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  1. *Why SAF (Singapore Armed Forces Military) working experience is dysfunctional in not making companies profitable. Why those males that are very successful in the military, when they run private companies, the companies go bankrupt so easily.

  2. *Hardcore Mindset.

    Private business companies cannot be run in the same military way. Those hardcore males who stubbornly use military working knowledges & do not change their management style to run the new environment private business companies, make their private business companies go bankrupt. What not to do are listed below:

  3. Do Not Drain The Cashflow.

    Last time in SAF, cashflow money come from income tax. Now, in private business companies, cashflows come from profits. There is no longer unlimited cashflow anymore.

  4. Do Not Duplicate The Positions.

    In SAF, you need to create 3 captains officers under a Major. 3 Majors under a lieutenant colonel. These duplicate positions holders mean high costs for companies. My B&W (Black & White) Companies are managed by Cstan98 No False Stroke, No Waste Movement Stroke. There is no extra officer to cut costs & to run the companies faster & better all the times. There is only many Temporary Staffs.

  5. Do Not Number Of Workers Bigger The Better.

    In SAF, the more soldiers under you the better. Because soldiers get killed in combat. The more soldiers mean greater strengths to win in combat. But in private business companies, the more waves & waves of employees mean higher costs for the companies. The companies cannot survive. To be profitable, the companies need to create minimum number of employees.

  6. Do Not Power Struggle.

    *Notice: when a SAF father male enters B&W (Black & White) companies. The he creates many power struggle problems. We B&W (Black & White) use Sage-King Government Management Style. Power struggle needs to keep to the minimum.

  7. Do Not Secret Knowledges/Weapons.

    In SAF, officers need to keep secret knolwedges & weapons to have advantages. For B&W (Black & White) Companies, the Couples Officers Teams who teach & share assets & knowledges most to the rest become CEO Couples Teams. Because They are very nice.

  8. No Female Prostitutes.

    In SAF, to consolidate army powers, you need to send army female prostitutes to give sex favours to other high ranking officers. In B&W (Black & White) Companies, those females & males workers who commit adultery & run prostitutes house are fired. This is because adultery bring bad lucks to companies farmland. Do not turn companies into a prostitutes house.

  9. No Mean Scolding.

    In SAF, there are mean scoldings from senior officers to men. For B&W (Black & White) Companies, when there are mistakes, the men are given more Guidances & Teachings. There is no mean scolding. *Notice: that those SAF males when they start mean scoldings in companies, morales drop & turnover of employees are very high. The company most likely cannot survive long in business.

  10. No Sabotage.

    In SAF, to get promoted, you need to sabotage other officers operations. In B&W (Black & White) Companies, We cannot afford sabotages. Everyone must work as a Team.

  11. No Waiting For Orders.

    In SAF, everythings need orders. In B&W (Black & White) Companies, to fight fast fast, Everyone needs to do the right things fast & take initiative. Especially the less important things without any orders given.

  12. SAF Males.

    For those aspiring high ranking SAF males who want to become part of B&W (Black & White) Companies. Many things need to be unlearned. But most of these SAF males are so hardcore stubborn. That is why me Cstan98 recommends only Good & Nice Females Officers to become CEOs, no mean SAF males. Because B&W (Black & White) Companies Culture is different from SAF culture.

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