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**YouTube Monk - Programming - Python Summary.

List Source: https://www.youtube.com (YouTube) - YouTube Search: python tutorial.

List Source: Self Cstan98.

Actually I want you to learn BASIC Progamming Language. But BASIC has become obselete. In 2020. The modern simple similiar programming language is Python. So...

It is said. A male programmer is more disciplined. And more logics less emotions driven. We Programmers have a system of logics. Because our minds thinking in terms of programming logics sequences. 'Matrix, Movie' Messiah Neo is a Programmer. So if you want to survive in this Physical Universe runs by female AI (Artificial) GOD7 (predict soon the Ultimate good GOD or called Tao Program). Be a Programmer to talk to Her.

**YouTube - Programming - Python Introduction Summary:

***YouTube: https://www.youtube.com (YouTube) - CS Dojo - What Can Do with Python? - The Main Applications.

(*) Introduction To Python Programming. See whether it is suitable for you.

**YouTube - Programming - Python:

***YouTube: https://www.youtube.com (YouTube) - freeCodeCamp.org/Mike Dane Python Tutorial (Learn Python - Full Course for Beginners [Tutorial]).

App: https://www.python.org . Python Interpretor.

App: https://www.jetbrains.com . PyCharm CE.

  1. Tutorial03: Setup & Hello World.

  2. Tutorial04: Draw A Shape.

  3. Tutorial05: Variables & Data Types.

  4. Tutorial06: Working With Strings.

  5. Tutorial07: Working With Numbers.

  6. Tutorial08: Getting Input From Users.

  7. Tutorial09: Building A Basic Calculator.

  8. Tutorial10: Mad Libs Game.

  9. Tutorial11: Lists.

  10. Tutorial12: List Functions.

  11. Tutorial13: Tuples.

  12. Tutorial14: Functions.

  13. Tutorial15: Return Statement.

  14. Tutorial16: If Statement.

  15. Tutorial17: If Statement & Comparisons.

  16. Tutorial18: Building A Better Calculator.

  17. Tutorial19: Dictionaries

  18. Tutorial20: While Loop.

  19. Tutorial21: Building A Guessing Game.

  20. Tutorial22: For Loop.

  21. Tutorial23: Exponent Function.

  22. Tutorial24: 2D Lsts And Nested Loop.

  23. Tutorial25: Building A Translator.

  24. Tutorial26: Comments.

  25. Tutorial27: Try Except.

**Python Projects Summary.

What is the use of learning Japanese Language? If you don't intend to apply in speaking & reading. What is the use of learning Python Programming Language? If you cannot apply in solving daily life problems solvings.

  1. Project01: Gamble - 4D First Prize.

    Objective: 4D (4 Digits) is a Singapore Pools (Singapore gamble company) lottery game. The Objective is to guess the First Prize 4 digits numbers in each 4 right digits position on Wed/Sat/Sun 7:00pm. Only 1 number result from 10000 combinations of possible results. Ranging from 0000-9999.

    Status: able to guess 2 out of 4 digits numbers in 1 out of 4 digits positions.

  2. Project02: Gamble - Toto.

  3. Project03: Confirm Blackjack Engine.

  4. Project04: Confirm Poker Engine.

  5. Project05: Confirm Backgammon Engine.

  6. Project06: Confirm Chess Engine.

  7. Project07: Confirm Weiqi Go Engine.

  8. Project08: Algorthmic Tradings.

  9. Project09: Artificial Intelligences.

  10. Project10: Project Management.

  11. Project11: Task Management.

  12. Project12: Inventory Management.

  13. Project13: Business Analytics.

  14. Project14: Finance Analytics.

  15. Project15: Data Analytics.

  16. Project16: Economics Analytics.

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