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**YouTube Monk - Morning Daily Summary.

List Source: https://www.youtube.com (YouTube) - YouTube Search: morning routine.

List Source: Self Cstan98.

**YouTube Jim Kwik Morning Routine:

***YouTube: https://www.youtube.com (YouTube) - Be Inspired - The "1 Billion Dollar Morning Routine" - Habits of the World's Most Successful People.

Every Day start with a morning. So wi the morning to win the day. In fact. The first second. If you jump out of bed. In the first second at sound of morning 6AM alarm. Your day will be...

  1. Recall Dreams.

  2. Make Bed.

  3. Drink Water.

  4. Supplement - Probotics.

  5. Breathings. Box/Alpha/Win Hof's Method.

  6. Mediation.

  7. 1-2 Minutes Movements. Calisthenics/Burpees. Jumping Jacks/Crunches.

  8. Cold Shower. Ice Bathing.

  9. Normal Routine. Brush Teeth/Shaving.

  10. Brain Tea = Gotu Kola + Gingko + Lion's Mane + MCT Oil.

  11. Journal.

  12. Writing - Hand.

  13. To-Do List. Champagne Moment = x3 Work + x3 Personal.

  14. To-Feel List. Thermometer = reactive. Thermostat = set a goal.

  15. To-Be List.

  16. Read.

  17. Brain Smoothie = Brain (Blue) Berries + Avocado + Leafy Vegetables.

  18. Brain Training. kiwilearning.com = speed reading + memory + thinking + academic success.

**My Panda Daily Routine. (My Day Routine start at night just before I go to sleep):

***Google Search - Shaolin Monk Diet + Shaolin Monk Daily Schedule.

***YouTube Search - Sadhguru 40% Raw Foods.

  1. Controlled Thoughts. (Whole day even know all my dreams.)

  2. Many Cold Filtered water. (Hydations whole day.)

  3. 0AM. Sleep = 4Hrs. 0AM-4AM. Natural go into.

  4. 4AM. Wake & Coffee. (Jump out of bed at first second. Quitting coffee.)

  5. 4AM. Journal & Planning. (To start task sequencings.)

  6. 4AM. Kaikebo. (Expenses Ledger.)

  7. 4AM. Zipmex = 10Mins.Hr. (Crypto Investing.)

  8. 4AM. Social Media = 10Mins.Hr. (Facebook/LinkedIn.)

  9. 4AM. Social Website = 1Hr. (Cstan98 Website Writing.)

  10. 4AM. News = 30Mins.Hr. (Giushiwen/Wikipedia/Flipboard/YouTube.)

  11. 4AM. Games = 50Mins.Hr. (Basic + Chess 4 + Chess 4).

  12. 4AM. Recite = 1Hr.1Hr.

  13. 4AM. Study - SunZi6 = 10Mins.Hr.

  14. 4AM. Exam - BBA = 1Hr.

  15. 4AM. Python = 10Mins.Hr.

  16. 4AM. Breakfast. Foods = Tea + 3Meals. (Alone.)

  17. 4AM. Clean. (Teeth/Shave/Bath.)

  18. 7AM. Wife Coaching. (Morning kiss Wife. Start coaching Wife whole daytime.)

  19. 7AM. Laundry/Housekeeping. (Adhoc based on demands.)

  20. 11AM. Lunch. Foods = Tea + 3Meals. (With Wife + Instant Noodle.)

  21. 5PM. Dinner. Foods = Tea + 3Meals. (With Wife + Outside Mixed Vegetables Rice.)

  22. 6PM. Groceries. Shopping. (Adhoc based on demands.)

  23. 7PM. Supper. Foods = Tea + 3Meals. (With Wife + Instant Noodle/Bread With Spread.)

  24. 7PM. Zipmex = 10Mins.Hr. (Crypto Investing.)

  25. 7PM. Games = 50Mins.Hr. (Zooba).

  26. 11PM. Journal & Planning. (Night Plannings for next day.)

  27. 0AM. Sleep = 4Hrs. 0AM-4AM. Natural go into.

  28. * HIIT = 50Mins.Hr.

  29. * Sex = 1000Strokes.

**Daily Routine Creations:

***(Rule) JESUS CHRIST: All Prophets (Teachers) Commandments (Teachings) will be come to pass (follow).

(*) You just reason out all Teachings logics. Fight faster & faster with no false stroke.

***Daily Routine:

(01) Do most difficult complex task first. Do most easy simple task first.

(02) Do important task first.

(03) Batch do all those distractions tasks.

(Solution) Once wake ready. Budget you have how many productive hours for the day.

(Solution) Then decide whether it is:

(Solution) Self Worth Day = Difficult Tasks First.

(Solution) Productive Day = Simple Tasks First.

***Breathings Commmandments:

(01) Taoist. In-Out Into/From Tips Of Body.

(02) Breathe In-Out Via Nose.

(03) Breathe In Via Nose Out Via Mouth.

(04) Light Vs Hyper Exercises.

(05) Tendency to subsconscious hold breath after conscious hold breath exercises.

(06) Box. Boxing. Alpha.

(07) All Sorts Of Timings.

(08) Use Diaphragm. Don't Use.

(09) Jogger: if I don't jog for one day. Cannot breathe at night.

(Solution) HIIT (1Hr Morning + 1Hr Night) to heavy breathing. Brush teeth after meals to no blocked nose.

***Foods Commmandments:

(01) 1 Meal A Day.

(02) 3 Main Meals.

(03) Light Meals Every Time.

(04) Fasting At Day For 30 Days A Year. Fasting For 3 Weeks. Intermittent Fasting. Don't Fast.

(05) Eat Delicious. Eat Balanced.

(06) Eat Supper. Don't Eat Supper.

(07) Eat Raw Fresh. Cook Batch.

(Solution) 3 Light Meals A Day. Mixed delicious raw as possible.

***Exercises Commmandments:

(01) Intensive to build peak.

(02) Take Rest to recover.

(Solution) HIIT (max 1Hr) + Mental (Max 1Hr). Morning + night.

***Music Commmandments:

(01) Listen To Christian Songs. Listen To Mediative Music.

(02) Listen Music To Work. Don't Listen To Work.

(Solution) Zen is natural. 50% loud (to distract) + 50% soft (to work). Christian songs to worship same time.

***Sleep Commmandments:

(01) Sleep Is Rest. Rest Is Not Sleep.

(02) Sleep Is 1 Out Of 5 Evil. Don't sleep.

(03) Human Needs Minimmum 8Hrs. Monks maximum 4Hrs.

(04) If You Do Right. Wake Up Before Wake Alarm.

(05) Sleep At 12AM. Sleep At 10PM. Sleep At 2AM.

(Solution) Sleep at 10PM-2AM. Controlled thoughts even sleep to know all dreams.

***Money Commmandments:

(01) Don't Worship Money.

(02) GOD Wants To Give You Money.

(03) Work For Money For Foods. Work For Self-Worth.

(04) You Don't Work. You Don't Eat.

(05) Honest Living. Ask Yourself Whether You Deserve Those Money.

(Solution) Ikigai Balance = Japanese Work = daily foods (Self) + daily self-worth (GOD).

***Sex Commmandments:

(01) Don't Sex. Don't PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm).

(02) Need to capture sex. For GOD Side to win the Wars.

(03) Sex caused exhaustions. Mess up all daily routines.

(04) Sex is about quality not quanity. Sex is about love not lust.

(Solution) See Porn. (Max 5Mins a day). Marriage sex as much as possible.

***Bathing Commmandments:

(01) Cold Shower Is Good For You.

(02) Don't waste water resources.

(03) No Soap. Need Shampoo/Condiitioner.

(04) After Wash Asshole. Hands give rashes.

(05) Without Soap. Some 10 strokes can. Rashes part need 50 strokes.

(Solution) Cold Shower. (Max 10Mins a day). No soap/toothpaste. Shaving foam.

(Solution) Cold Shower. 10 strokes each + 50 strokes on rashes + after asshole wash hand soap.

***Laundry Commmandments:

(01) Don't Too Much Laundry.

(02) Keep Clothes Clean.

(03) Need No Urine/Semen Stains To Worship GOD.

(04) Iron Clothes. Don't Iron Clothes.

(05) Dirty Clothes cause sleepy.

(Solution) Change inner clothes every 1Day. Outer clothes every 2Day.

***Cooking Commmandments:

(01) Cooking Is Too Troublesome.

(02) Wife Should Do Cooking.

(Solution) Breakfast/lunch at home breads/instant noodle. Outside Wife buy serve dinner.

***Groceries Commmandments:

(01) Must Batch. Must Raw.

(02) Instant Noodle Bad For You.

(Solution) Go batch groceries every 3-4 days. Mixture of processed/fresh foods.

***Dealing With Demons Commmandments:

(01) Must Love Demons.

(02) Must Fight Demons.

(Solution) We do our things. Demons do their things. Each responsible for each actions.

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