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*Remember Sinless Objectives.

The sins create bad lucks for the Empire. In fact. When people mass sins. There is total collapse of social orders.

  1. Climate Change Flooding.

    (01) Because of climate change, there are many floodings in many countries. How ancient Sage-King Yu (禹)solve floodings in ancient times. In ancient China (period near Biblical The Great Flood), huge waters come from nowhere & flood China. Sage-King Yu father is assigned to solve the flood problems. Sage-King Yu father build huge tall walls around cities to prevent floods water from entering into cities. But the higher the waters, the greater the water pressure. Finally, the tall walls around the cities are cracked & destroyed by the flood waters. The flood waters flood the whole cities, killing more people. Sage-King Yu father is executed by Sage-King Shun. Being the flooding minister son. Sage-King Yu (禹)is assigned to take over his father job. Firstly, He traces the source of the flooding waters. The waters seem to be coming down from Heaven, coming from a mainland Mountain. He does not use tall walls to block the flood waters like his father. He reasons that He only needs to build big canals to channel the water to the seas. The big canals He builds in ancient times, become the main rivers of modern China. Lessons learn here. First, trace to know the sources of water where the flooding waters come from. Second, do not build dyes/walls to block water, once the walls crack floodings become worse. Third, you need to build canals/rivers to channel the flooding waters to the seas. You may want to considering building lakes to temporary hold water.

    (02) Other brainstorming. Planet Earth may want to consider transporting excess sea waters to the moon. To colonize moon we need water. Earth has excess water. So use problem solve problem.

    (03) During 1998, when there is flooding in United States. The me says in Cstan98 website. The water comes from somewhere, needs to go somewhere. United States President then discovers a blockage in the river & open the blockage. The floodings are then solved. Sometimes, it is just blockage of rivers downstream.

    (04) How Singapore Government deals with floodings = deepen canals & rivers + raise the lands to be higher than the seas or rivers. *Please note the rivers & canals need not be southward only, they have to be north-south-east-west leading to the seas.

    (05) One Planet Earth Solution = admits global warming is causing this planet climate change. All Earth Governments unite to cut down emissions of industrial gases & save the lungs of this planet = forests.)

  2. Corruption Free.

    Corruption creates greed, inefficiencies & wastes. Where corruption-free creates efficiencies, fairness & lawfulness.

  3. Do Not Drain Energies.

    Do not drain the population of energies when you give free social welfare money. Because if the top position inside a country sets an example of draining energies, then the mass population follow, causing mass draining of energies. Then no one farm & eat foods, as all energies are drained anyway even if you eat foods. Everyone is forced to drained energies to live.

  4. Do Not Drain Lifespans.

    There are satanic governments out there that drains lifespans to increase their ceo lifespans. Like draining of energies, when top position starts draining lifespan, the mass population copycat. There is going to be mass draining of lifespans inside the population. Many lifespans go to waste energies, as these draining take place. The sum of population of lifespans decrease because of mass draining of lifespans.

  5. Do Not Falsify Bank Statements.

    Sage-King Governments need to have very tough Laws that banks who falsify bank statements go into prison. This is because when there are mass falsifying of bank statements = the financial reports are mess up = there are mass stealings in the companies. All companies cannot make money profit. The countries do not have tax revenues. The GDP is down. Then citizens fight for foods + money = internal chaos. Then if the mass stealings spread to all countries = world wars as all countries fight for foods & money. Do not falsify bank statements.

  6. Do Not Falsify Companies Accounts.

    Sage-King Governments need to have very tough Laws that those ceo who falsify companies accounts go to prison. This is because when there are mass falsifying of companies accounts = mass stealings = all farmlands (companies) become wastelands (unable to produce actual money profits). When there are mass stealings, country wars break out as citizens fight for foods & money. Do not falsify companies accounts.

  7. Do Not Steal From Foreign & Stock Markets Investments.

    Sage-King Governments should not steal from her foreign investment companies & stock markets. You damage your own GDP economy. Stock markets needs to grow naturally. Foreign investments inside the country need to grow productively. So that the economies grow. When governments steal. The lower levels companies & citizens mass stealing also. Results = mass famine.

  8. Do Not Steal Industrial Espionage Foreign Investments.

    If you steal know how from Foreign Investments, all Foreign Companies do not dare to do business in your Country. Do not industrial espionage. Protect all Companies know-how, irregardless of local or foreign.

  9. Do Not Use Stealing Officials.

    Do not use stealing officials to increase income for the country. These stealing officials steal some for personal use. The his assistants steal further for personal use. Then his assistant-assistants also steal further for personal use. As police is unable to check on the affairs of these stealing officials, it means mass stealings for the country. The country becomes poorer instead of richer.

  10. Drug Free.

    Narcotics Drug Free. Singapore LKY Government has a death sentence for trafficking drugs to take out the supply of drugs.

  11. Fight Graft.

    The me Cstan98 defines graft = because of high income tax + many people declare very little of their income to escape paying high income tax. The me recommends once a person is noticed to have a porsche or big expensive house. That person is to be checked for her/his income tax declarations. For example, in a philippines porsche car accident, that driver only declare $250 monthly income. After discovering graft, the Sage-King Government should proceed legal actions to recover all these years of owned income tax sum. After getting enough income tax, recommend Sage-King Government to lower government costs & income tax rates. So that more people can afford to pay income taxes & no need to under declare their income.

  12. Find Back Lost Money Reserves.

    If the new President/Prime Minister finds lost money in the Country Reserves, He must first announce the Reports to all Governments. Then He/She should try to recover the lost money. Going to World Courts to search the worldwide b/Banks of bank accounts under that Government name (e.g. XYZ Government). Under that ex-finance minister personal name, all ex-finance officers names, their wives names, ... It is recommended you give a 50% rewards to b/Banks who help you to recover those money.

  13. Funds Charity Should Be For Charity.

    Some satanic governments use country charity funds as government/personal funds instead of charity works. If you do. The poor suffer. Because the donors of charity funds are to help the poor. Not donate to satanic government. When majority country charity funds are used not for charity. GOD punishes the country by not giving the country blessings. So as to topple the satanic government.

  14. Funds Religions Should Be For Religions.

    Some satanic governments use country religions funds as government/personal funds instead of religions works. If you do. The poor & religions people suffer. Because the donors of religions funds are to help the poor & religions people, not donate to satanic government. When majority country religions funds are used not for religions. GOD punishes the country by not giving the country blessings. So as to topple the satanic government.

  15. Hell Punishments.

    Some kings who swindle the population people of their public money & put them into swiss bank accounts are suffering Hell Punishments. Some of them asks their children to donate 50% of the swiss bank accounts into as Cstan98 Black & White Tithes to let them leave Hell. GOD: "these kings caused mass sufferings in their countries people population. Giving back part of the money left to do good are unable to let free from Hell Punishments. The donations only reduce their Hell Punishments. The they must still suffer Hell Punishments." The me Cstan98: "do not swiss bank accounts the population people. Then use the money to do good to go scot free. You still suffer Panda Blackbox/Firebox."

  16. Less Pornography.

    Singapore LKY Government allow limited pornography (like internet). Majority pornography is banned & censored. Pornography are sins, & bring bad lucks to the population. The population also become soft & unable to hardships GDP farmings.

  17. No Casino.

    Why? Although the government is able to get big tax revenues from casino. But when everyone gamble. The GDP (Country Economy) go down. And many social problems come out because of gambling addictions on family income. Family income become poorer. Also, many business assets are gamble lost that many businesses shut down.

  18. No Pleasure Dome.

    An advance technology is pleasure dome. It may be a lots of people log into virtual reality & have sex. Their brains feel sexual orgasms. Do not build this kind of pleasure domes. Because firstly, people become more & more corrupted by going free loose sex. Secondly, the users look more & more ugly satanic after long usage. Thirdly, the people become too soft to farm. They just want pleasures. The country GDP go down. Fourthly, the pleasure dome super computers drain too much electricity.

  19. No Satanic Palace.

    Why? Because many females become imprisoned there. Males become sex perverts. Entire souls harvest is spoiled.

  20. No War.

    Sage-King Government does not start wars unnecessary. As wars tax a country resources greatly, making the population poorer & increase the people sufferings. Wars should be for self defence & use as last resort.

  21. Prevent Mass Adultery/Stealing.

    To ensure Laws & Order in the Country, the main Priority of Sage-King is to prevent mass adultery & mass stealing in the Country. When there is mass stealing in the country. No one produce farming because all the farming products get stolen by other people. When there is mass adultery in the country, everyone just want to commit sex & do not produce farming. After mass adultery & mass stealing, there are internal country wars for females, foods & money = further mass killings. Then all countries fight world wars for the remaining females, foods & money.

  22. Respect Copyrights/Patents.

    Respect the works of authors & creative inventors so that they can earn a living making new ideas to improve lives of the population.

  23. Small Activated Armed Forces

    A huge activated armed forces use up a lots of government money. It is better to have world peace & no arm races, so that the military defence spending can go to education, food productions & housing. But me Cstan98 recommends all Citizens (both Females & Males) go for Military Trainings. Rotations activated the Population to defend the Country.

  24. Theory Of Truth.

    If Government manage the Country well & your population is well behave, then there is no disaster in your Country (including economic ones). Disasters are feedback from GOD & Heaven on how well you perform in managing your Country. If that province has typhoon or earthquake, that means the local government/population are a bit less virtues, then Sage-King Government needs to increase virtue teachings to these areas. To decrease corruption & sins in these provinces to win back the favour from GOD & Heaven.

  25. Use Sins Tax.

    (*) Extra money tax on sins things like below items to discourage them using market price economic. Higher price lower demand. In Singapore, you can apply excursion for employees, loved ones or yourself to casino. Why not include excursions application to all places selling below sins items.

    (01) 4D, Sports & Toto Gambling.

    (02) Alcohols.

    (03) Cigarettes.

    (04) Casinos.

    (05) Drugs.

    (06) Horse Racings.

    (07) Meats.

    (08) Pleasure Dromes.

    (09) Pornography.


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