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*Zen Master Jedi Cultivation.

Zen Master is also a Zen Doctor/Figher/Good Listener/Master/Panda/Student/Tortoise.

*Introduction: Zen Master Job is like a COO (Chief Operations Officer) Job.

Operations comprises of Everythings. Chinese calls It consists of mountains/seas.

Zen Doctor Cultivation.

  1. Healing Zen Master.

    A Zen Master is also a Zen Doctor. Zen Doctor heals all sickness of Everyone.

  2. Sins Causes.

    Understand that the main cause of all sicknesses are sins. Remove the sins. Then the sickness is removed.

  3. Talk Out The Cure.

    Talk guide Everyone out of that sins to cure Her/His sickness.

  4. Tell Why.

    Tell the correct why for all Cures so that the Cures are more acceptable.

Zen Fighter Cultivation.

  1. Defensive Martial Arts.

    A Zen Master knows enough Martial Arts to defend Himself. Like M16/Samurai Sword/Unarmed Combat/Zen Wooden Pole, ...

  2. Heaven General.

    A Zen Master is well versed in Army Fightings Tactics. Know 36 Strategies & Sun Zi Art Of War Strategies. Know enemies strategies.

  3. Strategist.

    A Zen Master is at war all the times. 24 Hours a Day. 7 Days a Week. Even go back to GOD Heaven, is still at wars.

Zen Good Listener Cultivation.

  1. Listen Before Guiding.

    To know how to guide a Zen Student correctly to get the effects. Listen intensively.

  2. Need Not Say Much.

    A Good Zen Master needs not say much. 90% of talkings are through His Actions.

  3. Therapist.

    A Good Zen Master is a Good Psychologist Therapist. He listens & speak just nice enough to let all the Zen Students solve Their own problems.

Zen Master Cultivation.

  1. Effects.

    Cstan98 Get The Effects On Your Zen Students Stroke. Cstan98 Adjust Stroke.

  2. Know Thoughts.

    For a Zen Master to guide His Students effectively. You need to know the thoughts of the Students. Basic Trainings To Know Thoughts = Do Not Lie To Get Accurate Reports + fluent in Body Language + fluent in Game Master Mind to know sources codes + fluent in NLP Thoughts Readings + Know Thoughts Zen Cultivation + ...

  3. Zen Stories.

    Always tell Zen Stories to guide His Students. Zen Master: "the shortest path for a Student to Zen is a Zen Story."

Zen Panda Cultivation.

  1. Black & White.

    Be worthy to be in Black & White Uniforms. If you are not worthy wearing that black & white uniforms, you get cursed. Be worthy enough.

  2. Child-Like.

    A Zen Master when not at wars, should be a Child-Like Panda.

  3. Cute.

    Everyone loves a Cute Panda. Maintain the Pure Cuteness & Life.

Zen Student Cultivation.

  1. Always Learning.

    A Zen Master is always forever a Zen Student. You can learn from Everyone & Everythings. From a Feather. From Other Religions. From your Child Zen Student. Zen is everywhere.

  2. Forever Improvements.

    A Zen Master is a forever improving Zen Student Himself. Aim for Zen Perfection. Zen Perfection is not static, it is dynamic. If You don't row forwards, you go backwards.

  3. Study & Practice.

    Read a lots to increase Zen Knowledges, General Knowledges, ... Know Everythings under the sun. Then Walk The Talk. If you don't know or unable to apply do, how are you going to teach?

Zen Tortoise Cultivation.

  1. Bent Back.

    Because a Zen Master carries heavy burdens & heavy responsibilities. And 50% Confident 50% Humble. A Good Zen Master is also a Good Old Tortoise = slightly bent humble down.

  2. Know All 4 Seas.

    Because a Zen Master know everythings. A Zen Master has travelled everywhere = all the 4 Seas before.

  3. Wise.

    An Old Tortoise Zen Master is very wise.

*Conclusion: Dead Zen Master.

A no longer learning zen master is a dead zen master.

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