Entertain Colourful Fun Parent.

    70 Yeara Old Lao Lai Zi to entertain His Old Parents. Wear Colourful Clothes as a Child & play fall down tricks everyday to make His Parents happy.

    (*does Your Filial Piety outlive Your 70 Years Age?)

  18. 拾果供母. Pick Fruit Give Mother.

    Cai Shun picks Wild Fruits for His Mother during famine. Robbers ask why Black Fruits in one basket & Green Fruits in another. He says Black Sweet Ones are for His Mother. Green Sour Ones are for Himself. Robbers are touched.

    (*does Your Filial Piety touch Robbers?)

  19. 扇枕温被. Fan Bed Warm Blanket.

    In Summer. 9 Years Old Huang Xiang fans bed before His Father sleeps. In Winter. He warms bed before His Father sleeps.

    (*does Your Filial Piety mean even to Little Things?)

  20. 涌泉跳鲤. Out Spring Jump Fish.

    Jiang Shi Couple must walk 5 Miles Everyday to buy 2 Sea Fishes & fetch Seawaters to cook Their Mother Favourite Meals. One day in backyard. Out come a Seawater Spring & 2 Sea Fishes jump out Everyday.

    (*are Your Filial Piety able to touch gods?)

  21. 听雷哭墓. Hear Thunder Cry Tomb.

    Wang Pou Mother is afraid of thunders. After Her death, whenever there are thunders. Wang Pou runs to His Mother tomb to tell Her not to be afraid.

    (*do Your Filial Piety cares extend even after death.)

  22. 刻木事亲. Crave Wood Pray Parent.

    Ding Lan makes 2 wooden figures to daily remember His 2 Dead Parents. His jealous wife pricks the 2 wooden figures. Out come blood & the 2 wooden figures become crying.

    (*is Your Filial Piety able to make Your Dead Parents come?)

  23. 哭竹生笋. Cry Bamboo Out Bamboo-Shoot.

    Meng Zong Mother is sick & wants to eat bamboo shoots in winter. So He cries & drops tears in front of bamboos. Out of ground grow Winter Bamboo Shoots.

    (*is Your Filial Piety able to create New Plants Species?)

  24. 洗亲便器. Wash Mother Toilet Bowl.

    When Huang Ting Jian becomes an Official. He still washes His Mother Toilet Bowl every night.

    (*does Your Filial Piety remains the same even when You become successful?)

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