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**Cstan98 Argument Topics:

Cstan98 Argument - 100% Blame Satan The Devil (No self accountability.)

Cstan98 Argument - 100% Depend On God (Without 50% self farmings. Can big harvest?)

Cstan98 Argument - 100% Depend On Self (Without 50% God rains. Can big harvest?)

Cstan98 Argument - 100% Grace (Take own Cross: give grace to self/other people. Not take.)

Cstan98 Argument - After Healing We Can Sins Again (The you become worse state than before heal.)

Cstan98 Argument - Eating Animals Is Ok (GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM arrange First Couple Adam & Eve not to eat meat.)

Cstan98 Argument - Can Be Saved During Tribulations (Less grace at those Times.)

Cstan98 Argument - Cannot Love Can Take Up Ministry (Then everyone complain why church is like that.)

Cstan98 Argument - Demons Do Not Have Soul ID (Zen: "even trees/stones have souls ID.")

Cstan98 Argument - Forgive Sins (We can forgive People. But only GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM can forgive sins.)

Cstan98 Argument - Gospel - Be Masterhood (No one can be greater than GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM.)

Cstan98 Argument - Gospel - Be Servanthood (Suppose to be same Rank as HOLY SPIRIT.)

Cstan98 Argument - Gospel - Guilt (The people may come at first. But later depressed leave.)

Cstan98 Argument - Gospel - No Need Grace (Like no need repair hacked computer to do accounting works.)

Cstan98 Argument - Gospel - No Need Laws (JESUS CHRIST: "I come not to destroy the Laws. But to fulfil them.")

Cstan98 Argument - Gospel - No Need Merits Works (Keep-on sinning sinners can go Heaven?)

Cstan98 Argument - Gospel - No Reincarnation (JESUS CHRIST: "John The Baptist is reincarnated Elijah.")

Cstan98 Argument - Gospel - Perfect Is Unattainable (Perfection is a JESUS CHRIST Commandment.)

Cstan98 Argument - Gospel - Sinful (The everyone sins spiralling down worse & worse.)

Cstan98 Argument - GUAN YIN Is False God (JESUS CHRIST: "Those not against Me is for Me.")

Cstan98 Argument - Panda Is Evil Demon (JESUS CHRIST: "Those not against Me is for Me.")

Cstan98 Argument - I Can Build Churches Faster (The you mean condominiums with a cross?)

Cstan98 Argument - Normal To Little Sins (The sins make mind connect to satan the devil hackings.)

Cstan98 Argument - Normal To Sick (The sickness are because of sins.)

Cstan98 Argument - Speaking In Tongues Are Scary (Not scary if you speak in Name of JESUS CHRIST.)

Cstan98 Argument - We Are Under Grace Not Laws (The you mean can sins whatever you want. Right?)

Cstan98 Argument - We Are Under Laws Not Grace (Use 100% Grace to reach 100% Laws. It is faster.)

Cstan98 Argument - We Must Always Pray (The you mean just eat-pray-then-sleep whole day. Right?)

Cstan98 Panda Gospel - 50% God (After you try your best. Then let God Will take over.)

Cstan98 Panda Gospel - 50% Self (You must do your part. In fact. Your best for God Will.)

Cstan98 Panda Gospel - 100% Grace (You need to accept 100% Grace to achieve great things.)

Cstan98 Panda Gospel - 100% Laws (Understand the Laws. Then use Grace to fulfil all Laws.)

Cstan98 Panda Gospel - 100% Perfection (Use Grace to attain 100% Perfection.)

Cstan98 Question - If Feel Depressed Out Of Directions? (Do Soul Searching. What Do You Actually Doing/Want Now?)

Cstan98 Question - If Have Tormenting Spirits Inside Body? (You Must Have Owe Them Somethings. Pay back amount.)

Cstan98 Question - If Sell My Soul? (Use Money To God/JESUS CHRIST/GUAN YIN/Panda To Redeem Amount Sold.)

Cstan98 Test - Rapture (If Rapture right now. Are you saved?)

**Best Cstan98 Perfect Christianity Topics:

Cstan98 Christianity Marriage Counselling

Cstan98 Perfect Christianity Family Policy

Cstan98 Perfect Christianity Ministry

Cstan98 Satan Tricks

**Cstan98 Scripture - Holy Bible Topics:

Cstan98 Commandments - JESUS CHRIST <zz>

Cstan98 Teachings - Apostle John

Cstan98 Teachings - Apostle Paul

Cstan98 Teachings - Apostle James

Cstan98 Teachings - Apostle Peter

Cstan98 Prophecy - Holy Bible - Revelation <zz>

Cstan98 Summary - Holy Bible - Pentateuch (Torah)

Cstan98 Summary - Holy Bible - History Books

Cstan98 Summary - Holy Bible - Wisdom/Poems Books

Cstan98 Summary - Holy Bible - Major Prophets

Cstan98 Summary - Holy Bible - Minor Prophets

**Cstan98 Perfect Christianity Life Topics:


Cstan98 Centric - HOLY SPIRIT

Cstan98 Centric - JESUS CHRIST

Cstan98 Christian Life - Children/Couple

Cstan98 Christian Life - Divorce/Single/Virgin/Widow

Cstan98 Christian Life - Female/Male

Cstan98 Christian Life - Parent/Grandparent

Cstan98 Everyday Life With JESUS CHRIST

**Cstan98 Questions How To Topics:

Cstan98 How To Conversations With GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM

Cstan98 How To Get Married In Singapore (Christianity Way)

Cstan98 How To Increase Church Membership

Cstan98 How To Setup JESUS CHRIST God Kingdom

**Cstan98 Questions What/When/Why Topics:

Cstan98 What Sins Do To You

Cstan98 When Christians Die Where They Go

Cstan98 When GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Is The Only Thing In Your Life

Cstan98 Why Christianity Is The Correct Path

Cstan98 Why Christianity Is The New Islam

Cstan98 Why Christians Have Fire Tests (Sufferings) & Tribulations

Cstan98 Why Christians Need To Attend Church Regularly

Cstan98 Why Christians Need To Give 10 Cents Or 10% To Church Weekly

Cstan98 Why Christians Need To Vote Government

Cstan98 Why Church CEO Should Be Careful

Cstan98 Why Serious Christians Should Avoid Catholic Church

Cstan98 Why Should Not Debate ISIS (is shits is shits) Liars

Cstan98 Why Sometimes Your Prayers Do Not Come True

**Cstan98 Other Perfect Christianity Topics:

Cstan98 Be A Vegetarian Christian

Cstan98 HOLY SPIRIT 9 Gifts & 9 Fruits

Cstan98 HOLY SPIRIT Spiritual Gifts

Cstan98 Letter To Lost Sheep

Cstan98 Oppressing The Poor Make You Unable To Enter The Kingdom Of God

Cstan98 Things You Can Do = You Do, Things You Cannot Do = GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Does For You

Cstan98 Using JESUS CHRIST To Break Demonic Curses

Cstan98 Using JESUS CHRIST To Break Satanic Vows 破解一貫道五雷轟身和九玄七祖共墜願

**Cstan98 Understand Perfect Church Topics:

Cstan98 Understand Blessed Christian Life

Cstan98 Understand Christian Problems

Cstan98 Understand Church Problems

Cstan98 Understand Church Revival Problems

Cstan98 Understand Pastor Problems

Cstan98 Understand The Edifying Church

**Cstan98 Perfect Christianity Others Topics:

Cstan98 Perfect Christianity Official Music Video

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