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**Buddha Zen Stories. 佛故事.

Buddha is Founder of Buddhism. Which later branches to Zen. The Scriptures are very difficult to understand. One Way to enter Enlightenment. Is directly through Stories.

  1. 30 Days Confusions.

    Buddhism Scripture. When Buddha has Enlightenment. He 30 days no foods & drinks. To know see what the hell are happening. The me Cstan98 knows about this kind of things. Because of cyclic syntax errors like how/time travels/what/when/where/who create/need who/why/... Total confusions.

    (*Zen Master: "everythings are all fate." Panda: "but You have to do Your best for always good endings.")

  2. 5000 Years Turtle.

    Buddhism Scripture. Every 5000 Years. A Turtle surfaces from deep sea to surface. There is this floating open circular hole-wood. What is probability of His head coming out of that wooden hole? That is chance of all Souls being saved. If We Angels miss this chance. We have to wait another 5000 years.

    (*Zen treasure every chance moment.)

  3. Attack Cultivator.

    Buddhism Scripture. 2 g/Ghosts are discussing whether to hit Cultivator. Who follow Sub-Sub-Buddha 5 Commandments very strictly. Good Ghost says better not. The bad ghost does not care & hits. Nothing happens to the Monk. But bad ghost goes to Hell to suffer for 500 years.

    (*me Cstan98 remembers my Japanese Company senior administrative manager & branch general manager put whisky in chinese tea for me to drink. Making it looks non-alcoholic when me under strict vegetarian Vow refusing to drink alcohols. After me drinks mouthful & knows it is whisky. The me stops. After that all hell breaks loose. The company goes bankrupt. Don't know what happen to that 2 japaneses. Singapore Comedian: "don't Zen play play.")

  4. Bee. Flower. Nectar

    Buddhism Scripture. Buddha: "just like bee collecting nectar from flowers. Flowers are not harm. So wisemen do not harm the world."

    (*but some people need to be stung. In disrupting process of nectar harvesting. Not scare. Just try mess with panda bee lah.)

  5. Buddha Die.

    Buddhism Scripture. When Buddha is alive. 2 m/Monks plan to see Him when living. First monk starts saving travelling expenses in 5 years time to see. Second Monk uses out his possessions & leaves to see Buddha. After 1 year. Second Monk comes back & tells first monk. He has seen Buddha. But He now has died & ascended.

    (*Zen Moment is now. Don't think today/tomorrow. Think now.)

  6. Buddha Seeing.

    Buddhism Scripture. 2 m/Monks travelling together to see Buddha. They walks very long distance. And dying of thirst. Come to pond with waters full of insects. First monk reasons see Buddha more important than do not eat meat Commandment. So drink waters with insects. Second Monk dies of thirst for not drinking insects. (Actually. Can use edge of robe to filter off insects.) When first monk reaches Buddha. Buddha tells him. Second Monk has become Heaven Being is here with Him. 2 months ago.

    (*use Zen wisdom to see Buddha. Don't eat insects. And don't die of thirst.)

  7. Donations - Oil Lamp.

    Buddhism Scripture. Old Lady Beggar wants to donate to Buddha. But have nothing to give. So someone suggest She begs for lamp oil in the day. Use her begging bowl as oil lamp for Buddha Class at night. In one Class. Buddha says this Old Lady Beggar donations is the greatest. Compared to even that Beautiful Garden bought by surfaced gold pieces.

    (*in donations it is the heart that count.)

  8. Donations - Oil Lamps.

    Buddhism Scripture. After Buddha says that Old Lady Beggar oil lamp doantion is greatest. Many poor/rich donate all kinds of oil lamps to Buddha Class. Each morning. All Monks try to extinguish all oil lamps. But there is this cheap oil lamp that all Monks cannot extinguish. Buddha tells all Monks that special oil lamp is donated by Widow with very highest purest sincerity heart. And can only be extinguished by Buddha.

    (*is your Donations able to touch Heaven.)

  9. Donations - Poor/Rich?

    Buddhism Scripture. Buddha wants His Monk Cultivators to ask for foods donations once each day. The rationale is not to be parasites to society. But to increase Blessings of the People who give to High Cultivators. 2 Groups are arguing. Poor Group = We should ask the poor because they are the ones who need more Blessings. Rich Group = We should ask the rich because they are less taxing to give. Buddha: "We should not be selective when We go Our rounds."

    (*it is not outside Donors. But Our inside Cultivation. Do You keep on increasing Your Dans Cultivation. So that You can give more & more Zen blessings to Your Donors.)

  10. Donations - Water Melon.

    Buddhism Scripture. Disciple Bad-Looking & Disciple Good-Looking are outside. Thirsty at water melons farmland. Both ask for piece of water melon donation. Beautiful Female scolds/spits on Disciple Bad-Looking. And give Disciple Good-Looking happily. Coming back. Buddha: "last life. That Female is a dead cat. Disciple Bad-Looking says this kind stingy thing & spits on her. Disciple Good-Looking recites Prayer & buries Her."

    (*Zen Law: what You get is what You do.)

  11. Drunk Elephant.

    Buddhism Scripture. The enemies want to kill Buddha. So they drunk elephant. And beat her to go downhill towards Him. When she comes to Him. She just kneels down.

    (*are You able to Zen calm all b/Beings down including a/Animals.)

  12. Fake Buddha.

    Buddhism Scripture. One time. Appear 2 same b/Buddhas. All Disciples cannot differentiate fake/real. Until Wisest Disciple notice smallest details that fake one keeps blinking.

    (*for fake pandas. You can do everythings you want to them. Like hit/kill/rape/rob/seduce/... That what you always want to do to me Panda, right? Because fakes ones are without 14 Starfleets protections.)

  13. Gold Covered Garden.

    Buddhism Scripture. Buddha needs training Place to teach all His Disciples. Richest Man wants to donate King Imperial Garden to Buddha. King does not bear to let go of His beautiful Garden. When ask for the price. Joking: "enough gold pieces to cover surface area of Garden." Next morning. Garden is covered with glittering gold pieces. Touched. King: "I accept the gold. But uncovered trees are my Donations to Buddha."

    (*You dare to accept this kind of Temple Donations? Any disciple commits sins like adultery inside Temple. Next thing. Fire in Temple.)

  14. Gold Poison Snake.

    Buddhism Scripture. When Buddha is going along a farmland: "Disciple XYZ. Poison snake." His Disciple: "yes, Teacher. Poison snake." A farmer & his son hear & discover this poison snake is bar of gold. So they happily take it home. Then palace guards come searching door to door for lost imperial golds. The farmer & his son are put into prison. At prison. The farmer & his son: "Buddha is right. Poison snake. Poison snake." Prison guard overhears them. Does investigation & let them go free on the sake of Buddha Name.

    (*do you like Your Zen treasure more than poison snakes.)

  15. Life In Breathing.

    Buddhism Scripture. Buddha: "how long is Life? 30/40/50 years? No. It is just in in-out breathings."

    (*because You don't know whether You are able to breathe out those airs = die any Zen moment.)

  16. No Dead House Seed.

    Buddhism Scripture. Someone son dies. Ask Buddha to resurrect him. Buddha: "you go to a house with no one dies before. Come back with a seed." So person goes around asking. Discover every house has someone dead before.

    (*Buddha: "everyone dies." JESUS CHRIST: "We can resurrect." GUAN YIN: "there is no eternal life. Because there is no 5 elements Sage-King." The me Cstan98: "die die must set-up GOD eternal life Kingdom.")

  17. Red Hot Iron.

    Buddhism Scripture. Buddha: "knowing red hot iron is hot and touch. And not knowing red hot iron is hot and touch. Which person hurts more? So. Knowing Cause & Effect Laws. And sin. And not knowing Cause & Effect Laws. And sins. Who hurt more?"

    (*Panda: "not scare. Just try to touch lah. Kid.")

  18. Scripture: Mother In Hell.

    Buddhism Scripture. Buddha Female Save Mother In Hell Scripture. Buddhist Female discovers Her sinful mother is in Hell. So foods offerings to/recite Scriptures by Buddhist High Monks to save her.

    (*Panda: current times. If You do that. All sinful foster parents going to abuse the system. Can sins what. Save anyway. Best Stroke = Become Old-Buddha Class + Visit sinful parents once every month in Hell + to motivate Them to leave Hell on Their own Merits.)

  19. Scripture: Parent Gratitude.

    Buddhism Scripture. Buddha Filial Piety Scripture. Buddha sees some skeletons on road. Ask His Disciples to seperate black & white ones. When ask why? Buddha: "white ones are from males. Black ones are from females. Because Females give Their skeletons calcium to Their Children via breasts feedings." Then Buddha explains Parents Gratitudes to bring all of Us up. All the Disciplies cry unconscious for 24 hours knowing what Their Parents (especially Mothers) Gratitudes.

    (*Heaven Tao Elder: don't after go Heaven Planets. Then pains to see your foster/real parents are still suffering on planet earth. Save Them now to go together.)

  20. Scripture: Rabbit Give Meat.

    Buddhism Scripture. Buddha No Meat Scripture. In many creations ago. There is great famine because all virtures cultivations are all gone. There is only one last Cultivator left. He is meditating in the forest waiting to die. Mother Rabbit & Her Son Rabbit tell all the rabbits subjects. We are all going to die anyway. Let help save this Cultivator to have some living chances. So the forest god starts a fire. And 2 Rabbits jump into the fire to become cooked meats for Cultivator to eat to live. After Cultivator knows: "how can I eat this kind of compassionate meats to live." He also jumps into the fire. There is great Earthquake in the empire. The sinful emperor sends ministers to find out what happen. After knowing. Everyone is touched. And Virture Cultivations come back.

    (*since then that Cultivator has become all along no meat Cultivation White Period Old-Buddha. And Mother Rabbit becomes Red Period Buddha. And the Son Rabbit become Red Period Buddha Main Disciple.)

  21. Sell Vegetarian Vow.

    Singapore. Old GUAN YIN female disciple has been strict Vegetarian Vow for 20 years. But she finds this cultivation method does not make her rich. So when evil businessman approaches her to buy her 20 years vegetarian vow for $5,000 . She sells it away. That night. GUAN YIN comes into her dream: "your 20 years Vegetarian Vow has been protecting you from many disasters accidents. Giving You daily foods (breads)." The she wakes up crying. But what done is done.

    (*You guess what happen when me Cstan98 sells away my 22+ Years of strict Vegetarian Vow Cultivation for $200 . Because that buddhist buyer challenges me that since me says my Vegetarian Vow no merits. Why not sell to him to prove my point? The me takes his $200 and donate to Heaven Tao in his annoymous name. When me asks what name to write for his donations to Heaven Tao. According to GUAN YIN. Past Life me buys his Vegetarian Vow. Now returning him. That right = cultivation levels drop like mad + females friends/jobs fates all gone + ... If You are on Muslim Halal Vows, No-Beef Vows, Semi-/Vegetarian Vows, ... Guard Them with Your Life. Because Your Zen life depends on It.)

  22. Shout When Heart Far.

    Buddhism Scripture. Buddha: "why do angry people shout at each others? This is because their hearts are very far apart. So they need to let other person hear."

    (*do You scream at Your Wife daily? It is disturbing sign before divorce. Zen calm down & speak softly tenderly. Outside actions calm inner heart. Just like inner heart out outer actions. They work both ways.)

  23. Sincere Sparrow.

    Buddhism Scripture. In a forest fire. Sincere Sparrow is seen using a leaf branch to dip waters. To fly back & fro to extinguish the fires. Heaven god: "how are those drops of waters going to extinguish the flames?" Answer: "I must at least try my best." Touched. Rains are sent down.

    (*do You try Your Zen Best so that GOD does the rest.)

  24. South Buddha - Durians Shits/Half-Fish.

    (01) Singapore. It is said a Buddha comes to South. His shits bear first fruits of Durians.

    (02) Singapore. It is said a Buddha comes to South. His half-finished fish puts to sea is still alive with half-side without meat flesh.

    (*is Your Zen Cultivation high enough to create new plants/fishes species?)

  25. Special Power Cannot Overcome.

    Buddism Scripture. Buddha clan people are predicted to die in war. Buddha: "many creations ago. My this clan people empty pond. And eat kill all the fishes. These fishes are now soldiers attacking to kill them. Although I do not eat any of fish. But because I knock on biggest fish head 3 times. Now I am having 3 days headaches." Second Disciple uses His special powers to put 10 most rigtheous People of clan in His Bowl. To carry Them out of city fortress to save Them. Outside. These 10 People turn into blood waters. Then He realizes special powers cannot overcome Cause & Effect Laws.

    (*Buddha cannot escape knocking fish head headaches. Old-Buddha Panda no eyes to see what happens to this planet earth eating of so many chickens/cows/pigs/sheep/...)

  26. Stars In Heaven.

    Buddhism Scripture. When there is Angel in Heaven. There is Star in Universe (Our Sky).

    (*why is there is no much stars in some earth skys? The my Cstan98 Understanding: satan the devil controls 33 levels of gods heavens planetary shields to prevent Angels from leaving planet earth. To make things more complicated. So currently. We Jedi on planet earth are not able to see through these shields = so not much stars to be seen. But firmly believe if You can penetrate these shields. You go GOD Heaven. There are many Stars = Angels out there. Trick is go past satan the devil second heavens to go GOD Heaven. There is a short time window when the satan the devil second heavens (planetary shields) are destroyed during Rapture. So during Rapture. Zen Leave planet earth while You can.)

  27. Stone Carving.

    Buddhism Scripture. There are 2 same size/type of s/Stones. The Carver selects first stone. Start knocking here & there. The stone screams like mad. Don't want to endure & run away. The Second Stone. Just take pains. Know somethings great going to happen. 1 year later. It becomes Buddha Statue. Worship to remember Buddha by hundreds of thousands Buddhists.

    (*for me Cstan98. If me has 12 teeth to pluck. First pluck 1 teeth to know what is one effects. Then pluck 2 teeth to know the two effects. Then next 3. Then next 3. Then the last 3 teeth. *actually. The me takes care of teeth so well. Only pluck 4 wisdom teeth. Because there are sleepy jamming devices in them.)

  28. Test - Buddha - 4 Gates.

    Buddhism Scripture. Not yet Buddha (Prince) wants to visit outside world. So His king father tidy city everywhere outside palace. First gate = see birth. Second gate = see old age. Third gate = see sickness. Fourth gate = see death. He reasons life is sufferings. So become Monk to find Buddhahood Solution.

    (*only when there is Eternal Life in earth kindgom. Then there is no birth/old age/sickness/death. GUAN YIN: "to have eternal life on earth. Need to have 5 elements Sage-King.")

  29. Test - Buddha - Cut Hands/Legs.

    Buddhism Scripture. Before Buddha becomes Buddha lifetime. As Cultivator. In forest. Meditating on stone. A king falls asleep. All his queens go to Cultivator to hear teachings. The king burns with anger. Thinking Cultivator is seducing his queens. Cut off 2 hands/legs from Cultivator. Last words: "when I become Buddha. First Person I save You." The king reasons he kills wrong person. Commit suicide. Next lifetime. Become guardian Disciple (out of 10 main Disciples) of Buddha (dead Cultivator).

    (*Buddhahood not easy to attain.)

  30. Test - Buddha - Sleeping Females.

    Buddhism Scripture. The king father wants to prevent not yet Buddha (Prince). Not leaving palace to go outside to cultivate Buddhahood. So let Him marries with many beautiful females servants. At night. Buddha (Prince) go to main hall. Discover all those females. Sleeping with mouth open. Saliva flowing. Snoring. Without makeup. Where is day beauty? Next morning. Still insist on going into Cultivation.

    (*must know real state of world beauty.)

  31. Test - Buddha - Tiger Food.

    Buddhism Scripture. Before Buddha becomes Buddha lifetime. As Cultivator. He one time jumps into pit. To feed mother tiger. In order to prevent her from eating own cub.

    (*Buddhahood not easy to attain.)

  32. Test - Sub-Buddha - Eyes.

    Buddhism Scripture. Sub-Buddha wants to go highest level of donations. Want to donate his body. A god comes & tests Him: "I need 1 Sub-Buddha eye to cure my illness." So Sub-Buddha cuts his right eye out. Reply: "must be left eye." So cut out his left eye out. Then that god stamps on both eyes: "they stink. Not Sub-Buddha eyes." Sub-Buddha heart becomes dead cold. Budddha in Heaven: "Cultivators can only advance. Not withdraw." Sub-Buddha instantaneously gain Heaven eyes.

    (*Sub-Buddhahood not easy to attain.)

  33. Test - Sub-Sub-Buddha - Temptation.

    Buddhism Scripture. 1 Buddha Disciple. Who is nephew of Buddha. From royal blood. Because He is Prince. And very handsome one. Many female fox spirits want to marry Him after He becomes Monk. One day. As He is doing His daily round asking for foods donations. He makes mistake of going into female fox spirit house. Buddha knows. And appears just in time.

    (*in 2018. We Angels are busy fighting satan the devil commands all the time. Who is supposed to know? Who is supposed to appear just in time?)

  34. Want Water. Not Caste.

    Buddhism Scripture. Buddha asks low-class Female to give Him some waters. She: "I am too low class to give to a Prince." Buddha: "I ask for waters. Not caste."

    (*anyone with a pure heart can give to Buddha.)

  35. You Have My Teachings.

    Buddhism Scripture. Buddha to all His Disciples: "who have all My Teachings?" His First Disciple comes forth & bows once to Him. Buddha: "You have all My Teachings."

    (*are You confident enough to admit You have all this Cstan98 Website Teachings? It is revolved around One Point. Find that Zen One Point.)

  36. Yue Fei Big Bird.

    Buddhism Scripture. There is this Big Bird sitting in Class listening to Buddha. One Disciple shits gases. Disregard him as no respect for Buddha. Bite him into 2. Because this kind of small sins misjudgement. Is just supposed to be just a painful poke at the buttock to settle. This bird becomes Human General Yue Fei. Die even doing the right thing fighting for His Country.

    (*big sin big Punishment. Medium sin medium Punishment. Small sin small Punishment.)

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