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*Sex Lover Games.

Lover Games for those lovers married or unmarried to play. Hope everyone has someone special to do the below games.

Body Motions.

  1. Carry Her Things.

    You should be a Gentleman.

  2. Fingers Cry.

    Use one finger at each eye motion crying.

  3. Hand Press 3 Times = I love you. She return back = I love you also.

  4. Hand Press Many Times. = kiss kiss.

  5. Hold Both Hands.

    Facing Her.

  6. Hold Hand.

    When walking.

  7. Head On Her Head.

    When sitting down beside.

  8. Head On Her Shoulder.

    You on Her. Or She on You.

  9. Head Up-Down Then Sideways = Yes & No.

    When you don't know the answer.

  10. Hug.

    Each Other.

  11. Hug Big Bear Bear.

    And say out.

  12. Hug From Back.

    If you are shy.

  13. Hug Panda.

    And say out

  14. Move Body Side To Side.

    To attract her attention.

  15. Nod Nod Nod.

    Heads a few times = to show you understand or to say yes.

  16. Play Her Hair.

    If she has a ponytail. Play with her ponytail

  17. Play Train.

    A hand on her each shoulder behind her. Say choo-choo.

  18. Poke.

    At her side of waistline. When She is too nagging.

  19. Put Chin On Both Hands.

    To act cute.

  20. Rub Your Sweat Smell.

    On Her Clothing You are mine. Like cats & dogs on human Owners.

  21. Throw Away Her Hand = don't want you.

    To make fun of her.

  22. Tilt Head Left.

    Tilt Head Right. Repeat. To capture her attention. And to show you are interested in her.

  23. Touch.

    Play with her back/buttock/face/hand/thigh.

  24. Wave Bye Bye.

    Whenever you leave her after meeting.


  1. Japanese Cartoons.

    Copycat your favourite characters actions.

  2. Mr Bean.

    Copycat actions/facial expressions.

  3. Movies Lines.

    Copycat say to Her.

  4. Steven Chow.

    Make Her laugh.

Get Reponse.

  1. A Bit Hate(好衰).

    Do disgusting things to her so that she says.

  2. Bad Egg (坏蛋).

    Do naughty things to her so that she says.

  3. Molester (色狼).

    Do molesting things to her so that she says.

  4. Ouch.

    Make her a bit pain to disturb her to get.

  5. Scolding (讨厌).

    Do small irritating things to her so that she says.

  6. Yi Yi Yi.

    Dirty your finger in front of her & try to touch her with that to get.


  1. Bear Bear Kiss.

    Use your teddy bear to kiss her teddy bear.

  2. Finger Lip Kissing.

    Upright one finger. Touch own lip. Touch Her lip.

  3. Flying French Kiss.

    From your lip fly to partner.

  4. Kiss On Cheek.

    She kiss You. You kiss Her.

  5. Kiss On Hand.

    If unable to kiss face. Like in public.

  6. Light Kiss On Lip.

    Do not french kiss if you are unmarried.

  7. Long Kiss.

    Hold kiss very long.

  8. Marriage Ring Kiss.

    Knock Your on Her a few times. Say Kiss Kiss.

  9. Stop Nagging.

    If your wife nags. Keep kissing Her to stop Her talking.

Language - Cat.

(00) Create your own cat meow language.

(01) Meow Meow Meow (High-low-high tone.) I love you.

(02) Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow. (Quick many meows). Kiss kiss.

(03) My Favourite.

(03-01) The me Cstan98 says: meow meow meow.

(03-02) Wife says: meow meow meow.

(03-03) The me say: meow meow meow.

(03-04) Wife says: meow meow meow.

(03-05) The me say: meow meow meow meow meow ..."

(03-06) Wife says: "meow meow meow meow meow ..."

(03-07) Then you lips kiss kiss.

Language - Chicken.

(01) Wife: (mother hen sounds) cluck cluck cluck.

(02) The me Cstan98: (rooster hen sounds) crowing.

Language - Frog.

(01) Frog Eat Flies. Use the other hand 2 fingers from mouth to that imagined fly. Say: kup-kup = fly is nice to eat.

(02) Frog Language. Say: kup-kup. Then tell the meaning of this frog language like I love you.

(03) Tap The Frog. Also a iPad Game App. When you want to stop the actions movements of your husband. Tap the frog = use the index finger to tap his forehead + say: Tap The Frog. Those who being tapped = stop stunned for a few seconds + stick out your tongue.

Language - Minion.

(01) Minion Husband: "banana? (very fast)." Minion Wife: "(repeat) banana? (very fast)." Minion Husband: "ba-na-na!"

(02) You can change the word banana to anything like Bi-ble (= read Bible), pray-pray (= do daily Prayers), ...


  1. Also Want.

    When your partner is doing something.

  2. Bad Wife. 坏老婆.

    And hit her. She bad Husband 坏老公 & hit You back.

  3. Beep Beep.

    Like the cartoon road runner.

  4. Darling.

    When greeting her.

  5. Dear.

    When greeting her.

  6. Hor?

    When don't know.

  7. I Have Something (Important) To Tell You.

    Then tell her I love you. Or We are already married.

  8. I Love You.

    Female always want to hear that from Her Male.

  9. Lalala.

    Hold & swing hand like children going to school.

  10. On Purpose.

    When doing things purposely on her.

  11. Penny For Your Thought.

    To find her what she is thinking when she is in very deep thinking. You get to know her better.

  12. Tadpole.

    Meaning as ugly as a toad or cup-pol (Chinese hokkien dialect).


  1. SMS Cute-Cute Emoji.

    To disturb Her.

  2. SMS Hee Hee.

    When you are doing something behind her back.

  3. SMS Miss You A Lots.

    With Cry Smiley to her a few times a day.

  4. SMS Kiss Kiss/Hug Hug.

    To pet warm Her heart.

Talk - Nickname.

(01) Call Yourself Nicknames. Like You Little Snake (小蛇). You Little Rabbit (小兔子).

(02) You are Little Snake because you sleep many like a snake.

(03) She is Little Rabbit because she walks very fast.

(04) Then You say conversations using these nicknames.

(05) You: Little Snake loves Little Rabbit a lots.

(06) She: Little Rabbit loves Little Snake also.

(07) You: Little Snake asks Little Rabbit whether She still has headaches.

Talk - Number.

(01) Like me Turtle No. 1.

(02) You Turtle No. 2.

(03) Then you say conversations using these numbers.

(04) Like She SMS message Turtle No. 2 loves Turtle No. 1.

(05) Then You SMS back. Turtle No. 1 also loves Turtle No. 2.


  1. Age.

    Grow old together and love each other Forever & Ever.

  2. Bath.

    Wash each other back. Wash your Wife breasts.

  3. Breakfast.

    Do not let your Wife make breakfast for you all the time. Make together.

  4. Dance.

    Dance together with MacBook/YouTube Songs.

  5. Dine Out.

    No need to wash the dish plates at home.

  6. Feed Foods.

    To each other.

  7. Game.

    Play App Games together.

  8. Go Places.

    Go shopping malls, parks, beaches together.

  9. Holy Bible.

    Go Church Bible Studies together.

  10. Housework.

    Keep the house clean & be together at the same time.

  11. Massage.

    You massage Her. She massage You.

  12. Movie.

    Make time to watch movies together every week.

  13. Pray.

    Both amen together at end of each Prayer session.

  14. Share Drinks.

    'You're Under Arrest, Japanese Anime'. Sharing drinks = exchange of salvia = is like french kissing.

  15. Share Ice Cream.

    Share one cup together.

  16. Share Tidbits.

    Eat share together.

  17. Song.

    Listen Mac Laptop Christianity Songs together.

  18. Work.

    Get employed in a Company where You & Your Wife can work together. In this way, you have more times together. This may be couple-going-divorce therapy.


  1. 100% Honest.

    Do not lie to her. Do not have any secrets between you & her. There should be nothing hidden between You two.

  2. Admit Wrong First.

    Admit your mistakes first when you are aware of them immediately. Before it escalates into all out wars.

  3. Baby Language.

    Repeat words like there is a cat cat/dog dog there.

  4. Be Very Good (乖).

    Be Good Boy & Good Girl.

  5. Be Child Like.

    Pure & innocent. This deepens your relationship.

  6. Compliments & Praises.

    Always time to time give her honest feedbacks of appreciation.

  7. Copycat Action.

    She kiss you. You kiss her. She SMS you. You SMS her.

  8. Emotional Support.

    Always emotionally support your partner.

  9. Encouraging.

    Pat talk your partner.

  10. Give Love Letter.

    Whatsapp App. Send Her x5 I Love You everyday.

  11. Improve Knowledge.

    Teach each other of new things. So that both of your knowledge levels are same. Become more alike & compatible.

  12. Listening.

    Be a free psychiatrist & listen to your partner especially when she is angry or facing problems.

  13. Names Calling.

    Call Her Short Leg Duck. Then She call You Tall Giraffe.

  14. Play With Her.

    Play this webpage lovers games with her. To build a closer relationship.

  15. Show Concern.

    Ask still have the headaches? Whether taken her lunch? ...

  16. Stare At Her.

    Stare at her for very long not saying a word when You find Her beautiful. When You are deeply in love. You find each other more beautiful each day.

  17. Tease Her.

    Make fun of her. Make her laugh & to forget her troubles.

  18. Tell Jokes & Stories.

    Entertain her. Inspire her. Make her cry & laugh. Stimulate her mentally.

  19. Treat Her Well.

    Treat her like your Queen & a Princess. And she treats you back like King & a Prince.

  20. Weekly Small Gifts.

    It may be a $0.50 pencil. Or a $30 Hello Kitty.

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