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Japanese AV Sex Movies Counter Strategies. Use them to teach GOD Laws. To talk about Buddha Angels & satan the devil s/Sex c/Cultivation. To talk about GOD Tests Trainings. That so simple but most people cannot pass. To talk about that satan the devil control Big P Organ & Beautiful Female Cultivations. We Buddha Angels must take back fast.

  1. Hitomi Tanaka Tenacle Rape.

    For wife breasts. When j-cup is not enough. Need o-cup. Only a tenacle monster husband can satisfy that kind of wife. Be contented. Get GOD default G-Cup Wife. Bigger does not mean better.

  2. Lady Ninja: Reflections Of Darkness.

    The mother satan is learning both darkness & Light m/Martial a/Arts. Using both sides to kill each other to consolidate her heaven position. The me Cstan98 currently is unable to throw the first stone. Because me is also the same. The only Difference is me wants Light to win. The she wants darkness to win.

  3. Lady Ninja Kasumi (1).


  4. Lady Ninja Kasumi (2).

    Therefore don't suck unknown female ninja breasts. Don't suck unsecured premises prostitue breasts. Don't let fake acting enemy female breasts into House. The promises made in whore houses are just temporary morning dews.

  5. Lady Ninja Kasumi (3).


  6. Lady Ninja Kasumi (4).


  7. Lady Ninja Kasumi (5).


  8. Lady Ninja Kasumi (6).

    The female hostage to be killed may be from their own gang. Sometimes medicine given are used to control you = give you a cure + poison you further for further cures. When doing marriage sex. Still have to be on look out of assassins. Recommend Japanese to cross-breed Houses like Virtues House with Ninja House to create a better stronger Race.

  9. The Lord Cherry Blossoms.

    The female have a satan the devil tattoo writing. And you get raped feeling extreme pleasures. Thinking you go to his dark place down below. The you feel more. Actually right. Just that you die of sexual Exhaustions & you become his foods. Do you see sunlight plants in Hell? The you are basically his drinks, foods & sex. Then he baits the next victim. The satan the devil is a meat eating god. Extreme pleasures mean extreme pains. No pain means no pleasure. Please accept Panda Default Programming of 50% pains 50% pleasures.

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