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*Understand Pursuit Of Happiness.

In this fallen world which is full of materials desires. Something we lose ourselves. What is the meaning of life? What is meaning of happiness we want? Below are questions time to time. Panda ask myself.

  1. Sins Give Depression.

    In this fallen world. We time to time. Get temptations. And sins. Then we have deep depression. Sinful depression is good time for Us to reflect. What actually do We want out of life? The sins or Zen Perfection?

  2. Banana & Dark Chocolate.

    If you are under depression. Before We start. Go and eat some banana and dark chocolate. These 2 super foods. Are full of minerals &mamp; vitamins to get you going.

  3. What Is Happiness?

    First of all. What is happiness? Everyone definitions of happiness may be different.

  4. What Is Purpose Of Life?

    Second. What is purpose of life? What do you live/work for? What make You wake up at 6:00am every morning?

  5. What Is Meaning Of Life?

    Third. What is meaning of life? Those who have no meaning in life. Die early. So knowing your meaning of life. Is critical to your well being.

  6. Is It Endless Pursuit of Sex Pornography?

    Is happiness endless pursuit of sex pornography. Desires have no end. But our life energies have limits. Sex is not everythings.

  7. Is It Endless Pursuit of Foods?

    Is happiness endless pursuit of delicious foods? Lao Zi: "taste is just make up 5 taste buds. Everythings are permutations." Foods is not what me wants also.

  8. Is It Endless Pursuit of Money?

    Is happiness endless pursuit of money? When we have the basic money levels. The rest are endless permutations of 0 & 1 in digital harddisk.

  9. Is It Endless Pursuit Of Skills Higher Dan?

    Is happiness endless pursuit of skills higher dan? You cannot master all iPhone games apps. They keep coming out.

  10. Is It Endless Pursuit Of Knowledge?

    Is happiness endless pursuit of knowledge? The me Cstan98 has Vows to make all knowledges inside this Cstan98 knowledge Website. But my energies levels are dropping. And now me only complete overview of just 10% of all knowledges.

  11. Is It Endless Pursuit Of Success?

    Is happiness endless pursuit of success? When you want success. Then a new higher level of success present itself. It is an endless cycle of pursuit.

  12. Is It Endless Pursuit Of Children?

    Is happiness endless pursuit of children? Children begets children. Children each have to take Their own path. Children are different entities from our self.

  13. Zen Definition Of Happiness.

    Zen defines happiness as state of mind. If You feel happy. You are happy. If you feel depressed. You are depressed. So to attain Zen state of happiness. You must know your state of mind very well. Where you are are? Where you want to be? And how to get there.

  14. Christianity Definition Of Happiness.

    Christianity defines happiness as everythings for Glory of God. There is a better Heaven to go to after We die. We need not worry. And leave everythings to God.

  15. Is It Service To Others?

    Is Happiness being of service to Others. JESUS CHRIST: "be like a bright city on hilltop. Giving light to surroundings of darkness."

  16. Is It Now State Of Mind?

    Be childlike. Don't think past. Don't think future. Think now. Enjoy the present moment. See the sunset. Hear the birds.

  17. Is It Gratitudes To God?

    Grateful that God gives you a Life. Repay God with obedience life. Live what God wants You to live be.

  18. Is It A Journey Process?

    Happiness is not a destination. But a forever endless long way journey.

  19. Is It Creation Of Mass Happiness In Population?

    Create mass happiness for everyone. You are one candle. But if you this candle light up 1 million candle. Then it is 1 million candle.

  20. Is It To Find True Value Of Self?

    True value of self can only be found through trials & tests. Gold needs to be refined through fire.

  21. Is It Contentment?

    Be contented. You still have 2 legs 2 hands. A Wife. Foods to eat. No tactical nuke planet earth environments.

  22. Is It Count Your Blessings?

    Count Your Blessings. You still can go Church. Reason wrestle with God on same level. You still have a purpose of your creation of your life. You don't know tomorrow. But know God is there tomorrow for you.

  23. What Do You Want?

    Ultimately. It is what do you want? Ok those desires. It is when desires become overwhelming too big for us. Then we go into depression. Have ok plain simple desires.

  24. *Conclusions.

    When me loses my childlike faith. It is then. The me loses my meaning in life. The me Cstan98 must think like a child back. Wake up 6:00am every morning. To complete this whole library of Cstan98 Knowledge Website.

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