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*Sex Find Speical Someone.

According to Holy Bible. Before creating Everyone. Every Male & Female is already paired one-to-one. GOD gives everyone Meanings & Purposes in Life. That a Special Someone is waiting for You no matter how long You have waited.

  1. GUAN YIN Approved Same Birthday/Time Marriage Matching.

    The ideal marriage couple is best coupled according to same birthday/time. The closest match possible. Because same Western/Eastern Astrology/5 Elements Years Star Signs.

  2. Coupled As Young As Possible.

    If I have Children. I will arranged marriages for Them. First thing They are born at age 0.

  3. If Coupled Right.

    If He/She is the One. You know that first thing you see Him/Her. Because same birthday/time people have same fate. That mean small p organ to small breasts. Handsome to beautiful. Hulk to sexy. Smart to smart. Rich to rich. Thin to thin...

  4. Understand Beginner Small P Organ/Breasts.

    Males that have big p organ are fathers. Females that have big breasts are mothers. Don't worry if your other half coupled at small p organ/breasts. They will grow bigger as years go by.

  5. Stay Virgin As Long As Possible.

    Kissings/Holding Hands/Pettings. Panda close one eyes. I also cannot endure not doing before marriage. But Panda leads by example. Only have marriage sex after formal marriage day ceremony.

  6. Aim For 500 Years Virginity.

    White Period Buddha Scripture: the next Laughing Buddha only appears when there are mass 500 years virginity marriages. The me Panda is just trying to improve current chances. That Virgins can stay young/beautiful enough to get happily married at 500 years old. At 1998. 50 years virgins look like old shits. At 2020. Most people lose their virginity by age 16 because of Panda young couplings. 50 years non-virgins look very beautiful. The me Panda is adjusting this Planet Earth Marriage Solutions to get 500 years to get White Period Buddha. You get this lose that. You lose that get this. Adjusting. Adjusting...

  7. Keep On Improving Yourself.

    The better you are. The better a good mate you can find. When cannot. Start getting worse. It time to quickly get married.

  8. Read This Cstan98 Website Completely.

    This Website is full of tips on how to get a Wife. For example. Like lover games, money cultivation to have resources, quit masturbation & pornography to get a Wife, marriage sex cultivation to keep your Wife, ...

  9. Stick To Her/Him.

    'Top Gun, Movie': "you never never leave your Wingman." French Emperor Napoleon has the whole Europe under him when he sticks to his Empress Josephine. When he leaves Her & fight Russia, he later loses his French Emperorship.

  10. He/She Is An Alien.

    Please understand yin/yang opposite concepts. He/She is an alien species to you. Totally strange/hard to understand as first. You will fight/quarrel for first 7 years. After that. Long keep wines taste very well. (Don't drink. Just an analogy.)

  11. No Divorce.

    JESUS CHRIST says to death do We part. PANDA says no divorce forever and ever every lifetimes husband/wife. GUAN YIN says depend.

  12. Conclusion: Good Lucks.

    Good Lucks. And enjoy your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife companionship.

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