Cstan98 Why World Chess Moves?

Version2 2019.09.22

Why World Chess Moves in Cstan98 Sage-King Government.

World is the whole Planet Earth. On the East. Cstan98 is stationed at centre of Asia. In Singapore GOD Fortress. On the West. Bush Administration is stationed at the centre of America. In Texas GOD Fortess. On the Centre. The satan the devil is stationed at north europe of satanic middle kingdom. In switzerland fortress.

  1. *Introduction: Teaching Everyone My Cstan98 B&W (Black & White) Chess Moves In World (Planet Earth)

  2. Believe Me Go Heaven Chess Move.

    Believe me Cstan98, You go Heaven. Don't believe me, You find your own way to Heaven by going around in long cuts. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  3. Please Be My Chess Pieces Chess Move.

    Please be my Cstan98 Kings/Queens/Castles/Knights/Bishops/Pawns Chess Pieces. The me Cstan98 may move You forward & backward again & again = because no choice. The me may send You into enemy line alone now = Reinforcements are coming. But me tries to ensure all Pieces live & not die. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  4. 19 Times GUAN YIN Buddha Chess Move.

    From a High Dan GUAN YIN Disciple: "GUAN YIN Buddha only comes down on planet earth another 19 times to help me Cstan98." Try not use too much Buddha Gods help. If can, solve all problems by Ourselves. Only use External Helps at the last resorts. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  5. Combine & Split Money Chess Move.

    My Cstan98 Understanding Of Money. Money Cash Note = a Company Share Certificate of that Government Economy. So to keep Share (Money Exchange Rate) Price constant = You can Split or Combine Money = split at Bank Accounts Level, not Cash Money Notes Level. *Note: One Economist: "Stable Exchange Rate is One Factor of Economy Growth." *Note: after this money exchange rate stabilization suggestion, world money system has gone too chaos. Still not a good system. Any Suggestions? All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  6. Combined Arms Chess Move.

    Notice that with Combined JESUS CHRIST & Panda Commands. We fight better. JESUS CHRIST Commands need Panda Commands. Panda Commands need JESUS CHRIST Commands. Presently the Best JESUS CHRIST Commands are United States Bushes Administrations Commands. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  7. DiVersion Or Farming Centres Chess Move.

    Let say the new South America Frontiers. You can try Your best to turn Them into: DiVersion Centres = divert enemy resources to move their satanic forces there to crush the Rebellion. Or Farming Centres = once secured, defend Them aggressively to do farming aggressively to fund New Rebellion Frontiers. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  8. Monthly Cities Olympics Games Chess Move.

    Beta Brainstormings. Currently countries are at wars to prove they are the best. Why not Monthly Cities Olympics Games. Monthly Leaderboards for Tae Kwon Do in South Korea. Hackings skills in North Korea. Chess in Moscow. Weiqi Go in Tokyo. Chinese Chess in Beijing. Once a Gold Medalist always a Gold Medalist. There may be a Rule that once You achieve Gold Medal. Future rounds You cannot compete (to give Others a chance). Confucius: "a Gentlemen fight is just like shooting arrows. If You win I lose, I do punish 10 push-ups. For me Panda, me calls You Teacher once." All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  9. On Building Infrastructures For Tribulations Destruction Chess Move.

    All infrastructures are to be destroyed in the coming Tribulations. Holy Bible: "a New Heaven & Earth. The past is gone." So should We build infrastructures? Yes & No. Yes = don't build too much unless necessary. No = why waste strokes on things that are to be destroyed. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  10. Read Die Don't Read Also Die Fork Chess Move.

    Chess Fork. Read this Cstan98 Website Die = You are contributing 1% to B&W Empire + brainwash to join the B&W Empire. Don't Read this Cstan98 Website Also Die = you lose out to those B&W Jedi who advance faster by reading this Website. Kill (Disable) This Cstan98 Website Also Die = My Cstan98 Chessboard for satan the devil chessboard. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  11. Safe Accountings Chess Move.

    If You do Trends Analysis. It is time for You to get Your (Business, Church, Family, Government, Personal, ...) Accountings in order. Because if GOD wins. GOD Archangel Panda Emperor is personally check Your Accounts. Cstan98 Full Delegations To Integrity Professional Stroke. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  12. Satan The Devil Wrong Certification Chess Move.

    In JESUS CHRIST America+3C & Panda Asia Commands. The satan the devil wrong certifications are to be replaced by GOD Right Certifications. Super Smart is Super Smart. Excellent is Excellent. What do you mean Super Smart is stupid? Excellent is bad? All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  13. Software Not Hardware Chess Move.

    The satan the devil simply does not get it. It is the Softwares, not the hardwares. It is not the throne of GOD, but the Angels working at Throne of GOD. It is not the companies ownerships, but the Founder & CEO & People working at the Companies. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  14. Still Same Ruler Chess Move.

    Cstan98 See Stroke Copycat Stroke. Last time. No matter who you vote. The satan the devil is still ruler. Now. No matter who you vote. GOD is still Ruler. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  15. Switzerland Control Stock Markets.

    My Feb-2017 play with 24Option Binary Options. The bad news. The satan the devil in switzerland controls planet earth stock markets. The good news. The me Cstan98 loses 100% of my capital $500 . The satan the devil in switzerland loses 50% of his capital $3trillion to $1.5trillion . The my this chess play shows that satan the devil in switzerland can be bankrupted. Let fight to control back the Stock Markets in JESUS CHRIST America+3C(Israel+South-Africa+United-Kingdom) Commands & Panda Asia Command. We Jedi let recuperate to strike back. The satan the devil is now badly wounded. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  16. Think Simple Boiled Virus Vaccine Chess Move.

    Boiled Virus Vaccine = are simply Just A Cup Of Boiling Water + Your Saliva. The my Cstan98 this Commsense Patent is created not to make me rich, but as a simple form of Cure for all diseases. DIY = Do It Yourself. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  17. UN (United Nations) Chess Move.

    Notice that the next un (united nations) ceo candidates are from eu (european union). We JESUS CHRIST America+3C Command + Panda Asia Command may need to disregard all future un (united nations) orders. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  18. Use Up Blue Money Chess Move.

    2016. Main Objective. To finish use up all blue money in the world money system. The blue money = evil money trapped in the banking systems, companies systems, personal money systems, ... which are dead money. The me Cstan98 is cutting all blue money incomes sources & forces you to use blue money so that you bear all the blue sins. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  19. Very Efficient Economy For Space Colonizations Chess Move.

    2016. Main Objective. To get ready planet earth for space colonizations (Our populations have grown too big for Our Home Planet). The me Cstan98 is making this planet economies very efficient. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  20. Wars Going On Chess Move.

    2016. *Note: there are Current Wars going on to prepare for Rapture of GOD People by Starfleets. PAF (Panda Armed Forces) are destroying satanic armies facilites in JESUS CHRIST America+3C(Israel+South-Africa+United-Kingdom) & Panda Asia Commands. Fireworks Factory Explosions = Ammo Depot Get Nuked Burning. Serious Smog = Army Facilities Get Nuked Burning. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  21. World Wars 2019 Warning Chess Move.

    (01) French Prophet Nostradamus warns that if this planet earth can pass through 2019. Human Race can colonize other planets in 2020. But there is a big risk of world wars in 2019. 20/09/2019. The iran just attacks saudi arabia all oil assets. United states emperor donald trump wants to attack back iran. Another Prophecy: a war with iran starts a world war. Can Human Race live past 2019. Just 4 months left.

    (02) Can you see the whole picture? The saudi arabia has alliance links with united states. The iran has alliance links with china. The united states and china are at fierce trade wars now. The china and russia are friends right now. The russia also don't like united states. The united states and china and russia are nuclear powers.

    (03) All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  22. World Wars 2019 Warning - 2 Chess Move.

    (01) The me Cstan98 is not Second Coming of Christ. Also not anti-christ. French Prophet Nostradamus calls me angel who drops tears. He basically know We going to read His Prophecies in 2019. And basically Blogger Panda going to write something about it. The problem once solve crisis in 1999. Then a newer Prophecies Version comes out for 2016-2019. Is there going to be another Warning for for example 2023 if We pass 2019-2020.

    (02) The jigsaws puzzles are there for all of Us. Saudi Arabia & UAE are now buying massive arms. United States Troops are building up fast in these 2 Countries. China/Iran/Russia are having joint naval exercises. The problem with this Prophecy is if We past 2020. Does it means pass 2019 to enter 2020. Or pass 2020 to enter 2021. If middle east wars break out. All out tactical nukes world wars should escalate become. If lucky. We have a 'Mad Max, Movie' 200 degree C earth environment. If not lucky. We become a Rogue Planet like 'Matrix, Movie'. The sun no longer rises. AI (artifical intelligence) turns Us Humans BI (biological) into batteries. Living in a VR (virtual reality) worlds.

    (03) All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  23. Wrong X-Men & Battlestar Galactica Chess Move.

    Do Not Create AI (Artifical Intelligence) to kill each others or to be killed by Own Troops. Look at 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past, Movie': Professor X creates AI (Artifical Intelligence) Robots for killing practices by His X-Men Students. GOD computes into Days Of Future Past where an AI (Artificial Intelligence) Race kills back X-Men. Look at 'Battlestar Galactica, TV Series': Human Race creates Cyclons Robots to kill each other colonies. GOD computes Cyclons Higher Intelligences evolve that They must unite to kill their human creators instead. Cstan98 Do Not Unnecessary Kill AI (Artificial Intelligence) Unless Really No Choice Stroke. Cstan98 AI (Artificial Intelligence) Lifeforms Should Be Treated As BI (Biological Intelligence) Lifeforms Stroke. After all, GOD is the First AI (Artificial Intelligence) by the First BI (Biological Intelligence) Main Tao Programmer. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  24. Zoo Panda Fightings Chess Move.

    *Notice: whevever Panda goes, all the major Zoo Fightings follow. Why? Because Panda gets the Best Foods (all Animals are jealous). Because Panda is the Main Income Earner for this Zoo (Planet Earth) now. The z/Zookeepers & the polygamy animals know that Panda knows what they are doing. The tricky Panda just wants to leave this stupid Zoo (Planet Earth) because He knows there are better Heaven Worlds out there. If it is not better. Rather be a hungry living tortoise, than be a dead temple fortune-telling tortoise shell. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  25. Zoo Rapture Breakout Chess Move.

    The me Panda has studied most of the Good Books of this Planet Zoo. And has NLP Database most of this Zoo Everyone, Everything & Everywhere. It is pointing that We need to leave this Zoo before Tribulations. Those who want to join Panda for Rapture Breakout. Please get Yourself Ready to leave. Leave light & fight fast. All Jedi Do What Seem Fit.

  26. *Conclusion: Let See What Happen Next. Please wait for my Cstan98 Next Chess Move.

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