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*Cstan98 Time Tracking.

If you do not track your time allocation. Or don't budget your time allocations. You soon find yourself time mismanagements. And your life go into big mess going around in circles. Wasting precious time seconds doing nothing. Just freezing there.

  1. Overall Life Goals Allocations.

    I decide my Life Goals into 4 parts = 50% Mental (25% Games + 25% Knowledges) + 50% Physical (25% Martial Arts + 25% Works).

  2. 1 Hour Time Frame.

    Countdown Your iPhone Apple Clock - Countdown - 1 Hour on the dot for 9AM/10AM/... for example.

  3. Each 1 Hour Delicious Tasks Flow.

    Divide each hour to 25% Hour (15 Mins) Allocation for each 25% Life Goals.

  4. Rationale.

    (01) 1 Hour = shorter more actionable time frame. 1 trillions years of timespan breakdown to smaller 1 hour potions.

    (02) 25% (15 Mins) Breeakdown = 4 Big Life Goals further breakdown to smaller potions.

    (03) You spend more time on taskings = common sense plannings. Less time on time tracking = no need tedious time tracking of every second.

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