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Samurai Cultivation.

  1. Attain Zen Perfection.

  2. Die 100% For Emperor.

    Especially for those 100% Ethical Sage-King Emperor.

  3. Don't Blink.

    When not under attack. A True Samurai does not blink even when a sword tip is near pointing in His/Her eye. He/She has that kind of Faith/Self-Control. *Note: if it is an attack with same sword. The enemy should be shot down before 50 steps near You.

  4. Fear Sins.

    Do not do even little sins like masturbation & pornography to become a true Samurai.

  5. Handle Samurai Sword.

    Very fast.

  6. Honest living.

    No corrupted money income.

  7. Honour.

    To live in disgrace to redeem is better than to die in honour.

  8. Honour Redeem.

    To die in Honour is better than to live in disgrace if unable to redeem.

  9. Modern Samurai. SSS = Samurai Secret Service.

    (1) 50% fight. 50% defend.

    (2) 50% use Wisdom. 50% beware of darkness.

    (3) Able to drive a tuned car very well & fast. When forced to escape escorting/pursuing.

    (4) Assign to protect Citizens/Emperor/Empress/Princess/Prince/...

    (5) Issue with a semi-automatic M9 handgun with 10 ammo clips (each with 8 bullets).

    (6) May be Male/Female.

    (7) Train in army operations/martial arts/police tactics/weapons/...

    (8) Train to pass money/power/sex tests.

    (9) Year 2020. Train to drive Gundam Combat Suits.

    (*) Remarks. Secret Service = United States Agents assign to protect the President.

  10. Not Afraid Of Death.

    Because all Samurai understand death is not the end. But another beginning.

  11. Samurai Codes.

    Read & follow Samurai Codes everyday.

Samurai Codes. Bushido (武士道).

Source: Wikipedia.

  1. Brotherhood. (悌).

    Take care of non-enemies.

  2. Courage. (勇).

    What is death? 20 years become Samurai again.

  3. Filial Piety. (孝).

    Foundation of All Virtues.

  4. Honour. (誉).

    All stains need to be redeemed/removed.

  5. Loyalty. (忠).

    Choose the Right CEO in the very First Place.

  6. Martial Arts. (功).

    Apply everythings in Aircraft Carrier Group, Car, Grenade, Harrier, Lightsaber, M9, M16, Phasor Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Starfleet, Sword, Tank, X-Wing, ... accordingly.

  7. Ren (Perfection). (仁).

    Even an ant life is precious.

  8. Respect. (敬).

    Every Right Person is a Teacher in somethings.

  9. Righteousness. (义).

    Know what is right/wrong.

  10. Self-Control. (制).

    A single angry fist can be a killx mistake.

  11. Sincerity. (诚).

    To login into GOD.

  12. Wisdom. (智).

    Apply/Know Everythings.

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