Cstan98 Why Christianity Is The Correct Path

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Why Christianity Is The Correct Path in Perfect Christianity?

The christianity has no power when they are still sinful. But when Christianity is Perfect. It becomes a Powerful Force to be reckoned.

  1. *Introduction: I Am The Way.

    JESUS CHRIST: "I am the Way. No one goes to Father except through Me." You need to acept JESUS CHRIST to leave rapture this satanic planet earth. Take the Free Gift of Eternal Life. It is the most correct Path You can ever find in all Your lifetimes.

  2. Easier Path.

    It is very difficult to cultivation with your lifetimes of sins. Why JESUS CHRIST is so unique? Because after You accept JESUS CHRIST died on the Cross for Your sins. You have a windows of light loads without sins. This is the time where You quickly cultivate to become a Perfect Christian. Then to take back Your own Cross. Or else, it is impossible to become Perfect Cultivator.

  3. HOLY SPIRIT Give Strength.

    The me Cstan98 is a fanatic in r/Religions. This is because all my life me has been trying to quit masturbation & pornography. It is Christianity which gives me Christian Girlfriend (Human) for me to get married on Nov 2011 to have marriage sex. Quitting masturbation & pornography in Christianity is not an endless & many lifetimes task. Can marriage sex in just one year of christian courtship. If you are in deep masturbation & pornography shits & want to quit desperately, pray in JESUS CHRIST Name that to get a Christian Wife like me. Be strong in HOLY SPIRIT, so that GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM bless You & Your Coming Wife because of you two obedience.

  4. JESUS CHRIST Resurrection.

    Only JESUS CHRIST is resurrected from the dead, the rest of the founders of other religions do not resurrect & are dead decayed dusts.

  5. Light Yoke Workload.

    JESUS CHRIST: "come to me to have rest. My yoke workload is very light." It is very easy to earn Your Daily Foods & Drinks in JESUS CHRIST Name.. (So long you try Your best to be a Perfect Christians). It is way much better than working for satan the devil.


    Christianity worships the Living GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM = Father, SON & HOLY SPIRIT. Other religions worship gods that do not answer prayers so fast.

  7. Other Religions.

    The me Cstan98 has studied all other major religions including Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Islam & Taoism. Is a Perfect Christian now because only Christianity GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM, JESUS CHRIST & HOLY SPIRIT give me a Christian Wife (Human). They answer my prayers, the rest of the gods do not answer prayer so effectively. The buddhism scriptures are too complex. The confucianism scriptures seem to be for Government of a Country, & not for eternal life. The islam scriptures seem to be only about fighting the holy wars. The taoism scriptures are too simple.

  8. Religion Objective Of This Website.

    The Religion Objective of this Website is to teach Perfect Chrisitanity Trinity as a true God & other religions as philosophy.

  9. Renewed Life - Alcoholics/Drug Addicts.

    The me Cstan98 has seen drug addicts being transformed renewed with a new Christian lifestyle after embracing JESUS CHRIST.

  10. The Sick Cured.

    The me Cstan98 has seen the heavily & terminal sick able to walk & recover from their terminal sickness after embracing JESUS CHRIST.

  11. *Conclusion: On Track.

    Let say you are on a Bullet Train. If you keep dropping off for money/power/sex. Do you think you can reach the destination? Accepting JESUS CHRIST is the Correct Path. Right. But You need to take on track to reach the Heaven Destination. JESUS CHRIST: "walk the Narrow Way which leads to Eternal Life."

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