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**Animals Zen Stories.

If You love animals. You confirm love below Zen Stories. Like Aesop. The me Cstan98 uses Animals to express Good Teachings.

  1. 3 Legged Dog.

    United States. 8 years old Kid goes to pet store to buy pet Dog. He notices 3 legged One. Pick Her up. The Dog starts licking Him. He: "perfect." Store Owner: "that One is actually not for sale. She is supposed to put to sleep." He: "more I want Her." He strips His Pant to reveal one leg missing on wooden artifical leg.

    (*which Dog to Who is fated.)

  2. Baby - Panda.

    Cstan98. We Panda are famous for wanting to get black-eyed. We are borned with them.

    (*that is why Panda Cstan98 1 day don't get black eyes. Not use to it.)

  3. Baby - Panda & Zebra.

    (01) Cstan98. If You People are (black & white) Couple. Be prepared may get panda zoned Babies. No you say. That what panda black-eyed bear great-grandfather/white bear great-grandmother say.

    (02) Cstan98. If You People are (black & white) Couple. Be prepared may get zebra stripped Babies. No you say. That what zebra black horse great-grandfather/white horse great-grandmother say.

    (*me Cstan98 has all sorts of weird weird science theories.)

  4. Bird Worms.

    Singapore Widow Chinese Grandmother. Mother Bird always hunts high/low for worms to feed Her little son bird. Daily replies: "how to eat this? So bitter. (Vomit out.) Why this one so hairy? (Vomit out.)" After he grows up to find worms Himself. Then he understands how difficult to finds worms.

    (*tell this Zen Story to all little Children who don't eat. They then understand & eat.)

  5. Cat - Tail Happiness.

    YouTube. 2 Cats are in park. Younger Cat keeps turning around chasing his tail. Old Cat asks what He is doing. Younger Cat: "I just go to Cat School. My Teachers say: Our happiness is in our tails. So I am chasing happiness. Once I catch my tail. I find my happiness." Old Cat: "I never been to Cat School. But all these years. I already know our happiness is in our tails. But one thing. Trust me. When you do the right things. Bow your head high and walk. Your tail happiness follow you."

    (*don't seek happiness. Let happiness follow you all your life.)

  6. Cats/Dogs Brains.

    Studies. Scientists discover Dogs have more brains tissues than Cats. Dogs love more. Cats revenge more. Therefore. Confirmed. JESUS CHRIST has more brain tissues than Panda. Because Panda love lesser. Revenge more.

    (*don't tell me. You have even lesser brain tissues. Hahaha.)

  7. Crow Wife.

    6 Dynasties Weird Stories. (六朝怪谈.) It is mentioned. In a china era. There is mass famine. Scholar is starving in front of Temple. That Temple god gives him Black Uniform. Once He wears. Turn into male Crow. But as Male Crow. He still cannot finds foods to eat. Because all his foods He finds all get robbed by other robber crows. Then a Female Crow starts giving Him foods. So grateful. They become Husband/Wife Crows. This Couple becomes envy of crows Gang. One time. A naughty man on a boat shoots down this slow flying Male Crow. Female Crow cries very hard for Her dead Husband. Angry. The crows Gang all flip use Their wings to overturn the boat to drown that man. Saying: "Unity is power. (团结就是力量.)" Male Crow turns back into Human. When He becomes an Official. He goes back to Temple to give Foods Offerings to the crows Gang. Then His Female Crow Wife turns back into a beautiful female Wife. And They become loving human Couple.

    (*loving Couple is envy strength of crowd population. And put the People together as Team. And also have necessary calming effects on all disasters like famine. Because ultimately Everyone just wants to be happily married.)

  8. Determined Monkey.

    Comedian. Determined Monkey goes to bread shop: "do You sell banana?" Boss: "no. Only breads." Next day. Again: "do You sell banana?" Answer: "no!!! If You come back again. I use my scissor to cut your tail." Quickly run away. Next day. Again: "do you sell scissor?" Answer: "no!!! We do not sell scissors!!!" Answer: "since You do not sell scissors. Do You sell banana?"

    (*do You have Determination to always get what You want?)

  9. Dog Marry Princess.

    6 Dynasties Weird Stories. (六朝怪谈.) It is mentioned. In china kingdom. The country is under attacks by a fierce king. So Emperor announces whoever kills that king wins Princess Hand. To Everyone surprise. The Princess Dog returns with that king head. Since Emperor must keep His Words. So Princess leaves palace with Her Dog to get married. It is said They settle in a forest. Able to have Human Children. These Children are very pure/happy go lucky. Their Brothers/Sisters marry Each Other. Because of incest recessive genes. Their Race dies off in 9 generations.

    (*Emperor always keeps His Words.)

  10. Dog Painter.

    United States. Painting Collector has been paying US$1million for each painting. Love works so much. Because colours/patterns are so unconventional. Ask to meet Painter. Seller: "no. You cannot meet Him." So send Art Detective to check. Discover is a Dog.

    (*do You encourage Your Pet Talents? And become rich at the same time.)

    (It is later that Dog later get kidnapped. Become so sad. No longer able to paint US$1 million paintings anymore.)

  11. Don't Know This/That.

    Comedian. Little Tortise goes job interview: "there is only 2 things I don't know. I don't know this. I don't know that."

    (*me Cstan98 is also like that.)

  12. Donkey - Hay Or Water?

    Fable. A donkey after a hard day work. Go back stable. Don't know to go left (for water)? Or right (for hay grass)? The donkey just look left and right for 3 weeks. After countless sleepless night. Finally die of hunger thirst exhaustions.

    (*there is no perfect decision. Only sub-perfect decision at that moment. Sometimes both is same. Just take that then this then that.)

  13. Dove & Sick Bird.

    Christian. A featherless bird is trapped in a dessert. Each day do not have foods/water to eat/drink. Dove is flying to Heaven. So that featherless bird asks the Dove to ask Angels in Heaven how to have foods/waters to eat/drink. Angel in Heaven: "that featherless bird has to suffer 7 years in that desert. But if She recites everyday 'thanks God for everythings'. Her sufferings end in 7 days." True enough. After 7 days of reciting. Feathers start to grow back. And She can fly looking for foods/water.

    (*good or bad. Thanks GOD for everythings.)

  14. Fish - Funeral Job.

    Singapore. Person buys 5000SGD Fengshui Fish for 50SGD . Rear 1 week. The fish dies. It is said. It is bad lucks for fengshui fish to die in Your house. The ex-owner sells cheaply so that fish don't die in house.

    (*don't buy cheap treasures.)

  15. Fish - Hitman Job.

    United States. Vacation owner passes big pet fish to look after. After 1 month. Fish dies. Teenager Caretaker apologises. Owner: "don't worry. I purposely turn off filter. To let Her dies." It is that Teenager. First contracted murder job.

    (*hitman jobs are everywhere.)

  16. Frog - Boiling.

    United States. It is said if a frog is slowly boiled in warm water. It comfortably swim until death time. But if you drop it into boiling water straight away. It quickly jumps out like mad.

    (*me Archangel Cstan98 does not know whether Tribulations are slowly boiled/dropped in immediately. But me only knows one thing. The me needs to train You 100/1000 times harder. To be not dead frogs.)

  17. Frog - Hope.

    United States. It is said if a frog is put in tall cup half-filled with water. It tries his/her best to swim for 7 days. Finally dies. But if before 7 days. You take out that frog once. And put him/her back. He/She can survives for 1.5 months.

    (*what happens if You take frogs out every week? The me Cstan98 thinks Everyone tries to escape prison planet earth We are in.)

  18. Hit Dong-Dong.

    Comedian. Female Scientist investigates what penguins normally do. Replies: "eat/sleep/hit dong-dong." When ask why last One does not hit? Answer: "because I am Dong-Dong."

    (*why Everyone hit Us Angels? JESUS CHRIST: "the Bullied inherit Earth.")

  19. Justice Vine.

    European. In City. Judge does every case so well. Justice Vine (a plant rope attached to a bell) has not been ringed for years. Then hungry Donkey eats it to ring. To owner: "She has worked for you for 20 years. Yet at old age. She is not given any foods & lodgings. I now judged you to pay Her 20 years of wages."

    (*do You take care of Your Animals who help You all these years.)

  20. Look At My Ant.

    Comedian. Prisoner spends 20 years in prison playing training his pet Ant. It can karate/one hand stand/somersault/... First thing He does after leaving prison is go to nearest bar: "look at this Ant!" The bartender hits it with full newspaper swing.

    (*do not show off Your Treasure.)

  21. Panda.

    Someone. Look at Panda. He is Asian/Black/White. And Everyone still loves Him.

    (*no person should be hardcore racist. Because each colour race has outliers.)

  22. PhD Pig.

    Comedian. Man is driving through farm. See one-leg missing Pig talking Confucian/JESUS CHRIST. Ask farmer Owner how much for that Pig? Answer: "it is not for sale. It is one of kind. It has 2 PhD in Philosophy/Theological Studies." When ask why It has one-leg missing? Answer: "We raise It to be eaten. But this kind of Genius. You simply don't eat It in one day."

    (*please don't eat Us Panda.)

  23. Phoenix Couple.

    Peace Classic. (太平广记.) It is told. Couple plays flutes so well. Pair of Phoenix Couple always lands on roof to listen. Finally. Couple sits on Phoenix Couple flies to Heaven.

    (*Phoenix may be interplanetary birds.)

  24. Salty Peanuts.

    Zen Master. It is said to find water in deserts. You just need to leave salty peanuts on the ground. Soon some animals come/eat. Become so thirsty. Lead you to their water sources.

    (*persons who have problems have solutions. This method has for years. Use to find mid-way water sources in deserts. To cross in trades/wars.)

  25. Staring Monkey.

    Heaven Tao. (一贯道.) A eater like to eat raw monkey brain. A monkey is tied trapped in box with only his head out. Candle flame below box to heat body brain. The person just needs to knock open skull & uses spoon to eat. One time a monkey gets away with half-eaten brain. That monkey turns back & gives eater a very hatred stare. Ever since he does not dare eat.

    (*don't let your pleasures be other people pains.)

  26. Trap - Nuts In Jar.

    Zen Master. How hunters trap monkeys. The they put peanuts inside jars. When left alone. The monkeys put their hands into jars to take out the nuts. Soon hunters appear. But monkeys fists hands don't want to let go of nuts. And all get caught.

    (*it is greed that traps monkeys. Not nuts.)

  27. Trap - Wolf Knife.

    Zen Master. How hunters trap wolves. The they put knife covers with blood. When left alone. The wolf keeps licking the blood. The tongue becomes bleeding. The he is actually licking his own blood. Finally fall dead running out of blood.

    (*it is love of blood (sins) that kill wolves. Not knife.)

  28. Wolf In MRT (Singapore Electric Train).

    Singapore. 1 hungry wolf is together with 10 sheep inside MRT (Singapore Electric Train). 10 train stations later. How many sheep is alive? Answer: "10. Because no eating in MRT (Singapore Electric Train)."

    (*if You vote for PAP - singapore ruling party. When You point middle finger later. They listen. If you don't vote PAP - singapore ruling party. No matter how you say good things about them later. The they don't listen. My 2017 Objective is to ensure No Portfolio Minister President Ong entrusted 1 million eggs opposition population do not crack by stones. My 2018 Objective is to ensure these eggs can work at least 1 year time in single job. To graduate to move on other things better. If You everyday no energies want to sleep. No Job to buy drinks/foods. Please do not give Panda extra problems to crack your eggs. Or else Panda has difficulties explaining to Him when me Cstan98 meets Him in afterlife. He dies in action to ensure me lives long enough to rule. 'Pathfinder, Movie': He takes my Path. The me is supposed to take His.)

  29. Zoo Kangaroo.

    Comedian. Kangaroo has been escaping His cage. Zookeepers raise His fence 100m/200m/300m. Elephant: "how tall do You think They put up?" Answer: "even to 5km. If They always keep gate open at night."

    (*are You solving all Zen problems wrongly?)

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