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*Source: WhatsApp + FaceBook + Books + Zen Masters + Google Search - Generals Stories.

**Army Generals Zen Stories.

The my Cstan98 Fighting Styles are highly influenced by below mentioned Generals. They are inpsirations to how me should lead my Commands/Men. Panda Empire is not built by one man Commander. But by all the Generals to Officers to Men. Who shares the Unity in One Goal. One Objective. That is to build Buddha/GOD/Sage-King/Zen Kingdom Universe.

  1. Alexander The Great.

    NLP Alexander The Great. The persian king has millions of troops. He only has 200000 (forget exact). To His Troops: "enemy numbers may be great. But they are divisive groups of different countries armies." Go straight injury their ceo. When he flees. The whole enemy army suffers huge shock & disintegrates.

    (*later kill by his enemies when indulge in too much sex. And his roman empire divides into 4 parts. You never never become sexually exhausted.)

  2. British Alfred.

    NLP British King Alfred. England is under invasion. His Army is scattered. Out of desperation. King Alfred is running away in country side with last piece of bread. Old Beggar: "Sir. Can You give me a piece of bread?" After eating: "I am an Archangel. Blow Your Horn. And 5000 strong Knights join You." When Horn is blown. Fear strikes in the enemy. War is overturned.

    (*are You sure You have lost the War? Only all-seeing Archangels can see the real situations.)

  3. British Queen.

    NLP British Queen. When spanish empire controls whole european seas. Use British Pirates = ships have smaller but longer range canons guns.

    (*do You have courage not to bow down to stronger bullying powers forces?)

  4. Cao Cao - Burn Rations.

    NLP Cao Cao. (曹操.) At first. When He starts with medium army. A big army enemy general (not Liu Bei) wants to kill him. He reasons foods rations are vital point of any army. He burns all of their supplies in one night. Since that fire attack. This big army enemy general is unable to recover.

    (*are You small Army able to take out bigger army.)

  5. Cao Cao - Chicken Bone.

    NLP Cao Cao. (曹操.) There is this war administrator inside Cao Cao army. The he always say what Cao Cao next move is. So accurate. The his boastings start reaching Cao Cao ears. One night. As Cao Cao is eating chicken. Deputy General requests tonite guard password. Cao Cao: "chicken bone." The war administrator starts packing. Say army going home tomorrow. Because chicken bone (war gains) delicious but need to throw. Cao Cao executes him for starting army chaos.

    (*ECS - Emperor Cadet School/GCS - General Cadet School. Can endure. Endure. But really cannot endure. See what happen to you.)

  6. Cao Cao - Hidden Knife.

    NLP Cao Cao. (曹操.) Cao Cao: "I know person with knife near me." One day. Ask bed attendant to carry knife near. When bed attendant near Cao Cao. Tell everyone: "this person has knife." The bed attendant is killed so fast. Become puppet chess piece. Since then. No one dare to assassin Cao Cao.

    (*choose CEO wisely. Righteousness do not kill righteousness. But non-righteousness kill both Righteousness/non-righteousness.)

  7. Control Sex.

    Romance Of 3 Kingdoms. There are 3 type Emperorship style. Cao Cao (曹操) uses generalship. Liu Bei (刘备) uses strategistship. Sun Quan (孙权) uses kingship. But one things Cao Cao is fluent in sexual cultivation (he has many s/Sons). Liu Bei is stupid idiot in bed (has retarded son). When these first generation dies. Cao Cao second generation takes China.

    (*'Dune, Movie': whoever controls sex + take Universe. Currently. Batman no even an egg. Joker has a Queen. Panda has teleportic sperms. Superman has a Supergirl. You guess endings?)

  8. General 2 Pillars.

    NLP 2 Pillars General. In Country. There is General/Minister. General is very pissed with Minister. Minister keeps avoiding Him. Finally. One day. General to Minister: "why don't You fight like a man with me." Answer: "our northern enemy now don't dare to attack Our Country. Is because of 2 Persons. One is You. The Other is me. That is why I keep don't want to fight You." General then understands. And work together to defend Country.

    (*same here. Why Archangel Panda does not want to fight You? Because We are now in critical situations. That whole Light Universe may be invaded. It is to Our advantages to overlook Our differences at this moment.)

  9. General 2 Sided Coin.

    NLP 2 Sided Coin General. Before each battle. In front of Army at Temple. General throw coin: "if head/tail. We win/lose." When head. Whole Army: "We win!!! We win!!!" So every battle wins. Deputy Generals: "gods are with Us." General shows 2 sides of coin = both heads.

    (*Panda Armed Forces must 100% to win all wars. Or else there is no Light Universe to have life. We win!!! We win!!!)

  10. General Always Lose.

    NLP Always Lose General. Art Of War - Cao Cao = General decides armies. So to fight Strategist Zhu Ge Liang. Cao Cao always send an always lose general who always lose whole armies. But each war defeat. Able to kill 1 Liu Bei General. Art Of War - Zhu Ge Liang = to kill as many soldiers of enemies. This method able to stalemate. But in the end. Zhu Ge Liang too shorten lifespan because kill too many innocent corporals just obeying orders. Art Of War - Panda = once Mr/Mrs Emperor/Generals/Strategists down > whole Command down. But every mr/mrs Corporals are precious lives.

    (*by right small corporals sins small corporals punishments. Big generals sins big generals punishements.)

  11. General Burn All Boats.

    NLP Burn All Boats General. After Army lands in enemy lands. Burn all boats: "Men. There are no retreat. We either take enemies. Or We die." Successfully win wars. We fight Our best. When there is simply no choice.

    (*other similar Chinese General Tactics. Burn all cooking equipments/rations.)

  12. General Burning Towers.

    NLP Burning Towers General. Ancient China uses burning towers as warning of enemies invasion. Sun Zi: "warfares should be secret." But General uses fast/swift brutal forces. All burning towers one by one keep on burning. Enemies morale drops like mad.

    (*sound familiar? IAF - India Armed Forces have 5000 aircraft carriers groups. Keep them secret warfare. PAF - Panda Armed Forces like enemies to keep secret. Their own armed forces morale drops - we do not have any aircraft carrier. PAF - Panda Armed Forces declares accurately. 14 Starfleets with 50%-50% lose/win chances. Everyone in Our Friendly Forces know if We don't train hard enough. We very hard to explain to Our dead Troops close Relatives.)

  13. General Dazzling Sub-Wife.

    NLP Dazzling Sub-Wife General. General Sub-Wife comes to see General. Deputy General sees Her. Too dazzle seeing Her for 15 minutes. Notice everyone see Him like that. Scare like hell that General going to execute Him. Just keep quiet for months. General understands. Tell Him it is ok. Soon war. The enemies are too strong. Ask which Deputy General dares to lead in front. That Deputy General volunteers. And successfully route enemies. General tells Sub-Wife: "it is time to be another Person Main Wife. Then be His Sub-Wife." Sub-Wife cries like mad. Soon discover new Husband is that Deputy General.

    (*do You think Old-Buddha Panda. Never have 3000 beautiful Queens before. Past life as Emperor. Believe me. In the end. It is simply taking care of other Good Persons Wives for Them.)

  14. General Horse Collapse.

    NLP Horse Collapse General. Deputy General pushes horse very hard. General: "horse to collapse in 15 minutes. If still push that hard." 15 minutes later. Horse really collapses.

    (*good Generals are simply People who have good grasp of everythings. Of 5 elements flow.)

  15. General Kill CEO Flag.

    NLP Kill CEO Flag General. First time emperor commander wants to lead naval fleet. But is scared to be in CEO Flag ship (getting killed). So he puts CEO flag in average ship. Enemy Commander reasons that their commander should not be in such weak ship. But don't care. Still attack & sink CEO flag. The emperor naval fleet thinks they lose their CEO. Go into mass chaos.

    (*Emperor/General Flags should be what They are. Once down. Whole Commands must quickly take steps to react. Like next Commander assumes Commmand. Or else whole Commands all go down.)

  16. General Kill Discipline.

    NLP Kill Discipline. A general before any war. Start killing own soldiers of last war who fight most cowardly. The whole army is so scared that win every wars.

    (*PAF - Panda Armed Forces do not kill own Troops. But to fight this kind of scared troops. We must be more scary than their general to them. Cstan98 Counter Stroke + Copycat Stroke = you people just try + once attack on Heaven Soldiers = 100% We kill you + but if You People turn back & kill your emperor/general = You 50-90% live. Slowly Think.)

  17. General Kill Tiger/Dragon.

    NLP Kill Tiger/Dragon. Village has 3 big problems = bully/dragon/tiger. So someone incites bully to kill tiger. The tiger is killed. Incite to kill dragon. Both bully/dragon disappear under water for 7 days. Everyone thinks bully is dead also. So celebrate all 3 problems solve. Bully comes out water. When Bully knows how village hates Him. After fighting so hard. To remove dragon/tiger for village. He leaves village. With confidence gains. He becomes General protecting Country.

    (*Everyone just needs to leverage all His strength/weakness advantages. Weakness is strength. Strength is weakness.)

  18. General Crawl Under.

    NLP Crawl Under General. When young. Is asked by gangsters to crawl under their legs. He reasons why get kill for stupid reasons. So He submits. Grow up to become General. Recruit these childhood gangsters to become His Deputies/Men.

    (*there is no such things call permanent failures/successes. They are all temporary. Because We live Forever & Ever.)

  19. General Crows.

    NLP Crows General. He understands enemy armies are very superstitious. So He fights in grounds that have many black crows flying. The enemies armies morale drop like hell.

    (*what wrong with crows? They are very filial Birds. What wrong with black colour? You need not sleep at night time?)

  20. General Cup.

    NLP Cup General. He is admiring his precious antique cup. When it almost falls breaks. Scare hell out of him. Thinking I been through more shits. Why am I so scare now? He breaks throws it.

    (*do not let enemies have a weakness on You. The me Cstan98 always train my Queen Choy. If enemy sex drug/video tape you. Don't give in to threats. The they push you further & further. Until cannot comply anyway. If enemy bomb wire our children. Don't give in to threats. They are gone anyway once there is a bomb...)

  21. General Fortified.

    NLP Fortified General. An invading army comes attacking. He reasons We have enough foods reserves. But enemies does not. He just fortified defences. And don't fight back. Soon enemies withdraw.

    (*PAF - Panda Armed Forces have time on Our side. Do You think We engage you? Or to fortified hold?)

  22. General Hide Strength.

    NLP Hide Strength General. ??? Dynasty. The old arch-enemies invade china as usual. So Emperor sends in best General. But for weeks (months???). That General does nothing. Keep (all elite) Soldiers out of sight. Everyone including Emperor/enemies starts to think He is coward. Then when enemies start to do anything they like. Orders are given to attack. The enemies are so devasted. That for 10-20 years. There is no infringments of terrorities.

    (*do not take enduring silent PAF - Panda Armed Forces defensive forces as weak. Panda: "don't believe. Just try lah.")

  23. General Kill Wine Females.

    NLP Kill Wine Females General. 2 g/Generals are invited to enemy general feast. The enemy general: "my female servant is serving you wine. If You don't drink. The she is executed." Weak general keeps drinking wines to save females. Strong General still don't drink even 6-7 females get executed. Answer: "he (enemy general) wants to kill his own females. Why must I care?"

    (*General LKY Panda same. There is no negotiation with enemies.)

  24. General Lose Then Win.

    NLP Lose Then Win General. General suffers big defeats. He withdraws 50km. All Deputies Generals ask Him to withdraw back Capitol. Answer: "failures are just lessons learnt. Now enemies confirm concentrate building up defences. Now is actually time to strike back." He is right. And win back lost war.

    (*wins/losses are losses/wins. Successes/failures are failures/success. Only Winner is People who stick to end Forever & Ever.)

  25. General Moment.

    NLP Moment General. The enemies send invasion army. General is sent with Defending Army to meet. But is so defeated comes running back to defend city fortress. But defending city General refuses to open city gate: "We cannot let You People come in. Putting defence lines at risk." As pursuing enemies invasion army start to slaughter them. And They put up strong fight. Defending city Army cannot take it. All request to open city gate. Defending city General knows it is the Moment.

    (*if Defending City General opens gate before that. And retreating armies not fighting. Whole defence lines should be all broken. Generals should know the Moments.)

  26. General Monkey All Arrows.

    NLP Monkey All Arrows General. In boat. General tries to shoot jumping monkey. Arrows keep missing. The monkey makes funs of General in branches. So General orders all men to shoot. The monkey dies.

    (*there is time one-to-one. Time many-to-one.)

  27. General Monkey Don't Want.

    NLP Monkey Don't Want General. In boat. Baby monkey comes down from tree. A soldier wants to keep as pet. Mother monkey panic. Keep following boat. Finally. Fall into boat. With intestines broken. General: "I don't you (this kind of people) inside my Troops." Kick solider out of boat. To stay in forests.

    (*discipline needs to maintain in Army.)

  28. General Recruiter.

    NLP Recruiter General. The dynasty sui (隋) is corrupted. Dynasty Tang (唐) does rebellion. But there are good loyal old Generals inside old dynasty sui system. So everytime whenever a war is won. While most generals are searching for golds/weapons. Senior General spends most time in prison cells. Recruiting good Dynasty Sui ex-Generals for Dynasty Tang. So that war sufferings for the people end faster.

    (*not for gold & glory. But for the People.)

  29. General Rooster.

    NLP Rooster General. The country is in big mess. So He makes it a point to save His country. So whenever daybreak rooster sounds. He wakes up & starts trainings. Finally Country is saved.

    (*We cannot change much of messy outside situations. But We can do Our part by training Ourselves inside harder & harder.)

  30. General Shoe.

    NLP Shoe General. Very weird Old Man sits by bridge. Wait for best Kid to pick up His shoe 2-8 times (forget exact). Who follows His Parents instructions to respect Elders strictly. Chosen. Give very rare chinese strategies Classic to become successful General.

    (*do You respect Wisemen enough to be a wise General.)

  31. General Wine River.

    NLP Wine River General. Fight thick & thin with His Men. When Emperor awards pot of Imperial Wine. He pours wine into river. He & His Men drinks shares from it.

    (*pot wine in river is not good too diluted. But it is heart of General that counts.)

  32. Generals Queens.

    NLP Tang Emperor. Dynasty Tang (唐) is second longest Dynasty. After Dynasty Zhou (周). How Dynasty Tang does it. Whenever General is confirmed. If He is not married. Emperor sits with all Generals including new unmarried General. Queen sits with all Generals Queens. Most beautiful Girls in Country dance before Them. See which Girl that unmarried General is interested. Then Emperor tries to arrange Marriage. So that Generals do not fight each Other for females. Happy Marriages come down to Emperorship down to Generalship down to Corporalship. Building secure Country System.

    (*You guess what is ECS - Emperor Cadet School Panda is doing. Panda is trying to secure Human Race Planet System. We should be doing more for Our Race. Than fighting each other for each other wives.)

  33. Genghis Khan - Eagle.

    NLP Genghis Khan. Khan has favourite pet Eagle. Everytime He hunts/wars. Eagle is his airborne radar. One time. Eagle disappears. And Khan is away from His hunting group. For km. There is no water. Very thirsty. He finally finds river. When about to drink. His Eagle appears/knocks out His cup. Keep repeating. He is so dying thirsty. That He no choice has to arrow kill that Eagle. Then He notices inside river is a submerged poisonous snake. Whoever drinks supposes to die. He cries so much for His mistake of killing Eagle. This incident influences Genghis Khan whole understanding of disobedience in His Troops.

    (*understand that years of loyal Troops disobey Orders for a reason. Under drugs? Trying to save Empire/You?)

  34. Genghis Khan - Gun Powder.

    NLP Genghis Khan. The european fortresses are impossible to attack. So uses firepowers canons. Scare hell out of europe. That they upgrade to firearms after his empire ends. Japan is safe from foreign enemies for centuries. Until They see His naval forces out of surprises.

    (*do You keeps upgrading your weapons technology. For that edge in warfare deterrence.)

  35. George Washington.

    NLP George Washington. Dismount from horse to help men move tree log. With corporal just standing down there issuing orders.

    (*are You hands-on General?)

  36. Guan Sage - Final Battle..

    NLP Guan Sage. (关公.) Final Battle. To His Men: "it is Honour You are under my Command. Please go back home now that there is a chance." All those Men who stay die with Him become Heaven Soldiers.

    (*do You gain respect of Your Men?)

  37. Guan Sage - U-Turn.

    NLP Guan Sage. (关公.) The enemy general is unable to take Guan Sage city fortress. Say they are retreating. Ask Him to send them distant off. Guan Sage says ok. After distant. Whole enemy armed forces u-turn. And behead Him.

    (*know all enemy bad/good history moves. Why Panda fights so well? Because me know almost 90% of tricks possible. The rest 10% me is learning now. Then the next another 10% me is also learning then.)

  38. Hitler.

    NLP Hitler. Blitzkrieg = combined air forces/armour/machine guns/waves & waves of infantry/... To breakthrough enemies defences. Panzer Tanks = armour so thick they are impossible to take out. Start from private to build his own empire. Become so confident of quitting impossible smoking. Take out whole europe except United Kingdom. Lies so much "france/poland/... is the last country I want". Do not have accurate reports that his air forces are taking massive losses. And landing positions of Allied Forces.

    (*do You research all enemies generals right/wrong chess moves?)

  39. Independence Day.

    NLP 'Independence Day, Movie'. General to United States President: "Permission to be with You. (Because all generals leave you. You need One.)" Captain waiting for step-by-step orders from Him during war. He just stands there quietly until Everyone uses Her/His Initative for operations flow.

    (*do You have solid generalship?)

  40. Jiang Zi Ya.

    NLP Jiang Zi Ya. (姜子牙.) The shang dynasty commits mass adultery. And implements 100% income taxes. He recommends to Zhou Sage-King (Governor then). We wait until there is no more cries in the country (no one has energy to fight). Then move in with 500 Troops. To capture whole country of 500 millions of troops (forget exact number).

    (*sometimes it is listening to correct Wiseman which makes the Sage-King.)

  41. Kang Xi.

    NLP Kang Xi. (康熙.) Qing 2nd Generation Founder. His Father/Mother King/Queen die leaving with 4 mentors Ministers. Cunning & Virgin. Lead Army as General in the field. When old enough for emperorship. Start removing last evil mentor minister. Establish good Country Policies. Know everythings from Buddhism/Economies/Laws/...

    (*Good Emperor has to be more dog than dog people to survive to govern the Country well.)

  42. Lee.

    NLP Lee. His whole Armies waiting behind Him. Alone charge into under artillery fires to put nest of birdings into safety. His Men: "General. Please be careful. General. Your Orders? Sir." After birds into safety. To His Men: "now everythings are in order. Men. Attack formations."

    (*do you ensure minimum innocent civilians casualties.)

  43. Lincoln.

    NLP Lincoln. President Lincoln so believes in no slavery in United States. That He frees all American blacks from slavery.

    (*are You determined enough for Your vision?)

  44. Mao.

    NLP Mao. The mao communists army is losing. Taiwanese Army has big majority. Then japanese invasion. So Taiwanese Army invites mao communist army to fight together against japanese army. Mao term of condition is he is army general commander. Mao small army always hit & run with minimum casualties while building his army. The Taiwanese Army always head on with japanese army with maximum casualties while losing their army. By the time. Taiwanese Army discovers what mao is doing. Have no choice but to retreat to Taiwan. Losing China Mainland.

    (*other Mao things. Long match singing communists songs to hit enemies. Always need one enemy to sharpen his armies. His arts of war has decided PLA - people liberation army doctrines for years. Panda is not against them. But what they do to Others. The they do to PAF - Panda Armed Forces.)

  45. Napoleon.

    NLP Napoleon. French General Napoleon always pat talks His Men before each battle: "I bring You to best places scenaries to win battles." Start from a highly accurate artillery Officer to become French Commander-In-Chief. Before every battle. Ask Queen Josephine win or not? When ask if he wins Russia? "no, please don't." Ignore warning. Lose war. The empire collapses.

    (*do You listen to good advices from Your Wife?)

  46. Napoleon - French Alps.

    NLP Napoleon. The everyone tells Him it is impossible to pass through french alps to italy. He shows up 3 weeks later (forget exact). Answer: "there is no impossible for a determined Army."

    (*once You fix good Goal. Do You die die must achieve it?)

  47. Prophet Mohammed.

    Koran. All countries at His times mass adultery/stealings. No one is able to farm foods. Follow His widow Queen advices. Soliders farmers carry M16 to farm. When alarms sound. Defend farmlands. Build Islamic Empire. Pity Widows of killed Men so much. Build 4 wives (virgins daughters/widows) polygamy system. Which create current big ISIS (is shits is shits) mess for me Cstan98 now.

    (*do You die die also not create many wives polygamy system to give problems to future generations?)

  48. Roman.

    NLP 'Gladiator, Movie'. Roman General: "stay in formation. Stay in formation. Now!!!" NLP 'Eagle, Movie'. To men: "I know You People are tired. But build the defences lines. Because Our lives depend on them later." Wake up in middle night. To 2IC: "activate the men." Nothing happen. Nothing happen. Enemies attack. Morning Men: "good command. Sir."

    (*do You have sharp Zen flows/timings?)

  49. Russian.

    NLP Russian. When French Napoleon attacks Russia. His logistics is spread very thin. Thinking once reach moscow. Can get resupply. To His surprise. He finds it burns down with nothing.

    (*don't leave anythings to enemies.)

  50. Qin Emperor.

    NLP Qin Emperor. (秦始皇.) Build country laws codes. Build waves & waves of soldiers. Unify standards. Use diplomacy strategies to divide enemies countries. Finally unify china.

    (*one mistake: he uses satanic sexual pleasure palace to motivate his troops. Losing all emperorship virtues & heaven mandate.)

  51. Saving Private Ryan.

    NLP 'Saving Private Ryan, Movie'. Sergeant to men: "is that how you talk to Captain?" Corporal to Private: "stop saluting Officer. You get Him kill by nazi sniper (able to id)." Tell His life history to calm Everyone down when army control is lost. Never give up even pistol shooting a panzer tank with bullets wounds.

    (*do You never give up Your command mission?)

  52. Soldier.

    NLP 'Soldier, Movie'. Just 1 Soldier down in planet. When enemy commander thinks there is a Division. When ask not to advance. "roger out. (Still advance.) Roger out. (Still advance.) Repeat until hitting target."

    (*do You die die never get deactivate/decommission.)

  53. Sun Zi.

    NLP Sun Zi. (孙子.) Art Of Wars. Calculated moves = if I am enemy, I this move + therefore, confirm he does. Flow. Know p/People. Know Self. Know Terrains. Know Everythings.

    (*are You able Zen sun zi everythings?)

  54. Sun Zi - Queen Army.

    NLP Sun Zi. (孙子.) When Sun Zi applies for Generalship at emperor. Sun Zi: "I can manage any army." So emperor: "are you able to manage my queens?" Answer: "can." Order: "4 Queens lead 4 teams of palace maids. Drum beats 3 times. Start marching." But every females just laugh don't move. Sun Zi: "first order. Army not follow. Is because General fault. Second time. I execute Army Punishments." Again every females just laugh don't move. Sun Zi: "under Mandate from emperor. I now death execute the 4 queen officers for wrongly leading by example." It happens so fast that emperor is unable to stop his 4 most beloved beautiful queens being executed. Elect 4 new able female Officers. Next drum beats. All females quietly march accordingly. The emperor because of loss of his 4 beautiful queens: "I in no mood to talk. You can leave. I think about your generalship post later."

    (*to run Army well. From lowest virus to highest GOD. Everyone under same Laws. Big/medium/small sins big/medium/small punishments. LKY Panda: "not scare. You just try lah.")

  55. United States - Senator.

    NLP Senator. Senator: "if you go into room. Within 5 minutes. You don't know who are against/with you. The you are not fit to be in office."

    (*quickly id = enemy/friendly/half-half/unknown.)

  56. Vietnam.

    NLP 'We Are Soliders, Movie'. General reads Sun Zi Art Of Wars every night before each battle or without. Modern Time. Capture china hills for 3 weeks from PLA (people liberation army). Then withdraw scare them like hell for attacking Vietnam.

    (*are You well trained ready every night?)

  57. We Are Soliders.

    NLP 'We Are Soliders, Movie'. When mortors unit runs out water to cool tubes. Colonel: "use problem (need to urine) to solve problem (need to cool)."

    (*are You very creative. Because totally do not steal. And keep on teaching Others?)

  58. Yang.

    NLP Yang. (杨家将.) Revise strategies Classics every night before each day battle. Defend His Country until death. Should step-by-step give His generals Sons more combat experiences. To let Them gain confidence. With Him becomes training Old General.

    (*are You able to train Your Children? So that next generation is better than the current one?)

  59. Yue Fei.

    NLP Yue Fei. (岳飞.) In winter. Citizens ask His Men to enter Their warm houses. Answer: "General has strict orders not to steal enter civilians houses/things." Totally No adultery/lying/stealing. So well-liked. That Everyone tells Him where the enemies go. Troops move very fast. Scare enemies like hell. Kill when go back to capitol of 12 false gold imperial edicts by evil prime minister.

    (*why not like me Cstan98? Cannot find a good GOD/Sage-King/Zen Master. Step by step be one. Do You self-promote self step by step accurately in self certification?)

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