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*English Strategies Summary.

All known good English Strategies that can be used.

  1. Best Of The Best.

    Are you Top Gun? Iceman = ice cool no mistake. Maverick = totally unpredictable.

  2. Both Are Right.

    Sometimes, Both are right. Let stop arguing. Example: should Jedi be Emperor? Yes, Jedi should be Sage-King Jedi Emperor. No, jedi should not be dark emperor. The me Cstan98 thinks Both are right. Let not argue.

  3. Correct Anger.

    正气. Be angry when the World & your Religion is in a mess. And do something about it.

  4. Depending Speech.

    因地.因人.因问题. Depend on Places, People & Problems.

  5. Current Now.

    According to Buddhism Classics. If You pass this Current Now Fate. You may have to wait Hundreds of Creations later for the same Fate to reappear.

  6. Do Not Kill Surrender Stroke.

    Those that is 50% white (pass) me Cstan98 not kill. Example light blue.

  7. Do Not Over-Correct Mistake.

    You may make a second mistake. Example if you throw a satanic egg into rubbish. Then realize you can give to someone instead. Do you correct the mistake by taking out the dirty egg to give stomachache to someone? You just leave the mistake, by giving the egg in rubbish to the ants in rubbish. Let unable-to-undo mistakes remain.

  8. Finish Your Jobs Fast & Go Reinforcements.

    A story. 2 Good Friends go join the Army together. In a battle, 1 Friend is shot, He cries to His Friend: "Brother, comes & saves Me." repeatedly for very long time. Their officer stops the Ok Friend to go saying: "He is a goner." After a very long time, the Ok Friend disobeys order & go to His Friend. The Injured Friend says: "Brother, I know You come" & dies. When Soldiers have faith, They last to the Last Minute.

  9. First Best Shots.

    When a Best Shot is fired, the Rest of the Best Shots follow. When a bad shot is fire, the rest of the bad shots follow. Set the Standards.

  10. Glass Of Water.

    Many wait for the rubbish glass of water to be cleared. GOD has not given any Instruction. The me Cstan98 just clear it. Because if you do not clear that rubbish glass of water, we all be dead. Now more rubbish glass of water have appeared.

  11. Good Females Should Help Good Males.

    If All Good Males die off, Your Sons do not have good Role Model.

  12. Initiative.

    Someone must do it. Why not you?

  13. Introduce Or Relieve New Command.

    The exiting Good Officer should introduce the new Good Officer. "Please support Him just like You support Me." The Good Officer should come back & say that the bad officer is relieve of his command.

  14. Kill 80%.

    Those hardcore blue, kill 80%. See whether they die off from the injury. Repeat until colour changes.

  15. Kill As Many Enemy As Possible.

    Super Fast Stroke. In Korean War, United States Soldiers lose morale to fight when there are endless waves & waves of china PLA (People Liberation Army) soldiers. United States General says: "You go out kill as many china PLA (People Liberation Army) soldiers as possible with kill counting." They repeat this for a few weeks. The china PLA (People Liberation Army) withdraws with huge loss in their soldiers numbers. Under invasion, you just kill counting as many fighters, ships, soldiers, tanks, ...

  16. Know Good Officers.

    Report to Good Officers only. Ignore bad officers. "I cannot hear you sir." Good Soldiers must learn to support Good Officers so that Good Officers do not lose Their Command. If you are a new Good Officer, gain the Respect & Trust of Good Soldiers to build Your Command. I-Ching: "the Same Kind of Feathers flock together."

  17. Know Officers Weather.

    If the Good Officers are busy or in bad mood, do not disturb them with not important things. The Best Officers keep themselves often free & not in moods all the time so that Their Troops report to Them.

  18. Let Do Things Better.

    Soldiers fight better & better with each battle. Generals call them Seasoned Soldiers.

  19. Let The Force Guide You.

    Learn to be a Wise Jedi. Bring Balance back to the Force Flow.

  20. Local Officers.

    When Central Command is destroyed. When no foods, You have Authority to distribute Local Foods Storage. When social disorder, You have Authority to help bring back Local Social Order. Jedi do what you seem fit. *United States President change colour every 4-8 years. Let just see what happen. According to Nostradamus Prophecy, year 2007-2017 we see the Most Fierce Battles on this planet. 'Terminator2, Movie': "no fate."

  21. Mistake.

    In war, it is who make mistakes first to decide the outcome of war.

  22. No One Salute You?

    Be the Best Officer in the world & salute a mirror or your reflection. There, You have the Best Officer in the world giving you a salute & returning the Salute.

  23. Officers Are Officers.

    CEO are CEO. Appoint Good Generals.

    Generals are Generals. Plan the Whole Operations. Appoint Good Officers.

    Officers are Officers. Go for Details & solve Soldiers Problems. Get Good Soldiers.

    Soldiers are Soldiers. Execute Orders.

  24. Pass The Command.

    United States Nuclear Submarine. When the Commander goes rest: " Officer A has the Com (Command)." Officer A sends someone to wake the Commander up when something comes up. Rotate Pass the Com to all Worthy Officers to let Them gain confidence.

  25. Pick Up & Throw Rubbish Yourself.

    Do you pick up the rubbish & throw. Or do you waste time finding the cleaning lady & ask her to spend a lots time finding that rubbish?

  26. Point Of No Return.

    Every Commander of wars operations know there is a point called Point Of Not Return. Before that. You can shout give warning shots, hold your fire, stand down, ... But it soon comes to the mentioned point. When all M16 bullets rounds fires noises are louder than issued orders. So before that. All e/Emperors of this planet earth. Please show restrain before all out tactical nukes.

  27. Question.

    "Should you kill person 1 to save person 2. Or should you kill person 2 to save person 1." Answer: "if you think hard enough, you can save Both." Cstan98 Rule: "if You are very Determined to solve a problem, you can solve it." *Question. Should we kill Sage-King Government to save Democracy. Or should we kill Democracy to save Sage-King Government. Answer: "if you think hard enough. You can save Both."

  28. Reinforcements Ask.

    JESUS CHRIST: "knock & the door opens."

  29. Reinforcements Wait.

    Wait for Other Units to come to help.

  30. Self-defending Evil Demons.

    From Monster Allergy Cartoon. When the demon cry sadly, the Demon-capturer: "I not bring this Demon down back to Hell. He fights back so hard because He is defending Himself."

  31. Send Best Unit To Die Halting The Advance Of Enemy.

    Taiwan Founder Dr Sun sends His Best Unit to die halting the old japanese invasion in china mainland. Successfully halt the advance of the old japanese army. (*Note: with loss of His Best Unit, Dr Sun Army is defeated by the communists army & go to Taiwan. For GOD Army, 1 Earth Soldier dies 1 new Heaven Soldier borns. 1 Heaven Soldier dies 1 new Earth Soldier borns. What is there to scare?) (The me Cstan98 train Best Units after Best Units. Until All are Best Units or Reinforcement Units.)

  32. Solutions For All Orders.

    Example direct order from red general: "use recycled paper to save cost." More than 2 recycled papers always jam in photocopier. Many things need to do 80% finish. Company Operations slow down & Reports not come up fast enough to save Company from bankruptcy. Solution = do not use recycled papers for fast normal actions + during slow exceptional time then use recycled paper + do not explain why disobeying direct order to red general.

  33. Taiwan Success Guru.

    Taiwan Books. Not Magic. Just Basic. Execution Skills. Innovation Skills. People Skills. Selling Skills.

  34. Tell Big Mistakes, Do Not Tell Small Mistakes.

    The me Cstan98 also make many small mistakes. Good Soldiers correct Themselves, you need not tell them small mistakes. But Big Mistakes must tell, if not the Whole Army dies.

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