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*Cstan98 Sex - Tao Is Natural Summary.

Accept GOD Default Programmings.

  1. ***Introduction:

    Many artificial things have created many problems.

  2. Abuse - Physical/Scold/Sexual Children/Husband/Wife.

    One day leave you.

  3. Artifical - Brain Computing/Cybernetic.

    Brain live forever without body emptiness.

  4. Artifical - Hairs Dye.

    Hairs quality get worse.

  5. Artifical - Hairs Implants.

    Dying all the time. Finally no further places to plant. Itchy like hell.

  6. Artifical - Hormone Replacement Therapy.

    Artifical cancer cells.

  7. Artifical - Makeup.

    Face skins get worse.

  8. Artifical - Memory Implants.

    Confused memories.

  9. Artifical - Pushup Bra.

    All males cannot find the breasts sizes they want.

  10. Artifical - Teeth Whitening.

    Lose protective coatings with sensitive teeth to cold drinks.

  11. Birth - Artifical Fertilization.

    Less & less able to big p organ each generation.

  12. Birth - Artifical Genes Editings/Manipulations.

    Genes codes all mess up.

  13. Birth - Babies 1, 3, ... Parents.

    Mess up genes codes.

  14. Birth - Babies Same-Sex Parents.

    Mess up genes codes.

  15. Birth - Babies Swapping.

    Huge incest genes ess up in population.

  16. Birth - Cloning.

    Diversity gene pools gone.

  17. Birth - Condoms.

    Need v hole fluids absorption to have erections.

  18. Birth - Control Male/Female Pills.

    Disrupt female/male hormones.

  19. Birth - Control Ovaries/Semen Tube Removal.

    Disrupt female/male hormones.

  20. Birth - Gender Choice Babies.

    Wrong sex ratio population.

  21. Birth - Surrogate Mothers.

    Mother bonding talking to womb babies gone.

  22. Eat - Alcohols.

    Hangover next mornings.

  23. Eat - Animals Meats.

    (01) Bigger faster reloading erections. But shorter quick pistol dirty ejaculations sessions.

    (02) Do you know how many meals a cow need to eat to turn into a meal of beef?

    (03) 1 Vegetarian Meal = 1 Year Plants Harvesting.

    (04) 1 Cow = 3 Years Of Daily Vegetarian Meals = 3 x 365 Years Plants Harvesting.

  24. Eat - Cigarettes.

    Need more & more.

  25. Eat - Drugs Obedience/Sex High/Sleeping Rape.

    Don't know how to make females fall for you.

  26. Eat - Drugs Impotent.

    Male populations rages when unable to ejaculations/erections.

  27. Eat - Forced Chemical Castrations/Mental Injections.

    Solve problems create bigger more problems.

  28. Eat - Free Of Fats/Salts/Sugars/Trans Fats.

    We need natural vegetarian fats/salts/sugars/trans fats to produce enzymes & hormones.

  29. Eat - Growth Induced foods.

    Mess up your hormones.

  30. Eat - Humans Cannibals/Vampires/Zombies.

    Populations drop like mad. Get cursed.

  31. Eat - Medicines.

    Solve problems giving more other problems.

  32. Eat - Supplements Hormones/Minerals/Vitamins.

    Artifical overdosages are artifical polymer chemcials/toxic & mess up the body balance.

  33. Excessive - Sex.

    Always want to sleep. Poorer & poorer.

  34. Excessive - Sleep.

    Problems become bigger & bigger.

  35. Lifeforms - Artifical.

    Worlds are artifical enough already.

  36. Lifeforms - Complex.

    Worlds are complex enough already.

  37. Sex - Adultery.

    Diseases spread and come with bad lucks.

  38. Sex - Animals.

    New diseases introduce into human populations.

  39. Sex - Breasts/Hand/Oral/Vagina.

    Harder & harder to get erections.

  40. Sex - Asshole.

    Victim pains like hell.

  41. Sex - Child pornography.

    More & more recruitments causing children death missing.

  42. Sex - Child marriage.

    Not reach body/emotional/intelligence maturity enough.

  43. Sex - Drugs.

    Blood strokes. Heart attacks. Pervert sperms produce pervert males.

  44. Sex - Female Slaves.

    Females unable to go freedom shoppings.

  45. Sex - Gay.

    You just ask a female for phone number. Who need to fight all the way up to be alpha male one to get a female.

  46. Sex - Incest Brother-Sister/Child-Parent/Close-Relatives.

    Dual sex organs. Retarded offsprings.

  47. Sex - Internet/Messaging/Phone/Virtual.

    Still not the real things.

  48. Sex - Many Partners.

    Dirty impotent p organ & v hole.

  49. Sex - Masturbation.

    Acne/mental illness/out of energies depression.

  50. Sex - Menstruation.

    Dirty blood absorption diseases.

  51. Sex - Orgy.

    The children don't know who are their fathers.

  52. Sex - Plastic-Dolls/Robots/Sex-Toys.

    More shy to meet real ones.

  53. Sex - Play With Shits/Urines.

    Get dirty diseases.

  54. Sex - Polygamy.

    Exhaustions die in action. The wives become fat/ugly unable to concentrate firepowers.

  55. Sex - Pornography.

    Mass pervert impotent males.

  56. Sex - Premartial.

    Every male is looking for virginity hymen.

  57. Sex - Prison Palaces.

    Uglier uglier flowers.

  58. Sex - Prostitutes.

    You don't own your wife. Don't know how to long date court. Just ask females to strip.

  59. Sex - Prostitutes No Foods.

    Females thinner & thinner. Finally all die.

  60. Sex - Rape.

    All fathers & husbands hate you like mad.

  61. Sex - Rape & Kill.

    Females populations decrease like mad.

  62. Sex - Slaves.

    Females need to be replaced all the time, because no hope in life.

  63. Sex - SM.

    Petting breasts are faster orgasmic.

  64. Spells - Blue Energies Draining.

    All males impotent out of energies.

  65. Spells - Blue Molesting.

    Sabotage each other losing virginity. All small p organs/no virginity hymen.

  66. Spells - Dreams Stealings.

    You don't know how to earn them.

  67. Spells - Indian Guru/Islamic/Satanic/Witchcraft.

    Spellers attack too much unable to defend.

  68. Surgery - Abortion.

    Breasts milk production disruptions causing breasts cancer.

  69. Surgery - Circumcision Clitoris/P Organ Foreskin.

    Unable to cover back to lower sex drive.

  70. Surgery - Clitoris/P Organ Cut Off Eunuch.

    Become power greedy because no sex hope.

  71. Surgery - Implant Breasts.

    Foreign object burst through out in 3-10 years times.

  72. Surgery - Implant P Organ Artifical Big/Metal Balls/Rings.

    Foreign object burst through out in 3-10 years times.

  73. Surgery - Liposuction.

    Tiny blood vessels to tissues cells gone.

  74. Surgery - P Organ Enlarged Prostate Gland Removal.

    Cannot erections anymore.

  75. Surgery - P Organ Nerve Removal.

    Male last very long. But cannot feel anything.

  76. Surgery - Plastic.

    Babies get uglier each generation.

  77. Surgery - Tests Blood/Liver Samplings.

    Lower blood/liver cells counts. Cause more damages.

  78. Surgery - Transgenders.

    3-10 years later. Not male/female don't know like what.

  79. Surgery - Transplant Big P Organ.

    Some animals/males lose his p organ.

  80. Surgery - Transplant Other Organ.

    Body treat foreign cells as cancer cells.

  81. ***Conclusion: Why Everyone?

    Why everyone cannot do it the Panda Natural Normal One-To-One Male-To-Female P Organ-V Hole Marriage In-Out Ways?

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