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*Cstan98 Sex - Research - Erections Summary.

You need erections to big p organ enough to insert your wife vagina..

  1. Quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm).

    Cstan98: massive porn which massive ejaculations is harmful to sex. Light porn without chestfires and without ejaculations is helpful to sex. Because your mind cannot tell the different pictures/videos from real females. Tricking you to secrete testosterone. But if too low dan to see porn and see porn. Chestfires burn all body energies making you shutdown go to sleep. So porn or not = depend on that person dan.

  2. Daily Collect Honey.

    GUAN YIN: "just pick honey to have big p organ." Every night. After marriage sexual intercourse. Leave Wife CB juice at p organ until next morning.

  3. Sex Drinks.

    (01) First Coffee.

    (02) Home Cold Filtered Water.

    (03) Ice Can Coke/Pepsi Zero. No sugar.

  4. Sex Foods.

    (01) Monk One Meal Efficiency. If able Monk one meal a day. Force body metabolism to very efficient efficiency.

    (02) Or Monk Many Light Meals With Fasting As Long As Possible. Aim is to cut down many meals to Monk 1 Meal a day. Fasting (Breakfast) + Instant Noodles (Lunch) + Simple Mixed Vegetables Rice (Dinner) + Instant Noodles/Breads (Supper). All with many home cold filtered water. About 15SGD a day.

    (03) For Sex Foods. Harmful = sugars. Beneficial = salty.

  5. All About Testosterone (Ideal State For Productions).

    All about peak ideal state for testosterone productions.

  6. Ideal Exhaustions Tiredness.

    Discover the best ideal tiredness state. Not too tired = tired mean less testosterone productions. Not too not tired = not tired mean less testosterone productions also.

  7. Ideal Hungry (Fasting) + Full (Foods).

    Discover the best ideal foods state. Must be hungry (do fasting). Must be a bit full (foods). For muscle testosterone productions.

  8. Ideal Mass.

    Discover the best mass for ideal testosterone productions = not too fat + not too thin. All muscles.

  9. All About Muscles (For Testosterone Productions).

    More muscles you have mean more testosterone. More testosterone mean more erections (bigger p organ).

  10. Trainings - Many Foods + Many Exercies = Muscles.

    Increase body mass by eating lots exercising lots.

  11. Trainings - Physical.

    Muscles are needed to good testosterone. Every hour do 1 Mins Porn (without touching p organ) + 9 Mins (one bread) + 20 Mins of exercise.

  12. Trainings - Porn.

    Because your mind cannot differentiate artificial movies/photos females from real females. So in theory a bit like 1 mins porn every hour. Increase testosterone secretions. But more than 1 mins a hour seem counter-destructive to body energies. Because long exposures of porn has chest fires burning of energies essences. Know for porn trainings to work. Cannot touch p organ to have semen ejaculations. Or else double counter-destructive by losing brain/bones fluids.

  13. Trainings - Talk To Beautiful Females.

    By right. Near proximity to potential sexy females. Cause testosterone secretions. So long no ejaculations. Just understand. Polygamy (more than one wife partner) results in sexual exhaustions. Monogamy (single wife partner) is more ideal better cultivations state.

  14. All About Kidney.

    A strong kidney means a big p organ. Drinking chinese tea every day. By right. Short term no erections. But long term later. Big erections with good kidneys.

  15. No Ejaculations (Semen Retentions).

    Ejaculations results weak kidney. Toaist bedroom arts require males to do sex whole night. Without any ejaculations.

  16. Habit - No Urine (Dirty Chemicials) On P Organ.

    Mean daily at least one good bath clean p organ. Careful not to rub too sensitively.

  17. Habit - Many Cold Shower.

    Cold showers wake you up. Forced discipline to endure discomforts. Cold showers also reported to boast testosterone productions.

  18. Habit - Deep Breathing.

    Oxygen is needed for nitric oxide for erections. Testing short/long deep breaths.

  19. Habit - Do Not Press.

    Pressing P Organ is waste of erections energies. Sleep has sleep posture.

  20. Habit - Minimum Fan.

    Too cold/hot all cannot. Night Fan from 3 to 1.

  21. Habit - Slipper.

    Buddhism Scripture: "Sub-Sub-Buddha has lotus flower under feet." Always slipper on at home.

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