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**Cstan98 Sex - Scripture - 10 Forbidden Books Summary:

China 10 Forbidden Books. 十大禁书全集 Last time sex books. Are modern times romantic stories books.

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Below are my own Cstan98 study notes. Not mean to replace actual course.

  1. 品花宝鉴.

    Last time porn novel = modern time romantic novel.

  2. 飞花艳想梦中缘枕上晨钟.

    Just like mermaid-witch in 'The Mermaid - Lake Of Dead, movie'. Those who use witchcrafts to become beautiful. Become uglier after effects gone. Because witchcrafts drain users cultivation dans.

  3. 红楼春梦.

    Someone: "prostitues houses marriage promises. Are like water dew in morning."

  4. 隔帘花影.

    Lustful desires thoughts harm body.

  5. 国色天香.

    Wife ugly. Die later. Wife sexy. Die earlier. Many sexy wives. Die even faster. Persons who love virtues. Not love sex so much.

  6. 玉楼香.

    When monks/nuns sleep together. Good lucks to you people. First. The you people under buddhists jedi uniforms vows. Second. The you people are in Buddha pure lands places. These 2 reasons. Enough to get Hell Punishments. If cannot don't have sex. Then don't become Monks/Nuns. Become home-based married Buddhist Jedi Cultivators. Just like thieves steal things. Light punishments. But if police in police uniforms steal things. Punishments very heavy. Because you know/suppose to enforce codes/laws. The you personally break them.

  7. 醋葫芦闹花丛.

    It is not cannot love/sex on females. Is just that on more than one Girl. Marriages systems become destroy. Once marriages systems destroy. Whole Universe goes into chaos.

  8. 蝴蝶缘飞花艳想空空幻.

    By right. If You are very capable in marriage sex. You can make Your Wife faint out in bed. Then wait for Her to gain conscious. Make her faint out all the times. This is currently my marriage sex male standards Panda is aiming for.

  9. 九尾鱼.

    This Universe. Male to Female ratio is created equal same. When 1 male has excess of 2 wives. That means 1 male has 0 no wife. When 1 male has excess of 4 wives. That means 3 males have 0 no wife. When 1 male has excess of 3000 wives. That means 2999 males have 0 no wife. This kind of unbalance females wives distributions cause many social crimes/disorders/problems.

  10. 剪灯新话.

    Prostitues although they give you sex. The they are not interested in love. Only are interested in money. Because they are working. Not marry to you.

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