Cstan98 Scripture Cultivation - Confucian Analects 四书论语

Version2 2019.04.14

English-Chinese Translation of Confucian - Analects. 四书论语.

Original Author: Confucius. 孔子.

Original Texts Excerpt From: 孔子 - 论语. Copy & paste from iBooks.

My Meanings base from: Cstan98.

<How To Daily. Read Heading. Try to recall meanings of pink original Scripture texts fast. If forget. Read explanations. If remember. Go next heading. Do daily.>

**Confucian - Analects. 四书论语。

(01) Confucius is learnt Scholar of Dynasty Zhou. To bring back social orders in warring countries in china. Start teaching group of Students. Going around countries to implement Sage-King Government. This is 1 of the 4 Confucian Classics. Know as 四书. It is about Teachings of very sound Righteousness to action out Cultivations. What me Cstan98 calls GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Works.

(02) Summary = ...

学而第一. Chapter 01: To Learn.

  1. 3 Happy.

    (01) 子曰:“学而时习之,不亦说乎?有朋自远方来,不亦乐乎?人不知而不愠,不亦君子乎?”

    [A] Confucius: "Learning to apply. Isn't it too no tell out?

    [B] Have Friends from afar. Isn't it too happy?

    [C] The people don't know Your Dan not angry. Isn't it too Gentleman?"

    (*Panda 3 Happy = (01) Many Couples 1-1 Matching. (02) Little Children laughing again. (03) Many money start appearing again for Everyone.)

  2. Filial. Difficult Disrespect Above.

    (02) 有子曰:“其为人也孝弟,而好犯上者,鲜矣;不好犯上,而好作乱者,未之有也。 君子务本,本立而道生。孝弟也者,其为仁之本与!”

    [A] Disciple You Zi: "Person who is filial piety & brotherhood, & disobedient to above. Don't have.

    [B] Not disobedient to above, & cause trouble. Don't have.

    [C] Therefore Gentlemen go for sources. Sources establish Tao born.

    [D] Filial Piety & brotherhood, are Foundations of Ren (Perfection)!"

    (*should We respect hospital-swapping evil parents who rear Us?)

  3. Fake Looks. Difficult Ren (Perfection).

    (03) 子曰:“巧言令色,鲜矣仁!”

    Confucius: "flattery talks fake looks. Can never reach Ren (Perfection)!"

    (*cut the bull s. No Waste Movements. No False Stroke.)

  4. 3 Reflections.

    (04) 曾子曰:“吾日三省吾身:为人谋而不忠乎?与朋友交而不信乎?传不习乎?”

    Disciple Zeng Zi: "I daily 3 reflect on Self:

    [A] Working for People. Loyalty enough?

    [B] Making Friends. Trustworthy enough?

    [C] Learning from Teacher. Practice enough?"

    (*Panda 3 Self = (01) Controlled Thoughts? (02) Implement JESUS CHRIST Teachings? (03) Maintain GUAN YIN Zen Levels?)

  5. Use Country Resources Carefully.

    (05) 子曰:“道千乘之国:敬事而信,节用而爱人,使民以时。”

    Confucius: "to govern a Country is just:

    [A] Execute Tasks with Trust.

    [B] Use Resources in loving People.

    [C] Use People with correct timing."

    (*always receive Heaven Mandate as Heaven God. Quickly find capable People to give Them Sub-Mandates.)

  6. In Filial. Out Knowledge.

    (06) 子曰:“弟子入则孝,出则弟,谨而信,泛爱众,而亲仁。行有余力,则以学文。”

    Confucius: "Disciples should out Filial Piety. In Brotherhood. Careful in Trustworthiness. Love People. To near Ren (Perfection). Action many efforts. Then can learn Teachings."

    (*must be like Confucius forever learning/teaching. Must be like GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST for taking up other People Cross.)

  7. Careful Sex. Strong In Cultivation.

    (07) 子夏曰:“贤贤易色,事父母能竭其力,事君能致其身,与朋友交言而有信。 虽曰未学,吾必谓之学矣。”

    Disciple Zi Xia: "Disciples easily disturb by materials (sex).

    [A] Should submit to Parents as much strengths.

    [B] Should work for Employers as much actions.

    [C] Should keep to Friends as much as promises.

    [D] Although not learned. Confirmed learn."

    (*everyday wake up. Start doing until so tired go to sleep. Mean done best for that Day.)

  8. Not Serious. Not Scary.

    (08) 子曰:“君子不重则不威,学则不固。主忠信。无友不如己者。过则勿惮改。”

    Confucius: "Gentleman not serious not scary. Learning then not solid. Loyalty to Employers. No friends less worthy than Self. Mistakes do not scare change."

    (*be so scary serious scare hell of demons. Be so kid nice touch all Angels.)

  9. Filial. Culture Good.

    (09) 曾子曰:“慎终追远,民德归厚矣。”

    Disciple Zeng Zi: "when People remembers Works of Their Parents. People Virtues thicken."

    (*read past Archangels GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Cultivation Levels/Works. GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Kingdom comes.)

  10. How Confucius Get Policies Data.

    (10) 子禽问于子贡曰:“夫子至于是邦也,必闻其政,求之与?抑与之与?” 子贡曰:“夫子温、良、恭、俭、让以得之。夫子之求之也,其诸异乎人之求之与?”

    Disciple Zi Qin asks Disciple Zi Gong: "when Teacher Confucius advises g/Governments. 100% asks t/Their p/Policies. Can get? They supress?" Disciple Zi Gong: "Teacher Confucius is nice, good, respectful, frugal, give-in to win People. What He asks gets is different from other people ask get."

    (*Panda Consultancy Rounds: even you don't tell. Soon me knows all fishy everthings going around. Unlike past nice Archangels/Christ like Confucius, GUAN YIN, JESUS CHRIST who is 100% nice. The Panda is 50% asshole + 50% nice to get what me wants.)

  11. 3 Years No Change Dead Father Methods.

    (11) 子曰:“父在,观其志;父没,观其行;三年无改于父之道,可谓孝矣。”

    Confucius: "Father around, monitor His Ambitions. Father not around, monitor His Actions. After His death. 3 years don't modify His Methods = Filial Piety."

    (*please expect after me Cstan98 inherits SG79. For 3 years. SG79-81. There are no major changes.)

  12. Rites (Codes) = Small/Big Use. Become Harmony.

    (12) 有子曰:“礼之用,和为贵。先王之道斯为美,小大由之。 有所不行,知和而和,不以礼节之,亦不可行也。”

    Disciple You Zi: "Objectives of Rites: is to Harmony. Ancient Sage-King Government Tao is so beautiful. From small to big. Nothing incapable. Know Harmony achieve Harmony. Not using Rites. Cannot achieve."

    (*modern terms. Rites = Laws. According here. Whether big/medium/small. Objectives of Laws are to create Social Harmony. According to my Cstan98 Understanding. Last time Zhou Dynasty. There are only Rites of Jobs Descriptions/Social Expectations. But Citizens live in peace. Now. There are so many compositions fines/death/prison sentences laws. But the people are fighting all the times. Why? Because Last time. Laws Rites are created for Social Balance. Now laws are created to destroy social order.)

  13. Near Trustworthiness. Then Multiply.

    (13) 有子曰:“信近于义,言可复也;恭近于礼,远耻辱也;因不失其亲,亦可宗也。”

    Disciple You Zi: "

    [A] Trustworthiness near Righteousness. Words can be trusted.

    [B] Respect near Rites. Avoid far from shame.

    [C] Then never lose Friends/Relatives. Can multiply have offsprings."

    (*there are Laws to follow to prosper. Some laws don't sound right. Some Laws hit a tone in Your Heart.)

  14. Don't Seek Foods. Seek Knowledges.

    (14) 子曰:“君子食无求饱,居无求安,敏于事而慎于言,就有道而正焉,可谓好学也已。”

    Confucius: "

    [A] Gentleman eat not seek full.

    [B] housing not seek comfort.

    [C] eager in working.

    [D] & careful in words.

    [E] Tao confirm correct Him.

    [F] Then can call very self learning."

    (*Panda eats 4 basic cheap instant noodles to have energies to fight daily. Need a just nice big house because expecting to have a big library of Books. Work as much as possible before knocking out at night. Talk so much c because too many c-fishy things around. There are Spirits Teacher teaching me Tao. Like to DIY Do-It-Yourself Learning/Thinking a lots.)

  15. Rich & Not Proud.

    (15) 子贡曰:“贫而无谄,富而无骄,何如?”子曰:“可也。未若贫而乐,富而好礼者也。”

    Disciple Zi Gong: "poor & not submit. Rich & not proud. How?" Confucius: "can. But better is. Poor still happy. Rich still love Rites."

    (*as a Zen Teacher. Do You always continuously guide Everyone higher & higher levels?)

  16. Poetry Scripture: Keep Grinding.

    (16-17) 子贡曰:“诗云:‘如切如磋,如琢如磨。’其斯之谓与?” 子曰:“赐也,始可与言诗已矣!告诸往而知来者。”

    Disciple Zi Gong: "Poetry Scripture says: keep grinding (improving). Keep carving (training). What they mean?" Confucius: "well done. Now can talk with You in Poetry. Can teach those who know enough."

    (*if You have been reading further outside materials mentioned in this Cstan98 Website. Now We can learn talk from Each Others more.)

  17. Not Scare People Don't Know. Scare Don't Know People.

    (18) 子曰:“不患人之不己知,患不知人也。”

    Confucius: "do not worry people don't know You. Worry you don't know People."

    (*fight smart. Fight = train very hard. Smart = meet/teach very hard with/to Everyone to declare/evolve/feedback Your Dans. Doing anythings are better than doing nothing.)

为政第二. Chapter 02: To Government.

  1. Govern Like Northern Star.

    (01) 子曰:“为政以德,譬如北辰,居其所而众星共之。”

    Confucius: "doing Government by Virtues. Like the Northern Star. Standing at Her/His Position. All stars revolving around."

    (*Mencius - me Cstan98 thinks???: "M16 forces people to submit. But with Virtues. All knees bow.")

  2. Think No Evil.

    (02) 子曰:“诗三百,一言以蔽之,曰‘思无邪’。”

    Confucius: "Poetry Scripture 300 poems. One Summary: think no evil."

    (*Panda talks/writes many dirty jokes. Are You sure me ever touches more than one pair of breasts - outside JESUS CHRIST Ordained Marriage?)

  3. With Punishments. With Virtues.

    (03) 子曰:“道之以政,齐之以刑,民免而无耻;道之以德,齐之以礼,有耻且格。”

    Confucius: "

    [A] when doing government tao. Complete with laws. The citizens no sins but without shame.

    [B] when doing Government Tao. Complete with Rites (Virtue Laws). The Citizens have shame (no sins) with Character."

    (*my Cstan98 Understanding. The laws = systems without sound explainations. The they take shorter time to implement. Rites (Virtue Laws) = Systems with Sound Explainations. They take longer time to implement.)

  4. Know Heaven Mandate.

    (04) 子曰:“吾十有五而志于学,三十而立,四十而不惑,五十而知天命,六十而耳顺,七十而从心所欲,不踰矩。”

    Confucius: "

    [A] 15 years old. I aim in studying.

    [B] 30. Become studied.

    [C] 40. No doubt in Learnings.

    [D] 50. Know Heaven Mandate.

    [E] 60. Everythings I hear no sins.

    [F] 70. Everythings according my Wishes. Not do anything wrong."

    (*Panda at 48. Still trying to do everythings according to Everythings. Because I want to help do Everythings. Problem is when me does/knows everythings. There are more everythings. Another Problem is can only push so much one day at a time.)

  5. Filial = Alive Give Allowances + Dead Remember Rites (Codes).

    (05-06) 孟懿子问孝。子曰:“无违。”樊迟御,子告之曰:“孟孙问孝于我,我对曰‘无违’。”樊迟曰:“何谓也?” 子曰:“生,事之以礼;死,葬之以礼,祭之以礼。”

    Disciple Meng Yi asks Filial Piety. Confucius: "not disobey." Leave. Confucius adds: "Disciple Meny Yi asks Filial Piety. I answer: not disobey." Disciple Fan Chi: "why?" Confucius: "Parents alive. Administer according to Rites (Virtue Laws). Parents dead. Burial according to Rites (Virtue Laws). Remember according to Rites (Virtue Laws)."

    (*for my Panda Burial. The burnt ashes scatter in a forest/park with a clear sunny sky for Ascension. Remember by this Cstan98 Website. But me predicts. Many stupid people wants to do all sorts of dissections experiments on my corpse. Sometimes You can just Ascension. Just forget leave behind the Body. To prevent my Soul ID being trapped. The new me going to stay in GUAN YIN Temple until Ascension.)

  6. Filial = Imagine Parents Know You Sick.

    (07) 孟武伯问孝。子曰:“父母唯其疾之忧。”

    Disciple Meng Wu asks Filial Piety. Confucius: "just think what Your Parents think when You are sick."

    (*Filial Piety is about returning the Coachings/Concerns/Rearings Gratitudes.)

  7. Filial = Feed With Respect.

    (08) 子游问孝。子曰:“今之孝者,是谓能养。至于犬马,皆能有养;不敬,何以别乎?”

    Disciple Zi You asks Filial Piety. Confucius: "today definition of filial piety. All about feeding. You also feed dogs/horses. Called it feeding. Without respect. What the difference?"

    (*don't treat Your Rearing Parents as beggars.)

  8. Filial = Face Emotions Most Difficult.

    (09) 子夏问孝。子曰:“色难。有事弟子服其劳,有酒食先生馔,曾是以为孝乎?”

    Disciple Zi Xia asks Filial Piety. Confucius: "with respect appearances difficult (must. This Disciple unable to). Has housechores. Children do first. Have foods & drinks. Parents eat first. You call that filial piety?"

    (*notice: all Disciples ask same question. But Confucius replies different. Based on that Disciple relevant coaching needs.)

  9. Disciple/Sage Yen Hui Not Stupid.

    (10) 子曰:“吾与回言终日,不违如愚。退而省其私,亦足以发。回也,不愚。”

    Confucius: "I conversations with Disciple Yen Hui whole day. He listens completely like stupid. Withdraw & self-reflect self. Able to action all. Disciple Yen Hui. Is not stupid."

    (*Disciple Yen Hui gets 1 out 10. The me Cstan98 gets 1 try to out infinite infinite. Are You sure We 2 are not same reincarnated Person?)

  10. See Motives. Cannot Hide.

    (11) 子曰:“视其所以,观其所由,察其所安。人焉廋哉?人焉廋哉?”

    [A] Persons: see actions. Know motives. Observe whether feel right. How to hide? How to hide?

    [B] Things: see results. Know reasons/sources. Observe why like that. How to hide? How to hide?

    (*Zen Master: "go for the s/Stone t/Thrower not the s/Stone throw at You.")

  11. Teacher = Revise Old + Know New.

    (12) 子曰:“温故而知新,可以为师矣。”

    Confucius: "revise old know new. Can become Teacher."

    (*how Panda - 22.2K beat all Weiqi Go D-K Players on WBaduk App - UN - United Nations Main Server on 02/10/2017. D is higher than K. The me revises 36 Strategies, Sun Zi Art Of War, Cstan98 Strokes, Chess Strategies, Go Strategies, - Main Points daily. All these D-K Players are either dreaming/sex exhausted.)

  12. Gentleman = All Functions.

    (13a) 子曰:“君子不器。”

    Confucius: "Gentleman is not one vessel (must all Vessels know everythings)."

    (*must be/know all functions.)

  13. Do First. Then Say.

    (13b) 子贡问君子。子曰:“先行其言,而后从之。”

    Disciple Zi Gong asks Gentlemanship. Confucius: "do first. Then say."

    (*actions speak louder than words. Why Panda is so scary? When me says play with You. Confirmed play. Say give you all the troubles you want. Confirmed give. LKY Panda: "You not scare. You just try.")

  14. Afraid Cannot Catch Up. Don't Compare.

    (14) 子曰:“君子周而不比,小人比而不周。”

    Confucius: "Gentleman virtues do not compare (with others to win). The petty person compares (with others to win) do not virtues."

    (*when We cannot solve Our problems. The you still want to advise Others to solve their problems? JESUS CHRIST: "please get the tree log off your eye first. Before you take that dusts off other People eye." Panda: "me is always trying to take your tree log off - one at a time. Are you sure mine is many tree logs or very little dusts?")

  15. Learn & Think. Don't Stop Learn.

    (15) 子曰:“学而不思则罔,思而不学则殆。”

    Confucius: "learn & not think = easily deceive. Think & not learn = in danger."

    (*You either think learn think learn. Or learn learn think think. Or learn think learn think. Or think think learn learn. Are you confused deceived by me Cstan98? Are you more in danger than before?)

  16. Attack All New Bad Things.

    (16) 子曰:“攻乎异端,斯害也已!”

    Confucius: "attacking new ideas. Only those bad."

    (*new ideas. Bad = reject. Good = accept.)

  17. Know Say Know. Don't Know Say Don't Know.

    (17) 子曰:“由!诲女知之乎?知之为知之,不知为不知,是知也。”

    Confucius: "Disciple Zi Lu! Tell You. Understand? Know is know. Don't know is don't know. Then is know."

    (*why Panda improves so fast? Following this Confucius Knowledge Rule. Why demons improves so slow? The they don't know. Think they know. Those know. Don't want to teach.)

  18. Officership = Careful Actions/Speeches.

    (18) 子张学干禄。 子曰:“多闻阙疑,慎言其余,则寡尤;多见阙殆,慎行其余,则寡悔。言寡尤,行寡悔,禄在其中矣。”

    Disciple Zi Zhang asks get Officership. Confucius: "

    [A] know everysides. Reduce unknown. Careful speech. Then mistakes few.

    [B] know everythings. Reduce suicide. Careful action. Then regrets few.

    [C] Speech mistakes few. Action regrets few. Then get Officership."

    (*do/talk enough. Not too much. Not too little. Too much invite jealousy. Too little p/People don't know You.)

  19. Population Submit = Correct Wrongs.

    (19) 哀公问曰:“何为则民服?”孔子对曰:“举直错诸枉,则民服;举枉错诸直,则民不服。”

    Emperor Ai Gong: "how make Citizens respect submit?" Confucius: "

    [A] make right of all wrongs. Citizens respect submit.

    [B] make wrong of all rights. Citizens don't respect submit."

    (*right is right & wrong is wrong. What do you mean right is wrong & wrong is right? Panda: "you want Panda to play with you. Right? Panda plays with you.")

  20. Serious Respect. Filial Loyal. Encourage Eager.

    (20) 季康子问:“使民敬、忠以劝,如之何?”子曰:“临之以庄则敬,孝慈则忠,举善而教不能,则劝。”

    Emperor Li Kang Zi: "how to make Citizens respect me. Loyal with eagerness?" Confucius: "

    [A] You everythings very serious. Then get respect.

    [B] You encourage Filial Piety/Compassion. Then get loyalty.

    [C] You elect capable good Officers. And guide Everyone to become Them. Then get eagerness."

    (*every results have their causes sources. Confucius is just a learned Zen Master who studies how Zhou Dynasty does them. Panda is just a learned Zen Master who studies how Everyone does them.)

  21. Everythings Are Government.

    (21) 或谓孔子曰:“子奚不为政?”子曰:“书云:‘孝乎惟孝、友于兄弟,施于有政。’是亦为政,奚其为为政?”

    Someone asks why Confucius not government? Confucius: "Book Scripture: 'Filial Piety because of Filial Piety. Friendship in Brotherhood. Need also do Government.' Is also doing Government. Why you ask me to do Government?"

    (*just like You ask Singapore President Dr Tony Tan & me Cstan98 to involve in SG52 Government. We still not busy enough doing Government?)

  22. Trustworthiness = Axle.

    (22) 子曰:“人而无信,不知其可也。大车无輗,小车无軏,其何以行之哉?”

    Confucius: "person without trustworthiness. Cannot be person. Like big car no wheel axle. Like small car no wheel axle. How to move?"

    (*protect Your Integrity like mad. Because it is Your Personal Branding.)

  23. 10 Generations Down Can Know

    (23) 子张问:“十世可知也?” 子曰:“殷因于夏礼,所损益,可知也;周因于殷礼,所损益,可知也;其或继周者,虽百世可知也。”

    Disciple Zi Zhang: "10 generations down can predict?" Confucius: "Dynasty Yan from Dynasty Xia Rites (Virtue Laws). Fall/rise. Can predict. Dynasty Zhou from Dynasty Yan Rites (Virtue Laws). Fall/rise. Can predict. After that following Dynasty Zhou. Even 100 generations down. Can predict."

    (*100 generations = 2500 years. Confucius predicts a Sage-King comes. And everythings are made known. Sun Zi: "when You know everythings. Everythings by predictions - calculations.")

  24. Not God Don't Worship. See Righteous Do.

    (24) 子曰:“非其鬼而祭之,谄也。见义不为,无勇也。”

    Confucius: "not the ghosts (ancestors) to worship. Flattery greedy for blessings. See Righteousness not do. No courage."

    (*understand that at Confucius times. JESUS CHRIST is not borned yet. Most dead become hell ghosts.)

八佾第三. Chapter 03: 8 Dancing Formations.

  1. Angry: 8 Dancing Formations.

    (01) 孔子谓季氏:“八佾舞于庭,是可忍也,孰不可忍也?”

    Confucius talks lee governor: "8 dancing formations in royal court. Can endure. Or cannot endure?"

    (*because a small governor. The dancing formations entertainments bigger than heaven emperor.)

  2. Angry: Emperor Rites (Codes) In Governor House.

    (02) 三家者以雍彻。子曰:“‘相维辟公,天子穆穆’,奚取于三家之堂?”

    Emperor rites songs singing in 3 governors ceremony. Confucius: "Governors suppose to assist Emperor. Emperor Rites (Virtue Laws) are sacred. How come end up in 3 governors houses?"

    (*Emperor/Governors should be Emperor/Governors. Or else the empire is in chaos.)

  3. Not Ren (Perfection). How To Happy?

    (03) 子曰:“人而不仁,如礼何?人而不仁,如乐何?”

    Confucius: "a person not Ren (Perfection). If rites what use? A person not Ren (Perfection). If music what use?"

    (*go for the heart - controlled thoughts. Not the actions.)

  4. Funeral = Meaningful.

    (04) 林放问礼之本。子曰:“大哉问!礼,与其奢也,宁俭;丧,与其易也,宁戚。”

    Person Lin Fang asks Foundations of Rites (Virtue Laws). Confucius: "big question! Rites (Virtue Laws), better not expensive, best is simple. Funeral, better not simple, best is meaningful."

    (*simple & meaningful. Once You know why that Rites - Virtue Laws. You can come up other essential new Rites - Virtue Laws.)

  5. Dying Sage-King Better Than Emperor.

    (04b) 子曰:“夷狄之有君,不如诸夏之亡也。”

    Confucius: "barbaric country with king. Cannot compare to Sage-King Dynasty Xia dying."

    (*why? Because the Old Sage-King System is there. There are still Wisemen upholding the System.)

  6. Angry: Can Save? Not Emperor Pray To God.

    (05) 季氏旅于泰山。子谓冉有曰:“女弗能救与?”对曰:“不能。” 子曰:“呜呼!曾谓泰山,不如林放乎?”

    The lee governor worships at Mountain Tai god. (Mean only for Heaven Emperor.) Confucius to Disciple Ran You: "Anyway You can save (situation)?" Answer: "cannot." Confucius: "die! You think Mountain Tai god. Do not know enough Rites (Virtue Laws) as forests gods."

    (*do You think GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM does not have control of things? Just remember 1 day for Him = may be 100 years for Humans. Heaven has eyes.)

  7. Archery Competitions.

    (06) 子曰:“君子无所争,必也射乎!揖让而升,下而饮,其争也君子。”

    Confucius: "Gentleman do not competition. If must then in archery! Bow each other then shoot. Lose punish wine. Even competition also Gentleman."

    (*Panda applies in Chess/Weiqi Go online games. You win. The me Cstan98 calls You Teacher once = next round You may not be Teacher again. Because me confirms training very harder.)

  8. Poetry Scripture: Draw Eye. Add Pupil.

    (07-08) 子夏问曰:“‘巧笑倩兮,美目盼兮,素以为绚兮。’何谓也?” 子曰:“绘事后素。”曰:“礼后乎?”子曰:“起予者商也!始可与言诗已矣。”

    Disciple Zi Xia asks: "'smile beautifully. Eyes black/white seperate. Use powder to makeup.' What meaning?" Confucius: "with white paper come drawing." Answer: "like Cultivation after Rites (Virtue Laws)?" Confucius: "Disciple Zi Xia! I can now talk to You with Poetry Scripture."

    (*Zen Master: "first. You set Your Zen Little Commandments. Then come Cultivation.")

  9. Scholars Cannot Confirm.

    (09) 子曰:“夏礼,吾能言之,杞不足征也;殷礼,吾能言之,宋不足征也。 文献不足故也,足则吾能征之矣。”

    Confucius: "Dynasty Xia Rites (Virtue Laws) Knowledges. I can say. But their qi scholars unable to prove me right. Dynasty Yin Rites (Virtue Laws) Knowledges. I can say. But their song schoalrs unable to prove me right. This is because left behind literatures not complete. Unable to prove me right."

    (*this Website is using Anglican Church Methods = Reasonings + Scriptures + Traditions.)

  10. Know By Looking At Palm.

    (10) 子曰:“禘自既灌而往者,吾不欲观之矣。”或问禘之说。 子曰:“不知也。知其说者之于天下也,其如示诸斯乎!”指其掌。

    Confucius: "Heaven Emperor Music only given outside Heaven Emperor court to Uncle Sage-King Zhou Gong court. Then become outside of Heaven Emperor court & well spread. I do not dare look." Someone asks about these outside Heaven Emperor Music. Confucius: "I don't want to tell further. Those who know. Know under Heaven. Like this." Looking at His palm.

    (*know the sources of the problems. Who start this problems? Where? Why? What the problems/sources?)

  11. Pray As If God Is Present.

    (11) 祭如在,祭神如神在。子曰:“吾不与祭,如不祭。”

    Worship GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM as if there. Confucius: "if I send a respresentative to worship. Might as well don't worship."

    (*worship GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM/JESUS CHRIST/HOLY SPIRIT as if They are there.)

  12. Don't Via Side-Gods. Straight To God.

    (12) 王孙贾问曰:“与其媚于奥,宁媚于灶,何谓也?”子曰:“不然,获罪于天,无所祷也。”

    The person Wang Sun Gu: "cannot get to god (emperor). Should flattery sub-god (me official). Do you understand?" Confucius: "cannot. Get sins from Heaven. Waste efforts praying."

    (*a Jedi does not give bribes. Believe Heaven have eyes. That capable People can finally become of great Uses.)

  13. Temple Everythings Ask.

    (13) 子曰:“周监于二代,郁郁乎文哉!吾从周。” 子入大庙,每事问。或曰:“孰谓鄹人之子知礼乎?入大庙,每事问。”子闻之曰:“是礼也。”

    [A] Confucius: "Dynasty Zhou inherits Systems from Dynasty Xia/Shang. Is full of good things. I follow Dynasty Zhou!"

    [B] Confucius enters big Heaven Temple. Everythings ask. Someone: "Confucius says He knows every Rites (Virtue Laws). But enter. Ask everythings." Confucius hears says: "it is Rites (Virtue Laws) to."

    (*don't agree. Jedi Do Not Lie Commandment. Confucius: "know say know. Don't know say don't know." Panda: "if want to be humble polite. Just remain silence. Ask/force to speak. Then speak.")

  14. Arrows Different Strengths.

    (14) 子曰:“射不主皮,为力不同科,古之道也。”

    Confucius: "shoot arrows. Some can shoot through target. Because Persons different strengths. Natural Tao (that ways)."

    (*We Jedi must let Beginners try. Or else there are no Old Jedi. But We must try Our best to keep up.)

  15. Love Goat. Or Love Rites (Codes).

    (15a) 子贡欲去告朔之饩羊。子曰:“赐也,尔爱其羊,我爱其礼。”

    Disciple Zi Gong wants to pity spare sheep for Lamb Sacrifice. Confucius: "Disciple Zi Gong. You love the sheep. But I love the Rites (Virtue Laws) more."

    (*don't agree. Jedi Do Not Kill Commandment. Mencius: "hear animals scream in slaughter house. Do not dare eat meat.")

  16. Administer Emperor Look Like Flattery.

    (15b) 子曰:“事君尽礼,人以为谄也。”

    Confucius: "fully administer Emperor with Rites (Virtue Laws). People think try to flattery."

    (*a Jedi have to do what a Jedi have to do. Why scare of what others think?)

  17. Emperor Rites (Codes). Ministers Loyalty.

    (16) 定公问:“君使臣,臣事君,如之何?”孔子对曰:“君使臣以礼,臣事君以忠。”

    Emperor Ding Gong: "How for? Emperor towards Subjects. Subjects towards Emperor." Confucius: "Emperor treats Subjects with Rites (Virtue Laws). Subjects treat Emperor with Loyalty (Administration)."

    (*do Administation + Politeness for all Levels. All down/up.)

  18. Poetry Scripture: Happy No Adultery.

    (17) 子曰:“关雎,乐而不淫,哀而不伤。”

    Confucius: "Poetry Scripture - Guan Ju Chapter. Fun but not adultery. Sad but not hurt."

    (*is Your Website Teachings able to achieve that. Just nice. To get the effects on Human Race.)

  19. Already Past Don't Say.

    (18-19) 哀公问社于宰我。宰我对曰:“夏后氏以松,殷人以柏,周人以栗,曰使民战栗。”子闻之曰:“成事不说,遂事不谏,既往不咎。”

    Emperor Ai Gong asks officer Zai Wo what woods to use for Temple. Answer: "Dynasty Xia uses Wood 1. Dynasty Yin uses Wood 2. Dynasty Zhou uses Wood 3. Wood 3 to scare warn the People." Confucius hears answers: "past things not say. Done things not re-advise. Future things not re-propose."

    (*small problems. Let be die off. Big problems. Personal attention.)

  20. Frugal = Less Platforms.

    (20-21) 子曰:“管仲之器小哉!”或曰:“管仲俭乎?”曰:“管氏有三归,官事不摄,焉得俭?”“然则管仲知礼乎?”“曰:“邦君树塞门,管氏亦树塞门;邦君为两君之好,有反坫,管氏亦有反坫。管氏而知礼,孰不知礼?”

    Confucius: "minister Guan Zhong vessel capable small!" Someone: "he frugal?" Answer: "he has 3 offices sites. All their officers not do jobs. How can frugal?" Someone: "he knows Rites (Virtue Laws)?" Answer: "only Emperor suppose to have Imperial Door. The he has also. When 2 Countries Emperors Feast has Stage. The his feast has also. If he know Rites (Virtue Laws). Who does not?"

    (*Rites - Codes are Job Descriptions/Procedures/Systems/Things to build Social Orders in Country. After Dynasty Zhou is destroyed. The Old Systems are destroyed. Therefore china chaos wars. In 2017. Planet Earth have too many Systems. Each does not understand Other. Each wants to destroy Other. Panda is trying to unify all Systems into 2/3 Unified Systems. 50% Diversity + 50% Singularity. 1/3 other systems to prove to People anti-Panda does not work.)

  21. Music = Begin + Body + End.

    (22) 子语鲁大师乐。曰:“乐其可知也:始作,翕如也;从之,纯如也,皦如也,绎如也,以成。”

    Confucius teaches Country Lu Music Official: "Music can know do. Begin, ready. Follow, nice + loud + order. To complete."

    (*2017. Just theory for Panda. Fail music in secondary school.)

  22. Heaven Loudspeaker.

    (23-24) 仪封人请见。曰:“君子之至于斯也,吾未尝不得见也。”从者见之。出曰:“二三子,何患于丧乎?天下之无道也久矣,天将以夫子为木铎。”

    Person Yi Feng seeks to see. Tell Confucius Disciples: "a Gentleman here. I cannot don't see Him." After see. Tell Disciples: "You People. Why scare Tao (Way) gone in Heaven? Under Heaven no Tao (Way) for very long. Heaven making Confucius into Wooden Loudspeaker."

    (*once Tao - Way loses in Universe. There is no creation. No life. Total voidness. System OS - Operating System goes to reboot. Tao - Way comes back. Why scare?)

  23. Shun Music Better.

    (25) 子谓韶,“尽美矣,又尽善也。”谓武,“尽美矣,未尽善也”。

    Confucius says peaceful Sage-King Shun Music = beautiful + reach good. Says warfare Sage-King Wu Music = beautiful + but not reach good.

    (*when You what kind of heart. Make what kind of actions like governments, music, writings, .....)

  24. 3 How To See?

    (26) 子曰:“居上不宽,为礼不敬,临丧不哀,吾何以观之哉?”

    Confucius: "as higher Emperor. Treat below no merciful. Treat Rites (Virtue Laws) no respect. Treat funeral no sad. How I to see anymore?"

    (*Emperorship is a Throne of Judgement. All Subjects eyes are on You. A tiny mistake They see. A tiny goodness They copy.)

里仁第四. Chapter 04: In Ren (Perfection).

  1. No Ren (Perfection). How To Be Wise?

    (01) 子曰:“里仁为美。择不处仁,焉得知?”

    Confucius: "live with Ren (Perfection) Jedi is best. If choose not to. How can call wise?"

    (*choose worthy Company/Country/School CEO/Emperor/Teachers/Friends wisely.)

  2. Wise People Improve Ren (Perfection).

    (02) 子曰:“不仁者不可以久处约,不可以长处乐。仁者安仁,知者利仁。”

    Confucius: "not Ren (Perfection) persons cannot long at things. Cannot long at happy. Ren (Perfection) Jedi always stay at Ren (Perfection). Wisdom Jedi always action out Ren (Perfection)."

    (*GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM creates Us this way. Only when We Jedi do/stay good. Then We become happy. The sins in us create disturbances in our heart. Making us don't feel right.)

  3. Love Good People. Hate Bad People.

    (03) 子曰:“惟仁者能好人,能恶人。”

    Confucius: "only Ren (Perfection) Jedi can correctly. Love People. Hate people."

    (*JESUS CHRIST: "love all p/People." Confucius: "love/hate P/people correctly." For me Cstan98. JESUS CHRIST Level is a Dream Goal. Currently. The me can only do Confucius Level.)

  4. Die Die Must Ren (Perfection). Then No Evil.

    (04) 子曰:“苟志于仁矣,无恶也。”

    Confucius: "when die die must Ren (Perfection). Then become no evil."

    (*when there is total Light. All darkness disappear.)

  5. Ren (Perfection) = Don't Get Riches. Don't Rid Poor.

    (05a) 子曰:“富与贵是人之所欲也,不以其道得之,不处也。贫与贱是人之恶也,不以其道得之,不去也。”

    Confucius: "Rich/Status are what everyone want. Not gain through Tao (Way). Don't. Poor/Lowly are what everyone hate. Not lose through Tao (Way). Don't."

    (*Perfect Virtues are more important than blessings/curses.)

  6. Ren (Perfection) = Same At Emergency/Defeat.

    (05b) 子曰:“君子去仁,恶乎成名。君子无终食之间违仁,造次必于是,颠沛必于是。”

    Confucius: "gentleman away Ren (Perfection). How to known as Gentleman? Gentleman whole day every second not against Ren (Perfection). During emergency same. During defeat same."

    (*Christianity Perfect State is very similar to what Confucius calls Ren - Perfection.)

  7. Don't Add No Ren (Perfection) To Self.

    (06) 子曰:“我未见好仁者,恶不仁者。好仁者,无以尚之;恶不仁者,其为仁矣,不使不仁者加乎其身。有能一日用其力于仁矣乎?我未见力不足者。盖有之矣,我未之见也。”

    Confucius: "

    [A] I have never seen a love Ren (Perfection) Person. Who don't like not Ren (Perfection) - persons.

    [B] Those who love Ren (Perfection) - Persons. Cannot go even higher.

    [C] Those who hate not Ren (Perfection) - persons. Self do Ren (Perfection).

    [D] Not let those not Ren (Perfections) - persons influence Self.

    [E] One day use all strengths to reach Ren (Perfection).

    [F] I have never seen those who use all strength. May be have. But I have never seen Them."

    (*JESUS CHRIST: "We are called to be Perfect. Just like Our Heavenly Father is Perfect." Confucius: "We are called to use all Our strengths to reach Ren - Perfection everyday every minute.")

  8. See Mistakes. Know Reasons.

    (07) 子曰:“人之过也,各于其党。观过,斯知仁矣。”

    Confucius: "everyone mistakes. Come from their objectives/reasons. See mistakes. Know their Ren (Perfection)."

    (*JESUS CHRIST: "to know trees. Look at fruits." Confucius: "to know actions. Know the heart.")

  9. Morning Know Tao (Way).

    (08) 子曰:“朝闻道,夕死可矣!”

    Confucius: "morning know Tao (GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM). Evening die no regret!"

    (*notice Confucius say know Tao - GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM no regret. Never say know Ren - Perfection no regret.)

  10. Don't Hate Bad Clothes/Foods.

    (09) 子曰:“士志于道,而耻恶衣恶食者,未足与议也!”

    Confucius: "Gentleman goal in Tao (GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM). But if shame in ugly clothings/foods. Cannot talk him with."

    (*We Perfect Christians are called not to look down on ugly clothings/foods. Ok what. Still have B&W - Black & White Uniforms. Still have Daily Foods & Drinks.)

  11. Heaven No Near/Far. Only Righteousness.

    (10) 子曰:“君子之于天下也,无适也,无莫也,义之与比。”

    Confucius: "Gentleman treat things under Heaven. No close. No far. Only with Righteousness."

    (*We Perfect Christians are called to treat Everythings with Fairness Righteousness.)

  12. Think Virtues. Not Benefits.

    (11) 子曰:“君子怀德,小人怀土;君子怀刑,小人怀惠。”

    Confucius: "Gentlemen think Virtues. The evil people think benefits. Gentlemen follows codes/laws. The evil people misses codes/laws if have chances."

    (*Confucius pushes Gentleman Codes to Ren - Perfection. A Forever & Ever unattainable Zen Perfect Level. JESUS CHRIST: "if You cannot be more perfect than evil people. You cannot enter Kingdom of GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM." JESUS CHRIST: "You are to be Perfect. Just as Your Heavenly Father GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM is Perfect.")

  13. Benefits Resentments.

    (12) 子曰:“放于利而行,多怨。”

    Confucius: "based on benefits actioning. Many resentments."

    (*base on Virtues for all actions. Not benefits.)

  14. Govern Country With Rites (Codes).

    (13) 子曰:“能以礼让为国乎?何有?不能以礼让为国,如礼何?”

    Confucius: "able to use Rites (Codes) to govern Country. What cannot? Unable to use Rites (Codes) to govern country. What can?"

    (*Rites also known as Codes/Job Descriptions/Laws/Systems/..... It is just a System what Sage-King wants Everyone to follow.)

  15. Don't Worry No Position/No One Know.

    (14) 子曰:“不患无位,患所以立;不患莫己知,求为可知也。”

    Confucius: "not worry no officership. Worry unable to Officer-ing. Not worry no one knows you. Worry unworthy to be known."

    (*success is to seek internally. Not externally. Once internal Light shines out. The external darkness disappears.)

  16. One Point.

    (15) 子曰:“参乎!吾道一以贯之。”曾子曰:“唯。”子出。门人问曰:“何谓也?”曾子曰:“夫子之道,忠恕而已矣。”

    Confucius: "Disciple Zeng Zi. My Teachings according to One Point (Enlightenment)." Disciple Zeng Zi: "what!??" When out of room. Other Disciples: "what is that Thing?" Disciple Zeng Zi: "Teacher Confucius Teachings. 50% Loyalty (fixed) + 50% Forgivenesss (changing) only."

    (*100% Loyalty - fixed. Die. 100% Forgiveness - changing. Die. Therefore to live. 50% + 50%.)

  17. Gentleman = Righteousness + Not Benefits.

    (16) 子曰:“君子喻于义,小人喻于利。”

    Confucius: "Gentlemen only think Righteousness. The evil people only think benefits."

    (*JESUS CHRIST: "love Others - Righteousness. The evil people self benefits - think of self only." Art Of War - Panda: 50% Others + 50% Self.)

  18. Others Good To Be Same. Others Bad Self-Reflect.

    (17) 子曰:“见贤思齐焉,见不贤而内自省也。”

    Confucius: "see good People think to same. See not good people self reflect."

    (*when You do that. No matter whether bad/good p/People anyone You meet. You also improve very fast.)

  19. Advise Parents.

    (18) 子曰:“事父母几谏。见志不从,又敬不违,劳而不怨。”

    Confucius: "when advising Parents. If they don't listen. Still respect don't confront. Keep trying no tiredness."

    (*for me Cstan98. The me tries everythings to get effects.)

  20. Don't Travel Far.

    (19) 子曰:“父母在,不远游,游必有方。”

    Confucius: "parents when alive. No distance travelling. If. Must have good Reasons."

    (*Panda hates own fate of no real alive parents around. Only foster parents. Until see People with no one.)

  21. 3 Years Don't Change Dead Father System.

    (20) 子曰:“三年无改于父之道,可谓孝矣。”

    Confucius: "3 years no change dead Father System. Is Filial Piety."

    (*Panda wait SG52 to PG79. Still not 3 years enough, uncles/aunties?)

  22. Know Parents Age.

    (21) 子曰:“父母之年,不可不知也。一则以喜,一则以惧。”

    Confucius: "Father/Mother (Heaven/Earth) years. Cannot not know. Happy (because pass one more day wiser). Fear (because older one more day to end)."

    (*do You know current stardate of Light Universe? To get an extension to tomorrow. Is not by GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Grace. Is how Everyone fight for It.)

  23. Say Must Do.

    (22) 子曰:“古者言之不出,耻躬之不逮也。”

    Confucius: "Ancient Gentlemen do not anyhow say things. Once say able to do."

    (*JESUS CHRIST: "do more than what you say." Panda: "last night. You already think enough unable to sleep. Daytime. Should not You stop thinkings? And do as much as possible?")

  24. Few Lose From Having Codes.

    (23) 子曰:“以约失之者,鲜矣。”

    Confucius: "those who follow Codes. And lose out. Few."

    (*me Cstan98 defines Codes as all Good Right Codes.)

  25. Less Talk. More Actions.

    (24) 子曰:“君子欲讷于言,而敏于行。”

    Confucius: "Gentlemen like to say less. Do more."

    (*the more you say. The more you unable to do.)

  26. Many Neighbours.

    (25) 子曰:“德不孤,必有邻。”

    Confucius: "Those with Virtues. Not alone. Confirm have Neighbours."

    (*earn Your True Friends.)

  27. Few Bosses. Few Friends.

    (26) 子游曰:“事君数,斯辱矣,朋友数,斯疏矣。”

    Confucius: "administer many emperors (CEOs). Confirm mistakes errors. Many friends. Confirm distance away."

    (*should concentrate firepowers. Some people still want c/3000 wives. Good lucks to you kid.)

公治长第五. Chapter 05: Talk Disciples - Part 1.

  1. Prison Not His Fault.

    (01) 子谓公冶长,“可妻也。虽在缧绁之中,非其罪也。”以其子妻之。

    Confucius says Disciple Gong Zhi Chang: "can marry Daughter to Him. Although in prison. Not his faults." Therefore marry His Daughter to Him.

    (*Disciple Gong Zhi Chang knows birds languages. A Widow is crying at roadside. Don't know where is Son body to be buried. So Gong Zhi Chang asks Birds & leads to corpse. He is jailed for suspecting murdering Son. When Gong Zhi Chang says He knows Birds Languages. The Prison Officer throws salty rices to feed court birds. Gong Zhi Chang: "birds say it is too salty." He is released.)

  2. Country Good Offer Service. Country Bad Don't Offer.

    (02) 子谓南容,“邦有道,不废;邦无道,免于刑戮。”以其兄之子妻之。

    Confucius says Disciple Nan Rong: "when country have Tao (Sage-King Government). Not waste His talents. When country no tao (sage-king government). Not get into troubles." Therefore Confucius marry His Elder Brother Daughter to Him.

    (*but what about 2018. There seems to be Tao - Sage-King Government. Also seems to be no tao - sage-king government. May be Everyone should be like dancing ballet Panda on a divider wall.)

  3. Gentlemen Make Gentlemen.

    (03) 子谓子贱,“君子哉若人!鲁无君子者,斯焉取斯?”

    Confucius says Disciple Zi Jian: "Gentleman is just like that. Country Lu if do not have Gentlemen. How He models from?".

    (*once there is a Gentleman in Country. Confirmed. More follow suit. Why don't You push Your Country higher & higher?)

  4. Beautiful Vessel.

    (04) 子贡问曰:“赐也何如?”子曰:“女器也。”曰:“何器也?”曰:“瑚琏也。”

    Disciple Zi Gong asks: "Teacher Confucius. What You think of me?" Confucius: "a Vessel." Answer: "what kind of Vessel?" Confucius: "a Temple worshipping Vessel."

    (*do not aim to be Disciple Zi Gong Vessel. Aim for Vessels Certifying Teacher Confucius.)

  5. Ren (Perfection) More Important Than Speaking.

    (05) 或曰:“雍也,仁而不佞。”子曰:“焉用佞?御人以口给,屡憎于人。不知其仁,焉用佞?”

    The someone says: "Disciple Zi Lu. Is Ren (Virtues) but not good in speaking." Confucius: "why a Person must good in debate? Arguing back to hate people. If don't know Ren (Virtues). What use of good speaking?"

    (*Panda may talk lots of c. But it is all telepathic thinkings. How do You able not to think? But do You see Panda literally mouth talk out lots of c?)

  6. Confucius Happy Disciple Feel Not Worthy.

    (06) 子使漆雕开仕。对曰:“吾斯之未能信。”子说。

    Confucius asks Disciple Qi Diao Kai to go for Officership. Answer: "I am still not worthy enough." Confucius is very happy that He is still not contented with His current state.

    (*humble may be one thing. But best is 50% humble - know incompetences. And also best is 50% confident - Everyone has some competences. The Moment is now. Or You prefer forever & ever. Nothing accomplish.)

  7. Both Courage/Capable.

    (07) 子曰:“道不行,乘桴浮于海。从我者其由与?”子路闻之喜。子曰:“由也好勇过我,无所取材。”

    Confucius jokes: "Tao (Sage-King Government) unable action. Left only ride seas in a small boat. Dare follow Me only Disciple Zi Lu right?" Disciple Zi Lu hears is very happy. Confucius: "Disciple Zi Lu is braver than Me. But not capable enough (to know Me is only joking)."

    (*Zen Masters are actually very funny People. Because We are very bored People. So many problems to solve. Must take Life easy - one step at a time right?)

  8. Big/Small Governor. Ambassador.

    (08) 孟武伯问:“子路仁乎?”子曰:“不知也。”又问。子曰:“由也,千乘之国,可使治其赋也,不知其仁也。”“求也何如?”子曰:“求也,千室之邑,百乘之家,可使为之宰也,不知其仁也。”“赤也何如?”子曰:“赤也,束带立于朝,可使与宾客言也,不知其仁也。”

    (01) Governor Meng Wu Bo asks: "Your Disciple Zi Lu reach Ren (Perfect Virtues)?" Confucius: "don't know."

    (02) Change ask about His capabilities. Confucius: "Disciple Zi Lu in a medium Country (10000 households). Can govern armies. But don't know whether reach Ren (Perfect Virtues)?"

    (03) Ask: "about Disciple Ran Qiu capabilities." Confucius: "Disciple Ran Qiu. In a small Country (1000 households). Can be Supervisor. But don't know whether reach Ren (Perfect Virtues)?"

    (04) Ask: "about Disciple Gong Xi Chi capabilites." Confucius: "Disciple Gong Xi Chi. In Court with Imperial Uniform. Can entertain meet Guests. But don't know whether reach Ren (Perfect Virtues)?"

    (*like Confucius Ren - Perfect Virtues. Panda Perfect Christianity can never be reached. Because once majority People reach that Level. A more better Perfect Level is created to fight for. This is the only way for Our Kind to survive - Purpose to live for.)

  9. Point 1 Know 10.

    (09) 子谓子贡曰:“女与回也孰愈?”对曰:“赐也何敢望回。回也闻一以知十,赐也闻一知二。”子曰:“弗如也!吾与女弗如也。”

    Confucius asks Disciple Zi Gong: "how You & Disciple Yan Hui compare to?" Answer: "how to compare. Disciple Yan Hui read 1 know 10. I read 1 know 2." Confucius: "right! I same as You."

    (*there is a chance Panda is Disciple Yan Hui. Panda secrets are well-versed in Everythings - not just Confucius Analects. Combined here & there. Create new more things. All the times. Every times.)

  10. Day No Sleep.

    (10) 宰予昼寝。子曰:“朽木不可雕也,粪土之墙不可杇也,于予与何诛。”子曰:“始吾于人也,听其言而信其行;今吾于人也,听其言而观其行。于予与改是。”

    Disciple Zai Yu day sleep. Confucius: "rotten wood cannot carve. Shits wall cannot paint. What can I do to him?" Confucius: "last time. I hear what person says. Believe person does. Because of Disciple Zai Yu. I hear what person says. See person does. It is him that make me correct."

    (*Panda talks 50% asshole = because me is 50% asshole. Panda talks 50% nice = because me is 50% nice. Or you prefer someone who talks 0%/100% but actually 100%/0%. Mac/Windows OS - Operating System: what You see is what You get.)

  11. Have Desires = Not Strong.

    (11) 子曰:“吾未见刚者。”或对曰:“申枨。”子曰:“枨也欲,焉得刚?”

    Confucius: "I never see a strong person." Reply: "what about Person Shen Cheng." Confucius: "has so much desire. How to call strong?"

    (*notice Confucius says so much. Not say says have a little desire. It is normal to have desires for 10%-foods-10%knowledge-10%love-10%money-10%power-10%respect-10%sex-10%skills-10%strength-10%wisdom with 100% Perfect Virtues.)

  12. You Don't Want. Don't Add To People.

    (12) 子贡曰:“我不欲人之加诸我也,吾亦欲无加诸人。”子曰:“赐也,非尔所及也。”

    Disciple Zi Gong: "what I don't want to do to me. I don't do to people." Confucius: "Disciple Zi Gong. This is not what You can do (currently then)."

    (*because JESUS CHRIST not born then to teach Us higher to do to People what You want to do to You. Aim for the moon. To reach the mountain.)

  13. Enlightenment Nature/Heaven Mandate Cannot Get.

    (13) 子贡曰:“夫子之文章,可得而闻也;夫子之言性与天道,不可得而闻也。”

    Disciple Zi Gong: "Teacher Confucius Instructions Teachings. Can get/hear. Teacher Confucius direct point to Buddha Nature/Heaven Tao. Cannot get/hear."

    (*at Teacher Confucius times. The mother satan wants to keep the Enlightenment Point a secret. We no choice. Because she is at GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Position. But now. Since GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM is at GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Position. No harm telling You. That Point is basically between your eyes. This is where Your BI - Biological Human Soul ID is. But to unlock It. You need a Approval Key from GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM. One Zen Student has been cultivating for years to unlock It. Touching/sticking at/finding Teachers to unlock/..... It. All cannot. When His Cultivation Trainings are complete. He looks up at a tree. A nut falls at that Spot. It is said that Zen Spot is opened. Panda: "Gifts are not given. They are to be earned.")

  14. Afraid Getting New Teaching.

    (14) 子路有闻,未之能行,唯恐有闻。

    Disciple Zi Lu when hears new Instruction Teaching. Afraid unable to do It. Afraid to hear more when still unable to do that One.

    (*what the use of hearing so much Teachings? If you unable to do any. What the use of studying so much Chess Books? If you are unable to apply any.)

  15. Teacher = Learn From Lower Levels.

    (15) 子贡问曰:“孔文子何以谓之文也?”子曰:“敏而好学,不耻下问,是以谓之文也。”

    Disciple Zi Gong asks: "why Teacher Kong is called Learned?" Confucius: "because He is hardworking willing to learn. Dare to ask lower dan. This is meant by learned."

    (*to be all knowings. You need to ask up to GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM. You need to ask down to dirty waters viruses - when needed.)

  16. 4 Gentlemen Tao (Way).

    (16) 子谓子产,“有君子之道四焉:其行己也恭,其事上也敬,其养民也惠,其使民也义。”

    Confucius talks about Disciple Zi Chan: "being Gentleman Tao (Cultivation) has 4 areas:

    [A] Each action-ing out humble.

    [B] Each administering to upper respectful.

    [C] Each governing citizens to gain gratitude.

    [D] Each dutying citizens righteousness."

    (*Panda still not humble enough? = always salute with middle finger. Still not respectful enough? = if chess lose confirmed say lose. Still not gratitude enough? = Panda paying tax rate almost 100%. Still not righteousness? = or you prefer go back satan the devil empire old ways. Panda already endures until cannot endure. Still endure a bit more.)

  17. After Some Time. Gain Respect.

    (17) 子曰:“晏平仲善与人交,久而敬之。”

    Confucius: "Disciple Yan Ping Zhong good at social relationships. Once long term. Become respected."

    (*it is all about Branding. One tiny mistake. Years of Branding Trust goes down the drains.)

  18. Anyhow Worship. Not Wise.

    (18) 子曰:“藏文仲居蔡,山节藻梲,何如其知也?”

    Confucius: "Officer Zang Wen Chong lives in Province Cai. Anyhow make god vessels to worship evil ghosts/spirits. How does he know right/wrong?"

    (*this person most likely Confucius ex-disciple. Who anyhow setup own sect school. Because this Chapter all about saying Confucius good Disciples. Zen Sayings: "deep waters have many exotic creatures. High dan Doctors have many weird patients.")

  19. Ok Officership Not Equal Ren (Perfection).

    (19) 子张问曰:“令尹子文三仕为令尹,无喜色;三已之,无愠色。旧令尹之政,必以告新令尹。何如?”子曰:“忠矣。”曰:“仁矣乎?”曰:“未知,焉得仁!”“崔子弑齐君,陈文子有马十乘,弃而违之。至于他邦,则曰,‘犹吾大夫崔子也。’违之,之一邦,则又曰:‘犹吾大夫崔子也。’违之。何如?”子曰:“清矣。”曰:“仁矣乎?”子曰:“未知,焉得仁?”

    Disciple Zi Zhang asks Confucius: "Officer Zi Wen 3 terms in office. No joy happy. When 3 terms finish. No sad worry. His old things administrations. Hand over everythings to new Officer. How is He?" Confucius: "responsible Officership." Ask: "near Ren (Perfection)?" Confucius: "not near Wisdom. How to near Ren (Perfection)?" Ask Confucius again: "person Cui kills Country Qi Emperor. Officer Chen Wen Zi has 40 horses wealth. Left don't want. Go other Country. Say: 'here has person like last Cui.' Go another Country. Say: 'here also has person like last Cui.' Still leave. How is He?" Confucius: "integrity Officership." Ask: "near Ren (Perfection)?" Confucius: "not near Wisdom. How to near Ren (Perfection)?"

    (*Ren - Confucius Perfection goal is like Zen Perfection. It is a forever & ever Perfect goal that cannot be reached. To push Everyone forever & ever higher & higher.)

  20. Think Twice Enough.

    (20) 季文子三思而后行。子闻之,曰:“再斯可矣。”

    Disciple Li Wen Zi thinks 3 times before action. Confucius hear: "2 times/based on past experiences can already."

    (*for me important things think 3hours-3days each. Not important things don't think lead by HOLY SPIRIT. At chess wars think 0 seconds each move.)

  21. Act Know/Don't Know.

    (21) 子曰:“宁武子,邦有道则知,邦无道则愚。其知可及也,其愚不可及也。”

    Confucius: "Disciple Ning Wu Zi. Country has Tao (Sage-King Government). Behave know. The country has no tao (sage-king government). Behave don't know stupid. His know everyone can do. His don't know stupid not many people can do."

    (*Panda is horse behind canon - 马后炮. Since ECS - emperor cadet school LHL says he is more capable. Let him behave know. Panda behave quiet silent. Later after done. ECS - Emperor Cadet School Panda: "talk c. As expected predicted. So long they don't want to sign Total Declarations of Surrender to Panda Empire.)"

  22. Let Go Home.

    (22) 子在陈曰:“归与!归与!吾党之小子狂简,斐然成章,不知所以裁之。”

    In country chen. After Confucius go around countries spreading Tao (Sage-King Government): "let go back! x2. Our Home Country Little Children are more eager. All very capable. Just don't know how to cultivate (without a Teacher)."

    (*Heaven Tao Senior Elder: "it is easier to start teaching on newer generations than old ones. Because old adults are more hardcore too stubborn.")

  23. Sages No Remember Hatred.

    (23) 子曰:“伯夷、叔齐不念旧恶,怨是用希。”

    Confucius: "Person Ba Yi & Person Shu Qi do not remember old enemies. Their resentment unforgiveness get lesser as time goes."

    (*me Cstan98 thinks Confucius is saying He & all Students must learn to forget/forgive all those bad students. This student name to be mentioned is censored. *Analects are collected written by Students from Confucius Teachings. Confucius suppose to approve the Final Draft.)

  24. Don't Borrow Vinegar.

    (24) 子曰:“孰谓微生高直?或乞酰焉,乞诸其邻而与之。”

    Confucius: "person Wei Sheng Gao is upright? People asks him for vinegar. The he does not have. Go ask from neighbour."

    (*Confucius defines uprightness as. Poor/rich admits poor/rich. Failure/success admits failure/success. No shame to hide.)

  25. Confucius Same Also Hate Flattery.

    (25) 子曰:“巧言、令色、足恭,左丘明耻之,丘亦耻之。匿怨而友其人,左丘明耻之,丘亦耻之。”

    Confucius: "sweet flattery. False smile. Forced bowing. Disciple Zuo Qiu Ming regard as shame. Same for me. Have resentment still befriend those people. Disciple Zuo Qiu Ming regard as shame. Same for me."

    (*Confucius defines no shame as internal heart = outside appearances. Outside appearances = internal heart.)

  26. Old Retire. Young Taught.

    (26) 颜渊、季路侍。子曰:“盍各言尔志?”子路曰:“愿车马、衣轻裘,与朋友共,敝之而无憾。”颜渊曰:“愿无伐善,无施劳。”子路曰:“愿闻子之志。”子曰:“老者安之,朋友信之,少者怀之。”

    Disciple Yan Hui/Zi Lu waiting. Confucius: "let talk Each Other Life Goals." Disciple Zi Lu: "want my horse carts/robes share with Friends. Even to spoil no regret." Disciple Yan Hui: "want no show out own goodness. No tired giving out." Disciple Zi Lu: "wish to hear Teacher Confucius Life Goals." Confucius: "old people can retire rest. Friends can trustworthy. Little Ones can be taught."

    (*Archangel Panda: "to setup GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Heaven Kingdom.")

  27. Don't Unable See Own Mistakes.

    (27) 子曰:“已矣乎!吾未见能见其过,而内自讼者也。”

    Confucius: "tried looking already! I have never seen Person who can see own faults. And self reproach."

    (*Confucius ultimate Ren - Perfection State is very high. High/low Dan Teachers have high/low expectations of Students.)

  28. Just Not As Confucius Hardworking.

    (28) 子曰:“十室之邑,必有忠信如丘者焉,不如丘之好学也。”

    Confucius: "within 10 households. Confirmed have Someone as faithful/loyalty as me Confucius. Just not as hardworking learning."

    (*NLP Confucius = His Wisdom is from continuous hardworkingly forever learning.)

雍也第六. Chapter 06: Talk Disciples - Part 2.

  1. Not Over Simple.

    (01) 子曰:“雍也可使南面。”仲弓问子桑伯子。子曰:“可也简。”仲弓曰:“居敬而行简,以临其民,不亦可乎?居简而行简,无乃大简乎?”子曰:“雍之言然。”

    Confucius: "You Disciple Zhong Gong can become Officership." Disciple Zhong Gong asks what about Disciple Sang Ba Zi? Confucius: "can also. Because He simple in operations." Disciple Zhong Gong: "respectful out simple. To govern People. Can. But simple out simple. Is it too over-simple?" Confucius: "what You say right."

    (*Zen Master: "balance!!! Balance!!!" Too complex = cannot. Too simple = cannot.)

  2. Disciple/Sage Yan Hui Best Student.

    (02) 哀公问:“弟子孰为好学?”孔子对曰:“有颜回者好学,不迁怒,不贰过。不幸短命死矣!今也则亡,未闻好学者也。”

    Emperor Ai Gong: "which Disciple most hard in learning?" Confucius answers: "Have Disciple Yan Hui most hardworking. Never anger. Never same second mistake. Unfortunate short life! Since death. Never hear another same hardworking Disciple."

    (*are You same as Disciple Yan Hui = hardworking + never anger + never same second mistake.)

  3. Over Allowances.

    (03) 子华使于齐,冉子为其母请粟。子曰:“与之釜。”请益。曰:“与之庾。”冉子与之粟五秉。子曰:“赤之适齐也,乘肥马,衣轻裘。吾闻之也:君子周急不继富。”原思为之宰,与之粟九百,辞。子曰:“毋!以与尔邻里乡党乎!”

    Disciple Zi Hua diplomacy Country Qi. Disciple Ran Zi on behalf ask for rice salary upkeeping. Confucius: "give Him $2,000 ." Ask increase. Confucius: "give Him $1,000 more." Disciple Ran Zi gives $5,000 . Confucius: "Disciple Zi Hua diplomacy Country Qi. Sit fat horse. Wear soft robe. I learn that: Gentleman helps poor. Don't help rich." Confucius wants Disciple Yuan Si as House Administrator. Salary = $900 . He rejects finding salary too high. Confucius: "accept! Give excess to friends/neigbours!"

    (*We Confucian Jedis suppose to accept whatever is offered. Excess help poor.)

  4. Lowly. God Not Mind.

    (04) 子谓仲弓曰:“犁牛之子骍且角,虽欲勿用,山川其舍诸?”

    Confucius says Disciple Zhong Gong: "normal cow has young cow which is reddish & good horn. Although from low class cow. But Mountain gods how to reject?"

    (*We Confucian Jedis suppose to base on this generation works. Not base on past generations works.)

  5. 3 Months Not Away Ren (Perfection).

    (05) 子曰:“回也,其心三月不违仁,其余则日月至焉而已矣。”

    Confucius: "Disciple Yan Hui. Can 3 months not violate Ren (Perfection). Other Disciples only days-month only."

    (*We Confucian Jedis suppose to be Ren - Perfection forever & ever.)

  6. Officership = All Round Skills.

    (06) 季康子问:“仲由可使从政也与?”子曰:“由也果,于从政乎何有?”曰:“赐也可使从政也与?”曰:“赐也达,于从政乎何有?”曰:“求也可使从政也与?”曰:“求也艺,于从政乎何有?”

    Officer Ji Kang asks Confucius: "Disciple Zi Lu can go Officership?" Confucius: "Disciple Zi Lu is decisive. Of course can." Again ask: "Disciple Zi Gong can go Officership?" Confucius: "Disciple Zi Gong is wise getting. Of course can." Again ask: "Disciple Ran You can go Officership?" Confucius: "Disciple Ran You is all-rounded skilled. Of course can."

    (*Confucian Jedis must make use of self strengths when going Officership.)

  7. Cross River to Escape.

    (07) 季氏使闵子骞为费宰。闵子骞曰:“善为我辞焉。如有复我者,则吾必在汶上矣。”

    The evil emperor Li asks Disciple Min Zi Qian to be City Fei Governor. Disciple Min Zi Qian to messager: "please reject for me. If you people back again. I escape go northern border."

    (*Confucian Jedis choose Employers carefully.)

  8. Smallpox Heaven Why?

    (08) 伯牛有疾,子问之,自牖执其手,曰:“亡之,命矣夫!斯人也而有斯疾也!斯人也而有斯疾也!”

    Disciple Ba Niu has smallpox. Confucius visits. Grap hand outside window. Confucius: "die. Must be fate. Why He has this illness! Why He has this illness!"

    (*after We Confucian Jedis try Our best. Everythings are fate.)

  9. Happy = Rice + Water + Hut.

    (09) 子曰:“贤哉,回也!一箪食,一瓢饮,在陋巷。人不堪其忧,回也不改其乐。贤哉,回也!”

    Confucius: "Disciple Yan Hui. Solid! 1 scoop rice. 1 scoop water. Live in broken alley. Most people cannot take it. Disciple Yan Hui does not change happiness. Disciple Yan Hui. Solid!"

    (*Confucian Jedis must upkeep integrity. Poor live poor. Rich live rich.)

  10. Don't Self Drawing Line.

    (10) 冉求曰:“非不说子之道,力不足也。”子曰:“力不足者,中道而废。今女画。”

    Disciple Ran Qiu: "not Teacher Confucius Tao is wrong. Just I cannot reach." Confucius: "efforts cannot reach. Half-way give up. Because stop same place."

    (*keep on pushing! Confucian Jedi!)

  11. True Jedi. Not Fake.

    (11) 子谓子夏曰:“女为君子儒。无为小人儒。”

    Confucius tells Disciple Zi Xia: "be Confucian Jedi. Not confucian false person."

    (*Heaven creates Us. To be Confucian Jedis - Gentlemen/Ladies.)

  12. Officership = Recommend Upright Person.

    (12) 子游为武城宰。子曰:“女得人焉尔乎?”曰:“有澹台灭明者,行不由径,非公事,未尝至于偃之室也。”

    Disciple Zi become City Wu Governor. Confucius: "as Governor. Find any capable Person for Country?" Disciple Zi You: "have Person Dan Tai Mie Ming (later become Disciple Zi Yu). Walking don't take other people farmland shortcut. Unless official things. Don't visit my house."

    (*Confucius expects in Officership. To discover capable People for Country. Not to take shortcut. Not to private visits.)

  13. Last To Retreat.

    (13) 子曰:“孟之反不伐,奔而殿。将入门,策其马,曰:“‘非敢后也,马不进也。’”

    Confucius: "General Meng Zi Fan does not take credits. When Country is invaded. Defend Army as last Soldier. About enter safe city. Whip horse. Say: 'not I dare behind. Because horse does not advance.'"

    (*don't agree to hide/lie. Panda Jedi take truthful credits. Also truthful blames. But most of times. There is no such thing called 0/100%.)

  14. Don't No Capability Beauty.

    (14) 子曰:“不有祝鮀之佞,而有宋朝之美,难乎免于今之世矣。”

    Confucius: "do not have General Zhu Tou capability. Only have Queen Song Chao beauty. No wonder Tao is lost now."

    (*best is both beauty/capable. But if cannot both. Choose capable.)

  15. Out House. Use Door.

    (15) 子曰:“谁能出不由户?何莫由斯道也?”

    Confucius: "anyone can out without via door? Least say via Tao."

    (*walking Tao is like using door. Or you prefer to use windows at 18 storeys?)

  16. Substances + Talkings.

    (16) 子曰:“质胜文则野,文胜质则史。文质彬彬,然后君子。”

    Confucius: "substances more than talkings = rudely. The talkings more than substances = falsely. Therefore must equal substances/talkings. Then become Gentleman.".

    (*to be ECS - Emperor Cadet School. You need to be both capable. And able to sell Your ideas to the people.)

  17. Not Upright. Soon In Trouble.

    (17) 子曰:“人之生也直,罔之生也幸而免。”

    Confucius: "live upright confirm happy. Not live upright sometime also can happy. But soon in trouble."

    (*punishments soon catch up with sins.)

  18. Know. Love. Happy.

    (18) 子曰:“知之者不如好之者,好之者不如乐之者。”

    Confucius: "know how to learn. Better still love to learn. Love to learn. Better still happy to learn."

    (*actually Panda like to earn money to fund Righteousness Operations. To learn/teach all the time. To write programmings. So as Cstan98 Knowledge Website Blogger is dream job come true.)

  19. Upper People Can Talk. Lower People Cannot.

    (19) 子曰:“中人以上,可以语上也;中人以下,不可以语上也。”

    Confucius: "middle above people. Can talk upper. Middle below people. Cannot talk upper."

    (*why you point middle finger at me Cstan98. The me points back. Because don't want to waste time explaining to dogs/pigs.)

  20. Avoid Worship Unknown Gods.

    (20) 樊迟问知。子曰:“务民之义,敬鬼神而远之,可谓知矣。”问仁。曰:“仁者先难而后获,可谓仁矣。”

    Disciple Fan Chi ask wisdom. Confucius: "know why to service the People. Respect ghosts/gods but away from. Is wisdom." Disciple Fan Chi ask Ren (Perfection). Confucius: "Confucian Jedis first difficult cultivate & later get. Is Ren (Perfection)."

    (*my understanding: this Disciple is very uneducated. Have history of too worship ghosts/gods. So Confucius guides accordingly. Confucius set reachable step-by-step goals to push Students.)

  21. Love Actions/Still.

    (21) 子曰:“知者乐水,仁者乐山。知者动,仁者静。知者乐,仁者寿。”

    Confucius: "Wisdom People love water (moving). Ren (Perfection) People love mountain (same place). Wisdom People moves. Ren (Perfection) People still. Wisdom People happy life. Ren (Perfection) People long life."

    (*should moving/still? Why not both happy/long life. By 50% Wisdom + 50% Ren - Perfection.)

  22. Country Qi Become Country Lu. Country Lu Become Sage-King.

    (22) 子曰:“齐一变,至于鲁;鲁一变,至于道。”

    Confucius: "country Qi if change. Can become Country Lu (Confucius administering). Country Lu if change. Can become Sage-King Tao (Government)."

    (*everythings are possible. If You make them possible.)

  23. Vessels Please!

    (23) 子曰:“觚不觚,觚哉!觚哉!”

    Confucius: "vessel not Vessel. Vessel please! Vessel please!"

    (*christians/churches/pastors not Christians/Churches/Pastors. Christians/Churches/Pastors please! Christians/Churches/Pastors please!)

  24. Gentlemen Not Into Well.

    (24) 宰我问曰:“仁者,虽告之曰,‘井有仁焉。’其从之也?”子曰:“何为其然也?君子可逝也,不可陷也;可欺也,不可罔也。”

    Disciple Zai Wo Wen asks Confucius: "for Ren (Perfection) Jedi. Is told: someone falls inside well. Does He jumps in to save?" Confucius: "why so rush? Gentleman can die. But not trick. Can be lied. But not believe too much."

    (*JESUS CHRIST: "if someone says Me is inside there. Don't go.")

  25. Know All. Then Restrict With Rites (Codes).

    (25) 子曰:“君子博学于文,约之以礼,亦可以弗畔矣夫!”

    Confucius: "Gentleman well-versed in knowledge. Restrict with Rites (Codes). Then can say become difficult to go against Tao (Way)!"

    (*Panda: "know complex. Do simple.")

  26. If. Then Heaven Hate.

    (26) 子见南子,子路不说。夫子矢之曰:“予所否者,天厌之!天厌之!”

    Confucius meeting beautiful female Nan Zi. Disciple Zi Lu not happy. Confucius vows: "if I heart evil. Heaven hates! Heaven hates!"

    (*JESUS CHRIST: "do not vow under Heaven." Panda: "just Kylie Minogue - can't you out of my head - for 3 hours only what.")

  27. Mean (Balance) Knowledge Long Lost.

    (27) 子曰:“中庸之为德也,其至矣乎!民鲜久矣。”

    Confucius: "Mean (Balance) Teachings. Is of most important! Most people cannot maintain at long."

    (*Confucian times = 50-50% in everythings. Because Panda times have information overloads = 10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10% in everythings.)

  28. Self First. Then Ask Others.

    (28) 子贡曰:“如有博施于民,而能济众,何如?可谓仁乎?”子曰:“何事于仁,必也圣乎!尧舜其犹病诸!夫仁者,己欲立而立人,己欲达而达人。能近取譬,可谓仁之方也已。”

    [A] Disciple Zi Gong: "Person who help the People. Give many things to Everyone. How? Is this Ren (Perfection)?"

    [B] Confucius: "not just Ren (Perfection). But can even say is Sage-King! Sage-King Yao/Shun cannot reach also! Person wants to be Ren (Perfection). Must code Self then code Others. Must reach Self then reach Others. Start near self then reach out. This is formula of Ren (Perfection)."

    (*make full use of chain reactions/multiplier/viral effects.)

述而第七. Chapter 07: Fast Cultivate.

  1. Cannot Know All But Don't Do.

    (01) 子曰:“述而不作,信而好古,窃比于我老彭。”

    Confucius: "know all but don't do. Believe all just only read. Steal more from me than Dynasty Shang 800 years old Peng."

    (*Confucian Jedi-ship stress same both on knowing + doing.)

  2. Learn Not Tired.

    (02) 子曰:“默而识之,学而不厌,诲人不倦,何有于我哉?”

    Confucius: "memorizing logic to know. Forever learning and not hate. Forever teaching and not tired. How difficult is it for me?"

    (*problem for modern 21st century world. Is with current informations overload. For Old-Buddha Cultivation. Is still expected to know everythings.)

  3. 4 Worries.

    (03) 子曰:“德之不修,学之不讲,闻义不能徒,不善不能改,是吾忧也。”

    Confucius: "virtues unable to cultivate. Learnings unable to teach out. Hear of good deed unable to action out. Self error unable to correct. This is my worry."

    (*JESUS CHRIST stresses on Faith. Confucius stresses on Works - actions. Panda: "Faith & Works are like both legs. Without the other. Cannot walk fast properly.")

  4. Relax.

    (04) 子之燕居,申申如也,夭夭如也。”

    Confucius everyday idle living. Face always relax. Feelings always relax.

    (*once You know Heaven Mandate. GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Will. You take things very easily. Because everday. You know You are doing best You can to follow.)

  5. Not Dream Of Sage-King Zhou Gong.

    (05) 子曰:“甚矣吾衰也!久矣吾不复梦见周公!”

    Confucius: "I old so fast! Long time never dream of Sage-King Zhou Gong!"

    (*if You keep thinking of that thing/person. You keep dreaming of them. Panda long time never dream of japanese g-cup av.)

  6. Goal In Tao (Way).

    (06) 子曰:“志于道,据于德,依于仁,游于艺。”

    Confucius: "goal in Tao (Way). Build on Virtues. Aim for Ren (Perfection). Well-verse in Skills. (6 Skills = 礼乐射御书数 = Rites - Codes, Music, Arrowing, Driving, Classics, Mathematics.)"

    (*modern 2018. Well versed in everythings. Basically divide into administrative/military.)

    (*administrative = BBA business money farming, classics, mathematics, medicine, mental training, programming, philisophy, psychology, reading, science, strategy, thinking, writing, .....)

    (*military = appearance body/face, chess, children, computer games, driving car/fighter/ship/submarine, dressing uniforms, foods energy, government, m16 shooting, marriage, martial arts, money, physical training, sex, sports, speed, toilet.....)

  7. Don't Reject Students.

    (07) 子曰:“自行束修以上,吾未尝无诲焉。”

    Confucius: "Anyone come to me with school fees gifts. I don't reject don't teach."

    (*Confucian School motto: "all out to teach Everyone.")

  8. Not Doing Best. Don't Teach.

    (08) 子曰:“不愤不启,不悱不发。举一隅不以三隅反,则不复也。”

    Confucius: "Students. Not try best enough don't instruct how. Not desperate enough out don't motivate how. Instruct/motivate 1 unable to reason out 3. Do not repeat instruct/motivate."

    (*Panda: "use internet to mass teach. Train Everyone 100/1000 times harder. Keep sending Teams into combat missions. To bond as Husband/Wife.")

  9. Funeral Not Full/Sing.

    (09) 子食于有丧者之侧,未尝饱也。子于是日哭,则不歌。

    Confucius if eating at funeral. Do not eat full. Whole day sad. Do not sing.

    (*every enemy/friendly death should be taken as losing another soul. Not save.)

  10. Use Me. All Out.

    (10) 子谓颜渊曰:“用之则行,舍之则藏,惟我与尔有是夫!”子路曰:“子行三军,则谁与?”子曰:“暴虎冯河,死而不悔者,吾不与也。必也临事而惧,好谋而成者也。”

    [A] Confucius describes Disciple Yan Hui: "use me. I do all out. Don't use me. I hide seclude. Only You Disciple Yan Hui & me able to do!"

    [B] Disciple Zi Lu asks: "if Teacher Confucius commands 3 armies. Go with who?" Confucius: "anyhow fight with courage. And die no regret. This kind of people I do not mix with. Only Those who face things carefully. Plan very well to succeed. Then I mix with."

    (*Confucian Jedis are supposed to:)

    (*01: employ/don't employ You. Do things accordingly.)

    (*02: carefully do/plan things.)

    (*03: only mix with good worthy Friends.)

  11. Tao (Way) Wealth = Lowly Also Do.

    (11) 子曰:“富而可求也,虽执鞭之士,吾亦为之。如不可求,从吾所好。”

    Confucius: "if wealth suppose to get. Even lowly whipping horse behind. I get. If wealth not suppose to get. I rather do what I like right."

    (*there are right/wrong wealth. Right/wrong wealth are more/less lasting. Slowly think. Is it worth it?)

  12. 3 Careful Topics.

    (12) 子之所慎:齐,战,疾。

    Confucius very careful speaking 3 subjects: vegetarian fasting, wars, sickness.

    (*Panda is most careful in writing Website. Careful in talking. Less careful in thinking. 2018. Many enemies want to law suits.)

  13. Not Know Meat Taste.

    (13) 子在齐闻韶,三月不知肉味。曰:“不图为乐之至于斯也!”

    Confucius in Country Qi studying Sage-King Shun music. 3 months forget meat taste. Confucius: "don't know. Music can reach such a state!"

    (*there are things higher levels than foods/sex. We are more than animals. We are Humans. This Website is trying to give You a high. That make You interest in studying more in Old-Buddha Cultivation. Do your further research study into mentioned subjects.)

  14. Test Questions.

    (14) 冉有曰:“夫子为卫君乎?”子贡曰:“诺,吾将问之。”入曰:“伯夷、叔齐何人也?”曰:“古之贤人也。”曰:“怨乎?”曰:“求仁而得仁,又何怨?”出曰:“夫子不为也。”

    Disciple Ran You: "Teacher Confucius helping Country Wei Emperor here?" Disciple Zi Gong: "I ask Teacher Confucius." Enter ask Confucius test question: "Person Bo Yi/Person Shu Qi are who?" Confucius: "ancient Sages." Disciple Zi Gong: "are They resentful? (For not wanting emperorship. Same as Country Wei here. Country Wei Emperor wants to give emperorship to non-crown prince Relative.)" Confucius: "(know what Disciple Zi Gong is asking.) Seeking Ren (Perfection) & gain Ren (Perfection). What resentful?" Disciple Zi Gong out tells Disciple Ran You: "Teacher Confucius not helping."

    (*low dans Students should test questions ask higher dans Teacher. If don't want to be blunt/intrude/rude.)

  15. Wealth Like Clouds.

    (15) 子曰:“饭疏食饮水,曲肱而枕之,乐亦在其中矣。不义而富且贵,于我如浮云。”

    Confucius: "eat tasteless rice drink plain water. Use elbow as pillow. I am happy within. Non-righteousness wealth. To me like floating clouds."

    (*wealth hard earn rightly. Panda takes. Wealth against my Codes. Panda not take.)

  16. 50 Years Old Learn I-Ching.

    (16) 子曰:“加我数年,五十以学易,可以无大过矣。”

    Confucius: "Heaven add my age few years. 50 years old to learn I-Ching. Then no big mistake."

    (*Panda only read 50% I-Ching. Then become acute psychosis. I-Ching: "buddha are from satan. The satan are from buddha." Then my mind going into cyclic loops. Unable to come out. 2018. Panda: "there are something above dark/light cycles. You must come out of them. Above them.")

  17. Easy To Understand.

    (17) 子所雅言,诗、书、执礼,皆雅言也。

    Confucius always say easy to understand language. Reciting poems/books/ceremonies. All use easy to understand language.

    (*what use of being Archangel/Old-Buddha/Zen Master? If no one understands what you saying.)

  18. Don't Know Old.

    (18) 叶公问孔子于子路,子路不对。子曰:“女奚不曰,其为人也,发愤忘食,乐以忘忧,不知老之将至云尔。”

    Emperor Yue Gong ask Disciple Zi Lu what is Confucius. Disciple Zi Lu does not answer. Confucius: "why don't You say. Confucius. When hardworking study. Forget foods. So happy. Forget all worries. Don't even know old age is near."

    (*Panda just wakes up. Fight/train. Eat. Then so tired go to sleep. Next day again. Everyday.)

  19. Not Born Knowing.

    (19) 子曰:“我非生而知之者,好古,敏以求之者也。”

    Confucius: "I am not borned knowing. Just love ancient things. Hardworkingly get."

    (*Panda: "I am not borned knowing also. Just study too hard. Then still forever & ever. Unable to study everythings. Because new things keep coming out.")

  20. 4 Don't Talk.

    (20) 子不语怪,力,乱,神。

    Confucius does not mention/talk weird/violence/rebellion/supernatural things.

    (*Panda talks & needs to know bit of everythings.)

  21. 3 Persons = 1 Teacher.

    (21) 子曰:“三人行,必有我师焉。择其善者而从之,其不善者而改之。”

    Confucius: "3 p/Persons walking. Confirm 1 is my t/Teacher. Choose his good to follow. Choose his bad to self-correct/examine."

    (*actually Panda Company is built based on all companies hear/work with. Good points all Panda do. Bad points Panda don't dare do.)

  22. What Can Person Do To Me?

    (22) 子曰:“天生德于予,桓魋其如予何?”

    Confucius: "Heaven ask me Confucius to spread virtues. What can evil person huan tui does to me?"

    (*it depends on how much faith. You have on Heaven - GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM. Just don't unnecessary test. To piss Heaven off. You should know what Heaven does to assholes. Panda is asshole? You are asshole enough to say. The you of course more asshole.)

  23. Do Not Hide Teachings.

    (23) 子曰:“二三子以我为隐乎?吾无隐乎尔。吾无行而不与二三子者,是丘也。”

    Confucius: "You all Students. Do you think I hide any knowledges? I hide nothing. I do everythings with You all Students. This is me Confucius."

    (*same with Panda. Today. I know so much. I can only teach so much. You know currently. What me knows.)

  24. 4 Teach.

    (24) 子以四教:文,行,忠,信。

    Confucius teaches Students using: Classics/Actions/Loyalty/Trustworthiness.

    (*Panda stresses on 50% faith + 50% actions. 50% administrative + 50% military. 50% internal heart + 50% external environment.....)

  25. Long Time At That Forever.

    (25-26) 子曰:“圣人,吾不得而见之矣,得见君子者,斯可矣。”子曰:“善人,吾不得而见之矣,得见有恒者,斯可矣。亡而为有,虚而为盈,约而为泰,难乎有恒矣。”

    [01] Confucius: "Sage I no longer see meet. Can see meet Gentleman. Can already."

    [02] Confucius: "good person I no longer see meet. Can see meet long time Person. Can already. A person who don't have act have. Empty act full. Act very solid. Very difficult to long time."

    (*internal = external.)

  26. Fish Not Use Net. Don't Shoot At Resting Animals.

    (27) 子钓而不纲,弋不射宿。

    Confucius fish hook. But don't use net. Shoot hunt. But not on resting animal.

    (*best is do not kill. Like fish/hunt. GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM: "We are supposed to take care of all animals. Not to hunt eat.")

  27. First Is To Understand.

    (28) 子曰:“盖有不知而作之者,我无是也。多闻,择其善者而从之。多见而识之,知之次也。”

    Confucius: "there are people who don't know. Say/write things. I am not that. To know many. Just select good knowledges & follow. See many & understand. This is first class understand."

    (*We must study all areas. Know which ones are good/right. To study deeper further. The ones which are bad/wrong. Just know a bit what are they.)

  28. Only Responsible For Improvements. Not For Deprovements.

    (29) 互乡难与言,童子见,门人惑。子曰:“与其进也,不与其退也,唯何甚?人洁己以进,与其洁也,不保其往也。”

    Village difficult to meet teach. But Confucius talks to Kid. Disciples confuse. Confucius: "I am responsible for improvements. Not for deprovements. Why so too mean? Kid already correct Self to improve. I confirm his corrections. Not hold past mistakes sins."

    (*We Confucian Jedis are called only to be with Good People. If bad people gets grade c pass. And confirm. We are to disregard past mistakes sins.)

  29. Want Ren (Perfection). Reach.

    (30) 子曰:“仁远乎哉?我欲仁,斯仁至矣。”

    Confucius: "is Ren (Perfection) very far. When I desire Ren (Perfection). Ren (Perfection) is reached."

    (*have Confucius really reaches Ren - perfection? Is He over-confidence? Does He does not understand His Ren - Perfection He all along talking about? It is only when You reach His Dan Level. Then You can comment. Because less perfect people. Cannot comment higher dan more perfect People. Because less perfect people. Do not understand what the perfection more perfect People. Are talking about.)

  30. Thanks For Telling My Mistake.

    (31) 陈司败问昭公知礼乎,孔子曰:“知礼。”孔子退,揖巫马期而进之曰:“吾闻君子不党,君子亦党乎?君取于吴,为同姓,谓之吴孟子。君而知礼,孰不知礼?”巫马期以告。子曰:“丘也幸,苟有过,人必知之。”

    Person Chen asks Confucius whether emperor zhao know rites. Confucius: "know." Person Chen later tells Person Wu: "it is said Gentleman does not protect wrong doers. The emperor zhao marries same surname queen. Ask her to change surname to hide fact. If emperor zhao knows Rites? Who does not?" Person Wu tells Confucius. Confucius: "I am lucky. When I have wrongs. Someone tells me."

    (*why does Confucius puts this Analects instruction. Just after instruction says He reaches Ren - Perfection easily? Is Confucius trying to tell Us Jedi. Even Ren - Perfection dan Jedi also need time to time to hear corrections. That is why it is Ren - Perfection dan.)

  31. Repeat Songs.

    (32) 子与人歌而善,必使反之,而后和之。

    When Confucius singing with People with good singing. Confirmed ask They repeat. Then follow Their singings.

    (*Panda same. Panda like good logics. When see may-be good logics. Keep on repeating thinking that logic. Once confirm good logic. Become part of my Panda good logics.)

  32. Difficult To Action Out All Knowledges.

    (33) 子曰:“文,莫吾犹人也。躬行君子,则吾未之有得。”

    Confucius: "all knowledges. I can pass examinations. Action out as Gentlemen. I still cannot achieve."

    (*Confucius says He can reach Ren - Perfection. But still cannot pass actions out. Therefore. It is easy to reach heart state. Not easy to reach action out state.)

  33. Confucius Only Learn Non-Stop.

    (34) 子曰:“若圣与仁,则吾岂敢?抑为之不厌,诲人不倦,则可谓云尔已矣。”公西华曰:“正唯弟子不能学也。”

    [A] Confucius: "same as Sage/Ren (Perfection). I how to same? I only learn non-stop. Teach not tired. That's all."

    [B] Disciple Gong Xi Hua: "this is what We Disciples unable to accomplish."

    (*if you don't learn in. I make everyone think you are stupid idiot. If you don't teach out. I make everyone think you are stupid idiot. You don't want to become like Confucius. Panda make you feel like stupid idiot.)

  34. Prayer To Heal Sickness.

    (35) 子疾病,子路请祷。子曰:“有诸?”子路对曰:“有之。诔曰:‘祷尔于上下神祗’”子曰:“丘之祷久矣。”

    Confucius sick. Disciple Zi Lu prays for Him. Confucius: "has this kind of thing?" Disciple Zi Lu: "has. In Classic: 'pray up down gods.'" Confucius: "I has long been doing since."

    (*do You like Samurai. Even tip of sickness sword near your eye. Also don't blink.)

  35. Prefer Stingy (Under) Than Spendthrift (Over).

    (36) 子曰:“奢则不孙,俭则固。与其不孙也,宁固。”

    Confucius: "spendthrift is over Rite. Underspent is stingy. Rather over Rite. Prefer stingy."

    (*Panda business model = spend cheapskate to get huge returns. Then give big bulk to GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Operations. So long return very big. $100+ app still consider cheapstake.)

  36. Gentleman = Nothing To Hide.

    (37) 子曰:“君子坦荡荡,小人长戚戚。”

    Confucius: "Gentlemen calm nothing to hide. The petty people jumpy scare this/that."

    (*Panda re-scan environment every 0.01 sec. Because many people want to hit Panda. So Panda is 50% rest + 50% alert every 0.01 second.)

  37. Confucius Gentle. Not Fierce.

    (38) 子温而厉,威而不猛,恭而安。

    Confucius is gentle but strict. Scary but not fierce. Respectful but at peace.

    (*all 50%+50%.)

泰伯第八. Chapter 08: Virtue Persons.

  1. 3 Times Refuse Under Heaven.

    (01) 子曰:“泰伯其可谓至德也已矣!三以天下让,民无得而称焉。”

    Confucius: "Person Tai Bo reach extreme virtues. 3 times reject Emperorship. Even as elder Crown Prince. Erase all evidences. So that the People do not know about them."

    (*ECS - emperor cadet school Panda face very thick skin says: "me normally let those who challenge Throne all die out. By sexual exhaustions. Or kill by mass Citizens because of stupidity. Then ascend by default.")

  2. With Rites (Codes). People Not Steal.

    (02) 子曰:“恭而无礼则劳,慎而无礼则葸,勇而无礼则乱,直而无礼则绞。君子笃于亲,则民兴于仁;故旧不遗,则民不偷。”

    Confucius: "respectful but no Rites then waste efforts. Careful but no Rites then don't dare do anything. Courageous but no Rites then get into trouble. Honestly frank but no Rites then get into conversations fights. When Gentlemen loves Family. Then the People revival in Ren - Perfection. Therefore. Lost items on roads no one pick. The People do not steal anymore."

    (*Panda understanding Confucius definition of Rites = Jedi codes of conducts. Establish/evolve by all Archangels/Buddhas/Prophets/Sage-King/Wisemen.)

  3. Look At Hands/Legs.

    (03) 曾子有疾,召门弟子曰:“启予足!启予手!诗云:‘战战兢兢,如临深渊,如履薄冰。’而今而后,吾知免夫!小子!”

    Disciple/Sage Zeng Zi final sickness. Ask come all Disciples: "show you my hands/legs (under blanket). Show you my hand/legs (under blanket). Poetry Scripture: 'careful careful. Like near cliff hill. Like walk on thin air.' From on. My body to death end is free of punishments of misgiving crimes. (That mean. Try to be perfect sinless till death.)"

    (*We Jedi to die protecting the Light. Should be as sinless as possible. As few AV as possible. As few meat as possible.)

  4. Dying Words Sorrow.

    (04) 曾子有疾,孟敬子问之。曾子言曰:“鸟之将死,其鸣也哀;人之将死,其言也善。君子所贵乎道者三:动容貌,斯远暴慢矣;正颜色,斯近信矣;出辞气,斯远鄙倍矣。笾豆之事,则有司存。”

    Disciple/Sage Zeng Zi has sickness. Official Meng Jing Zi visits. Disciple/Sage Zeng Zi advises Him: "bird when dying. Cries very sad. Person when dying. His words all good. Gentlemen stress 3 points in Tao (Way) = actions appearances away proudness. Then away from attack rudeness. Face honest. Then near trustworthiness. Tone confident. Away from attack insult. Small things need not do. Still have Administrator."

    (*by now. You should know that Panda is a 50% Confucian Jedi. That mean if you are humble/proud. y/You see me as humble/proud. The me sometimes honest-fake. Sometimes fake-honest. Sometimes attack you. Sometimes sanyang - love you. Do/don't do every small/big things.)

  5. Disciple/Sage Yan Hui Capable Act Incapable.

    (05) 曾子曰:“以能问于不能,以多问于寡;有若无,实若虚,犯而不校,昔者吾友尝从事于斯矣。”

    Disciple/Sage Zeng Zi: "self have capable ask Those not capable. Self have knowledge ask Those no knowledge. Have like don't have. Full like empty. Get offense but not fight back. Last time. I have a Friend like that. (May be refer to Disciple/Sage Yan Hui.)"

    (*now Panda Yan Hui 50% fight + 50% don't fight. 50% full + 50% empty. Trying Buddha Operations new theories.)

  6. Zeng Zi Can Entrust.

    (06) 曾子曰:“可以托六尺之孤,可以寄百里之命,临大节而不可夺也,君子人与?君子人也。”

    Disciple/Sage Zeng Zi: "can responsibility to bring up orphaned below 18 years old Prince. Can responsibility to safeguard survival of Country. Great code of conduct cannot be rob. Is this Gentleman? This is Gentleman."

    (*when you can decide Throne. Still don't rob Throne. This is true conduct of Jedi/Knight/Samurai.)

  7. Journey Long. Therefore Heavy.

    (07) 曾子曰:“士不可以不弘毅,任重而道远。仁以为己任,不亦重乎,死而后已,不亦远乎。”

    Disciple/Sage Zeng Zi: "Jedi cannot don't determined. Because Duties heavy. The Way long. Ren (Perfection) as Self duties. Cannot say heavy. Die before Self only. Cannot say far."

    (*To be Jedi. Why You need to always refresh on Scriptures. Somethings like this Panda Website? Because it gets very discouraging along the way. As Duties/Way are very heavy. You need all motivations You can get.)

  8. Inspire. Establish. Finish.

    (08) 子曰:“兴于诗,立于礼,成于乐。”

    Confucius: "inspire by poems. Establish by Rites (Codes of Conducts). Finish by music."

    (*2018. Panda: "inspire by success guru. Establish by Jedi 5 Commandments. Finish by Marriage sex. *last third step. May take 20 years internal well being to be ready.")

  9. Action/Explain To People.

    (09) 子曰:“民可使由之,不可使知之。”

    Confucius: "People understand actions. Action. People don't understand actions. Explain."

    (*Panda: "sometimes wars happen so fast. Need action first. Explain later.")

  10. Chaos = Hate Poor + Not Ren (Perfection).

    (10) 子曰:“好勇疾贫,乱也。人而不仁,疾之已甚,乱也。”

    Confucius: "brave & hate poverty. Confirm into trouble. Not Ren (perfection). And hate people to extreme. Confirm into trouble."

    (*short term run. Of course. The evil people more successful. But in long term run. All evil people get into troubles. Only good People succeed in long term ends.)

  11. No Use = Beauty + No Character.

    (11) 子曰:“如有周公之才之美,使骄且吝,其余不足观也已。”

    Confucius: "even person has Sage-King Zhou Gong handsomeness. If proud/stingy. Then that person nothing to see in."

    (*Ren - perfection nothing to do with external appearances.)

  12. Study = Difficult To 3 Years Not Think Officership.

    (12) 子曰:“三年学,不至于谷,不易得也。”

    Confucius: "after 3 years study. Not thinking of officership (rice) salary. Not easy."

    (*actually all these 49 years of studying. Panda only thinks of getting marrying g-cup AV Wife.)

  13. Die In Guarding Tao (Way).

    (13) 子曰:“笃信好学,守死善道。危邦不人,乱邦不居。天下有道则见,无道则隐。邦有道,贫且贱焉,耻也;邦无道,富且贵焉,耻也。”

    Confucius: "in trustworthiness love learning. Guard to die good Tao (Way). Dangerous country not friending people. Chaos country not live. Under Heaven has Tao (Way) then be seen. Under Heaven no Tao (Way) then hidden not seen. Country has Tao (Way). Poor + low class = is shameful. Country no Tao (Way). Rich + high class = is shameful."

    (*Panda. Whether Heaven has Tao - Way or not. Still holding last line of defence.)

  14. Not In Position. Don't Govern.

    (14) 子曰:“不在其位,不谋其政。”

    Confucius: "not at Officership position. Not doing that position administrations."

    (*unless. That officership person is not doing her/his jobs.)

  15. Music = Start Chaos + Nice End.

    (15) 子曰:“师挚之始,关睢之乱。洋洋乎!盈耳哉。”

    Confucius: "from those music starting to chaos mess. Whole music song very nice to ear."

    (*Sage/-King must be used to/make use of dis/orders.)

  16. External = Internal.

    (16) 子曰:“狂而不直,侗而不愿,悾悾而不信,吾不知之矣。”

    Confucius: "daring wild but not straight forward. The childish but not honest. Look honest but not trustworthy. This kind of people I do not understand."

    (*mindfulness = external/internal same.)

  17. Learn Like Lost Unable To Get.

    (17) 子曰:“学如不及,犹恐失之。”

    Confucius: "learn like unable to catch up. Also like may forget lose them."

    (*Confucian Jedis is a forever & ever learning Jedi.)

  18. Sage-King = Using Capable People.

    (18) 子曰:“巍巍乎!舜禹之有天下也,而不与焉。”

    Confucius: "how great! Sage-King Shun/Yu able to govern under Heaven. Not alone Himself. But by using virtuous capable People."

    (*know People. Use People.)

  19. Sage-King = Great Unable To Name.

    (19) 子曰:“大哉,尧之为君也!巍巍乎!唯天为大,唯尧则之,荡荡乎!民无能名焉。巍巍乎!其有成功也,焕乎,其有文章!”

    Confucius: "so great. Sage-King Yao as Emperor! So great! Only Heaven can be that great! Only Sage-King Yu can do that great. His virtues so great! His Citizens unable to limit. So great! His Works. Lay behind chinese systems."

    (*We take virtuous ways of life for granted. It needs to be setup/maintain. Time to time. All the times.)

  20. Sage-King Shun 5 Ministers.

    (20) 舜有臣五人,而天下治。武王曰:“予有乱臣十人。”孔子曰:“才难,不其然乎?唐虞之际,于斯为盛,有妇人焉,九人而已。三分天下有其二,以服事殷,周之德,其可谓至德也已矣。”

    Confucius: "Sage-King Shun has 5 Ministers. And under Heaven well govern." Dynasty Zhou Sage-King Wu: "I have 10 Ministers." Confucius: "at Dynasty Zhou Sage-King Wu peak reign. Of 10 Ministers. 1 is female. Sage-King Wu only win 2/3 empire People heart. Still semi-administering to last dynasty Yin. His Dynasty Zhou virtues. Can be said to have reached extreme virtues."

    (*Sage-King cannot run whole Empire alone. But more core generals/ministers seem more messy. From this Verse.)

  21. Sage-King Yu Simple Drinks/Foods.

    (21) 子曰:“禹,吾无间然矣。菲饮食,而致孝乎鬼神,恶衣服,而致美乎黻冕,卑宫室,而尽力乎沟洫。禹,吾无间然矣。”

    Confucius: "for Sage-King Yu. I unable to find any fault to say. His daily drinks/foods are simple. But pray best to ghosts/gods. His daily clothings are simple. But when prayings wear best clothes. Do His best in public infrastructure works. (At that time is china great floods.) For Sage-King Yu. I unable to find any fault to say."

    (*Sage-King Yao/Shun/Yu Governments are what Confucius trying to achieve. We Confucian Jedis should strive the same.)

子罕第九. Chapter 09: Confucius Seldom.

  1. 3 Don't Talk.

    (01) 子罕言利,与命,与仁。

    Confucius seldom talks benefits/fate/Ren (perfection).

    (*does Panda talks benefits? Of course. Benefits of big c is to do Wife very hard. Does Panda talks fates? Of course. There is fate/no fate in everythings. Does Panda talks perfection? Of course. We are supposed to be perfect. Just like Our Father GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM in Heaven is perfect.)

  2. Confucius Should Good At What?

    (02) 达巷党人曰,“大哉孔子!博学而无所成名。”子闻之,谓门弟子曰,“吾何执?执御乎,执射乎?吾执御矣。”

    500 households neighbourhood People: "how great is Confucius. Know everythings. But not good at anything." Confucius hears. Tell Disciples: "I must good at what? Driving horse? Shooting arrows? I think I choose driving horse."

    (*a Confucian Jedi must be good at everythings. Everythings perfect. Just like GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM in Heaven.)

  3. Old/New Methods. Depend.

    (03) 子曰:“麻冕,礼也;今也纯,俭,吾从众。拜下,礼也;今拜乎上,泰也,虽违众,吾从下。”

    Confucius: "last time Dynasty Zhou. Hat is clothes is Rites (Virtue Laws). Today is silk. More practical. I agree with mass. Last time Dynasty Zhou. Subjects bow before Emperor at lower platform. Is Rites (Codes). Today is subjects bow before Emperor at upper platform. Because more convenient. This I disagree with mass. I bow before Emperor at lower platform."

    (*Rites - Codes have to adapt accordingly to keep up with times. Right accept. The wrong don't accept.)

  4. 4 Cut Off Thinkings.

    (04) 子绝四:毋意,毋必,毋固,毋我。

    Confucius cut off 4 thinkings:

    [A] Not guessing.

    [B] Not definite.

    [C] Not stubborn.

    [D] Not self-right.

    (*right mean right. Wrong mean wrong. Unless You can prove me is wrong.)

  5. Heaven Want Teachings. What Can People Do To Me?

    (05) 子畏于匡。曰:“文王既没,文不在兹乎?天之将丧斯文也。后死者不得与于斯文也。天之未丧斯文也。匡人其如予何。”

    Confucius traps in Ground kuang: "Sage-King Wen no more. His Teachings not around (still with me)? If Heaven wants to destroy these Teachings. Why I have these Teachings? If Heaven doesn't want to destroy these Teachings. What can they (Ground kuang people) do to me?"

    (*We Confucian Jedis are under protections of Heaven - GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM. To spread Confucius Teachings. So what can anyone does to Us?)

  6. Gentleman = Never Feel Know Too Much.

    (06a) 大宰问于子贡曰:“夫子圣者与?何其多能也?”子贡曰:“固天纵之将圣,又多能也。”子闻之曰:“大宰知我乎?吾少也贱,故多能鄙事。君子多乎哉?不多也!”牢曰:“子云:‘吾不试,故艺。”

    Governor asks Disciple Zi Gong: "Confucius must be a Sage? Why He knows so much." Disciple Zi Gong answers: "this is because Heaven let Confucius be a Sage. And know a lots." Confucius: "Governor knows me? I at young born low-class. So know a lots. A Gentleman never knows too much. Not feel know too much."

    (*a Confucian Jedi does not want to know too little. In fact. As much as possible. The more the better.)

  7. Confucius Not Used. So Know Learn A Lots.

    (06b) 牢曰:“子云:‘吾不试,故艺。‘”

    Disciple remembers Confucius says: "I am not used. That why know (learn) a lots."

    (*Panda also like that. Emperor LKY does not want me in office. So semi-retire. Know do a lots of c.)

  8. Confucius Know Nothing. Just Talk 2 Sides.

    (07) 子曰:“吾有知乎哉?无知也。有鄙夫问于我,空空如也,我叩其两端而竭焉。”

    Confucius: "am I knowledgeable? I know nothing. When People ask me questions. I answer with nothing. Then try my best to answer from 2 sides only."

    (*Panda also likes that. The more me knows. The more me does not know.)

  9. Phoenix/Gua Turtle Not Out.

    (08) 子曰:“凤鸟不至,河不出图,吾已矣乎!”

    Confucius: "phoenix (high dan) bird no appear. River no out exotic animals with I-Ching gua. I don't think my Sage-King Government going to be executed."

    (*one sign of GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Sage-King Government kingdom is many exotic high dan animals appearing.)

  10. See Mourn/Official/Blindman.

    (09) 子见齐衰者、冕衣裳者与瞽者;见之,虽少必作,过之,必趋。

    When Confucius see People wearing mourning clothings/official robes/blindman. Confirm stand upright respect. If pass by. Confirm quickly walk pass.

    (*Panda not know why Confucius does that. For dead people. Confirm done wrong things. Die without eternal life. For officials like policemen. Just monitor them whether coming for me to create troubles. For blindmen. Confirm last life in Monk Uniforms. Look at pornography.)

  11. Disciple/Sage Yan Hui Seem In Front Of Confucius. Then Behind.

    (10) 颜渊喟然叹曰:“仰之弥高,钻之弥坚;瞻之在前,忽焉在后。夫子循循然善诱人,博我以文,约我以礼。欲罢不能,既竭吾才,如有所立,卓尔。虽欲从之,末由也已!”

    Disciple/Sage Yan Hui signs: "Teacher Confucius cultivation so high. His Teachings so solid. The me seems to be in front. Then find myself at behind. Teacher Confucius slowly guide step-by-step. Enrich with me knowledges. Restrict me with Rites (Codes). Want to give up stop cannot. The me already tries my best in abilities. His Teachings so high established. I desperately want to follow reach peak. But unable to follow reach."

    (*all Zen Masters after We know. The more We don't know. Because Students higher & higher. Teachers become higher & higher. Whether Students/Teachers. Must compete fairly with Each Others. So We improve Each Others.)

  12. Deceit To Bury Confucius As Official.

    (11) 子疾病,子路使门人为臣,病间曰:“久矣哉!由之行诈也,无臣而为有臣,吾谁欺?欺天乎?且予与其死于臣之手也,无宁死于二三子之手乎?且予纵不得大葬,予死于道路乎?”

    Confucius almost dies of sickness. Disciple Zi Lu asks all Disciples to funeral Confucius as Official. Confucius recovers: "this Disciple Zi Lu all along wrong. This is deceit. I am not an Official. How to be Official? Lie to who? Lie to Heaven? Better die in hands of officials. Than die in hands of Disciples. Even I not burial as Official. Am I burial as unknown nobody?"

    (*even We Angels die as nobody. Do You think We are nobody in Heaven?)

  13. Beautiful Jade To Hide/Sell?

    (12) 子贡曰:“有美玉于斯,韫椟而藏诸?求善贾而沽诸?”子曰:“沽之哉!沽之哉!我待贾者也!”

    Disciple Zi Gong: "has beautiful jade. To hide inside box? Or sell to highest Bidder?" Confucius: "I want to sell. I want to sell. To a Person willing to buy!"

    (*every Gentleman/Jedi/Knight/Samurai is looking for a Sage-King to employ Her/Him. Problem now. This planet earth is still governed by dark forces. So Many go unused. Panda Combat Missions Parameters for 2018: to gain 50% of Planet Earth Governments. So that 50% of Gentlemen/Jedis/Knights/Samurais can be put to good uses. To prepare for 50% Rapture. Hold the Lines. Hold the Frontiers. Love rest of 50% so that they want to correct. But most of these 50% attack with 10 dans kicks/commando knives/M16/..... Making things life & death. We just need to make them pains enough to calm them down to stop.)

  14. Gentleman Make Place Developed.

    (13) 子欲居九夷。或曰:“陋,如之何?”子曰:“君子居之,何陋之有!”

    Confucius intends to live in Place Jiu Yi. The someone: "it is undeveloped. How to live there?" Confucius: "if Gentleman lives there. How to be undeveloped!"

    (*places change because of Gentlemen. Not places change gentlemen.)

  15. Correct Country Wei Then Lu.

    (14) 子曰:“吾自卫反鲁,然后乐正,雅颂各得其所。”

    Confucius: "I from Country Wei to Country Lu. Make their music correct. Each at their places."

    (*Confucius at warring states fixes 2/8 of c/Countries of China. If currently. We can fix 50% of Planet Earth Countries. We already fulfill Our Duties.)

  16. 3 What So Difficult.

    (15) 子曰:“出则事公卿,入则事父兄,丧事不敢不勉,不为酒困,何有于我哉?”

    Confucius: "outside loyal administering Emperor. Inside filial administering Father/Mother/Senior Brothers/Senior Sisters. Funerals don't dare not best to Rites (Codes). Not addicted to alcohols. What are so difficult for Me?"

    (*why Confucius stress so much on Funeral Rites - Perfection Codes? Put same place as workings outside/inside. Not addicted to alcohols. LKY believes that Funerals Rites - Perfection Codes affect where that Soul ID goes later. Why LKY does not give President Ong a state funeral. May be LKY does not want President Ong back as SG Officerships.)

  17. River Flowing. Like Day/Night.

    (16) 子在川上曰:“逝者如斯夫!不舍昼夜。”

    Confucius beside river: "flow like ongoing events. Time is non-stop day/night."

    (*treasure time. Time is life. Hate sleep. Sleeps are little death destructions.)

  18. Never Someone Love Virtue Like Love Sex (Materials Things).

    (17) 子曰:“吾未见好德如好色者也。”

    Confucius: "I never see anyone love virtues so much like love sex/materials things."

    (*actually now after restricting to quit pornography & masturbation. The me Cstan98 loves virtues more than sex. But here Confucius may define chinese sex word character - differently. Because sex word character - can mean both sex/materials things. If it is materials things. The me love my iPhone App/MacBook Website as much as virtues.)

  19. Lack One More. Stop. Because You Want.

    (18) 子曰:“譬如为山,未成一篑,止,吾止也;譬如平地,虽覆一篑,进,吾往也。”

    Confucius: "like filling mountain. Just lack one more. Stop. Is because I want to stop. Like filling ground. Just lack one more. Advance. Is because I want to advance."

    (*me Cstan98 like JESUS CHRIST Matthew so much. Is because it is all about depending on God. The me Cstan98 like Confucius Analects so much. Is because it is all about depending on Self.)

  20. Non-Stop Go And Do.

    (19) 子曰:“语之而不惰者,其回也与!”

    Confucius: "when tell. Non-stop go and do. Only Disciple Yan Hui is like that!"

    (*do not afraid You have things to improve. Only afraid when you have nothings more to improve.)

  21. Only Advance. Never Stop.

    (20) 子谓颜渊曰:“惜乎!吾见其进也,吾未见其止也。”

    Confucius about Disciple/Sage Yan Hui: "solid! I can see Him advance. Never see Him stop."

    (*as Confucian Jedi. We can take a break (but must hold the line). But suppose to advance. Cannot stop withdraw.)

  22. No Flowers. No Fruits.

    (21) 子曰:“苗而不秀者有矣夫!秀而不实者有矣夫!”

    Confucius: "rice plants have grown not opening flowers. Have! Rice plants have opened flowers not bearing rice fruits. Have!"

    (*GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM already creates You life. Your life already grows so much. Already flowers so much. Don't waste the efforts. It is time to bear Fruits = Ascensions to Heaven as a Light Being. Apostle Paul calls being a Light Being as Glorified Bodies. When JESUS CHRIST ascends as a Light Being. He can pass into locked room. Can teleport from one place to another place in a moment. And yes. You still have p organ/breasts. JESUS CHRIST shows His nail pierced hands.)

  23. Youngsters Are Scary.

    (22) 子曰:“后生可畏,焉知来者之不如今也?四十、五十而无闻焉,斯亦不足畏也已!”

    Confucius: "later Youngsters are scary. How do You know They not surpass You? If persons at 40/50 years old still no one knows you. Then not scary enough!"

    (*Little Children. You have 40-50 years to be scary worthy.)

  24. Think Why Say Reason. Then Correct.

    (23) 子曰:“法语之言,能无从乎?改之为贵。巽与之言,能无说乎?绎之为贵。说而不绎,从而不改,吾末如之何也已矣!”

    Confucius: "direct corrections words. How not to obey? But listen to correct is more valuable. Indirect corrections words. How not to not happy? But listen to think reasons of words is more valuable. Happy but not think reasons. Obey but not correct. Then I doesn't know what to do."

    (*Panda uses all sorts of ways to get effects. Zen Stories to make You cry. Direct scoldings. Indirect third persons. Confuse you. Push you further & further.....)

  25. Loyalty/Trustworthiness. Better Self Friends. Correct Mistakes.

    (24) 子曰:“主忠信,毋友不如己者,过则勿惮改。”

    Confucius: "main at Loyalty/Trustworthiness. Do not make friends worse than You. Have mistakes correct."

    (*Panda main on keep on improving Self. Only Advance. Can hold line. But never withdraw.)

  26. Not Rob Vows.

    (25) 子曰:“三军可夺帅也,匹夫不可夺志也。”

    Confucius: "3 armies can rob General. But Jedi must not rob Vows."

    (*Vows are Jedi main purposes to live. You notice once Japanese stop working. They soon decay to death.)

  27. Not Ashamed With Better Clothings.

    (26) 子曰:“衣敝缊袍,与衣孤貉者立,而不耻者,其由也与?‘不忮不求,何用不臧?’”子路终身诵之。子曰:“是道也,何足以臧!”

    [A] Confucius: "people with coats. Stand beside in broken clothes. And not ashamed. Only Disciple Zi Lu."

    [B] Confucius: "Poetry Scripture: 'upper branch don't want more. Why it is no good?'"

    [C] Disciple hear poem. Everyday recite. Confucius: "it is normal Tao (Way). Why so happy contented?"

    (*Confucian Jedi are asked to stand beside more well dressed people. Not ashamed.)

  28. Know When Cold Winter.

    (27) 子曰:“岁寒,然后知松柏之后雕也。”

    Confucius: "only reach cold winter. Then know Tree Song/Bai do not drop leaves."

    (*it is during Tests/Trials. Then know who are the real Confucian Jedi.)

  29. Wisdom. Ren (Compassion). Courage.

    (28) 子曰:“知者不惑,仁者不忧,勇者不惧。”

    Confucius: "wisdom people do not doubt. Ren (compassion) people do not worry. Courage people do not afraid."

    (*The 3 pillars of Confucian Jedi.)

  30. To Get Heaven Mandates.

    (29) 子曰:“可与共学,未可与适道;可与适道,未可与立;可与立,未可与权。”

    Confucius: "those who with studying. May not learn in Tao (Way). The those who with learning in Tao (Way). May not establish in Tao (Way). The those who with establishing in Tao (Way). May not be given Heaven Mandates."

    (*Heaven Mandates = a Position Duties in Heaven & Earth.)

  31. Past/Current/Future.

    (30) “唐棣之华,偏其反而,岂不尔思?室是远而。”子曰:“未之思也,未何远之有?”

    Poetry Scripture: "bloom trees flowers so beautiful. Don't I miss you. Just you are very far." Confucius: "because without right thinking right? I just think it is near."

    (*We are One. Past/current/future HOLY SPIRIT Bodies. Just reach think.)

乡党第十. Chapter 10: Confucius With People.

  1. Community People. Official.

    (01) 孔子于乡党,恂恂如也,似不能言者。其在宗庙朝廷,便便言,唯谨尔。”

    Confucius with community people. Just nice quiet. But don't speak. When in Temple/Government Institutions. Speak a lots. But more careful.

    (*different strokes for different situations.)

  2. Lower. Higher. Emperor With Heaven Mandate.

    (02) 朝与下大夫言,侃侃如也;与上大夫言,訚訚如也。君在,踧踖如也,与与如也。

    In Imperial Court. Confucius with lower Officers. Easy going. Confucius with higher Officers. Say right say wrong. Confucius with Emperor. At ease. Also not at ease.

    (*different strokes for different situations.)

  3. Receiving Duties From Heaven Mandate.

    (03) 君召使摈,色勃如也,足躩如也。揖所与立,左右手。衣前后,襜如也。趋进,翼如也。宾退,必复命,曰:“宾不顾矣。”

    Country Lu Emperor asks Confucius to be Official welcoming Guests. Confucius immediately become serious facial. Walk fast & slow. Walk serious. Ask Men to welcome Guests according to ranks with 2 files. Left use left hand. Right use right hand. Clothing flow according to body movements. Out out. In in. When Guests leave. Confirm report back to Emperor: "Guests leave not coming back."

    (*Emperor cultivation weaker than Confucius. Why Confucius takes Duties from Emperor seriously? Because Emperor has higher Heaven Mandate.)

  4. Throne Of Emperor.

    (04) 入公门,鞠躬如也,如不容。立不中门,行不履阈。过位,色勃如也,足躩如也,其言似不足者。摄齐升堂,鞠躬如也,屏气似不息者。出,降一等,逞颜色,怡怡如也;没阶趋进,翼如也;复其位,踧踖如也。”

    Confucius near Throne of Emperor. Become very careful. Because Throne of Emperor has Heaven Mandate. After out of sight of Throne of Emperor. Relax like a happy bird.

    (*if You respect Heaven Mandate like GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM. You respect GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM like GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM.)

  5. Carefully Take Imperial Seal.

    (05) 执圭,鞠躬如也,如不胜。上如揖,下如授。勃如战色,足缩缩,如有循。享礼有容色,私觌愉愉如也。”

    Getting Imperial Seal to see foreign Emperor. Carefully take. Like unable to qualify. Face serious. Steps slow. It is only until have seen foreign Emperor. Then can relax.

    (*Confucian Jedi should take Imperial Order from Heaven Mandate very carefully/seriously. Because Imperial Orders represent Heaven Mandates. Heaven Mandates represent GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM.)

  6. Confucian Jedi Uniforms Codes.

    (06) 君子不以以绀緅饰,红紫不以为亵服;当暑,袗絺绤,必表而出之。缁衣羔裘,素衣麑裘,黄衣狐裘。亵裘长,短右袂。必有寝衣,长一身有半。狐貉之厚以居。去丧无所不佩。非帷裳,必杀之。羔裘玄冠,不以吊。吉月,必朝服而朝。

    Confucius Confucian Jedi Uniforms Codes.

    (*Panda Jedi Codes = B&W - Black & White Uniforms. 50% white because We are pure enough. 50% black because we dare to fight evil hard enough back. You can start your own Uniform Codes. It is just basically Branding only.)

  7. Clean/Sleep Clothes. No Meat/Alcohols. Change Seating.

    (07) 齐,必有明衣,布,必有寝衣,长一身有半。齐,必变食,居必迁坐。

    Confucius after bathing. Always wear clean clothes. When sleeping. Always wear long sleeping clothes. When Confucius fasting. Always change to no meat/alcohols diet. Then confirm change his normal seating.

    (*You need to inform People you are fasting. That is why Confucius changes His seating.)

  8. Don't Eat Meat.

    (08) 食不厌精,脍不厌细。食饐而餲,鱼馁而肉败,不食。色恶,不食。臭恶,不食。失饪,不食。不时,不食。割不正,不食。不得其酱,不食。肉虽多,不使胜食气。惟酒无量,不及乱。沽酒,市脯,不食。不撤姜食。 不多食。祭于公,不宿肉。祭肉,不出三日;出三日,不食之矣。食不语,寝不言。虽疏食,菜羹,瓜祭,必齐如也。

    Confucius Confucian Codes of eating meat.

    (*best is don't eat meat.)

  9. Sit Right.

    (09) 席不正,不坐。

    Seat not arrange properly. Don't sit.

    (*eat/sit/sleep/stand/work/... right. In fact. Every little actions. To make heart controlled thoughts.)

  10. Always Same Rites.

    (10) 乡人饮酒,杖者出,斯出矣。乡人傩,朝服而立于阼阶。

    When community toasts wines. Confucius always let older People go out first. When in community worship ancestors. Confucius always in rites robes on left hand side of stairs.

    (*Confucian Jedi always same things according to respect rites.)

  11. Thanks & Give/Receive.

    (11) 问人于他邦,再拜而送之。康子馈药,拜而受之,曰:“丘未达,不敢尝。”

    Confucius asks Person to give gifts to Country. To that Person thanks and thanks before sending Him off. Person Kang Zi gives medicine gifts. Confucius thanks Him and receive: "I do not know medicine. So don't dare to take."

    (*Confucian Jedi must thanks People who help You. Confucian Jedi must receive all gifts. But can don't use.)

  12. Ask People Hurt. Not Horses.

    (12) 厩焚,子退朝,曰:“伤人乎?”不问马。

    Confucius horse stable on fire. After coming back from work. Ask: "anyone hurt?" Not about horses.

    (*for Confucian Jedi. Everythings has less/more importance. Know weight of matters.)

  13. Rites = Official Codes Of Conducts.

    (13) 君赐食,必正席先尝之;君赐腥,必熟而荐之;君赐生,必畜之。侍食于君,君祭,先饭。疾,君视之,东首,加朝服拖绅。君命召,不俟驾行矣。

    Emperor gifts cooked foods. Confucius definitely eats first. Emperor gifts uncooked meat. Confucius definitely cooks first. Worship Heaven first then eat. Emperor gifts livestocks. Confucius definitely rears. When eating with Emperor. After Emperor worships Heaven. Confucius definitely eats. When sick. Emperor comes and visits. Confucius definitely face east. Cover with imperial uniforms on blanket. Meet Emperor. When Emperor asks for Confucius. Before horse cart is ready. Already start going.

    (*Rites = strict codes based on respect for Heaven & Emperor - Heaven Mandate. Know the centre point of reasons. Not every permutations on the circle perimeter lines.)

  14. In Big Temple. Everythings ask.

    (14) 入大庙,每事问。

    Confucius enters Big Temple. Everythings ask.

    (*don't know. Ask to confirm.)

  15. Treating Friends.

    (15) 朋友死,无所归。曰:“于我殡。”朋友之馈,虽车马,非祭肉,不拜。”

    Friend dies. No one to do funeral. Confucius: "let me do." Friends gifts. Even horse cart. Not worship Heaven meat. Confucius do not bow.

    (*Friends are equal levels. Help each other. Only bow to Heaven Mandate. Worship Heaven meat here.)

  16. Heart Change. According Situations.

    (16) 寝不尸,居不容。见齐衰者,虽狎,必变。见冕者与瞽者,虽亵,必以貌。凶服者式之。式负版者。有盛馔,必变色而作。迅雷风烈必变。

    Sleep not like dead corpse. At home relax not strict. See funeral clothing people. Even close to them. Expressions serious. See officership uniforms & blindmen. Even close to them. Must courteous. In horse cart. See funeral parade. Rest on wood handle to show sorrow. In feast. Happy to give toast. When thunder & lightnings. Heart worry. (Scare of Heaven.)

    (*a kind of right heart. For a kind of situation.)

  17. Rites For Transport.

    (17) 升车,必正立执绥。车中,不内顾,不疾言,不亲指。

    Going into horse cart. Stand upright first & handle in. In horse cart. Never look back. No loud speaking. No pointing of finger.

    (*there are many codes for Confucian Jedi for every living modes. For Panda B&W - Black & White Jedi. Just one = controlled thoughts.)

  18. High Dan Birds.

    (18) 色斯举矣,翔而后集。曰:“山梁雌雉,时哉!时哉!”子路共之,三嗅而作。

    Group of birds flying near tree. Confucius face changes. Birds fly around & gather at tree. Confucius: "this group of mountain birds. Know time! Know time!" Disciple Zi Lu bows to birds. Birds sounds 3 times then leave.

    (*birds know Confucius Sage Era. Come & visit Confucius.)

先进第十一. Chapter 11: First In.

  1. Employ Those Who First Learn Rites (Codes).

    (01) 子曰:“先进于礼乐,野人也;后进于礼乐,君子也。如用之,则吾从先进。”

    Confucius: "Those who learn first Rites (Codes). Then become Officership. Are common Citizens. Those who become Officership. Then learn Rites (Codes). Are Gentlemen. For me. If I employ Officerships. I employ Those who learn first Rites (Codes)."

    (*whether learn first/last. Main thing is must learn.)

  2. Selected Good Disciples.

    (02) 子曰:“从我于陈、蔡者,皆不及门也。”德行:颜渊、闵子骞、冉伯牛、仲弓;言语:宰我、子贡;政事:冉有、季路;文学:子游、子夏。”

    Confucius: "those d/Disciples who follow me past Trials of Country Chen & Chai. The many no longer with Me. Those still around. Good in virtues: 4 Disciples including Disciple Yan Hui. Good in speaking: 2 Disciples including Disciple Zi Gong. Good in government: 2 Disciples. Good in literature: 2 Disciples."

    (*is like light rice chaff fly after throwing around. Heavy rice fruits stay. The Disciples who stay after all Tests. Are Confucius heavy fruits.)

  3. Disciple Yan Hui Not Helping.

    (03) 子曰:“回也非助我者也!于吾言无所不说。”

    Confucius: "Disciple Yan Hui is not helping Me. He always happy with what I say."

    (*those who always happy with what you say. Have use. The those always not happy with what you say. Also have use.)

  4. Filial Disciple Min Zi Qian.

    (04) 子曰:“孝哉闵子骞!人不间于其父母昆弟之言。”

    Confucius: "how filial is Disciple Min Zi Qian! No one argues with His Parents Step-Brother praises."

    (*Filial Piety = Foundation of Country.)

  5. Marry Elder Brother Daughter.

    (05) 南容三复白圭,孔子以其兄之子妻之。

    Disciple Nan Rong 3 times recite Poetry Scripture white jade poem. Confucius hears. Let Confucius Elder Brother Daughter marry Him.

    (*entrust Relatives Daughters.)

  6. Hardworking Disciple/Sage Yan Hui.

    (06) 季康子问:“弟子孰为好学?”孔子对曰:“有颜回者好学,不幸短命死矣!今也则亡。”

    Person Li Kang Zi asks Confucius: "Your Disciple. Any hardworking?" Confucius: "have this Disciple Yan Hui. Very hardworking. Too bad die early. Since then unable to find similar hardworking."

    (*Panda Understanding of Disciple/Sage Yan Hui. He too hardworking. Don't want to work for money. Therefore die of malnutrition. So me Panda 50% work for money + 50% work for Tao - Way.)

  7. Also Not Sell Horse Cart For Son Coffin.

    (07) 颜渊死,颜路请子之车以为之犉。子曰:“才不才,亦各言其子也。鲤也死,有棺而无犉;吾不徒行,以为之犉,以吾从大夫之后,不可徒行也。”

    Disciple Yan Hui dies. His Father Yan Lu ask Confucius to sell His horse cart to buy coffin. Confucius: "have talents no talents. All Sons. Even my Son Li dies. I also won't sell my coffin for Him. Because I have been big Officership. Cannot walk without a horse cart."

    (*Disciple Yan Hui deserves to die without coffin. Because when dead/living. Already a burden to Others.)

  8. Heaven Want To Kill Me.

    (08) 颜渊死,子曰:“噫!天丧予!天丧予!”

    Disciple/Sage Yan Hui dies. Confucius: "(sign!) Heaven wants to kill me! Heaven wants to kill me!"

    (*why is Disciple/Sage Yan Hui so important to Confucius. Because Confucius wants to pass Confucian Sect Mandate to Him. But Disciple/Sage Yan Hui dies before Him.)

  9. Sorrow For Disciple/Sage Yan Hui Death.

    (09) 颜渊死,子哭之恸。从者曰:“子恸矣!”曰:“有恸乎?非夫人之为恸而谁为!”

    Disciple/Sage Yan Hui dies. Confucius cries too sorrow. His Followers: "You are too sorrow for His death!" Confucius: "too sorrow? If not for Him then for who!"

    (*Confucius sorrow that He loses His Successor.)

  10. Glamour Funeral Because Of Disciples.

    (10) 颜渊死,门人欲厚葬之,子曰:“不可。”门人厚葬之。子曰:“回也视予犹父也,予不得视犹子也。非我也,夫二三子也。”

    Disciple/Sage Yan Hui dies. Disciples want to bury Him glamorously. Confucius: "cannot." Disciples still go ahead bury Him glamorously. Confucius: "Disciple/Sage Yan Hui treat me as Father. I unable treat Him as Son. Not because of me. But because of these Disciples."

    (*Confucian Jedi should live within His means. Die within His means.)

  11. Administer Humans/Living First.

    (11) 季路问事鬼神。子曰:“未能事人,焉能事鬼?”“敢问死?”曰:“未知生,焉知死?”

    Disciple Zi Lu asks how to administer ghosts/gods. Confucius: "don't know how to administer humans. Why ask administer ghosts/gods?" Disciple Zi Lu asks: "dare to ask death?" Confucius: "don't know living. Why ask death?"

    (*administer humans first. Administer living first. Before think of supernatural.)

  12. Disciple Zi Lu No Good Death.

    (12) 闵子侍侧,誾誾如也;子路,行行如也;冉有、子贡,侃侃如也。子乐。若由也,不得其死然。

    Disciple Min Zi Shi by side of Confucius is submissive. Disciple Zi Lu by side of Confucius is strong firm. Disciple Ran You/Zi Gong by side of Confucius is happy. Confucius is happy. Confucius: "but for Disciple Zi Lu. Afraid He no good death."

    (*Confucius is good chess player. Able to calculate predict Disciples next moves.)

  13. Hit The Point.

    (13) 鲁人为长府。闵子骞曰:“仍旧贯,如之何?何必改作!”子曰:“夫人不言,言必有中。”

    Country Lu rebuilds capitol building. Disciple Min Zi Shi: "what wrong with old building? Why rebuild!" Confucius: "He does not say much. Once say hit the point."

    (*words need not many. Just up to the point.)

  14. Not Able Music Play In Bedroom.

    (14) 子曰:“由之瑟,奚为于丘之门?”门人不敬子路。子曰:“由也升堂矣!未入于室也!”

    Confucius: "Disciple Zi Lu. Why you play violin music in my bedroom?" Disciples hear start to disrespect Disciple Zi Lu. Confucius: "Disciple Zi Lu music playing is able to play in the hall. But not good enough inside bedroom."

    (*it is say this kind of music get rids of anger/lust.)

  15. Over/Under Both Not Good.

    (15) 子贡问:“师与商也孰贤?”子曰:“师也过,商也不及。”曰:“然则师愈与?”子曰:“过犹不及。”

    Disciple Zi Gong asks: "Disciple Zi Zhang & Disciple Zi Xia who is better?" Confucius: "Disciple Zi Zhang is over. Disciple Zi Xia is under." Disciple Zi Gong: "then Disciple Zi Zhang is better?" Confucius: "over or under both not good."

    (*optimum mean zen balance = 50% + 50%.)

  16. Not My Disciple Can Attack.

    (16) 季氏富于周公,而求也为之聚敛而附益之。子曰:“非吾徒也,小子鸣鼓而攻之可也!”

    Person Li is richer than Dynasty Zhou Big Official. Confucius disciple Ran Qiu still helps him to gather more money. Confucius: "disciple Ran Qiu is not my disciple. You people can attack him!"

    (*Confucian Jedi can attack bad people.)

  17. Disciples Successes.

    (17-18a) 柴也愚,参也鲁,师也辟,由也喭。子曰:“回也其庶乎,屡空。赐不受命,而货殖焉,亿则屡中。”

    Disciple Gao Chai is stupid. Disciple/Sage Zeng Zi is slow. Disciple Shi is extremist. Disciple Zi Lu is reckless. Confucius: "only perfect is Disciple Yan Hui remain poor citizen. Disciple Zi Gong does not believe in fate. Guess goods prices up down. Always guess correctly."

    (*those Disciple who stress on money success. Become not stress on virtues success.)

  18. Follow Sage Footsteps.

    (18b) 子张问善人之道。子曰:“不践迹,亦不入于室。”

    Disciple Zi Zhang asks Tao (Way) of good Person. Confucius: "don't follow in front Sage footsteps. Cannot reach destination."

    (*follow in front Sage footsteps. Then surpass them.)

  19. Must See Whether Gentlemen.

    (19) 子曰:“论笃是与,君子者乎?色庄者乎?”

    Confucius: "hear people comment brilliantly. Before agree. Must see whether that people are Gentlemen? Or act appearances only?"

    (*support Gentlemen. Don't support petty people.)

  20. 2 Answers For Hear Straight Do?

    (20) 子路问:“闻斯行诸?”子曰:“有父兄在,如之何其闻斯行之?”冉有问:“闻斯行诸?”子曰:“闻斯行之。”公西华曰:“由也问闻斯行诸,子曰‘有父兄在’;求也问闻斯行诸,子曰‘闻斯行之’。赤也惑,敢问。”子曰:“求也退,故进之;由也兼人,故退之。”

    Disciple Zi Lu asks: "hear straight do?" Confucius: "Father & elder Brother still around. How can hear straight do?" Disciple Ran Qiu asks: "hear straight do?" Confucius: "yes. Hear straight do." Disciple Gong Xi Hua asks why the difference in answers to same question. Confucius: "Disciple Zi Lu is reckless. Therefore need self control. Disciple Ran Qiu is timid. Therefore need encouragement to do more."

    (*different strokes for different people.)

  21. Teacher Alive. Dare Not Die.

    (21a) 子畏于匡,颜渊后。子曰:“吾以女为死矣。”曰:“子在,回何敢死?”

    Confucius traps in Country Kuang. Meet Disciple Yan Hui later. Confucius: "I thought You are dead." Disciple Yan Hui: "Teacher still alive. How I dare to die?"

    (*the close relationship between Teacher Confucius & Disciple Yan Hui.)

  22. Don't Kill Emperor/Fathers.

    (21b) 季子然问:“仲由、冉求可谓大臣与?”子曰:“吾以子为异之问,曾由与求之问。所谓大臣者:以道事君,不可则止。今由与求也,可谓具臣矣。”曰:“然则从之者与?”子曰:“弒父与君,亦不从也。”

    Person Li Zi Ran asks: "can Disciple Zi Lu & Disciple Ran Qiu be Big Officer?" Confucius: "big officer just administer Emperor. Of course can." Person Li Zi Ran: "do They go help corrupted Governor Li." Confucius: "kill Emperor/Father things. I don't think they willing to do."

    (*those filial. Don't offend upper ranks like Emperors.)

  23. Don't Get People Into Troubles. In Job Without Experiences.

    (21c) 子路使子羔为费宰。子曰:“贼夫人之子。”子路曰:“有民人焉,有社稷焉。何必读书,然后为学?”子曰:“是故恶夫佞者。”

    Disciple Zi Lu let Disciple Zi Gao become City Fei administrator. Confucius: "You get Him into troubles." Disciple Zi Lu: "city have people. Have Temple. Why study first? Can work & learn there." Confucius: "I hate those who argue with fancy arguments."

    (*because Disciple Zi Gao is still not learned experienced enough.)

  24. Disciples Government Ambitions.

    (22) 子路、曾皙、冉有、公西华侍坐。子曰:“以吾一日长乎尔,毋吾以也。居则曰:“不吾知也!’如或知尔,则何以哉?”子路率尔而对曰:“千乘之国,摄乎大国之间,加之以师旅,因之以饥馑;由也为之,比及三年,可使有勇,且知方也。”夫子哂之。“求,何如?”对曰:“方六七十,如五六十,求也为之,比及三年,可使足民。如其礼乐,以俟君子。”“赤,何如?”对曰:“非曰能之,愿学焉。宗庙之事,如会同,端章甫,愿为小相焉。”“点,何如?”鼓瑟希,铿尔,舍瑟而作。对曰:“异乎三子者之撰。”子曰:“何伤乎?亦各言其志也。” 曰:“莫春者,春服既成。冠者五六人,童子六七人,浴乎沂,风乎舞雩,咏而归。”夫子喟然叹曰:“吾与点也!”三子者出,曾皙后。曾皙曰:“夫三子者之言何如?”子曰:“亦各言其志也已矣。”曰:“夫子何哂由也?”曰:“为国以礼,其言不让,是故哂之。”“唯求则非邦也与?”“安见方六七十如五六十而非邦也者?”“唯赤则非邦也与?”“宗庙会同,非诸侯而何?赤也为之小,孰能为之大?”夫子哂之。“求,尔何如?”对曰:“方六七十,如五六十,求也为之,比及三年,可使足民;如其礼乐,以俟君子。”“赤,尔何如?”对曰:“非曰能之,愿学焉!宗庙之事,如会同,端章甫,愿为小相焉。” “点,尔何如?”鼓瑟希,铿尔,舍瑟而作。对曰:“异乎三子者之撰。”子曰:“何伤乎?亦各言其志也。”曰:“莫春者,春服既成;冠者五六人,童子六七人,浴乎沂,风乎舞雩,咏而归。”夫子喟然叹曰:“吾与点也!”三子者出,曾皙后。曾皙曰:“夫三子者之言何如?”子曰:“亦各言其志也已矣!”曰:“夫子何哂由也?”曰:“为国以礼,其言不让,是故哂之。”“唯求则非邦也与?”“安见方六七十,如五六十,而非邦也者。”“唯赤,非邦也与?”“宗庙会同,非诸侯而何?赤也为之小,孰能为之大!”

    (01) Confucius asks 4 Disciples Government Ambitions.

    (02) Disciple Zi Lu: "I can govern a Country within 3 years. Able to self defend herself."

    (03) Disciple Zeng Xi: "I can govern a Country well. But population to know Rites (Codes). Need a better Gentleman."

    (04) Disciple Ran You: "I only good in Temple ceremony."

    (05) Disciple Gong Xi Hua: "my ambitions only to play with 6-7 kids in river."

    (06) Confucius: "Everyone is just talking Their Government Ambitions only."

    (*use all your strengths to govern under Heaven.)

颜渊第十二. Chapter 12: Yan Hui.

  1. Not According To Rites (Codes) Don't Do.

    (01) 颜渊问仁。子曰:“克己复礼为仁。一日克己复礼,天下归仁焉。为仁由己,而由人乎哉?”颜渊曰:“请问其目。”子曰:“非礼勿视,非礼勿听,非礼勿言,非礼勿动。”颜渊曰:“回虽不敏,请事斯语矣。”

    Disciple/Sage Yan Hui asks Ren (Perfection). Confucius: "correct self to follow Rites (Codes) is Ren (Perfection). One day self correct follow Rites (Codes). Under Heaven become Ren (Perfection). To follow Ren (Perfection) depend on self. How can you look to outside people?" Disciple/Sage Yan Hui asks: "steps of following Ren (Perfection)?" Confucius: "not according Rites (Codes) don't see. Not according Rites (Codes) don't hear. Not according Rites (Codes) don't speak. Not according Rites (Codes) don't do." Disciple/Sage Yan Hui: "I am not bright. But I do according to what You say."

    (*one day self correct. Under Heaven follow become Ren - Perfection.)

  2. No Resentment In Country/Family.

    (02) 仲弓问仁。子曰:“出门如见大宾,使民如承大祭。己所不欲,勿施于人。在邦无怨,在家无怨。”仲弓曰:“雍虽不敏,请事斯语矣。”

    Disciple Zhong Gong asks Ren (Perfection). Confucius: "out of house working like meeting big guest. Action administer the people like careful doing Temple works. In country no resentment in sub-countries. In home no resentment in family." Disciple Zhong Gong: "I am not bright. But I do according to what You say."

    (*24 hours according to Rite - Codes is Ren - Perfection. Every little actions/habits.)

  3. Say Things Serious.

    (03) 司马牛问仁。子曰:“仁者其言也讱。”曰:“其言也讱,斯谓之仁已乎?”子曰:“为之难,言之得无讱乎?”

    Disciple Si Ma Niu asks Ren (Perfection). Confucius: "Ren (Perfection) Persons says things very serious." Disciple Si Ma Niu: "just say things serious already reach Ren (Perfection)?" Confucius: "it is very serious. How can you say lightly to reach Ren (Perfection)?"

    (*Confucius different strokes for different Disciples.)

  4. Gentleman No Worry/Fear.

    (04a) 司马牛问君子。子曰:“君子不忧不惧。”曰:“不忧不惧,斯谓之君子已乎?”子曰:“内省不疚,夫何忧何惧?”

    Disciple Si Ma Niu asks Gentleman. Confucius: "Gentleman does not worry/fear." Disciple Si Ma Niu: "do not worry/fear. Then reach Gentleman?" Confucius: "if self reflect no wrong. Where to worry/fear?"

    (*if You know You try Your best. Then no worry/fear. Because GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM - Heaven takes care of rest.)

  5. 4 Seas All Are Brothers.

    (04b) 司马牛忧曰:“人皆有兄弟,我独亡。”子夏曰:“商闻之矣:死生有命,富贵在天。君子敬而无失,与人恭而有礼。四海之内,皆兄弟也。君子何患乎无兄弟也?”

    Disciple Si Ma Niu sad says: "Everyone has brothers. Only I alone." Disciple Zi Xia: "I have heard: die live have fate. Riches wealth depend Heaven. Gentleman respect Others with no mistake. With Everyone with Rites (Codes). Then in 4 seas. Everyone is brothers. Gentleman why worry no brothers?"

    (*make brothers of Everyone.)

  6. Arguments/Criticisms Cannot Work On You.

    (05) 子张问明。子曰:“浸润之谮,肤受之愬,不行焉。可谓明也已矣。浸润之谮肤受之愬不行焉,可谓远也已矣。”

    Disciple Zi Zhang asks Wisdom. Confucius: "like in water destroying things arguments. And hurting skin criticisms. All cannot work on You. Then can say is Wisdom. If arguments/criticisms cannot work on You. Then you can say are foresighted."

    (*you need to be very firm. For all arguments/criticisms unable to work on You.)

  7. Trust. Foods. Armies.

    (06) 子贡问政。子曰:“足食。足兵。民信之矣。”子贡曰:“必不得已而去,于斯三者何先?”曰:“去兵。”子贡曰:“必不得已而去,于斯二者何先?”曰:“去食。自古皆有死,民无信不立。”

    Disciple Zi Gong asks government. Confucius: "enough foods reserves. Enough armies might. Have population trust." Disciple Zi Gong: "if unable to have 3. Which one no need first?" Confucius: "armies might." Disciple Zi Gong: "if still unable to have remainder 2. Which one no need first?" Confucius: "foods reserves. Since creation who don't have death. But without trust Government cannot establish."

    (*Government sequences = trust >> food reserves >> armies might.)

子路第十三. Chapter 13: Here.

宪问第十四. Chapter 14: Here.

卫灵公第十五. Chapter 15: Here.

李氏第十六. Chapter 16: Here.

阳货第十七. Chapter 17: Here.

微子第十八. Chapter 18: Here.

子张第十九. Chapter 19: Here.

尧曰第二十. Chapter 20: Here.

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