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Cstan98 Monk Tasking.

Operations Management Crash Course.

  1. Operations Management.

    (01) 3 Elements. Bottlenecks. Constraints. Resources.

    (02) Objectives: What You trying to achieve?

    (03) Problems Solvings: Don't Interrupt Don't Solve/Interrupt Solve.

    (04) Logics Levels: Strategic/Tactical.

    (05) Right Logic/Sequence.

    (06) Sequencings: Change New/Fixed Old.

    (07) Sequencing Rules: Which go first?

  2. Murphy Money Law. Tend to spend all money put in Budget.

  3. Panda Tasks Law. Tend to finish all tasks in To-Do List.

  4. How To Start Working.

    (01) Reactive To Start In Time.

    (02) Follow Down To-Do List Items. Before Night. Plan seqencing.

    (03) Repeat Same Every Hour. For me. Each hour same. 50% Mental + 50% Physical.

Psychology Of To-Do Lists.

Play Life Well.

  1. Conditioning.

  2. Depression. Know limits. Budget your energies.

  3. Determination To Finish Current Task. Must go down the list.

  4. Discipline. Achievers are Discipline People.

  5. Don't Cyclic Problems.

  6. Don't Overstretch.

  7. Everyday Same. Monk: "one day break = weeks cultivations disciplines gone."

  8. Fight!!! Hold the line. Keep standing back up.

  9. First Coffee. In morning. Only one coffee one day.

  10. Fixed Work Hour. Repeat every hour same. For example. Each hour = 30 mins mental + 30 mins physical.

  11. Get Started. Start a tiny bit. Read first. More data.

  12. Keep Self Promises. For big tasks done.

  13. Kill As Many Tasks. Leave no survivors.

  14. Less Sleep. Wake up Soldier. That is an order.

  15. Must Eat. You need energies to work.

  16. Power Of Daily Conditioned. Be hardcore war conditioned.

  17. Power Of Habits. Use body rhythm automatically.

  18. Power Of Night Rest. Night time slow think. Day time fast work.

  19. Power Of Systems. Do + Measure + Evolve.

  20. Power Of Tick Done. Feel the self-worth rush.

  21. Throw Rubbish. Which is easier? Little everyday. Or many once a week?

  22. To-Do List 1.0. Operations Operator. Reactive tasks

  23. To-Do List 2.0. Office Staff. Allocated Tasks.

  24. To-Do List 3.0. Founder & CEO. Stragetic Balance.

  25. To-Do List 4.0 = 3.0 + 2.0 + 1.0. The Best of all worlds.

  26. Conclusion - Start now.

    Before = it is impossible to complete. After = so easy + should have start earlier. Therefore = start doing everythings better/earlier/faster/more/smarter.

Strategy Of To-Do Lists.

  1. Always Improve

  2. Change/Don't Change.

  3. Define Name.

  4. Do Same Group.

  5. Don't Clutter.

  6. Don't Hesitate.

  7. Don't Stop Doing.

  8. Emergency Actions For Extreme Measures.

  9. Force Move Then Move: Base On Needs.

  10. Get Effects. Consistency. Make use of reminders like tasks formatting.

  11. GTD (Get Things Done) - Minddump.

  12. Housekeeping Even Rubbish.

  13. Increase Energy/Focus Levels.

  14. Make Sense Of All Tasks.

  15. One Stroke One Stroke.

  16. Reminders To-Do List.

  17. Save: Go Back Last Version.

  18. Test Work System.

  19. Today Work Today Finish.

  20. Why Stop?: Always Investigate.

Tasking Sequencing.

  1. Tasks Rules.

    (01) Set The Rules. First Important/Urgent/Simple/Difficult.

    (01) Reasons Why Rules.

    (01) Die Die The Rules.

    (01) Evolve The Rules.

    (05) Repeat.

  2. Tasks Actions.

    (01) Add/Combine/Remove/Split.

    (02) Define Blocks.

    (03) End Reminder Signal.

    (04) First/Next/Last.

    (05) Overlap?

  3. Tasks Organizing.

    (01) Add/Eliminate. To get the effects.

    (02) Combine/Divide. To get the effects.

    (03) Reminders. To get the effects.

    (04) Know Your Objectives.

**Source: Stuart Ross Productivity.

He is a multi-millionaire. He summarizes GTD (Get Things Done) as:

  1. Mind Dumping.

  2. People (Appointment).

  3. Priority (Daily Routine/Habits Building/Urgent Important Things).

  4. Project (Big Group).

Source: https://jamesclear.com/how-to-stop-procrastinating.

  1. 2 Seconds Task Starter.

  2. Daily Shutdown Routine.

  3. Weekly Shutdown Routine.

  4. Do Most Difficult Task For Moment.

**Source: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/how-be-yourself/201808/5-ways-finally-stop-procrastinating.

6 Triggers For Procrastination.

  1. Don't Know How To Start.

  2. Just Don't Want To Work.

  3. Not Urgent.

  4. Perfection.

  5. Under Pressure.

  6. Works Are Pains.

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