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*Study Notes:

(*) How to understand such a complex codings Prophecy like Revelations.

(01) I discover Revelations need to read backwards Chapter 22-01.

(02) Then for that Chapter. Read the verses from 01-end.

(03) For some Chapters like Chapter 15-16: The Seven Plagues = start from 1st to 7th Plague. Like Chapter 08-09: The Seven Trumpet = start from 1st to 7th Trumpet. Like Chapter 06-07: The Seven Seals = start from 1st to 7th Seal. Like Chapter 01-03: Letter To 7 Churches = start from 1st to 7th Letter to 7 Churches.

(04) Because this is a Prophecy. You just need to understand the predicted timeline of events by GOD.

<It is easier to study the Book Chapters from backwards than going forwards. Then that Chapter beginning to end.>

English Trying To Make Sense of Holy Bible Prophecy - Revelations.

Original Author: Apostle John

Original Texts: Headings excerpt retyped from Life Application Study Bible - NKJV (New King James Version).

My Meanings base from: Cstan98.

**Prohecy In Holy Bible - Revelation.

Chapter 22: The River Of Life.

(*) My Understanding: River of Life = cold filtered water.

Chapter 21: Making Everything New.

New Heaven & Earth = New Universe with a edified renewed Sectors starting from Aquarius Sector. New Jerusalem = New Kingdom of GOD Governments in all nations in all Heaven Planets.

Chapter 20: Satan Bound 1000 Years.

All demons will be bound for 1000 years.

Chapter 19: Heaven Exults Over Babylon.

GOD Armies win over demonic armies.

Chapter 18: The Fall OF Babylon The Great.

The fall of satanic rules.

Chapter 17: Seizing The Final Victory.

GOD Armies win over demonic armies.

Chapter 15-16: The Seven Plagues.

First Bowl = Sores = a skin virus. Second Bowl = Sea Turn To Blood = biological wars. Third Bowl = Rivers Turn To Blood = biological wars. Fourth Bowl = Men Are Scorched = tactical nuke wars. Fifth Bowl = Darkness & Pains = burning smokes from all cities cover the suns. Sixth Bowl = Eurphrates Dried Up = last drinking supplies no more. Seventh Bowl = Great Earthquake (final done).

Chapter 14: The Lamb And The 144,000.

Angel 1: fear GOD & give Glory to Him. Angel 2: Babylon (GOD6 Mother Satan) has fallen. Angel 3: don't worship beast or 666 money mark. Or feel wrath of GOD. Angel 4: harvest sickle of sinners. Angel 5: winepress the sinners that blood all pressed out.

Chapter 13: The Beast From The Sea/Land.

Beast From Sea = a high dan demon ruler has been governing the sea empire. Beast From Land = a high dan demon ruler has been governing the land empire.

Chapter 12: Observing The Great Conflict.

All Mothers giving birth to Archangels/Christ are protected by GOD Armies.

Chapter 11: The Two Witnesses.

2 Witnesses = Elijah & Mosses died & relived. Seventh Trumpet = Kingdom start.

Chapter 10: The Mighty Angel With The Little Book.

Apostle John eats the Little Book.

Chapter 08-09: The Seven Trumpet.

First Trumpet = Vegetation Stuck (like United States/Australia bushes fires). Second Trumpet = Seas Stuck (pollutions in sea). Third Trumpet = Water Become Bitter (comet into earth. Not here yet.) Fourth Trumpet = Heaven Stuck (1/3 of sky darkened = tactical nukes wars in 1/3 of planet earth smokes cover sun). Fifth Trumpet = Locusts From Bottomless Pit (torment humans with scropion sting). Sixth Trumpet = Angels From Eurphrates (kill 1/3 of mankind).

Chapter 06-07: The Seven Seals.

Seal 1 = White Horse Conqueror keeps winning wars. Seal 2 = Red Horese Wars kill each other. Seal 3 = Black Horse foods very expensive. Seal 4 = Pale Horse to kill 1/4 of earth. Seal 5 = Christian Martyrs dead for Christianity resurrected given white Robes. Seal 6 = Great Earthquake (start Tribulations).

Chapter 05: The Lamb Takes The Scroll.

Trinbulations Scroll Plans approved by GOD5 JEHOVAH.

Chapter 04: Worshipping GOD In Heaven.

Apostle John worhsips GOD5 JEHOVAH in Heaven.

Chapter 01-03: Letter To 7 Churches.

Loveless Church. Persecuted Church. Compromising Church. Corrupt Church. Dead Church. Faithful Church. Lukewarm Church. (Panda: recommend different strokes accordingly to different Church. This is actually western front Christianity Affairs. Eastern Old-Buddha Panda do not want to interfere too much.)


Tribulations start with a Great Earthquake. And end with a Great Earthquake. In Matthew. JESUS CHRIST: Tribulations suppose to be 7 years. But GOD5 JEHOVAH cuts short it to 3.5 years. Panda: Holy Bible - Revelations are from GOD Words. GOD Words need to come to past (come true).

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