Cstan98 Scripture Cultivation - Buddha - Heart Scripture 佛心经

Version2 2019.10.28

English-Chinese Translation of Buddha - Heart Scripture. 佛心经.

Original Author: Buddha. 佛.

Original Texts Excerpt From: 般若波罗蜜多心经表解. Copy & paste from http://bookgb.bfnn.org .

My Meanings base from: Cstan98.

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**Buddha - Heart Scripture. 佛心经.

(01) Buddha is Red Period Buddha 释迦牟尼佛. Buddha is Founder of Buddhism 佛教. Heart Scripture is main Scripture of Buddhism.

(02) Summary = Heart Scripture 佛心经. summarizes all Buddhism Scriptures.

佛心经. Buddha Heart Scripture.


(*see inner heart Buddha nature. Cultivate deep see void not see void. Shine through all 五蕴=身色+身受+心想+心行+识 = 5 elements = body physical + body feeling + heart think + heart do + subconscious memories. Able save all sufferings.)


(*Buddha essences! Physical not away void. Void not away physical. Physical is void. Void is physical. Feel think action subconscious-memories. All are.)


(*Buddha essences! Is all teachings of void real appearance. Not born not die. Not dirty not clean. Not add not minus.)


(*therefore inside void no physical. No feel think action subconscious-memories. No eyes ears nose tongue body mind. No sights sounds smells tastes touches teachings. Cannot be seen by eyes. Therefore not conscious.)


(*no ignorance. Then ignorance end. Become supreme no old death. Then old death end. No sufferings gatherings endings becomings.)


(*no wisdom then no get.)


(*to unable to get. Is Buddha heart. According wisdom. Heart no attachments. No obstacles become. No have fears. Away from dreams illusions. Become extreme go Heaven voidness.)


(*all Buddha. Go according to this Buddha heart. To gain Buddha senses conscious.)


(*therefore this Heart Scripture wisdom. Is big god spells. Ultimate spell. Unable up spells. Can get rid all sufferings. The truth not false.)


(*therefore say this Heart Wisdom spell. Now say: in classified 16 chinese secret words codes.)

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