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*Zen Simplify Life.

You keep Your Daily Habits Simple. Simple Clothings. Simple Daily Foods & Drinks. Simple Housings. Simple Living. Only Essential Things to have a Great Each Day Routines.

  1. Keep Life Simple.

    Cut down unnecessary wants. Know your essential needs. Know what You want to get what you want. Ok your desires. Zen Simplify Your Life.

  2. Simple Business Operations.

    Make Your Business Operations simple. The best Companies are those with Operations very easy & simple to manage & understand. Just get the Company Operations Basics right. Then faster & faster strokes, R&D (Research & Development) innovation strokes, repeat strokes, ..... Zen Simplify Your Business Operations.

  3. Simple Clothings.

    For me Cstan98. Me always wears outside Black & White Clothings. My wardrobe is the same colour Clothings + comfortable cotton Boxer Shorts & comfortable cotton home T-shirts. If You Simple Clothings all the time, You keep your clothings expenses down. *Note: You need to wear your Clothings to torn & tear. Then upgrade Your Clothings like from white polo shirts to non-wrinkle long sleeve business shirts. Zen Simplify Your Clothings.

  4. Simple Daily Foods & Drinks.

    Be contented with GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM given Daily Foods. Do not greed for expensive tastes meals. Simple nices are the best = eggs + noodles + vegetables. Go for No Meat Vegetarian to have a healthy sickness-free Body. *Be careful of sleepy drugged satanic foods & drinks.

  5. Simple Housekeepings.

    Keep your iPhone & Mac Laptop harddisk tidy. Keep your House tidy. Keep your Workplace tidy. Cstan98 No False Strokes, No Waste Movement Stroke. Simple Housekeepings always mean a Organized Business & Personal Life. Zen Simplify Your Living Enviromments.

  6. Simple Housings.

    Keep your Housings simple. You just need a Bedroom, fan, hot water boiler/holder, iPhone, kitchen chair & table, laser printer, Mac Laptop, Marriage Queen Size Bed, table workspace, toilet bathroom, washing machine, water & electricity, wifi internet phone connections, ..... basic things only. This is all me Cstan98 needs to be a Website Blogger. Zen Simplify Your Housings.

  7. Simple Livings Needs.

    Do not greed for millions money dollars in your bank accounts. Do not put a expensive porsche car or a big house in your heart. Be satisfied with your Daily Incomes to maintain your Day Livings. When Your incomes increase. Increase your givings. Do not increase your standard. Go for Simple Things. Zen Simplify Your Livings.

  8. Simple Marriage.

    Get Married. And Stay Married with Your Same Spouse. If You cannot divorce, You make Your Marriage successful no matter what. Love Your Children & Wife. Set a good Father & Husband Role Model. Zen Simplify Your Marriage.

  9. *Conclusions.

    A Simple Zen Life is a Happy Christian Life. When You use Zen Methods in your JESUS CHRIST Perfect Christianity Life, You become a very powerful Archangel (Old-Buddha Class). And you need at least that Cultivation to beat the ex-archangel (ex-old-buddha) satan the devil.

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