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**Cstan98 YouTube - Monk - Breathing.

List Source: https://www.youtube.com (YouTube) - Jim Kwik '1 Billion Dollar Morning Routine'.

List Source: Self Cstan98.

**Cstan98 Taoist Breathing Summary:

(01) Taoist: when breathe in. Air all in into tips of all hairs/nails.

(02) Cstan98: when breathe out. Air all from tips of all hairs/nails out.

(03) Cstan98: heavy/light breathing during exercises/rest every 1 Sec. All in/from tips of body.

(04) Cstan98: when needed. Spit/blow out all nasal fluids from mouth/nose.

(05) Cstan98: cut onions in bedroom. To kill blocked nasal virus.

**YouTube - Michelle Kenway - Breathing Exercises Summary:

***YouTube: https://www.youtube.com (YouTube) - Michelle Kenway - Deep Breathings Exercises for Beginners.

(*) Breathings techniques. By a Physiotherapuist.

***YouTube: https://www.youtube.com (YouTube) - Michelle Kenway - How to Cough and Clear Phlegm - Physiotherapy.

(*) CONIVD-19 going to stay permanently. Mean need to clear blocked nose/lungs daily. Mucus are body natural reactions to CONVID-19. In fact if you clear nose also. CONVID-19 reblock nose/lungs.

**YouTube - Wim Hof - Breathing Exercises Summary:

***YouTube: https://www.youtube.com (YouTube) - Wim Hof - Guided Wim Hof Method Breathing.

(*) With This Advance Timings. You will discover you have serious blocked nose problems.

***YouTube: https://www.youtube.com (YouTube) - Wim Hof - Wim Hof Method Guided Breathing for Beginners (3 Rounds Slow Pace).

(*) Use This Beginner Timings At First.

**YouTube - Oxygen Advantage - Breathings Exercises Summary:

***YouTube: https://www.youtube.com (YouTube) - Oxygen Advantage - Light (Nasal) Breathing Exercises - by Patrick McKeown.

**YouTube - Oxygen Advantage Summary:

***YouTube: https://www.youtube.com (YouTube) - Athlete Equanimity (in Oxygen Advantage Channel) - The Oxygen Advantage by Patrick McKeown Summary.

(01) Heavy Nasal Breathing = build Nitric Oxide + Clear Airway. Don't shallow mouth breathing.

(02) Bohr Effect: less (breathing) is more. Because high CO2 in body mean more oxygen to muscles.

(03) Breathe Slowly & Quietly Through Nose. Lao Zi.

(04) Strengthen Diaphragm. Not breathing all the time to rest it.

(05) BOLT (Blood Oxygen Level Test) Score = 40. Shallow in-out. Hold breath 40 sec with 2 fingers.

***YouTube: https://www.youtube.com (YouTube) - Oxygen Advantage - Nose Unblocking Exercises - How To Get Rid Of A Blocked Nose.

(01) Pinch Block 1 Nostril. Breathe through. Pinch Block Other Nostril. Breathe through.

(02) Pinch Block Both Nostrils. Sway body. For 40 sec.

***YouTube: https://www.youtube.com (YouTube) - Oxygen Advantage - Play List - Patrick teaches the Oxygen Advantage to a group of althletes.

(*) In Sports. After 6 months of adaptations. Your level improve.

(*) In Sleep. Light Nasal Breathings improve sleep disorders.

***YouTube: https://www.youtube.com (YouTube) - Oxygen Advantage - Nasal Nitric Oxide - The Oxygen Advantage.

(*) Light nasal breathings = more intakes of nitric oxide through nose.

**Other Breathings Exercises Summary:

**YouTube - Box (Navy Seal)/Square Breathings Exercises Summary:

***YouTube: https://www.youtube.com (YouTube) - ABC Everyday - Try box breathing with this short animation.

***YouTube: https://www.youtube.com (YouTube) - Therapy in a Nutshell - Grounding Technique for Anxiety #10 - Square Breathing.

(01) Box (Navy Seal) Breathing. 4Sec In. 4Sec Hold. 4Sec Out. 4Sec Hold.

(02) Box bascially modified from Calming Therapy - Square Breathing.

**YouTube - Boxing Breathings Exercises Summary:

***YouTube: https://www.youtube.com (YouTube) - Precision Striking - Beginner Boxing - How to Breathe in Boxing.

(*) Boxing Breathing. Nasal. Each Strike/Move = 1 forceful out-in nose breath with hiss sound.

**YouTube - Alpha (Qigong) Breathings Exercises Summary:

***YouTube: https://www.youtube.com (YouTube) - nydia Barone Labensart - Alpha Effortless Breathing using Qigong Technique.

(01) Alpha (Qigong) Breathing. Nasal.

(02) Air Into Nose = tongue touch mouth roof 4 sec. Air Out Nose = tongue touch behind teeth 8 sec.

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