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*Cstan98 Sex - Research - Foods Summary.

Foods energies for capable sex = erections + lasting longer.

  1. Basic Drinks - Black Coffee.

    1 Cup Black Coffee (no sugar/creamer). Daily. First thing wake up. Cstan98 (with Wife Choy) Coffee = 2 spoons coffee powder + cold filtered water + stir with spoon.

  2. Basic Drinks - Cold Filtered Water. Home

  3. Basic Drinks - Milk + Fruit Juice.

    (01) Milk. 1 small pack out of 6 packs carton daily. Cheapest. White (no flavour). UHT (Ultra Heat Treatment). UHT Store Longer Easy >> difficult. UHT (Ultra Heat Treatment) >> HL (Hi-Lo) >> Fresh.

    (02) Fruit Juice. 1 small pack out of 6 packs carton daily. Cheapest.

  4. Basic Outside Drinks - Ice Coke/Pepsi Zero. No sugars.

  5. Basic Kidney Drinks - GUAN YIN Tea. No sugars/creamer.

  6. Basic Foods - Must Supper + Breakfast.

    For me Cstan98. I can only HIIT (High Intensive Interval Training) for 1 hour a day + 2Hrs Sleep. With must have Breakfast after wake + must have Supper before sleep. All Meals Light = Fasting (maximum allowed) + Enough Energies (minimum allowed).

  7. Basic Foods - Instant Noodles.

    Put 1 Egg + Instant Noodle & Ingredients Into Bowl. Pour in enough hot water to just reach. Flip turn instant noodles with fork & spoon. Microwave - middle heat - 3 minutes. Take out. Flip break until soft & sauced with fork & spoon.

  8. Basic Foods = Wholemeal Breads.

    Wholemeal breads. Biggest cut loaf bread. After out piece/s. Need to squeeze airs out of bag. Near air tight the bag. Actually can take plain breads + cold filtered water. Garlic Spread = very potent. Peanut Butter = testing out. Kaya (asian coconut spread) = too sugars.

  9. Basic Foods = Power Little Meals (Cstan98 Raw Eggs Milo Smoothie).

    Raw Eggs + Milo. Put 2 raw eggs + milo. Add cold filter water. Stirred. It is raw. It is liquid. Eggs contain all minerals/vitmains/proteins/fats needed. Milo contain chocolate/milk proteins.

  10. Basic Health Foods = Honey.

  11. Basic Proteins Foods = Eggs/Milo (Chocolate Milk Powder).

  12. Basic Fruits Foods = Banana/Apple.

  13. Basic Grains Foods = Nuts/Oatmeal.

  14. Basic Fats Foods = Olive Oil/Coconut Oil.

  15. Basic Spread Foods = Peanut Butter/Garlic Spread.

  16. Basic Sauce Foods = Salsa/Chilli Sauce.

  17. Basic Can Foods = Baked Beans.

  18. Basic Can Foods = Salty Pickles.

  19. Basic Cookies Foods = Double Chocolate Chips/Strawberry.

  20. Sex Foods Concepts.

    (01) Fasting. The Oxygen Advantage: (for body intakes) lesser is more.

    (02) Monk 1 Meal A Day. Ancient Monks bodies metabolism are that efficiency.

    (03) Eat What You Want Now. Let The Force guide You.

    (04) Delicious.

    (05) Harmful To Sex = Sugars.

    (06) Benefical To Sex = Salts.

  21. Carbo (Carbohydrates) Loadings.

    First Stage = Carbo (Carbohydrates) Loading. Second State = Fat/Protein Diet. Once ejaculations. Go back to First Stage.

  22. Sex Foods.

    (00) Sex foods. Must be both cheap ≈ good.

    (01) 3 GOD Sex Gifts Foods. Honey = from female bee mouth saliva. Milk = from female cows breasts milks. Egg = from female chickens v hole eggs.

    (02) American. Fries/ice cream/milkshakes/salads/vegetarian burgers/pizza.

    (03) Astronaut. Chorella. Superfoods with many micronutrients.

    (04) Buddhism. Chive/garlic/leek/onion/shallot.

    (05) Cheap. 'YouTube: Tracy Talks'. Black sesame seeds/wolfberry.

    (06) Children. Snacks/sweets.

    (07) China - Si Chuan (中国四川).

    (08) Spicy (Mula) Hot Pot (麻辣火锅).

    (09) Chinese. Rice + Vegetables with cooking oil/ginger/soya sauce/salt.

    (10) Fruit Happy. Banana.

    (11) Fruit Morning Glory. Rock Melon. It is heaty.

    (12) Fruit Sex. Durians.

    (13) Fungi. Mushrooms.

    (14) Hong Kong. Night snacks/soups.

    (15) Indian. Curry/ghee.

    (16) Indian. Roti Prata = Bread + Curry.

    (17) Italian. Cheese/spaghetti/pizza.

    (18) Japanese. Green Tea/seaweed/vegetarian japanese ramen/vegetarian sushi.

    (20) Jelly Drinks. Jelly cubes absorb in all impotence drugs after period of time.

    (21) Juices. Apple/carrot/guava/orange/water melon/...

    (22) Korean. Kimchi/vegetarian Korean Ramen.

    (23) Malay. Chili/vegetarian Mee Goreng/Mee Rebus/Mee Siam/Lotong. Fried Banana/Durian.

    (24) Panda. For Male. Chocolate builds testosterone. For Female. Strawberry builds estrogen.

    (25) Prawn Vegetarian Juice. Hokkien Prawn Noodle. Don't eat solid prawn & seafood. Take mees with prawn & seafood real juices.

    (26) Qing. Fried Bread Stick (油条) + Soya Drink (豆浆).

    (27) Seeds. Nutella/nuts/peanut butter/peanuts/seeds/walnuts.

    (28) Singapore. Coffeeshop Half-Boiled Eggs & Kaya (Coconut) Toast.

    (29) Taiwan. Fermented tofu.

    (31) Thai. Tom Yum Soup = sweet sour soups.

    (32) Taoism. Own saliva. Self too much become very tired???

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