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*Source: Google Search - Aesop Stories.

**Aesop Zen Stories.

Aesop is a good Story Teller Wiseman. He uses animals to tell Zen Stories of His Times bad/good e/Emperors p/Persons t/Things. He seems to tell the Plots with actual incidents occurrences.

  1. Cock & Pearl.

    A Cock finds a pearl when looking for food. Answer: "you may be treasure among humans. To me you are just a stupid stone."

    (*stone or treasure?)

  2. Wolf & Lamb.

    A young Lamb is drinking water in a river. The wolf to find excuse to eat Her. Answer: "why You dirty my water upstream? Why Your Parents call You Lamb?" Eat her up.

    (*bad emperors have all sorts of excuses.)

  3. Dog & Shadow.

    A dog has piece of meat in mouth. Crossing a river. Sees his reflection of another with meat. To get. Loses his own.

    (*do not want more. Lose more.)

  4. Lion Share.

    A lion & 3 animals hunt a deer. Answer: "split the deer into 4 parts. 1st for me as I am king. 2nd for me as I chase most. 3rd for me as I am divider. 4th for see who dare to take."

    (*bad emperors take everythings.)

  5. Wolf & Crane.

    A bone stucks in mouth of wolf. A crane takes out the bone & is promised a reward. After bone out: "your reward is putting your head inside a wolf mouth & live."

    (*bad people do not keep promises.)

  6. Man & Serpent.

    A serpent kills man son. So cuts her tail. In revenge. Start killing his cattles. The man wants to peace. The she does not peace.

    (*injuries may be forgiven. But not forgotten.)

  7. Town/Country Mouse.

    Town Mouse complains about country foods he eats. So city cousin brings him to town. But there is a fearful cat.

    (*better safe boring foods. Then dangerous nice foods.)

  8. Fox & Crow.

    A fox wants cheese in mouth of crow on a tree. Answer: "you have a good voice. Why don't you sing for me?" Start singing & loses his cheese.

    (*do not trust flattery.)

  9. Sick Lion.

    A lion is dying. The animals think it is a good time to repay old grudges. The boar drives him with his tusks. The bull gores him with his horns. The donkey kicks him with his back legs.

    (*bad emperors do not have good ends.)

  10. Ass & Dog.

    The farm master favourite dog is always on his laps. The ass to win favours also try to jump on. The servants are asked to beat off the ass.

    (*bad jokes are no jokes.)

  11. Lion & Mouse.

    Lion once does not kill Little Mouse. When ties up by hunters. The Small One repays the favour by biting break the ropes.

    (*Little Friends are great helps.)

  12. Sparrow & Other Birds.

    A farmer is planting hemp seeds. Sparrow: "we must eat all the seeds. Before it is too late." Other birds ignore. The plants grow & make into string nets to catch them all.

    (*take out little seeds of sins before it is too late.)

  13. Frogs Desiring A King.

    The frogs wants a king to rule them. First god throws a do-nothing wood. The frogs still petition. Then god puts in a frogs-eating stork to eat them up.

    (*no rule is better than evil rule.)

  14. Mountains In Labour.

    There are many earthquakes/smokes in the mountains. Everyone waits to see what is coming out. Then comes out a little mouse.

    (*much noise. Little outcome.)

  15. Hares & Frogs.

    Some hares cannot take other animals bullyings. & want to commit suicide. So they want to jump into a lake. Come near. Some frogs jump into.

    (*some people are more worse.)

  16. Wolf & Kid.

    A wolf appears near a kid house. The kid: "how dare you show your fierce face near my house." Answer: "you want to come out & scold."

    (*easy to be brave from a safe distance.)

  17. Woodman & Serpent.

    A woodman finds a dying serpent in winter cold. So brings into his warm house. When is warm awake. Tries to bit the children. The woodman axes it into 2.

    (*do not expect goods from the evils.)

  18. Bald Man & Fly.

    A housefly keeps sticking to the bald head of the man. When hitting. Always hits himself. Finally stop.

    (*do not injure yourself while fighting enemies.)

  19. Fox & Stork.

    A fox invites the long-neck stork to dinner with a shallow bowl. Return invite to a long-neck cup dinner on another day.

    (*see stroke copycat stroke.)

  20. Fox & Mask.

    A fox is scared by a scary face. Only to discover it is just an actor mask. Answer: "too bad you do not have any brains."

    (*inner strength more important than outside appearance.)

  21. Jay & Peacock.

    A jay wants to become beautiful peacock. So he picks up that type feathers & tie to himself. Real ones soon discover the impostor & peck him strongly.

    (*it takes more than clothings to be a Jedi.)

  22. Frog & Ox.

    A frog father tells son: "I can be bigger than a ox." So blows/swells himself until bursts.

    (*do not push yourself too hard.)

  23. Androcles.

    Androcles is a slave running from his master. He takes out a thorn from a Lion. The emperor captures Him & the Beast. Decides to let Her eat Him. She just licks.

    (*good actions have good ends.)

  24. Bat, Birds & Beasts.

    The animals are fighting. The bat. When asks to join beasts: "I am a bird." When asks to join the birds: "I am a beast." Soon need to run away from the forest.

    (*do not take sides?)

  25. Deer & Hunter.

    A male deer finds his slim legs cannot compare with his beautiful horns. When a hunter tries to kill him. Runs with his legs. But his horns get stuck in a low tree branch.

    (*it is boring things that save us.)

  26. Serpent & Iron Rod.

    A serpent is scratched by the rough surface of a iron rod. So attacks & attacks it. Until gives up.

    (*do not attack the no-feeling.)

  27. Man & Wood.

    A man begs for small tree branch from every tree in the forests. The trees give him. The man then makes them into an axe & cut every of them down.

    (*do not help the enemy.)

  28. Dog & Wolf.

    A dog asks a hungry wolf to work for foods like him. When hear that but at night. Need to tie up in chain collar. Decide to be hungry.

    (*better starve free than be a slave.)

  29. Belly & Members.

    The other body members complain that the belly only eats & does nothing. Unlike them. So they do not give her foods. Soon they find have no energy to work.

    (*every member has his/her functions.)

  30. Deer In Ox-Stall.

    A deer is running away from hunters. Hide in the hay of a ox-stall. The hunters & the stall attendants cannot find anything. So leave. The ox-stall Master returns & sees horns stick out of the hay.

    (*nothing escape the Zen Master.)

  31. Fox & Grapes.

    A fox sees many delicious grapes high up on a tree. He jumps & cannot eat those grapes. Answer: "the grapes must be sour." & leaves.

    (*do not sour grape.)

  32. Horse, Hunter & Deer.

    A horse asks a hunter to take revenge on deer. The hunter rides her to take out. But refuse to let her goes after that.

    (*use others. The others use you.)

  33. Peacock & God.

    The peacock petition to god that he wants the voice of a nightingale. In addition to his beautiful feathers. The god refuses even she is her favourite bird.

    (*no one can has all.)

  34. Fox & Lion.

    First fox is afraid of the lion. So keeps a distance. Then starts conversation. Finally disregard ceremony.

    (*too familiar become rude.)

  35. Lion & Statue.

    The humans say they are more powerful than lions. By showing the statue of Hercules tearing up one. Answer: "that stone is made by human."

    (*you say whatever you want.)

  36. Ant & Grasshopper.

    Ant is working hard to store foods for winter. The grasshopper plays whole day & does not care. When winter comes. Then knows what is hunger.

    (*prepare for seasons.)

  37. Tree & Grass.

    The tree to grass: "why don't you plant your roots deeply like me." Answer: "I am safer this way." Soon a hurricane comes & uproots the tree. While the grass bends is safe.

    (*soft lives. The hard dies.)

  38. Fox & Cat.

    The fox: "I have 100 ways to escape my enemy." Cat: "I have only 1." Then hunters come. Cat jumps up a tree. The fox is killed when he is confused which way to use to escape.

    (*no too many confusion ways.)

  39. Wolf In Sheep Clothing.

    A wolf has difficulty getting near the sheep to eat them. Then he finds a sheep skin & put it on. To approach the sheep. Successfully eats all.

    (*appearances can lie.)

  40. Dog In Ox-stable.

    A dog sleeps in the straws of a ox-stable. When the ox comes back & eats the straws. She awakes & barks to prevent the eating.

    (*people fight back if disturbed.)

  41. Man & Wooden God.

    A man has been worshipping a wooden idol as his dead father. For years there are no good lucks. Angrily he sweeps the wooden idol into the ground. It breaks & out comes many coins.

    (*GOD has no wooden image.)

  42. Fisher.

    A fish accidentally jumps into a fishing net of a fisher. The fisher: "can you dance with my flute?" Answer: "can."

    (*when you are captured. Need do enemy bidding.)

  43. Shepherd Boy.

    A shepherd boy is bored tendering sheep. So cry wolf 2 times to get people to come. On the 3rd time. A real wolf comes. But no one comes.

    (*do not lie.)

  44. Young Thief & His Mother.

    A thief is to be death sentence. His last wish is to whisper to his mother. The he bites her ear off. Answer: "I am like this. Because your fault."

    (*train your Children well.)

  45. Man & His Two Wives.

    A man has an young/old wife. The young plucks out the man white hair. So he looks more like her. The old plucks out the man black hair. So he looks more like her. Soon the man is bald.

    (*give in to all you become nothing.)

  46. Nurse & Wolf.

    A nurse to boy: "you cry 1 more time, I throw you to the wolf." One of them hears & waits for the boy to cry again under the window. When the boy cries. The she sees it & panic calls for help.

    (*enemies do not keep promises.)

  47. Tortoise & Eagles.

    Tortoise promises a reward to the eagle. To bring him to his new home. So grips the tortoise in the air & flies. The nearby crow says: "you can throw her at the rock & we eat him."

    (*never ask enemies to help.)

  48. Two Crabs.

    The mother crab to her Child: "you are walking ungracefully sideway." Answer: "but I learn it from you."

    (*Children are rubber-stamp of Their Parents.)

  49. Donkey In Lion Skin.

    A donkey puts on a lion skin to rule the animals. When begin to speaks. Everyone knows the voice.

    (*you cannot lie forever.)

  50. Two Males & Bear.

    When a bear comes to 2 males. 1 jumps on top of tree. The other plays dead. After get very close & leaves. The tree one asks: "what bear says?" Answer: "never trust you."

    (*never trust a friend who don't help you.)

  51. Two Pots.

    1 earthware & 1 metal pot are floating on a river. The earth one: "no matter who hits who. I am done for."

    (*the strong & weak cannot be together.)

  52. Four Oxen & Lion.

    A lion has difficulties approaching 4 oxen who unite against the lion. Later they quarrel & go separately. Begin eats them one by one.

    (*united we stand. Divided we fall.)

  53. Fisher & Little Fish.

    A fisher catches a little fish. The little one: "you let me goes now. When I grow big I let you catch me back." Answer: "I may not able to catch you again."

    (*a thing in hand is better than a thing out of hand.)

  54. Greedy & Envy.

    The god grants 1 wish each to 2 persons. But each must wish for the other person. The greedy one wishes for room full of gold. The envy one wishes for 1 eye blind.

    (*never trust the envy.)

  55. Crow & Pitcher.

    A Crow has difficulties drinking water of a tall pitcher bottle. So drop pebble by pebble into the pitcher. Until able to drink the water.

    (*little by little does the trick.)

  56. Man & Godless Man.

    A godless man rescues a man. The man blows his warm breath into his cold hands. Then blows his cold breath into his hot porridge. The godless man chases the man out: "how can you blow cold/hot with the same breath?"

    (*godless people do not have GOD Wisdom.)

  57. Goose With Golden Eggs.

    A goose gives a golden egg each day. The farmer reasons if he kills her. Can get all now. But cannot find any when she is killed.

    (*greed gets nothing.)

  58. Labourer & Nightingale.

    A caged nightingale promises 3 wise advices if he is let go. After let go: "1 never believe a captive. 2 keep what you have. 3 sorrow not what is lost."

    (*this kind of advices. Everyone can give.)

  59. Fox, Cock & Dogs.

    A fox to cock: "our king lion has declared a treaty that no animals can hurt fellow ones." But when hunter dogs come. The fox runs away. Answer: "they may not even hear of our emperor."

    (*run away fast.)

  60. Wind & Sun.

    The wind & Sun is fighting who is better. The wind blows a man coat away. Holds even tighter. The Sun comes up & warms him up. Start to take out.

    (*warm love is better than punishments.)

  61. Hercules & Cart Pusher.

    A cart wheel is stuck inside mud. The pusher prays to Hercules for help. Hercules: "you just put your shoulder on & push."

    (*the gods help those who help themselves.)

  62. Man, Boy & Donkey.

    (00) The man/boy are dragging a donkey.

    (00) The people: "why don't you ride donkey?"

    (01) Boy riding donkey. Response: "why mistreat old people?"

    (02) Man riding donkey. Response: "why mistreat children?"

    (03) Both riding donkey. Response: "why mistreat donkey?"

    (*don't listen to people.)

  63. Miser & His Gold.

    Miser buries his gold. Everyday comes & undig to look at them. A robber notices & steals the gold. When crying. The people: "what the difference you looking at now empty hole & your past gold?"

    (*not use money is useless money.)

  64. Fox & Mosquitoes.

    A fox tail is caught in a bush. Mosquitoes bite it for blood. A dog asks: "need me to chase the mosquitoes away?" Answer: "don't. The they are getting full. New ones may come with empty stomachs."

    (*others may come.)

  65. Fox Without Tail.

    A fox loses his tail. So he calls for public meeting that all of them should rid of their tails. The older: "because you have lose yours. Right?"

    (*distrust interested advice.)

  66. One-Eyed Female Deer.

    A female deer is blinded one eye. So she always rest on a cliff looking for enemies from the road. One day. A hunter from the sea kills her with a gun.

    (*you cannot escape your fate.)

  67. Belling The Cat.

    The mice are meeting what to do with the cat. 1 mouse: "let put a bell around her neck to warn us." The old: "good idea. But who is supposed to do that?"

    (*it is easy to recommend solutions.)

  68. Hare & Tortoise.

    The hare & Tortoise have a race. The hare thinking he definitely win. Sleeps halfway. When wakes up. The Tortoise is at finishing line.

    (*hard works win the race.)

  69. Old Man & Death.

    An old man throws down firewoods: "I am sick of living. Death please comes to me." Death hearing. Go to: "what is your request?" Answer: "help me put back the firewoods."

    (*do not anyhow wish.)

  70. Hare With Many Friends.

    A hare is chased by hunter dogs. One by one. Each animal declines to help her. Saying other friends helping her.

    (*friends may not help.)

  71. Lion In Love.

    A Lion falls in love with a Beautiful Girl & asks for marriage. Her Parents: "first you must cut your claws/extract your teeth." The Lion follows.

    (*love can change people.)

  72. Bundle Of Sticks.

    A Dying Old Man to His Sons: "one stick. Easily broken. Many sticks. Difficult to break. All of You must be together like many sticks."

    (*unite give strength.)

  73. Lion, Fox & Beasts.

    A sick lion invites all animals to visit him. A fox refuses to enter his den: "I see many tracks going in. No track comes out."

    (*notice all details.)

  74. Donkey Brain.

    The lion & fox trick a donkey for food. The lion says he goes out & be back. The fox eats the donkey brain. On return: "what happens to the brain." The fox: "if the donkey has a brain. Is not tricked."

    (*answer on the spot. But don't lie.)

  75. Eagle & Arrow.

    The eagle is shot by an arrow. On his way down from the sky. Discovers the arrow feather is from his own.

    (*do not give enemies our destructions.)

  76. Milkmaid & Her Pail.

    A milkmaid is carrying her pail of milk to market to sell. The herself: "money from. I can buy a chick. When grow up. I can sell the eggs ..." Drop pail.

    (*do not count chickens before hatching.)

  77. Cat-Maiden.

    Jupiter/Venus are debating whether nature can be changed. Jupiter turns a cat into a female: "see how human she becomes." Venus let out a mouse. The cat-maiden chases after the mouse.

    (*true nature always come out.)

  78. Donkey/Horse.

    A working donkey envies a war horse who does nothing but eats/sleeps. During war. The war horse is killed in battle. Answer: "I think I better stay working like mad."

    (*better hardships safey than easy dangerous.)

  79. Trumpeter Taken Prisoner.

    A army trumpeter is taken prisoner. & is to be put to death. Answer: "I do not kill. I just blow trumpet." The enemies: "you do not kill. But you guide people to kill."

    (*words are actions.)

  80. Clown & Countryman.

    A clown imitates a pig so well. The everyone loves him. The countryman next day hides a real one inside clothing. And making real hiss. The everyone throws stones at them.

    (*people cannot take the truth.)

  81. Old Women & Wine-Jar.

    Old women are like glass of wines. When young. The wines are full. When old. Remember the wines just by holding the empty glass.

    (*always go forward.)

  82. Fox & Goat.

    A fox is trapped in a empty well. To passing goat: "there is drought coming. Better comes down." Jump down. The fox quickly jumps on top to get out.

    (*never trust anyone.)

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