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*Cstan98 Sex - Research - Last Longer Summary.

Know how body cleanliness and bladder control affects sex session time length.

  1. Beginner To Advance.

    Keep adding sexloads. Push Yourself better & better. Higher & higher.

  2. Body Clean

    Clean husband/wife bodies. Mean longer ejaculations times. So vegetarian. Virgin = faithful to each other. Adultery people bodies are very dirty. Virtues = so let GOD bless you with money earnings to become fitter cleaner bodies.

  3. Breathing Into Reserves.

    Imagine oxygen entering into Dan Tian (丹田).

  4. Desensitive.

    Repeat marriage sex every morning erections. To make p organ head less sensitive.

  5. Don't Abuse Self. Abuse Wife.

    Don't play practice yourself. Play practice all on Your Wife. Why waste firepowers?

  6. Excite + Control.

    You must in-out excite Wife. And ejaculation control at same time.

  7. In-Out: 9 Shallow 1 Deep.

    Pure Girl Scripture: "in 9 shallow + 1 deep." Female Sex Expert: "all female nerves endings near opening anyway."

  8. In Slowly. Out Hard.

    In to excite. Out to harden.

  9. Morning Erection.

    Do immediately when wake up with morning erection. Don't urine/bath first.

  10. Natural Flow.

    Just remember objective is simply to make Wife screaming orgasmic every night. Whole night.

  11. Natural Testing.

    Anti-Clockwise/Clockwise. Poke Left-Right Up-Down. Start-Stop.

  12. Practices.

    Practices every night marriage sex make perfect.

  13. Squeeze Male G-Spot (Prostate Gland) Each Stroke. With Counting.

    (01) Squeezing male g-spot (prostate gland) every stroke. Is able to control ejaculation.

    (02) How to squeeze locate the g-spot (prostate gland)?:

    (03) Let's say you desperately want to pee. You go toilet. Half pee. Stop the urine flow.

    (04) To stop the urine flow half-way. You are using your muscle on the g-spot (prostate gland).

    (05) After locating the g-spot (prostate gland). Few times with stop urine. Apply in sex in step 1.

  14. Used To Moistureness/Tightness.

    Stick to one v hole. Your Wife.

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