Cstan98 Sex Scripture - Kama Sutra

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**Warning!!! This Webpage Objectives are:

(1) To let Worthy Ones increase (need Half-Virginity Cultivation).

(2) To let unworthy ones decrease (if you physical adultery. The you die before eternal life).

**Sex Scripture - Kama Sutra.

(01) The india sexology scripture. After reading. Find classic very barbaric caveman sexology doctrines teachings. Just for my information knowledge reading. To predict/understand IAF (india armed forces) better.

(02) Summary = Kama Sutra summarizes indian sexual culture. Teach population how to court/play Wife.

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Below are my own Cstan98 study notes. Not mean to replace actual course.

  1. Part 1 - Introduction.

    Pleasures are not everything. We can be higher order Beings. But without pleasures. Seem like dead wood. Solution = 50% pleasure + 50% no pleasure.

  2. Part 2 - Sexual Union.

    The india sexual acts are very violent. Involving biting/nailing. Not encourage. Sex should be beautiful. Not like martial arts.

  3. Part 3 - Get A Wife.

    The india marriage sometimes involve younger girl. Not encourage. Marry same age. For better intellectual pairing.

  4. Part 4 - About A Wife.

    Living as virtuous Wife.

  5. Part 5 - About Wives Of Other People.

    The india allows playing other people wives for pleasures. Not encourage. For Chinese/Christians. These are very forbidden fruits.

  6. Part 6 - About Prostitues.

    Prostitute become Wife. Should turn virtuous. Because You belong to one Husband now.

  7. Part 7 - About Attracting Others.

    The india sexual tonics. Panda sexual acts depend mainly on internal organs well being. Not depend mainly on external supplements.

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