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*Why SAF (Military) Should Be Included In Running A Company in CEOship.

Military suppose to be in Military. Not in Administrative.

  1. *Introduction: Why SAF (Singapore Armed Forces Military) should be included in running a company.

    Why me Cstan98 changes my mind about SAF after writing Cstan98 Why SAF (Military) Working Experience Should Not Be Used In Running A Company . Because of strategic reasons, see below:

  2. Beta Testing.

    *Note: this Webpage of employing SAF Intact Unit is still my beta testing & brainstorming. Fine-tuning this Webpage Instructions as We go along with the Beta Testings.

  3. Cannot Be CEO, Only Maximum COO.

    B&W (Black & White) Company CEO should be well-trained & balanced Person. The SAF Commander may be only promoted maximum COO (Chief Operations Officer). CEO should be careful in not giving this SAF Commander too much powers & permissions in running the Company Operations. This SAF Commander should be closely coached & guided the B&W (Black & White) Company way. This SAF Commander also cannot be CFO (Chief Finance Officer), CHO (Chief Human Resource Officer), CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), ... Only COO (Chief Operations Officer). Because SAF Military Working Experiences are only suitable for COO (Chief Operations Officer) Operations. Jedi CEO Do What Seem Fit.

  4. Country Security Reasons.

    Our B&W (Black & White) Companies are in Singapore. If SAF goes down, Singapore goes down. If Singapore goes down, B&W (Black & White) Companies go down also. We need to secure SAF. SAF without salaries incomes mean an unstable SAF. We need to do our part to help SAF. Because the main bulk of SAF is reservists. The reservists need jobs to earn incomes to support themselves. But most SAF majors & colonels military working experiences are dysfunctional for companies running = see Cstan98 Why SAF (Military) Working Experience Should Not Be Used In Running A Company . There must be a Balanced Approach to help SAF = help SAF + but not until B&W (Black & White) Companies go bankrupt. Chinese Wiseman: "no Country, then how to have a home. (没有国,那有家.)"

  5. Employ Platoon/Company/Battalion Level.

    When employing Male Workers, it is better you employ a whole intact Section Level (10 men) or Platoon Level (3 sections) or Company Level (3 Platoons) or Battalion Level (3 Companies). Whole intact Section/Platoon/Company/Battalion Level Units are intact & cohesive working Units. When you employ outside male workers from different units = this is when the problems start + all these men from different units fight each other for power in SAF. Approach Singapore Government for employing intact SAF units for your Male Workers need. *Note: generals who have track records of business problems should not be approached. Cstan98 Support Good Emperors Good Generals Stroke = approach & support Good Singapore Government & SAF. The same kind of feathers flock together.

  6. If Any Problems. Talk To Singapore Government.

    If the SAF commander does not listen to instructions, have breach of conducts, ... Then, go back & talk to Singapore Government to replace him & his unit in B&W Company, to additional coaching from SAF to him, correct him, prison punishments him, ... Do not take the actions into your hands, if the SAF commander does not listen to you, Cstan98 Approach Someone the SAF Commander Is Scared Of Stroke.

  7. Know Your Males Workers Dysfunctional Military Ways Of Running Business.

    The SAF Commander should be closely monitored so that h/He does not bankrupt the B&W (Black & White) Company. Dysfunctional SAF Miliary Working Ways = see Cstan98 Why SAF (Military) Working Experience Should Not Be Used In Running A Company . They need to be monitored & coached all the time.

  8. Only 1 SAF Commander Inside 1 Company.

    When you employ an intact unit of SAF. Make the SAF Commander be COO (Chief Operations Officer) or Assistant COO or Team Leader, depends on the size of the intact unit of SAF. Only one SAF Major (if battalion strength) is allowed into B&W (Black & White) Company to reduce SAF power struggles + His Officers & Men in the SAF Working Unit.

  9. Singapore Is Too Small.

    The my Cstan98 Recommendations to Singapore Government: Country is too small to have too many different h/Houses. Too small to have too many SAF Commanders.

  10. Understand Singapore Business Environment.

    If you want to run business Companies in Singapore. You need to understand Singapore Business Environment very well.

    (01) The Whole Country is the Capitol = unlike Japan for example where Japan has a Tokyo capitol & countryside farmlands. Singapore is a small Country where the Capitol is Singapore & Singapore is the Capitol. There are no cheap countryside farmlands.

    (02) The whole male population is SAF (Singapore Armed Forces). Because Singapore has a small population. The whole male population is SAF. That means if you want to recruit employ any male Singaporean, you are dealing with SAF Army Powers control & struggles.

    (03) Brainstorming Recommendations. Use Singapore Reserves to buy Malaysia &/or Indonesia Lands = turn Their Countryside Farmlands into Singapore Countryside Farmlands. Promise SAF do not interfere into Business Operations Farmings.

    (04) Use JESUS CHRIST United States Marines Army Structure = few majors & colonels & generals with many lieutenants & many men = currently there are too many majors & colonels & generals in SAF = so many that everyone is fighting for Business Companies Resources to be generals.

    (05) Try Cstan98 Heaven Army Structure = One Secretary Of Defence (most Old & Wise General) + Many Generals (running a Unit it is acting Command of a General) + a Unit can range from infinite-men to one-man) + Many Deputy Generals (acting Command of a General if General is not around) + Many Men (acting Command of a General if Deputy General/General is not around).

  11. Watch Your Operations Budget.

    SAF Commander is famous of increasing more & more operations budgets by increasing his men & operations to get promoted in SAF. So CEO talks to the SAF Commander about the Company Budget for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months & 1 year. Tell the SAF Commander what happens if the whole SAF Intact Unit does well or not well = like monthly bonus, salary decrease/increase, size of SAF Intact Unit decrease/increase, who to the next SAF Commander when the SAF Intact Unit grows, ... Recommend to CEO to Cstan98 Start Small, Think Big Stroke = start with an Intact SAF Section (10 men) Unit for beginning Budget, then progress to Intact SAF Platoon (3 Sections) Unit, then to Intact SAF Company (3 Platoons) Unit, then to Intact SAF Battalion (3 Companies) Unit & so on. Cstan98 Operations Flow Stroke.

  12. We Need Males Workers.

    Most B&W (Black & White) Companies need Male Workers like Deliverymen, Drivers, Operations, Stores, Warehousing, ... When you need to employ Male Workers, you face power struggles problems of SAF. But We cannot live without Male Workers. Solution = approach Singapore Government to recommend good SAF Soldiers Reservists Intact Units. Approach Singapore Government for your Male Workers needs. Singapore Government needs Us. We need Singapore Government.

  13. Sun Zi Apply Elsewhere.

    Sun Zi: "arts of war can be applied here, can be also applied elsewhere." The me Cstan98: "you just apply this Webpage accordingly if your B&W (Black & White) Companies are stationed in Indonesia for example. Just change SAF in this Webpage to Indonesia Armed Forces for example."

  14. *Conclusion: If You Do It Right.

    The me Cstan98: "if you do it SAF right. All can. If not. All cannot."

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