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*Sex Family & Children.

Family & Children is everythings to a Man. Just like Country is everythings to a Gentleman/Jedi/Knight/Samurai.


  1. Children.

    Virtues Teaching.

  2. Little Bird Singing.

    When Your Mother/Wife nags very long at You. You just think it is Little Bird Singing = very nice to hear. It is all about the thinking perceptions.

  3. One Queen.

    Concentrate firepower on One Queen.

  4. Outside Dinner.

    If You can afford, always eat dinner out. Because you deserve the nice foods. And you need not wash the dishes. Eat bad taste breakfast & lunch. But eat a good outside dinner.

  5. Scissor Paper Stone.

    To decide Husband & Wife who listen to who (at that time)? Play 5 win counts one session of Scissor Paper Stone. This simple & fast IQ Test = decide who is smarter to be the head of household for that situation. Especially when Wife does not agree to submit to Husband for that Situation Decision.

  6. Wife Sex.

    A Female Relationship Expert to all Wives: "if You are very tired when Your Husband wants sex. No matter how tired. Give sex to Him. Or else, your husband finds other ways = beer with bad friends, casino, computer games, masturbation, mistresses, one night stands, pornography, prostitutes, ... Then your husband does not want to have sex with you anymore. Then marriage problems begin."


  1. Best Class/School.

    My singapore father always push me Cstan98 to go to the best possible Schools in the best possible Classes. To get the best possible Teachers.

  2. Monitor School Results.

    Always check & monitor Your Children School Reports Cards Results. Coach Them how to be better. Do you know me Cstan98 does not have a single private tuition session. Is just that my singapore parents buy me yearly prizes gifts if me Cstan98 does well in the exams. It is Parents Close Monitoring + Prizes Motivation = that let my school results to be so well.

  3. Must Appreciate.

    To reinforce their existence & self-identity.

  4. Must Keep Promise.

    Say punish. Punish. Say buy. Buy. Say no more. Mean no more.

  5. Must Praise.

    To increase self-esteem of Children.

  6. Parents = One Nice + One Strict.

    Parents need to be one strict & one nice. If both strict. Children do not feel love & cannot take it. If both nice. The children climb over the heads of their parents. Alternatively. Switch take role. You nice me strict. You strict me nice.

  7. Quiet Children.

    Singapore blue father. Not playful Children are better at studies like me Cstan98. If your children cannot keep still. The they are unable to keep still at studying.

  8. Spare The Rod Spoil The Child

    Big sins = big punishments. Medium sins = medium punishments. Small sins = small punishments.

  9. Teach Money Concept.

    How come your single mother monthly salary of $800 cannot go McDonald everyday.

  10. Virtues Teachings Also.

    Not just Money Concept Teachings. Need to combine with Virtues Teachings. That Children should not abandon old age parents when become liabilities.

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