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***YouTube: https://www.youtube.com (YouTube) - LANGANG - (性愛自修室) 第5集 增加性能力的運動.

(01) Deep Squat (深蹲) x100 Daily.

(02) Waist Lift (腰橋) x100 Daily.

(03) Jog (interval) + Sprint (interval). Repeat.

(04) Squeeze Anus x100 Daily.

(05) Squeeze G-Spot (Stop Urine Prostate Gland) x100 Daily.

(06) Foods = Maca + Zinc + Vitamin B Complex.

***YouTube: https://www.youtube.com (YouTube) - HEALTH 2.0 - 舉弱男重振雄風!喝這杯'強陽補氣茶'壯陽補腎!健康2.0.

(06) Chinese Medicine = 枸杞(三钱)+淫羊藿(三钱)+人参(三钱)=煮成茶..

**Project - Monk Marriage Sex:

***Source: Cstan98 + See Above YouTube.

(01) With CONVID-19 here permanently. Careful don't too sexually exhaustions. You will get killed.

(02) Deep Squat (深蹲) x10 Daily.

(03) Waist Lift (腰橋) x10 Daily.

(04) Squeeze Anus (Stop Shits) + G-Spot (Stop Urine Midflow) same time x10 Daily.

(05) Other Exercises x10 Daily. Except Martial Arts x1 sets Daily.

(06) Eat Green Tea Cutlets. Tear tea bag. Mix cutlets with cold water. Eat drink everythings.

(07) Eat Seaweed + Raw Egg. Add to microwave instant noodle. As much as possible you can afford per meal.

(08) Add Sex Load: Japanese AV Porn Movie (Copyrighted Most Beautiful).

(*) Keep repeat until can whole movie without touching. Initial confirm will ejaculations.

(*) Then daily maintenance dosages. Same old/new another Japanese AV Porn Movie. 10Mins.

(09) Add Real Combat: Marriage Sex (1000 Strokes). Go all out. Don't start-stop. Don't slow stroke.

(*) Once ejaculations. Squeeze both anus + g-spot same time. Stop next session tomorrow.

(*) This kind of little ejaculations. Is telling body that body is mature for sex.

(*) To go into sex hormones production.

(10) Steps. Recommend You follow these steps:

(*) Mental. Get money. Get foods. Physical. Sex.

(*) That's mean if you have been fastings. No foods.

(*) It is recommended you freeze your Phyiscal Exercises & Sex Project.

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