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*Remember Economy GDP Objectives.

The Country GDP (money economy) determine the People Standards/Ways of Life. Let get the Basics right.

  1. 50% To Reserve. 50% To The People

    The dead Singapore President Ong: "Country revenue should 60% go to reserve & 40% go to the people." Now me Cstan98 2015: "Country revenue should 50% go to reserve & 50% go to the people." The Country should share 50% of Her Harvests with the People. Because it is the People who work so hard to get the harvests.

  2. Build Country Big Economy.

    (A) *From Confucian Classic Doctrine Of Mean: "When for world under Heaven & Country has 9 Methods: are cultivate body, respect good Persons, love relatives, respect Big Officials, understand mass Officials, children the citizens, get 100 (all) skillsmen, lenient far people, gratitude Sub-Countries. Cultivate body, then Tao (way) establish; respect good Persons, then no suspicions; love relatives, then parents & brothers no resentment; respect Big Officials, then everything not confused; understand mass Officials, then Gentleman offer their services heavy; children the citizens, then common citizens pacified; get 100 (all) skillsmen, then money usage enough; lenient far people, then everywhere comes; gratitude Sub-Countries, then world under Heaven scare respect."

    (B) *Meaning that to build Country big economy have 9 steps:

    (01) Emperor should cultivate self.

    (02) respect good Persons, gain capable People to work for your Country.

    (03) love parents, brothers & sisters, & friends so that the whole Country population people follow.

    (04) respect Big Ministers, good capable & humble big Ministers should be respected & put into Government office.

    (05) understand the working of the rest mass Officials & Government Officers, so that all Gentlemen offer their services.

    (06) treat the citizens like your children, take care of their livelihoods.

    (07) get 100 (all) skillsmen, attract all kind of jobs specialists to build your economy, creating a very advanced & big economy.

    (08) love far people, to attract far people to come build their home in your Country.

    (09) help all the rest of the Countries so that your enemy countries not attack you for fear of Them.

  3. Calculating Inflation Rate.

    When calculating the Country inflation rate, it is necessary to factor in the price of housing also. To know the real inflation rate a Couple family is facing at that time. This is because housing is the main bulk of any Couple family expenditure. And is the main factor in deciding whether They have children or not. Recommend calculate different inflation rate for low, middle, high income family. Low income family should include housing like the lowest monthly rental. Middle income family should include housing like monthly payment for ownership of the smallest house for a family members of 4 (husband + wife + 2 children). High income family should include like monthly payment for ownership of the largest private house.

  4. Cheaper Things. Money Last Longer. Greater GDP (Country Economy).

    Typical government mistake is to make things more expensive to earn more tax revenues. For example, United States government makes his military hardwares more expensive to sell export. In the end, United States government defence spendings become way too high. United States Government should have make his military hardwares like F15, F22 cheaper so that United States Government can purchase these hardwares more & more cheaper. Recommend sell F22 at 10% profit to United States government. Sell very expensive for export countries. Another example, Singapore government make medical & housings expensive so that the country can collect more tax revenues. In the end, the Singapore citizens find their money cannot last that long. Inflation rate shoot up. Money lose their value. If you make things cheap. Your money for the Citizens & the Country Government lasts longer. That means more things are purchased. GDP (Country Economy) is the overall transaction of money & of the goods & products produced & purchased. When money last longer because things are cheap, GDP (Country Economy) is greater.

  5. Cost Of Government.

    Some governments like to create many government jobs to create jobs. But all these government jobs are actually cost of government. Overhead administrative expenses wastes. With these increase wastes, these governments need to increase tax revenue by raising income tax. And economy & the people suffer. Government costs are wastes. Military, police costs if too high, eat into foods production & GDP (Country Economy). That is why the ideal Government is GOD Kingdom where foods grow on trees, there are many free things & income tax is only 10% Tithes.

  6. Country Development.

    China Deng Xiao Ping: "Country development is most important."

  7. Country Economy Is Sum Of Individual People Economies.

    LKY Singapore Government has an economic model = every government company cannot make a loss. So government companies eat into the people money savings, the people do not have enough money to spend. Improve LKY Stroke = every Company & People Individual cannot make a loss. Why? Because a Country Economy is the sum of her Companies & People Economies. It is when the People are able to build wealth, then the Country becomes wealthy. It is when the Companies Farmlands are able to build wealth, then the Country becomes wealthy.

  8. Create Economies For Advanced Economy.

    (01) *Create many advanced economies to create many high income pay jobs. An economy takes 10-20 years to mature as the citizens become more well trained for them. There are so many economies to create, you need not have farmers economy only. If you need help to setup economy in your third world economies. You just send your crown princes to go overseas & study. Bring back the technologies to your home country.

    (02) *Note: how LKY builds Singapore. He got a scholarship to study UK (United Kingdom) overseas from British Queen. Know how developed countries work & then come back to build Singapore.

    (03) *Note You need to live at that country for 3 years at least to know how to build that Country Systems in Your Home Country.

    (04) Banking Economy.

    (05) Colonize Other Planets Economy.

    (06) Education Economy.

    (07) Entertainment Economy.

    (08) Essential Services Economy.

    (09) Factory Production Economy.

    (10) Farming Economy.

    (11) Food Hawkers Economy.

    (12) Goods - Electrical Economy.

    (13) Goods - Mechanical Economy.

    (14) Health Economy.

    (15) Housing Economy.

    (16) Internet Economy.

    (17) Military Economy.

    (18) Public Transport Economy.

    (19) Religion Economy.

    (20) Shopping Malls Economy.

    (21) Stock Market Economy.

    (22) Telecommunication Economy.

  9. Difficult To Govern - Many Poor People.

    Chinese Wiseman: "a country full of poor people without money is very difficult to govern."

  10. Do Not 75% Income Tax For The Rich.

    Do you know some europe countries fix a 75% income tax for the rich. Such a high income tax for the rich, make the rich leave the country. When you lose these wealth-building p/People, the country economy is affected. The GDP (Country Economy) decreases & the high tax revenue situation in the country become worse.

  11. Do Not 2 Days Employment Law Per Month.

    Do you know some europe countries fix a work 2 days per month employment law. Such a bad employment law, make companies difficult to find workers & their productivity are affected. Follow Singapore Employment Laws. Many companies come to Singapore to do business, because employment laws situation in Singapore is much better. It is even much better for the companies & the workers to decide on their own employment terms, the country employment laws are used just as a guide.

  12. Efficient Market Economy.

    Use market economy to run the production of goods. Influence the demand & supply of goods to influence the prices. Communism all state owned economy has proven that it fails. Sage-King Governments just needs to get rid of monopolies to make the market cost effective & efficient.

  13. Expensive Infrastructure Bankrupt.

    If the country builds too many expensive infrastructures, the country goes bankrupt in no time.

  14. Expensive Polygamy Bankrupt.

    The polygamy system is very expensive. Because many wives & children to maintain. It means higher educations, foods, housing, ... costs. Then, when these male children grow up, they want to be like their fathers have many wives & children. You notice all those countries where their leaders & children have polygamy systems are poor countries. Because the country GDP (Country Economy) is zapped. The People suffers as a result. The country goes bankrupt in no time.

  15. Force Monopoly To Lower Prices.

    Force monopoly to lower prices either by destroy their monopoly economy status or force them to lower prices. So that cost of living becomes lower.

  16. Frugal Government.

    Sage-King Governments spend their public funds carefully & do not use unnecessary. As all the money come & belong to the people. Because Sage-King Governments spends to the minimum, they are able to set low tax rate & do not tax the population too much. Giving more money to the population.

  17. Growing Country Economy.

    A Country Economy is like a tree plant. The fruits harvest (big money) comes later after years of cultivating that tree plant (country economy). When the tree plant (country economy) is still a baby, do not cut the branches, flowers, roots, .... Country emperors should not buy build big cars, big expensive palaces, complex structures, ... Sage-Kings at first grow the Economy. Knowing that when the later Economy grows, the big enjoyment things come. If the People are sufferings without money to buy foods, Sage-Kings should not take huge money from the economies. Re-invest the money into farmlands Companies to grow more money & foods for the People. It is not Sage-Kings cannot have big cars, houses, ... It only means that these things come later.

  18. High Security Currency Notes.

    The Sage-King Government Country money currency notes should have high security features. This is to discourage fake printing of currency notes. This is to ensure that nobody cheats. Then the people work honestly & the economy grows. If the people is able to print fake money. These rich people reward sinful activities & the country goes into chaos. No one wants to work honestly. Just print money, who need to work? Recommend: if you just take over a Country Government, you need to switch to higher security currency notes. This is because the old government is able to print the old notes, they print many fake notes. Also blue aliens are able to print old technology currency notes. With many people able to print fake money, the real government powers go to these fake money printers, not to the new Sage-King Government.

  19. Increase GDP (Country Economy).

    GDP (Country Economy) = the net production of the Country Population = Revenues - Costs. To increase GDP (country eocnomy) = you need to increase Revenues (build cost-effective business farmlands, encourage the population to farm production, ...) + you need to decrease Costs of the population (lower foods, health care, housing, transportation, ... costs.)

  20. Increase Productivity.

    Sage-King Government needs to increase productivity of her economy to increase GDP (Country Economy). As productivity increase, more goods & services are produced. Therefore GDP (Country Economy) increases. Confucian Classic The Great Learning: "to build the economy. Productions must be more than consumption." is this meaning.

  21. Low 10% Income Tax.

    With low tax, the people has more money. With more money, more jobs are created. Low government costs. In ancient Confucian Books, for the Country to survive at low 10% income tax. Palace walls for years no repainting. Place garden grass has grown & not tend to. Sage-King himself eats very simple meals to cut costs & do not have big palace. The people comes first, then next is own Sage-King Emperor enjoyment spending."

  22. Low Tax. Stable Money.

    Nathan Lewis has a Magic Formula for Countries to be rich. And that is low tax & stable money. When tax is low, money supply is a lot. When stable money (not today $1 , next day it is $1million ), so that the economy can be stabilize. Once the economy is stabilize, the Country grows rich.

  23. Lower Costs Of Living.

    Sage-King Government needs to lower the costs of living to increase GDP (Country Economy). From MOO2 (Master Of Orion 2, computer game). When you build 100% robotics factory. The costs of living decrease, GDP (Country Economy) increases. Also, when you lower army & tax expenses, the costs of living decrease, GDP (Country Economy) increases. Sage-King Governments need to minimize government costs as much as possible to lower tax rate. So that GDP (Country Economy) increases. One question. Costs of living (price) lower, government earn more tax revenue, or costs of living (price) higher, government earn more tax revenue? You guess my Cstan98 1% B&W (Black & White) me earns more or JESUS CHRIST 10% tithes He earns more? Have proven, if you make things & tax rate very low like 1%, you earn more, because more people buy more & there is less tax evasion.

  24. Micro-Finance Loans.

    Poor countries should lend tiny sum of money to poor population in micro-finance loans so that poor families can start a Small Business & put foods on their tables.

  25. Money A Fair Measure Of Wealth.

    Money needs to be a fair measure of wealth. Just a measure. That all. In fact, Holy Bible: "GOD makes you rich to take care of the poor." Do not look too important of money. It is just a simple measure. Holy Bible: "you either worship GOD or money. Cannot both."

  26. Money Supply - Do Not Decrease.

    Do Not Companies Bankruptcy. When too many companies bankrupt, companies debts negative money are wiped out. These are destruction of money supply. When too many companies bankruptcy, there are huge loss of money supply in the economy. GDP (Country Economy) decreases.

    Do Not Companies Loss Making. Profit means money supply increases (production of wealth). Loss making means money supply decreases (consumption of wealth). The Sage-King must be business savvy to make all business companies inside his Country to become profitable.

    Do Not Freeze Funds. When money funds are freezed up because of court cases or other reasons. And the money funds freezed are a lots. The economy go into recession, because GDP (Country Economy) is big when money changes hands a lots. When money is freezed. It is dead money. Money supply in circulation becomes less when money funds are freezed.

  27. Money Supply - Step By Step Increase.

    First, Country Central Bank has some gold reserve (example 1 ton of Physical 100% Pure Gold). Then, print money notes with that gold value. When you trade & GDP (Country Economy) production. You increase your gold reserves & other Countries money notes. With this new additional of gold & money reserves, print more money notes. Using this method. You increase the money supply infinitely. The Country GDP (Country Economy) becomes stronger.

  28. Monthly Accurate Treasury Reports To The People.

    If the Country Treasury has money (Bonds, Bank Accounts, Gold, ...) gone missing after a new Prime Minister takes over. The new Prime Minister needs to be honest to the People = Accurate Treasury Reports to The People. And the robber officials need to go prison. If the new Prime Minister covers up, once the top government mess up their financial reportings, below government officials take advantage of the chaos & steal more funds. Even if the whole Treasury Reserves are gone it is ok, because if the Prime Minister gains population support. The People work double hard to earn back the Treasury Reserves again. B&W (Black & White) Commandment = Do Not Lie to gain Accurate Reports. This is because if the government does not inform that the treasury reserves are gone. The people think that the country is rich & do not work so hard. Once the People know the truth that the Treasury Reserves are gone stolen = They work hard to earn back the money Reserves. And the new Prime Minister get tight Financial Control back again. It is recommended that the Accurate Treasury Reports to The People need to be Monthly. This shows that there is no false accountings methods as the Country Government has only one set of Accounts so Reports are done fast enough. If at first cannot Monthly first, try Yearly, then step-by-step go Monthly.

  29. No Banking Error.

    You need to keep the Country Banking System full of integrity & simple. When you create many satanic 1 & 0 money in the banking systems, the bank systems are full of errors. And with banking errors = millions of Hard Cash are destroyed into thin air. The country money supply shrinks with banking errors. Do not make your banking too complex with satanic 1 & 0 money. The banking computers become confused of Hard Cash with satanic 1 & 0 money.

  30. No Cheating Money System.

    Sage-King Government needs to create a No Cheating Money System to make the Country a Strong One. Because if no one cheats. Everyone is hardworkingly working to produce the GDP (Country Economy). A No Cheating Money System Country means a Strong Country.

  31. No Satanic 1 & 0 Money.

    The current satanic planet earth economy money system is based on Hard Cash & satanic 1 & 0 bank accounts. The money can be created endless & are actually useless. Money only have values only if the Country is well managed & able to exchange for foods & goods.

  32. Pro-Business.

    If Sage-King Government increases business money-making activity inside his population. The greater the exchange of money = the greater the GDP (Country Economy).

  33. Productivity Tools.

    Give your population tools to increase their productivity. Encourage business innovation making producing assets more valuable & productive.

  34. Return On Assets.

    To have good Money Cashflows. Whenever you invest into an asset, always calculate the Return of the Asset. If it is negative, don't. It must be positive. At least breakeven zero.

  35. Self-Sustained Economy.

    All Sage-King Government Countries should have self-sustained economies. You produce your own clean water, energies, foods, iPhones, Mac Laptops, ... Look at Japan Government model = after their painful experience in world war 2, Japanese know it is national security to plant their own rice. In time of wars, all countries are for themselves. Also, We need self-sustained economies to have jobs creations. If you have the market for iPhones & Mac Laptops, build them locally. Last time united states have a self-sustained economies = it is a powerful nation. But after it becomes an import economy, all the jobs go overseas. The americans suffered. Self-sustained economies are not protectionist economies. You still trade. Recommend that 50% self-sustained + 50% trade export & import.

  36. Talents To Talent.

    Holy Bible: "a Master gives the most Talents (money) to the best Slave Administrator who is best able to administer the Talents (money)." If you are a CEO of a Country, you should give more money to those who are more capable to create money. This is GOD Ways to increase wealth in the Country. For example, me Cstan98 is able to create many money Revenues. If You give me more money (as currently all my money Revenues are freezed), me helps the planet earth Economy in greater ways. It is because my money is given to those who are unable to create money that the planet earth economy suffers.

  37. Watch Your Cashflows.

    Before you build those expensive infrastructures or starfleets, make sure your Money Farming Companies are making money first. Play MMO2 (Master Of Orion 2, computer game). The me Cstan98 is able to play finish level 4 after reading all the Guidebooks on that computer game. There is a infrastructure called Autolab = it gives you many research points. But it uses up many money points per turn. Lesson gained from Autolab, you need to watch your money farming cashflows when you build expensive infrastructures. If you do not have the necessary cashflows, you need to stop what you are doing. Concentrate to make all your Money Farming Companies give you positive cashflows. *Note: me is able to reach level 4, is because me always keeps my tax rate low.

  38. What Is Money - Dreams Realizations.

    The my Cstan98 Understanding: Money Notes are simply Operations Management Kanban Production Orders. That means You work to get them. Then You use for Others to work for You. The System works when People can buy Their Dreams with them. But if more of them mean less dreams like bankruptcy, divorce, prison, sickness, ... Then why have more. We can get what We want without them.

  39. What Is Money - Share Of Country Economy GDP.

    A Money Note is just like a Company Share. When You hold to them. You hold a part of Government Economy Pie. It means You trust that Government enough that tomorrow it does not go bankrupt. You are just supporting a Country Branding. When the GDP keep improving. The currency keeps appreciating.

  40. Value Of Money.

    If your Country money have value, then the money can buy things. Each transaction of money the GDP (Country Economy) grows. However, if you make money too high value, then the citizens save a lots & not spend money. This means lesser money transactions. The GDP (Country Economy) goes down. The best of value of money = not too high value + not too low value. If the value of money is too high, increase Money Supply. If the value of money is too low, decrease Money Supply. Furthermore, the value of money for GOD Hard Cash Money & bank accounts money should be the same ($1 to $1 ). This is to lower the chances of banking errors.

  41. Zero Debt.

    Sage-King Government should have zero country debts. If you spend too much on borrowed money, the interests expense become too much % of GDP. For example, if your country debt is 70% of GDP (Country Economy), the interest expenses shoot up to 25% interest (me think) per year. This is because with high debt % ratio to GDP, it is considered unsafe debt & world banks downgrade the country bonds to junk bonds, meaning you have to pay very huge interests to borrow money. Running a Country is like running a family household. As a family household, what happens to you if you have high car, credit cards, house, ... loans. You should go bankrupt if you overspend every month. It is the same case for a country financial affairs. When me Cstan98 plays MOO2 (Master Of Orion 2, computer game), once me has negative cashflow. The me stop all production, turn them into money making, to reduce the deficit, while still maintaining R&D (Research & Development). Therefore, in real life governments, if you have negative cash flows, you need to stop all productions like building aircraft carriers, starfleets, ... To build more money making facilities, to reduce the deficit, while still maintaining R&D (Research & Develeopment). Once your cashflow turn positive, then produce again.

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