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*Sage-King Cultivation.

Sage-King Cultivation can be used anywhere. As head in Church/Company/Country/Family/School/...

CEO Cultivation.

  1. Management Control.

    Simplify Operations. Loose-Tight Control. The CEO just stands in His/Her Position & Everythings run smoothly. Auto-Pilot. But sometimes must over-ride manual. Only a Wise CEO/Sage-King knows when is when.

  2. Manpower Control.

    The Right People at the Right Place.

  3. Money Control.

    Ensure the Companies do not over-spend & able to survive.

  4. Run Company.

    A Sage-King Emperor runs a Country like a Sage-King CEO runs Companies.

Father & Mother Cultivation.

  1. Bond.

    Bond with every Children.

  2. Coach.

    Coach every Children.

  3. Love.

    Love every Children.

Husband & Wife Cultivation.

  1. Family = Foundations Of A Country.

    Confucius: "a Country Unit is made up of many Family Units. Therefore, the Family Unit is the Basic Foundations of a Country."" What the Sage-King does personally & in Her/His Family Unit becomes Role Model for the Country.

  2. Godly Children.

    GOD creates Perfect Marriages so that We can have godly Offsprings. The Seeds never die out.

  3. Love Each Other.

    Husband & Wife should love each other very much. The Bondings must be very good & tight.

  4. Sage-King Government In Family.

    Sun Zi: "running a Country & Running a Household are the same. You just apply accordingly."

Sage-King Cultivation.

  1. *Compassion.

    Sage-King has Compassion for Her/His People. Sage-King treats Citizens like it is Her/His Children.

  2. *Courage.

    Sage-King dares to lead the Way. Dare to fight satan the devil. Dare to admit Her/His mistakes which is 1-5% common.

  3. *Wisdom.

    Sage-King is a Wiseman = know all right things under the sun + including the bad things of satan the devil which Sage-King does not do but need to counter-stroke.

  4. Foods.

    Enough Foods for Everyone.

  5. Monogamy Marriage Sex.

    Everyone able to get married Old-To-Old, One-Male-To-One-Female, Young-to-Young. No divorces. The Sage-King & His Queen set the example that They love each other very much.

  6. Shelters.

    Ensure Everyone has a shelter to sleep at night.

  7. Take Care Of The People.

    A Sage-King ensures all His People are well taken care of.

  8. Z Control Administrative Powers.

    Control Administrative Branch of the Countries. Full Delegations to Good Big Ministers.

  9. Z Control Military Powers.

    Control Army Power Branch of the Countries. Full Delegation to Good Armed Forces Generals.

  10. Z Male Or Female.

    A Sage-King can be female or male.

Son & Daughter Cultivation.

  1. Filial To Parents.

    So that Everyone Filial to Their Parents

  2. Study Hard.

    Sons & Daughters should study hard. Each Generation should be better than the previous Generation. So that everythings spiral up.

  3. Take Care Old Parents.

    Lead by example to take care Old Parents, so Everyone follow. See Old Parents as least once a month. Give as least $10 once a month. It is an Old Testament Bible Commandments = Honour Parents (take care Parents).

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