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English-Chinese Translation of Guan Sage No Adultery Scripture. 关圣帝君戒淫经.

Original Author: Guan Sage. 关公.

Original Texts Excerpt From: https:/bookgp.bfnn.org (抱佛恩網) - 般若文海简体 - 戒淫文集 - 关圣帝君戒淫经.

My Meanings base from: Cstan98.

**Cstan98 Guan Sage No Adultery Scripture Summary. 关圣帝君戒淫经:

It is reported now Guan Sage 关圣帝君 has become demonic. But at time of writing this Scripture. He and this Scripture is still upright righteous.

Guan Sage: "adultery is all sins number one head. Filial Piety is all virtues number one first (head)."

When you adultery that person (female). You kill her 3 generations. Once expose affair. Ugly news well spread.

(3 generations =) Father disregard as daughter. Husband disregard as wife. Son disregard as mother. Even become knife murder neck-rope suicide. The adultery male female both die.

Bones/corpses expose. Humiliating ancestors.

Ask whose house females? So untaught.

Ask whose house males? Like horses/cows.

But just give one flower. Both love deeper. Cause to poison dead Husband.

Official legal court pass judgement. Heavy sentence.

Souls scare until disintegrate. The father son cry shout. The mother daughter hug cry.

Millions laugh scold. So shameful.

Those who love adultery enough and not know shame. Call themselves cultivators. But destroy norms chaos customs.

Or elder brother take younger sister-in-law. Or younger brother rape older sister-in-law. Or uncle because of niece-in-law out adultery heart. Become incest.

2 enjoying funtimes. Only care about current good times.

Rest half life bad lucks down. Not knowing later part of life.

If not offsprings line cut off. Then become as beggars.

If not wife daughters repay let others play. Then is children grandchildren bad lucks.

Become cemetery wandering ghosts. Begging for paper money. Or become wanders beggars. Begging for leftover rice. Say until here. Is it not sad?

Then have supposed to born as hardworking farmers. Well built. Do not respect elders teachings. Later climb through neighbours walls. All sides farmlands become wastelands. Spend life in prostitutes houses. Not know time.

Sell ancestors properties to repay adultery debts. Money to provide parents all gone.

Children weddings gifts as spendthrift expenses. Children daily expenses long gone.

All gold money spend finish with many sicknesses follow. Lying on streets. All friends/relatives cover nose walk by. Struggle to live each minute.

There then heart old sorrow. Remember those years. Should not. Why now this kinds of consequences?

You capable should follow rules. Or to obey Teachers rules. Not meet females in secret places. All righteous friends advices don't listen. Just enjoying pleasures of the nights.

No matter you how handsome/beautiful. Unable to escape iron GOD Laws.

Don't care he/she handsome/beautiful. Put down your golden bait hook.

Young wives feel shame. Want to hang themselves suicide. Young virgins gets seduced. Willing to jump river suicide.

Anger unable to disappear. Turn to cry complain to Hell Courts.

Souls unable to disperse. Complain in Hell Courts. Hell is very strict. Do not tolerate Laws violations.

Hell fire pillars/hammers metal hooks chains. Flesh become all bloody. Sword trees knives mountains. Soul appearances disintegrate.

Just one thought difference. Whole life unable to redeem. Each other like each other children. What is adultery love?

Hate who? Those inside trading. Spend money like dirts. Hugging prostitutes call love.

Not caring night long short. Love temporary wind flower. Forgetting moon descends roaster crows.

Long away from hometown. Letters don't send. Far away in lands. Letters unable to reach.

Kidney waters spoils. All medicines no effect.

Sickness form later regret. Seek gods and gods don't response.

Cry towards Heaven. Wish this and that. Die as other people lands ghosts. Forever foreign lands souls.

Miles and miles of rivers mountains. Who care about lonely skeletons. Inside grass bushes. No seeking relatives friends.

Cause & Effect follow. Always follow.

I Guan Sage. Sincerely warn. Wishing all people. Able cultivate self heart don't adultery.

Then poems rites spread in family. With books in boxes. Name money all get in examinations/chess playing.

Door frame colourful. Obvious rich high-status family.

Inside house radiant lights. Not ashamed to call country pillars.

In front garden grow precious herbs. Flowers smell nice.

House outside arise up auspicious kitchen smokes. Neighbourhood busy.

Can all be calculated 50% all from quit adultery come.

Since old times love adultery people never lack. Dynasty Xia evil emperor Jie evil emperorship. Love females and lose kingdom.

Dynasty Shang evil emperor Zhou. Love queen and lose ancestor kindgom.

The stupid emperor Qi Zhuang because of beautiful female lose life. Cannot bear to say.

The stupid emperor Lin because of beautiful female die life. Ugly history don't ask.

History cross wall to adultery. Become poems. All point as animals.

Past events. Can only account here.

I Guan Sage in Dynasty Han. Each heart inch pure sinless.

Candle light with Elder Sister-In-Law whole night reading Book. No intention to hide from Cao Cao.

Kill enemy generals to pass gates. To seek Elder Brother protecting His Wife.

Person Liu Xia Hui beautiful female sit on lap. Not touch. How big noble.

Person Lu Chong Lian shuts door don't open to beautiful female. What big meaning.

Wish all young males protect guard his body energies. Not harm very sex.

Long lifespan. Not mistake by beautiful hairs females. Virtues pass down to offsprings.

In not know Widows sadness. Same long as Heaven & Earth.

Out not know Widowers sufferings. Youthful hairs/face.

One Wife harmony. Not know old age have come.

Teachers know Students must same as Teachers. Fathers know Sons must same as Fathers.

I Guan Sage see some teachers. Teach studies. But never teach cultivate protect self teachings.

Because think students are smart. Let them anyhow proudly play.

Or love them too much. Let them flirt.

Youthful emotions erupt. Conscience slowly disappear.

Originally good characters. Become weirdos.

No matter how capable. Confirm lose examinations certifications.

Wrong teachers mistakes. Harm people not shallow.

I Guan Sage also see some fathers. Too love sons. Slow to discipline.

The sons only half know. Tell everyone how smart they are.

Show some branches. Everywhere praise them.

Not able become home pillar yet. See as feast pearl.

Since then sons become play around relaxing. Violate rites commit sins.

Use to whole life loose. Nuns/widows sleep with anyhow.

Mouth full of rubbishes. Prostitutes houses as wish.

If my teacher teaches me to be correct. The he has never been correct.

Just endure. What ending?

I Guan Sage scans through all famous mountains big valleys. Where no capable heros?

But when talk about no adultery issues. Have many unable to do.

Why? Mostly because unable to control thoughts. Long lead by sinful environments.

Heart monkey has not been locked. Still entangle by sexful environments.

Cannot differentiate good from harm. Still stubbornly.

How know so many pretty faces. Have trapped countless heroes.

Just see beautiful makeups. Hurt so many capable males.

No adultery no adultery to stop disasters pits.

Under Heaven different type of people. No lack of failures.

Shave hairs become monks. Have also cultivate Tao (Way) at famous mountains. By right should be above common.

By right heart should be like metal. Strictly guard Zen Heart.

Why drink alcohols eat meats. Break initial vows.

Play with females. For moment pleasures.

Disgrace insult Buddha lotus lands. All gods angry.

Cast into punishments seas. Forever sinking.

Hell full of past monks. I Guan Sage not lying. See for yourself.

End times. Western winds come. Attack eastern asia.

The males/females change forms. Clothings weird.

Totally no shame. Expose bodies walk on streets.

Anyhow love born illegitimate babies. Before marriage lose virginity.

Or manage thousands business. Each with tricks.

Hidden with adultery. Ask how many ambitious males lose ways inside.

Endlness learing males lost inside. All business can do.

Adultery business punishments heavy. Eternal hellfire strictly.

Offsprings all bad cause & effects. Bad reputations endless.

Don't occasion seek lost soul. Seeking pleasures.

Even with money transactions. Souls still get contaminated.

Although no other people see/hear. Alone still feel ashamed.

Evil thinking arise. Evil thoughts born.

House reputations gone. Bad heart roots born.

10,000 lifetimes of punishments since then start. Reincarnations endless.

Luckily not lost far. Today not same as yesterday.

Those aim to be Sage/Sub-Sage. Correct self non-stop.

Even with reach Heaven sins. One repent all gone. Don't scare of uncomfort efforts.

One day deeper one day. Know taste unable to cut.

This year to next year. All times lost.

Lifetimes works still not done. Coffin cover.

Only death can rest. Bad reputations stay forever.

Endless lifetimes remembers as history jokes. Bad traces unable to hide.

4 directions spread as interesting news.

Birth sons not good. Might as well don't have more happy.

Because rivers easily change. Nature difficult to move.

Alcohols do not drunk people people get drunk. Sex do not indulge people people get indulge.

I Guan Sage here speaks out. Hope you change.

If follow these sagely instructions. I Guan Sage confirms you 5 happiness come.

If follow tirelessly. I Guan Sage confirms you have 300% more blessings.

If You jade flawless. Confirm guide back to Heaven Courts.

If You pure body self correct. Confirm welcome to Hell to teach.

Floods fires wars. Whole family avoid.

Locusts plagues. All gone from you.

See back those who love adultery. Blind deaf. Confirm past life sins heavy.

Legs limp hands cut. Confirm past life wrongdoings.

In broken temples. No clothes no foods.

Broken houses lonely. Bearing hunger coldness.

Extreme poverty. When can repent.

You are born in central cultured Asia. Not in barbaric countries.

Why not take these as warnings. Return to pureness.

Each wordings are medicines pills. Should be used as guiding principles.

Each words have meanings. How to keep at dark shelves.

I Guan Sage not taht capable also. Come temple. To leave behind Scripture to shout to Everyone.

If Anyone have faith in heart. I Guan Sage confirms increase his/her blessings extend his/her lifespans.

If have said out written out. I Guan Sage confirms asks for his reduce in sins punishments.

If not have taken I Guan Sage as empty talks. I Guan Sage in Heaven grateful.

If not have taken I Guan Sage as weird theories. I Guan Sage in golden palace reduce your mistakes.

If not correct. Wish Someone can correct.

If words not to point. Wish Teachers instruct.

If You. Morning night incense.

Recite in schools. Morning evenings pay respect.

Read I Guan Sage blood words.

If You respect I Guan Sage like god. I treat You as Children.

If You want to leave reincarnations seas. Should cut off from evil satans.

If You want to cover past sins. Should overcome current satanic obstacles.

If you don't listen to me Guan Sage. What can I Guan Sage do?

Knife mountain. Boiling oils pot. Blood rivers to drink. Hot metal waters swallow.

Then if want to read my Guan Sage No Adultery Scripture. Afraid unable to leave Hell Punishments.

Then if want to read my Guan Sage No Adultery instructions. Afraid unable to reach Heaven Courts.

I (Guan Sage) afraid I in heaven palace. You punishments sufferings in Hell.

Want to escape unable to escape. Want to do unable to do. Want to correct unable to correct.

Repent still cannot repent over. Suffer all punishments sufferings.

Turn change to animals. With furs & horns. Live with birds animals.

Still have to go under knife. Fry in heating pans.

When can end. To start turn back to human forms.

Once lose human form all sufferings come. When can cultivate enough back to Heaven.

Front car accident back car careful. This is external life elixir.

I (Guan Sage) now come to Temple to write out Scripture. Some believe true some don't believe true.

Because you disasters near. Cause & Effect interfere.

Yang/Yin upside down. Blessings start disasters end.

Lampstand oil lamps everywhere. Everywhere gods come to Temples.

City rejoice. Everyone repents.

Not Heaven Will to trap people in Hell. To go back GOD Will.

I (Guan Sage) also non-stop warns teaches people.

If anyone sees as rightful Scripture. Disasters all gone.

If anyone sees as cult writings. Immediately thunder strike break body.

One nagging heart. 8 Angels hold hands.

Full of boiling blood. 5 Elders nodding.

If never see Scripture as shallow. Please spread to all beings.

Entrust You a Duty. Full of hope.

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