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*Sex Courtship.

China old Sage-King arranged Marriage System is totally destroyed. To make things more complex. There are mass pornography to make good Males impotent. Artifical big p organ implants to make bad males going around destroying marriages. Then these implants will come out destroy those p organs. Destroying totally the Universe Yin/Yang harmony balance. 2020. Sex AI (Artifical Intelligence) Server with sync sex robots are coming into market. So you need faster sex courtship for your children to get ordained Monogamy Marriage. The 2 need to be smart enough.


Basic Things.

  1. After Children.

    Research ways to tighten vagina even after child birth.

  2. Gain Wife Fate.

    No Adultery Cultivation. Spread No Adultery Scripture & Culture. Do GOD Works to earn Your Husband/Wife Gift.

  3. Good Body.

    Help Her maintain good figure. So You always horny Her body enough to want Her.

  4. Good Looks.

    Help Her do strict rules. So You always love Her face enough to see Her.

  5. Good Virtues.

    Help Her increase dan cultivation. So You always respect Her character enough to beside Her.

  6. Seduce Me Unsuccessfully Only. Please Do Not Destroy My Marriage.

    Ms Ng says "good sisters do not grab other sister husband". (好姐妹是不抢别人老公的.)

    If You seduce me unsuccessfully. You should be happy. Able to seduce = pretty enough to move me. Unsuccessfully = there is still a very good faithful Male in this world.

  7. Simultaneous Orgasms.

    The mystical simultaneous orgasms may be me wait for you. You wait for me. Then come naturally. The me Cstan98 is talking about waiting for each other 500 years virginity.

  8. Virgin To Virgin Courtship & Marriage.

    Assure you without Sage-King arranged marriage system. Male & Female Virgins have to go through a lots of hardships to get marriage. The me Cstan98 is using somehow arranged marriage system to run Panda Empire. Everything is going according to plan. Soon same birth date time are destined to get married. Monogany Male to Female.

How To Date A Virgin Female (From The Male Perspective).

  1. Be Yourself.

    Be the same person of after marriage so that if she accepts you the marriage to work. If she cannot accept your true self, is either you change or change female.

  2. Do Not Let Her Wait.

    Try to call her as soon as possible once you get her mobile number. Because she is waiting since giving you the number. Sometimes sleepless nights.

  3. Gentleman First Move.

    I-Ching: "male move. Female stationary." Male must always make the first move. Female just give chance. If She slows down for you, She is giving you chance. If She mobile you, She is guiding hiting to you.

  4. Help Your Inexperience Friends.

    Tiger beer advertisement (***Do not drink alcoholic beer): help good virgin male friend to make his first-time first move. The me Cstan98 like to encourage Males to become bigger size, both body & p organ. Like to give suggestions to Females to let them become more attractive. So that all Males & Females can get happily married.

  5. Lady First.

    British Gentleman. Let her walk in front unless you are guiding her. Carry Her things for Her. Let Her make the decision first. Let Her talk first. Open taxi door for Her. Stand for Her when She leaves the table. Make Her feel like a Lady. Just remember to try do the same after Marriage.

  6. Long Eye Contact.

    Try to maintain long eye contact as long as possible. If you look away (because energy-drained, shy). She thinks you are not interested in her.

  7. Make Many Mistakes.

    Be ready your first few females contacts are total failures. This Cstan98 Website speeds up that Learning Cycles. You lessen numbers of mistakes by me Cstan98. Learn from Your Big Brother.

  8. Put Tennis Ball In Your Court.

    From a British Gentleman Movie. You need to put tennis ball in your court. To serve the game.

  9. Rule - 50%-50%.

    Listen 50%. Talk 50%. Give & take. Acceptance & challenge.

  10. Rule - 2 Ways Chase Each Other.

    Best Courtship = Male courts Female + Female courts back Male + Repeat. You like hiting a tenis ball at a wall to bounce back. Or You like play to & fro with another Tennis Player.

  11. Rule - Do Not.

    If you cut-in/destroy/reject in people. Other people cut-in/destroy/reject you.

  12. The Best Thing Go To The Person Who Can Wait.

    Wait till official marriage (for Singapore chinese. Government Registration + Chinese Dinner) then touch her. Virgin-to-Virgin Marriages create many Virgin Children. Virgins in a country gives the country good luck.

  13. Think For Her.

    Ask & buy her drinks when she is thirsty on a date. Ask & buy her meals when she is hungry.

  14. Type: Man & Mice.

    Be courageously manly. Be mouse-ly boyish.

  15. Type: Naughty & Nice.

    Know how to cheeky disturb her. Know how to say honest good things to her.

  16. Type: Virtue & Vice.

    Want to play her. Want to marry her.

  17. Understand Why He Does Not Call.

    He is so worry sick what to say in the phone call so that he better not call. Sometimes sleepless nights also.

  18. Understand Why She Is Angry When You Called.

    She is so worry sick waiting for your phone calls all these times days. Sometimes sleepless nights also.

  19. Upgrade Yourself.

    The better you are (both male & female) both looks & personality the greater chance you can couple faster. Because You are what that Person wants.

  20. Watch 'Love Hina, Japanese Anime Series'.

    To understand love-hate relationships of non-arranged virgin-to-virgin relationships.

  21. Watch 'Luan Ma, Japanese Anime Series'.

    To understand love-hate relationships of arranged virgin-to-virgin marriage.

How To Date A Virgin Male (From The Female Perspective).

  1. Do Something.

    Go out shopping always even alone even not buying. Staying home always = 100% chance cannot meet male.

  2. Experiment.

    Most first male relationships confirmed failures. Are you too over-controlling/under-controlling/...? Adjust.

  3. Eye Candy.

    For me Cstan98. The me chooses a Queen firstly on looks (my minimum ok breasts + ok look). Secondly on characters (Solid queenship).

  4. Female Courts Male Barrier Like Silk, Male Courts Female Barrier Like Mountain. (女追男隔如纱.男追女隔如山.)

  5. Female Friends Support.

    Have many good female friends support to give you listening supports (while you are in confusions).

  6. Find A Diamond Covered With Dusts.

    See potential of a solid husband & realize to full.

  7. For Capable Male.

    You need to be capable also.

  8. For Emperor Male.

    You need to be his Queen to reduce his stresses.

  9. For Gentleman Male.

    You need to be under some Codes like him.

  10. For Intelligent Male.

    You need to invoke his curiosity.

  11. For Rich Male.

    You need to able to use his money wisely.

  12. Give Him Chance.

    British lady drops a handkerchief for the British Gentleman to return her.

  13. Help Other Females For Males. Not Fight Other Females For Male.

    Wise male is turned off by fighting females.

  14. Let Him Gain Confidence.

    If he looks terrible. Help him gain confidence. He is some other female future husband you know.

  15. Something On Him1.

    If He likes you. He has something of yours on him always.

  16. Something On Him2.

    He owned by you. The me Cstan98 has a Wife ring thing on me always.

  17. Something On Him3.

    Then 1 thing for 1 thing. Her ring keeps changing to new ring.

  18. Something On Him4.

    Ring is only thing I wear always. Never believe in tattoo/giving your body/virginity (very risky in divorce).

  19. Something On Him5.

    The best things are actually marriage rings. Mine on You. Yours on me.

  20. Target Bait.

    What ideal male you want. What you think the female he like. Be that female. Revise.

  21. Tic-For-Tac.

    He gives you gift. Return give him gift. Make your two together fate complicated.

  22. Upgrade Him.

    Choose a less desirable male. Slowly upgrade him. Protect your investment.

  23. Upgrade Yourself.

    More confident, income, education, sexy body, ... Balanced Scorecard.

  24. Weight Control Please.

    GOD is unfair. Males can be overweight. But females cannot be overweight.

How To Date A Virgin Wife.

  1. After Marriage Courtship.

    Always stay in love. See above How To Date A Virgin Female.

  2. Hug.

    One wife complains her husband long time never hug her. Hug from behind if you feel shy.

Warfares To Court A Female/Male.

  1. A Bit Crazy Warfare.

    The best Husband/Wife is best a bit crazy.

  2. Aircraft Carrier Warfare.

    Are you able to capture an unescorted aircraft carrier?

  3. All The Same Warfare.

    Do you treat all not-so-solid/solid old/young outside female strangers the same.

  4. Ammo Check.

    Peace time is money. Wars time is bullets.

  5. Army General Warfare.

    Able to help every male happily married to his female.

  6. Bait Fish Warfare.

    Bait a solid female. Are you able to solid catch? One big solid catch is enough a whole lifetime.

  7. Catch Big Fish Warfare.

    Grow your small catched fish.

  8. Commando Warfare.

    Move in & take out the Female unit without second thought.

  9. Decoy Warfare.

    Make her confused disoriented. Then go for the kill.

  10. Faithful Even When Rich Warfare.

    One female: "when males become rich. The they become unfaithful."

  11. Fortified Warfare.

    Dig-in defense to the last minute.

  12. Get It Warfare.

    One female: "some males just don't get it."

  13. Guerilla Warfare.

    Give beautiful Female a flower. Quickly run away.

  14. Infantry Warfare.

    Advance step-by-step.

  15. Investigator Warfare.

    Do you check out every interesting cases? To better (above) Army General Warfare.

  16. Kindergarten Warfare.

    Are you able to handle all the children?

  17. Officer Warfare.

    Able to handle multiple frontlines. Make all your other female Friends stay happily married to Their Husbands.

  18. Navy Evasive Maneuver.

    Avoid collisions.

  19. Navy Plot Path.

    Plot path to go where you want to go.

  20. Pilot Warfare.

    From front. Go behind enemy fighter planes.

  21. Police Warfare.

    Protect females.

  22. Private Promotion Warfare.

    French Napoleon & bad hitler starts as private rank in their a/Army. And build his whole c/Command. Are you a good soldier recruit?

  23. Scout Warfare.

    Check any ring in female fingers, colour of toe nails, ...

  24. Signal Warfare.

    Remember to communicate Her immediately once you got her email address/mobile.

  25. Sniper Warfare.

    Take out enemy snipers & officers. Then the Female.

  26. SWAT Warfare.

    Urban warfare.

**Understand Adultery Turn Wife Fat Effect.

  1. (01) Young wife is beautiful & sexy.

  2. (02) The husband do to her. Keeping her thin.

  3. (03) The husband commit adultery. Unable to maintain doing to her activity level.

  4. (04) The wife substitute extra food for missing doing to.

  5. (05) The wife grows fat.

  6. (06) The husband stops more doing to. Commit more adultery.

  7. (07) The wife grows fatter.

  8. (08) Cycle worsens. Marriage destroyed.

  9. (09) Cure1: Husband must always not adultery. Maintain doing level to Her.

  10. (10) Cure2: Wife must try best to control weight. So husband maintain doing level to her.

  11. (11) Cure3: When Husband wants. Wife must always give in. Or else soon adultery fatness kick it.

  12. (*) effect discover after investigating why females become fat.

**Understand If Wife Thinner Then Husband Also Thinner Effect.

  1. (01) Wife is fat.

  2. (02) Wife gets thinner.

  3. (03) Husband finds wife more attractive. Increase doing level to her.

  4. (04) Husband becomes thinner.

  5. (05) Because of increase doing. Wife gets even thinner.

  6. (06) Husband increase more doing. Get also even thinner.

  7. (07) Cycle repeat.

  8. (08) Cure: Foods need to increase to husband (especially) & wife. When sex activity increase.

  9. (09) Or too thin, husband (especially) & wife may die.

**Understand Problems.

  1. Rape.

    If you cannot Virgins Class I. Then Virgins Class II (Sub-Virgins). If you are drugged-rape (迷奸) by gays/males. You are considered a sub-virgin. If you are seduced (诱奸) by gays/males. You are considered a sub-virgin. Many good Angels have set example by marrying ex-prostitutes, raped victims & HIV patients. You just have to wait for some good Angels to accept you. With reincarnations rebirth. Who can really be a 100% Pure Virgin (all lifetimes).

  2. Prostitute.

    If you are forced to be prostitute. If you are being do very hard. Imagine your most best love male is doing to you. If you are suffering in pains. Imagine doing the sufferings for your most best love male. *Note: side effects of using this method is that when the female see her that best Male. She is under a lots of orgasms. This explains why some Japanese female loves her husband so much. But is unable to let her husband make love to her. She becomes too orgasmic just seeing him. The male husband needs to understand & correct her back to balance.

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