Cstan98 Success Cultivation - Psychology Of To-Do Lists

Version2 2018.09.07

Success Cultivation - Psychology Of To-Do Lists.

Play Life Well. Effectively make use of Daily To-Do Lists determine what You do that day.

  1. *Introduction.

    Life is works done. Not future goals. It is past tense. Not future tense. So what You do today. Mean how successful You are tomorrow. So get Things done in a good To-Do Lists.

  2. Conditioning.

    How To Add/Remove? One Stroke One Stroke. Until second nature. It takes 110% (10% more) to recondition 100%.

  3. Depression.

    (00) Depression means you have negative problems.

    (01) Negative Energy = not enough foods energies to cope with current workloads. Eat more.

    (02) Negative Self-Esteem = you feel unworthy because of current outstanding undone tasks. Do more.

    (03) Negative Time = you feel not enough time available to reach deadline targets. Focus more.

  4. Depression - Budget Cure.

    (01) Budget Energy = either you eat more or do less. Allocate energies correctly.

    (02) Budget Self-Esteem = do not think too high capable of yourself. Aim lower a bit.

    (03) Budget Tasks = change to more meaningful higher levels tasks.

    (04) Budget Time = make sure the tasks have enough time allocations. Plan better.

  5. Determination.

    Determination to finish one task completely once decided started. Unless interrupted by other more important/urgent tasks. Always go back to that task until finished. Or else nothing get done.

  6. Discipline.

    Achievers are Discipline People.

  7. Don't Cyclic Problems.

    Don't always move around in circles at the same spot. Stop repeating the same problems.

  8. Don't Overstretch.

    Design your allocated time slots with ample time to rest. Not enough sleep = sleep shutdown. Have 1-30 minutes slacks.

  9. Everyday Same.

    Best is everyday same tasks. Mon-Sun. You just decide whether to do or not. 1 Buddhist m/Monk: "one day break = weeks cultivations disciplines gone."

  10. Fight!!!

    (01) Hold The Line!!!

    (02) Keep Standing Back Up!!!

  11. First Thing - Black Coffee.

    Go for that first cup of Black Coffee to kick start your day everyday. In Singapore. There are sleeping drugs in tap water. Try to make that coffee as near daybreak as possible. No coffee from 02:00-06:00am. If not possible. Use filtered cold/hot water to change the chemcials structures.

  12. First Thing - Night Bath.

    First thing go home. Night bath.

  13. Fixed Allocated Time.

    Break the whole day into blocks of time for specific groups functions. Then stick to them. Not too many = or messy. Not too few = or less efficient. Should be natural commonsense to fit your situations. Tasks Flow. For me Cstan98. It is every 6 hours a block with alarms at 06:00am, 12:00pm, 06:00pm, 12:00am.

  14. Get Started - Just A Tiny Bit First.

    If too big to start. Just start a tiny bit today first. Confirmed rest follow tomorrow.

  15. Get Started - Read More Data First.

    Read/write new/past data to see what to do about.

  16. Keep Self Promises.

    If after this big task. No more tasks. Keep Promise to Self. If 5 minutes break after this. Then accordingly to condition Yourself.

  17. Kill As Many Tasks.

    Kill as many task as possible. Leave no survivor. When capable. Add more tasks. Your Life Satisifactions/Self-Esteems are decided by all the things you done. Keep doing.

  18. Less Sleep.

    Don't always system shutdown. Wake up Soldier. That is an order.

  19. Must Eat.

    You need all the energies for Your workloads. Become more & more energies efficient. Take delicious smaller (more) meals to know the effects. 28/08/2017. Taking Coffee + Gourment Instant Noodle with 2 Eggs at 6 hours intervals at 12:00am, 06:00am, 12:00pm, 06:00pm.

  20. Operations Management.

    (00-01) Bottlenecks.

    (00-02) Constraints.

    (00-03) Resources.

    (01-01) Extra - Objectives. (What You trying to achieve?)

    (01-02) Extra - Problems Solvings. (Don't Interrupt Don't Solve/Interrupt Solve.)

    (01-03) Extra - Logics Levels. (Strategic/Tactical.)

    (01-04) Extra - Sequencings. (Change New/Fixed Old.)

    (01-05) Extra - Sequencing Rules. (Which go first?)

  21. Panda Tasks Law.

    (01) Murphy Money Law: You tend to spend finish all the money You put in Budget. Because You waste more. Therefore. Put less.

    (02) Panda Tasks Law: You tend to do finish all the tasks You put in To-Do List. Because You do faster. Therefore. Put more.

  22. Power Of Daily Conditioned.

    If You do Everyday. You can do very efficient/fast. They are your very conditioned hardcore tasks doings. These things become your main backbone Soul of You.

  23. Power Of Habits.

    Use your Body Rhythm to do things automatically. Conditioned new habits until they become 2nd nature to You.

  24. Power Of Slacks.

    Have slack spaces (time) to grow, think, organize, plan, rest, .....

  25. Power Of Systems.

    Have a core System Logic Sequences to do things. Do + Measure + Evolve.

  26. Power Of Tick Done.

    When tick done a Task. You should feel accomplished, a job satisfaction, well done, ..... So always tick. And tick as many as possible. This increase Self-Esteem/Self-Satisfactions/Self-Worth of Yourself. We are defined by the works We done.

  27. Project: Lazy.

    (01) Confusing. Too complext to do = project halt stop.

    (02) More Than 1 Level/Page = become lazy to do.

  28. Rule: Automatic/Manual.

    (01) (Daily) Automatic = don't refer to Daily To-Do Lists. See the natural tasks sequences. See whether can remember. Refer back once cannot remember.

    (02) (Daily) Manual = slowly one task per Daily To-Do Lists conditioning.

  29. Rule: Boring/Interesting.

    (01) Boring = very difficult to start.

    (02) Interesting = very easy to start.

  30. Rule: Complex/Simple.

    (01) Complex = don't know how to do.

    (02) Simple = know how to do.

  31. Rule: Concentrate/Spread.

    (01) Concentrate = single mindfulness.

    (02) Spread = multi-tasking.

  32. Rule: Core/Extra.

    (01) Core Tasks = should be on top of list.

    (02) Extra Tasks = should be on bottom of list. When in front of schedule/extra times. Start to do them.

  33. Rule: Difficult/Easy.

    (01) Difficult = procrasinate.

    (02) Easy = start easily.

  34. Rule: Enjoy/Hate.

    (01) Enjoy = want to do.

    (02) Hate = don't want to do.

  35. Rule: Extra/Routine.

    (01) Extra = interesting but unknown.

    (02) Routine = boring but known.

  36. Rule: First/Group.

    (01) Tick one? = or should You done one.

    (02) Tick group? = should You Group do many.

  37. Rule: General/Specific.

    (01) General = don't know.

    (02) Specific = know what is.

  38. Rule: Important/Unimportant.

    (01) Important = lead by determination. Do the most important task first. Even it is very difficult. Then everythings fall into places. But sometimes to do something first. Mean to do it second, third, .....

    (02) Unimportant = lead by HOLY SPIRIT. Pastor Daughter: "I don't feel lead (to do it)."

  39. Rule: Most/Least.

    (01) Most = many bottlenecks.

    (02) Least = little bottlenecks.

  40. Rule: New/Old.

    (01) New = unknown.

    (02) Old = familiar.

  41. Rule: Not Urgent/Urgent.

    (01) Not Urgent = keep current can ignore.

    (02) Urgent = may need to interrupt current tasks.

  42. Rule: Random/Systematic.

    (01) Random = more interesting.

    (02) Systematic = less interesting.

  43. Rules Setting.

    (01) Set The Rules.

    (02) Die Die The Rules.

    (03) Reasons Why Cannot Complete Rules.

    (04) Evolve The Rules.

    (05) Repeat.

    (*) Summary = Form Rules Then Break Them. But some Rules are unbreakable like Jedi 5 Commandments.

  44. Rules Strategy.

    (01) Reminders. Out of sight. Out of mind. You cannot target something. You have not defined.

    (02) Needs. Tendency to do when needs are very strong.

  45. Sequencing.

    (01) Add/Combine/Remove/Split.

    (02) Define Blocks.

    (03) End Reminder Signal.

    (04) First/Next/Last.

    (05) Overlap?

  46. Tasks Management.

    (01) Tasks.

    (02) Sub-Tasks.

    (03) Name The Tasks/Sub-Tasks.

    (04) Logical Sequences. Tasks/Sub-Tasks shoould be in right sequencing.

    (05) Always Re-Write OS (Operating System). By right. Today is very similar to yesterday. Unless?

    (06) Change/Don't Change. Let the Force Flows decide.

    (07) Emergency. If You predict You are dying. Of course change. If same situation. Why change?

  47. Tasks Organizing.

    (01) Add/Eliminate. To get the effects.

    (02) Combine/Divide. To get the effects.

    (03) Reminders. To get the effects.

    (*) Know Your Objectives = to get things done. Not to overwhelm you unable to do things.

  48. Throw Rubbish.

    Which is easier? Throw little rubbish everyday. Or throw many rubbish once a week? Therefore. Should You clear your outstanding to-do lists. Little everyday. Or many once a week?

  49. To-Do List 1.0.

    Operations Operator. Wake up as early as possible. No sleep whole day. Work hard to earn iPhone + 21GB monthly subscription.

  50. To-Do List 2.0.

    Office Staff. Have many grouped To-Do List tasks. Do as much as possible. Do until conditioned.

  51. To-Do List 3.0.

    Founder & CEO. 10% Strategic Allocation. Only 10 To-Do List Reminders. Best 10 are chosen carefully for their strategic values. Best is balanced 10%. May need to group 2 into 1. When more than 10. May need to delete when duplicate redundant.

  52. To-Do List 4.0.

    4.0 = 3.0 + 2.0 + 1.0 . The Best of all worlds are the best of all Worlds.

  53. *Conclusions.

    Before = it is impossible to complete. After = so easy + should have start earlier. Therefore = start doing everythings better/earlier/faster/more/smarter.

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